innocence is gone rpg

“But innocence is gone
And what was right is wrong
‘Cause I’m bleeding out
So if the last thing that I do
Is to bring you down
I’ll bleed out for you”

  • ALIAS: Seraphina Davis
  • AFFILATION: The Strix – Trainee Spy/Assassin
  • OCCUPATION: Intern for Philippe Lindwood at Royals Industries (Spy)
  • BIRTHDAY: July 8th 1996
  • FACECLAIM: Hailee Steinfeld

Their story thus far…

TW: murder and drug dealing

Seraphina’s family has never been rich. In fact, they were far from it, and that was never a secret to her as a child. It was hard to hide, after all. Both her parents worked hard, to keep their little girl fed and educated, something Seraphina appreciated from an early age. However, in 2008, when Wall St collapsed and took the global economy with it, Mr Davis, who had been earning the majority of the money for the family, was among the layoffs. Their family was close to ending up on the streets, and with Seraphina only 12 years old, they didn’t want her to grow up like that. So they took out a loan to start a small store, to keep themselves afloat. The banks weren’t loaning out, but the gangs were. For a steep price. The Davis’s took out a loan from the Royals. For years, this situation worked. The store never flourished, but it kept the family above the water. Seraphina grew up, longing to be able to dream of a career in art like girls richer than her. She had a talent, when she doodled on scrap paper, but it wasn’t an option. Seraphina worked after school from the moment someone would hire her, buying her own clothes and covering as much of her own costs as possible. She was around 13 when she was first offered a job dealing weed. It put more money in her pockets, so she took it, selling to richer kids who wanted to be naughty. The extra money was enough to occasionally buy a sketchpad and pencils.  And then, the store began to lost business.

Life began to fall apart again. Seraphina could feel the familiar anxiety in her chest when mail arrived, when people knocked on the door, fearing it would be someone coming to throw her family out. She tried to pay the bills with her dealing, selling more, dropping out of school to work her legal job more. But it wasn’t enough to cover the bills and the debt they owed to the Royals, which the Davis’s tried their best to hide from their daughter. However, there was only so long they could keep her safe. Late one night, gang members showed up on their doorstep. Seraphina was asleep until a loud bang rang out, waking her up. She stumbled out into the hallway, as a second bang echoed. Seeing her parents lying on the ground, dead, will haunt her for the rest of her life. Her flight or fight instinct took hold, and she grabbed shoes on her way out, jumping out the window onto the fire escape and escaping into the night. She was sixteen.

Three years later, Seraphina wants revenge on the gang that killed her parents. Not long after she disappeared, Seraphina was found by police, living on the streets. She was placed into the foster care system and sent back to school. Then she met Iris. The two girls became close, watching out for one another’s backs until they lost contact. After aging out of the system, Sera found the Strix. By joining, they gave her protection and a chance for revenge, and potential for a new family– as wary as Sera is of gang members. They’re training her up and she found herself an internship at Royals Industries. Under the guise of being a young person, eager to make a life for herself, Sera is trying to learn about the Royals from within their business.

Who are you, when no ones looking…

Seraphina used to be more open. She used to love affection but since what happened with her family, she changed. She became closed off to most people, holding herself in. However, some things don’t change. She’s still stubborn and resourceful; she’s still the girl who worked before it was legal to earn money for her family. If there’s something she needs to do or learn to get where she needs to be, she won’t take no for an answer. Sera is loyal, sticking by her friends like family. But the world has also made her anxious, looking around corners for Royals.

Seraphina Davis is currently taken.

Wanted: Alex Sherwood!

We are opening up the roll of Jack and Emmaleigh’ fifteen year old son, Alex. Dylan Sprayberry is a strongly suggested faceclaim. A lot of his persona is relatively open, however he did inherit his mother’s booksmarts and his father’s… Let’s call it sullenness. He’s a bit closer to Emmaleigh than Jack, due to his father’s illness and being away for a lot his childhood.