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Zodiac signs physical features (MEN)


Triangle shaped face with good bone structure. Physically strong body. Facial hair is common. Average height.


Thick, usually darker hair. Square shaped face. Shapely lips. Usually bearded. Stocky build is common. Height is slightly below average.


High forehead. Full lips or wide mouth. Long eyelashes. Big or wide nose is common. Height is average or above average.


Round shaped, sparkly eyes. Beautiful skin. Slender legs is common. Appear younger than their age. Average height.


Large forehead. Thick and usually longer hair. Prominent nose. Broad shoulders. Long legs. Above average height.


Large forehead. Distinctive hairline. Squinty, hooded eyes. Slender nose. Long limbs, gangly appearance. Height is average or above average.


Large, square or round chin is common. Good bone structure. Symmetrical face. Usually fit body type. Height is average or above average.


Seductive sparkly eyes. Broad shoulders is a common feature. Thick eyebrows. Hairiness is common. Height is usually average.


Large forehead. Thick, usually wild looking hair. Slim body type is most common. Above average height.


High cheekbones. Good bone structure. Full lips. Usually has facial hair. Stocky build is common. Average height.


Large forehead. Nice eyes. Darker hair is common. Angelic/innocent face. Long limbs. Height is above average.


Big, mysterious eyes. Thin lips. Slender to medium width nose. Body type is very average. Height is below average.

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good luck on your new blog! <3 the rfa reacting to their innocent looking mc having a sailor mouth maybe?

Thank you! Wish us luck :D 
I’ll add V later, because right now, I still can’t think about it >.

I had to google what is sailor mouth lol XD


  • A customer was being very rude and demanding at the coffee shop
  • Calm Jaehee is just trying to reason with the customer
  • Enough with it
  • You approached the man and
  • Boom! Beast released.
  • The man apologizes a thousand times to Jaehee and you, bowing deep and left the café in a hurry.
  • Jaehee was very surprised
  • But urges you to not be like that in the future, since it scares the other customers


  • You are LOLOL-ing with Yoosung
  • And it was the time when teams battle each other
  • You and Yoosung are on the same team of course
  • Each of you focused on their own computer with headphones
  • Basically communicating through the game
  • And a team was fighting with yours but you lost
  • The other team cheated!
  • Boom! Beast released.
  • The entire team that can hear the chat was quiet. Dead quiet, except you.
  • “Yoo…Yoosung, is that your girlfriend?”
  • Yoosung acted like nothing happened, but deep down he reminds himself to never ever let you get angry again.


  • Jumin is a certified fail driver
  • So it’s been you that is in charge of the driving
  • You have drivers, but you prefer to drive on your own
  • You were with Jumin one day
  • Someone cut you off, making you break suddenly
  • Boom! Beast released.
  • “MC, please calm yourself down”
  • You continued the drive
  • Jumin ended up make you take attitude class, what.


  • You are on your night minimarket run with Zen
  • Holding hands throughout the walk
  • Suddenly you hear a fight happening in an alley
  • Not exactly a fight, but like a group of men bullying and stealing from another weaker one
  • “Hey, what are you doing?”
  • “None of your business, granny.”
  • Granny? Did those punks just call you what??
  • Boom! Beast released.
  • The punks left, the bullied was ever thankful for you
  • Zen frozen
  • He turned to look at you. Your innocent angelic face!
  • “Did you get possessed or something?”


  • You both know your shared apartment is trash
  • Complete trash
  • You cleaned it up and next minute it’ll be trash again
  • Who to blame? Seven, of course.
  • So, you are pacing your way around the apartment
  • When one of Seven’s pants caught your foot and you end up banging your head on the kitchen counter
  • Boom! Beast released.
  • How can his pants make way to the kitchen??
  • God 707 explain?!
  • Seven who was busy with his computer was suddenly focused on you
  • “So, can we do rap battles now?”
taehyung; needed me

❝when it’s one of the times, you needed taehyung
►944 words 
♡ really personal to me, explained more in the tags.
not the usual fluff i do.

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Lady in the Garden -- Chapter 4

Series: Fairy Tail/Doctor Who

Characters: Gajeel/Levy

Genre: Adventure/Angst

Summary: She was a falling star; an angel speaking in stardust dialects.  She was madness and wonder, and she asked him to come with her.

Note: This chapter was fun for me, if a little challenging.  I am hoping, really, that everyone enjoys this one!  I had mentioned once before that every Doctor Who companion goes through 2 distinct adventures in the beginning.  The one that solidifies their relationship with the Time Lord, and one that shows them what time really is.  This is one of those two.  Just one, as I have a plan already for the other.  Enjoy!

Ch. 1  Ch. 2 Ch. 3

Gajeel balked when the door opened in front of him and he was able to see the room on the other side.  The very small room, and the large, single bed.  He opened his mouth to speak, but Levy has already chimed in ahead of him, “Cozy!”

“Are ya kiddin’?  Where the hell am I supposed to sleep?” Gajeel protested, his gaze pointedly moving from one corner of the room to the other.  Two oil-burning sconces cast their yellow light from mounted positions on the back wall, framing the corners of the bed.  The smells of the food and mead still wafted in from the main hall, but the smell of wood and must still prevailed.

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Florent sketches cause I lame ass. sleep deprived flo, good mood flo, randomly topless flo, irritated flo and sleepy flo

EXO when you are "innocent"
  • Suho: *blushes* This means I'll be your first?
  • Luhan: You turn me on so much! I'll be your man! *creepy Lulu*
  • Lay: *doesn't get it* I am innocent too!! *angelical face*
  • Chen: *gives you all the tips he knows* We can try them together if you want *what a nice friend*
  • Sehun: I think we have to fix that babe *sexy voice*
  • Kai: *Smiles* There's nothing wrong with that. Waiting for the right guy is the best.
  • Kyungsoo: *hides under the covers* I-I am too...
  • Kris: *Kisses you passionately* Don't be afraid.. I know how to do this...
  • Tao: Where have you been all my life? *Can't believe how perfect you are*
  • Baekhyun: *having really perverted thoughts about you* hmm...
  • Xiumin: Should I show you how magic is like? Don't be afraid. *caring boyfriend*
  • Chanyeol: *gets close to you* Why are you telling me this? You want me to... *melting you*

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dan acting very strange after filming the craft video and phil starts to notice but doesnt say anything until one night he finds dan touching himself to the part of the video were phil slams the glitter against the table bc turns out dan has a spank kink im sorry this is shitty lmao

-dan acting really weirdly throughout the video after phil slammed the table, phil thinking it was nothing and shrugged it off.
-phil getting concerned when dan didn’t look at phil not even one when they were talking. “are you alright dan?” phil asked dan as he placed both his hands on dan’s shoulders, dan looking into phil’s eyes a dark blush appearing on dan’s cheeks “y-yes”
-later that night phil needs his phone charger and he doesn’t know where he put it and he goes to dan’s room to ask him is he knew where it was.
-“dan have you seen my-” phil is shocked when he sees dan legs spread open his hand on his cock pumping rapidly, next to him his laptop, playing the part where phil slams his hand on the table on their craft video.
-dan noticing phil “p-p-ph-phil?” he tries to cover himself with his blanket. “what are you doing baby?” phil asks getting into a more dominant persona. he sits down at the end of the bed and stares at dan waiting for an answer.
“n-nothing” dan answers. phil stands up and sits right next to him. phil removes the blanket from dan and the boy’s breath catches.
-“why were you touching yourself to our video?” phil asks as he begins to stroke dan’s cock “why the part where i slam my hand on the table?” phil begins to stroke faster and dan starts to moan “answer me baby” phil says softly. “i h-have a ki-kink, i-i like being s-spanked” dan says stuttering a few times.
-phil smirks thinking about what he could do to dan. he’s always wanted to be more rough on bed but he was afraid to tell dan.
-suddenly phil stops his movements and gets dan across his lap, dan whines as phil rubs his hand on dan’s ass. “you’ve been very naughty daniel” phil brings his hand down on dan’s ass hard and fast and dan jerks up at the sudden action. “count” phil says as he slaps dan’s ass again. “t-two” dan moans out.
-phil slapping dan’s ass until it’s red. dan’s moaning so loud phil’s hard from just hearing him moan. “on your hand and knees” phil orders. dan dropping to his hands and knees and unzipping phil’s jeans. “eager are we?” phil mocks but dan just mouths phil through his boxers
-dan sucking on phil’s cock like his life depends on it. he looks at phil through his eyelashes and phil swear he looks so innocent, his face is angelic and he almost comes right there.
-phil comes with a dan falling from his lips and dan swallows every last drop of his cum. “you’re so beautiful baby” phil says when he caught his breath. “do you need help baby?” dan blushes and looks down at his cock “please?”
-phil gripping dan’s cock and stroking him really fast. phil touching every part of dan’s body, his neck, his collarbones, his nipples, his torso. he kisses dan, the kiss is messing and eager but they don’t seem to care.
-dan cumming on phil’s hand and he screams out phil’s name.
-phil cleaning both of them and he lays down next to dan and puts a blanket over the both of them. “why didn’t you tell me before?” phil asks cuddling into dan, “i was embarrassed” phil quickly pressed his lips to dan “you shouldn’t be, you should tell me about your kinks” phil reassures, dan blushes. “well there’s this kink that i have…”

funny rumors (kai smut)

Many thought, by the looks of his expressions on stage, that Kim Jongin was a sex monster. Many also thought that it was highly unusually that he was dating such an angelic, innocent faced girl.

One could assume that he was extremely dominant during sex, if they even engaged in any, but they were wrong.

You couldn’t laugh any harder when you first heard about the rumors that your boyfriend, Kim Jongin, was a sex monster. How fans would right racy stories of how he took you anywhere he wanted and any way he liked it.

Letting out a soft sigh, you traced your thin finger over the sleeping males’ chest, loving the smoothness of it under your touch. Kai was sleeping. Because of his long schedules, he was always tired. You were often the one to wake up first, and just like any normal day, you’d lay in bed waiting for him to wake.

His torso was naked; he often got hot while he was sleeping, and his arms were laying across his stomach and under your back. You couldn’t help but feel aroused at the sight of his toned stomach, and thoughts filled your head. Letting the softess of smirks grace your lips, you traced you finger down his navel and hooked it under his boxers, lowering them until you could see his growing hairs.

You didn’t like long hair on Jongin, so you often asked him to shave, but it was obvious he hadn’t in a while. It had also been a few weeks since you two had engaged in anything sexual.

So, when your hand ghosted over his morning hardness, his eyes instantly opened. At first, he didn’t realize what you were doing, but the minute you pulled his red checkered boxers off, his body reacted.

A soft moan fell from his lips as you pressed a small kiss to the head of his hard member. “Y-ya, Jagi. What are you~” he couldn’t finish his sentence due to the heat which enveloped him. All he could do was grip onto the satin sheets and hope for you not to tease him.

You considered yourself a pro in this area of sex: oral. You gave good head, and your eyes were definitely helpful; large and innocent. Using this to your advantage, you peered up at Jongin through your lashes as your hollowed your cheeks and took in as much of him as you could.

Seeing your innocent expression caused a grown to leave his chapped lips, covering his eyes with one arm. With a soft ‘pop’ you removed him from your mouth and crawled up his body until you were straddling him. “Ah-ah, Jongin-ssi. Watch me, don’t close your eyes.”

Slowly, he removed his arm and opened his eyes, brown meeting yours. Keeping eye contact, you removed your pants, panties following. Despite not having touched yourself, you were soaking from the image of Kai. Lining him up to your entrance, you slowly lowered yourself onto him.

“Ah-sh, Jagi, please,” he groaned out, total pleasure coming from the feeling of your tightness and hear hugging his throbbing erection.

“Please what, baby?” You asked, head cocked to the side for added effect. He couldn’t take it, but he new better than to try and dominate. He new absolutely nothing about sex, despite being a sex icon. He was shy and messy, gave in easily and came fast. He was sure you needed to guide him.

“Jagi, plea~ ah. Move, please.” He stopped mid-sentence when you purposely clenched around him, a soft smirk on your lips when he clamped his eyes shut and hissed.

Deciding not to tease him any longer, you raised your hips and lowered them in one swift movement, and again, and again. Sounds of skin hitting skin were the only thing you heard besides the soft groans and moans coming from Jongin’s lips.

Leaning down, you captured him into a kiss as you rode him, swallowing his hisses and purrs. It wasn’t long until he pulled away from the kiss, eyes clenched in pure ecstasy.

“Aish-sh, Jagi. I’m gonna- ah,” he groaned out. You only pressed a chaste kiss to his lips as you rode out the orgasm which hit you like a train.

As your walls clenched around him from your high, Jongin let out a low groan, his warm seed filling you up. Falling next to him, you felt some of the liquid leak into your thigh.

“Have you ever read those articles about how they think your a sex monster?” You questioned, breathing still slightly off. He took a gulp before nodding, licking his lips as he pulled you into a hug.

“What funny rumors: you taking me wherever? It’d be a miracle if you initiated sex,” you teased, kissing his cheek.

“Not sex; love making.”


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SO IF ANYONE CARES HERE’S MY PHOTO OP STORY WITH MISHA!!! I’ll try to tell it as best I can but honestly idk how eloquently this is gonna come out. So basically my friend (who I cropped out of respect bc she’s a more private person) and I were waiting in line outside the photo room and I’m shaking, naturally, when we hear someone shout “HEY MISHA!” so we spun around and Misha is walking down the damn hallway no big deal he was giving fans high fives and everything. He walks into the photo room and the line moves pretty quick then boom it’s our turn! I walk up and he puts his arm around my friend and I and he says “hi!” so I said “hi” back then I ask “so do you think we could do like an innocent angel face” and he says “yeah!” so we make our faces (ofc Misha’s Castiel is showing in the face) and they snap the picture! The flower crown is from the group of girls that took their picture before us btw. but basically I walked out of the room to the elevator and as soon as I stepped on it I started crying. Pretty soon I was bawling for twenty minutes and every time I tried to calm down I’d think about his eyes and start to cry again!! He was so incredibly tall which I knew I should expect but always seeing him next to J2 it didn’t really hit me how tall he was. He was honestly an amazing guy and I’ll never forget the amazing opportunity I had meeting him