innocence has a face


It’s been bugging me that Sang Woo has such an innocent face sometimes despite all of the evil shit he does. Why and how could he look innocent? I just realized it’s his fucking eyebrows. When they curve under like that, it makes him look like he’s pouting or childish…feigning the innocence. Sang Woo doesn’t seem too smart, so maybe it’s something he did a lot when he was younger.

Cancer rising has a soft, baby-like face. They have innocent and wide eyes as if they are staring dreamily up at the full moon. Cancer risings will appear sweet and warm, almost motherly, yet on difficult days they can be moody and withdrawn. Cancer risings can be shy and sensitive. You could have a tendency to be able to connect to the other side, the spirit world, or can be psychic in a way, especially if paired with a water moon. You have strong instincts about new situations and people. People can often see the emotions in your eyes even if you keep your feelings to yourself. Cancer rising women will like to wear dresses, white lace, skirts, high heels, anything that makes them feel feminine or connected to the moon. They may seem as witches by the way they dress, sometimes. Cancer risings see the world in an innocent way and can be too trusting of people. They can sometimes be taken advantage of. Cancer rising will be attracted to Capricorn people since Capricorn sits in the 7th house. They will like people who are stable, ambitious, and have a more serious and practical way of thinking.

  • Fortune teller: Your future is full of struggle and anguish. Most of it self-inflicted.
  • Atsushi: But you didn't even read my palms or anything..
  • Fortune teller : I didn't need to. It's written all over your face.

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hey!! what earth rising do you think has the most "innocent" vibes about them? (say, round face/full cheeks/baby face/perhaps a little shy) personally I think virgo rising but my sister is saying Capricorn. We're just making a guess based on what we know about the rising signs and people we know, but we wanted the opinion of a professional :P what do you think?

Oh well I’m not a professional I just want to clear that up so there’s no confusion lol, I’m only some girl who likes astrology and has a blog dedicated to it :~) Anyway, from the features you described, like “round face” and “full cheeks” I thought that was wayyy more fitting for Taurus Rising, and not Virgo Rising nor Capricorn Rising. The “baby face” thing would probably fit Virgo Rising more though, since Virgo Risings tend to look younger than their actual age. And the shyness trait can be applied to all of the Earth Rising signs, since the Earth signs are feminine, but more so Taurus Rising and Virgo Rising. Innocence applies the most to Virgo Rising though, you know, being the virgin and all (according to the archetype) and they have a delicate appearance, they look pure.

I hope that helped!!!

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In the past you have done kid memes for other character pairings, any chance of doing one for your SVU story?

 Name: Lucien Mateo Barba

Gender: Male

General Appearance: Lucien has the dark hair of both his parents but has his mother’s thick mane of unruly curls. Though he takes more after his father’s tanner complexion, the freckles that line his nose and cheeks are unmistakably a gift from his mother. He has his mothers slim nose, his fathers square jaw. His eyes were a dark green when he was younger but settled into a light hazel in his older age. He isn’t much taller than his family at only 5′11, but he’s more muscular than his father ever was thanks to his years playing hockey and boxing as a kid and teen.

Personality: If it’s not clear who his parents were all he had to do is open his mouth and let the inner smart-ass out. Lucien has the ever-innocent face of his mother but has his fathers snappish wit and natural argumentative attitude. Though he may seem like a sarcastic little shit, he too, has a heart of gold and the inability to turn away people (or animals) in need. A testament to this is the revolving door of foster pets and stray friends that seem to live at the Barba’s house at one point or another, much to the confusion of the elderly neighbors.

Special Talents: It makes no sense, but Lucien has an amazing ability to argue his way out of nearly any situation with his wits, good looks, and the occasional confusing gibberish. He uses this in an almost Elle Woods / Ally McBeal style of litigation as he studies Law at, but of course, Harvard University. He hopes to become an immigration lawyer.

Who they like better:  Now he’s a mama’s boy, much like his father was to his abuela, but when he was a baby it was only Rafael that could get him to settle and stop crying. When he was younger he couldn’t go to bed without hearing his papi’s voice read him a story, be it in person or over the office telephone. But as he grew a bit older he began to appreciate his mom a bit more, running to her when he got hurt or found a kitten, or was scared at night. (Fighting monsters was her job after all). And in a blink it seemed to shifted his affections just in time for his baby sister to come along and take up Daddy’s time.

Who they take after more: At the heart of it, definitely his mother. Sophia gifted him with her kindness, her athleticism, her optimism, and her love of all things sweet (candy and other), as well as that innocent freckled face and charming smile.

Personal Head canon:  Lucien’s white friends didn’t like how ‘hard’ his name was so began calling him Matty after his middle name Mateo. When Rafael heard this he was stunned and out of words but Sophia had no qualms about going off. She grabbed him by his ear and told him clear in front of his friend if she ever heard that name again she’d give them all community service. She didn’t spend months of her life agonizing over the perfect name for her baby boy just to have it butchered so carelessly or allow him to go by anything else. His name is Lucien, and he (and his friends) better not forget it. Since then Lucien still allows some people to call him Matty but everyone knows not to do it in front of his mother.

Face Claim: Diego Boneta

Name: Catalina Lucia Barba

Gender: Female

General Appearance: Catalina is a knock out, blessed with her mothers perfect and un-aging skin and her father’s dark brown hair and much more manageable waves. Taking after her father’s shorter side, she stands a meager 5′5, the shortest of the family. And unlike her brother, Catalina managed to keep her crisp green eyes, a sparkle of superiority and mischief always gleaming in them. Though she doesn’t have her mother’s freckles on her nose, she does have plenty of scatted beauty marks sprinkled around her. She had a lean physic thanks to her many years of ballet and figure-skating (she doesn’t care to play hockey but does enjoy watching it).

Personality:  Cat is the more sarcastic of the siblings, teenage angst having some early and never really having left. While she loves to help others, she has a strong sense of self preservation, her head telling her to think of her future first before ultimately letting her heart win. She’s cynical but secretly wishes to see the best in people like her mother and brother do, often causing arguments with them as she believes them to be too naive (yes even her mother).

Special Talents: Catalina is an amazing dancer, having shown a gift for ballet and later ice skating at an early age. She eventually attends Julliard on a dance scholarship. Like her brother, she is trilingual: speaking fluent English, Spanish and French and is currently trying to learn Mandarin in school.

Who they like better: Daddy’s girl, though she’s fully aware her mother’s intelligent, only her father understands her drive to be the best at everything she attempts, and thus shares that dauntless strive for perfection, be it her class work, her social calendar, or her hair… So it’s no surprise when Bianca needs help on a question she goes to her father for advice, thinking her mother’s too ‘let it be what it is’ for her taste.

Who they take after more: Cynical, sarcastic, perfectly dressed, study obsessed, and would never admit defeat: Catalina and Rafael are two neurotic peas in a pod.

Personal Head canon: The new cynic of the family, she always assumes something will go wrong and when it does reveals she usually has about three to six back up plans in place, whether it be her father stuck in court during a hockey game, her brother forgetting buy his plane tickets ahead of time, or her mother burning dinner, Cat always has a trick or two up her overly-organized sleeve to save the day.

Face Claim: Blanca Suarez

-: Send me a couple and I’ll tell you what their kids would be like :-


Okay so consider this is Remus’ idea as a prank. He acts as Doris Purkiss and sends this to the Quibbler. He can see Sirius is depressed and sad and even though this will not be the solution, it will make Sirius laugh and this is totally worth it.

-Mr Weasley gives Sirius the magazine. He is sitting in the living room, his head on Remus’ lap while the taller man is napping. Remus wakes up when he hears Sirius and Arthur talking.
-“There’s…an article…interesting one night I add…about you.”
- Sirius is confused. There had been loads of articles about him in those two years. Why show him one now?
-He cocks an eyebrow but raises from his position to read it.
-Remus is the face of innocence. He has his good prefect face on.
-As they read, Remus has difficulties holding on his laughter. Sirus’ face is totally worth it.
-his eyes are shining with mirth as he turns to look at Remus
-“Can you believe this? I’m freaking Stubby….Stubby Boardman?”
-Remus’ lips twitch. Like just a little. But that’s enough. Sirius’ eyes widened comically, he’s pointing a accusingly finger at Remus dramatically, while his other arm is flailing
-“It’s you. IT’S YOU REMUS JOHN LUPIN. You dare prank me? Your fellow Marauder! JUST YOU WAIT”
-Like that it’s a pranking war in that dark gloomy Grimmauld Place
-Sirius replaces Remus’ sweaters with crop tops
-Remus steals all of Sirius’ clothes and he this has to parade in the house with his moons pants
-Sirius sets a dung bomb in Remus’ room and forgets about it as he joins him that night

Headcanon #1,405

Bruce and Diana are two people who can easily slay without even trying but when they do, you better watch out! But Clark is a guy who still has that innocence on his face where as not in his pants. So it’s quite a sight to see Bruce Wayne, Billionaire, Diana Prince, government official, sit with country boy, Clark Kent. Two slayers and an innocent little duckling.

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Pls do the rest of the Cullen's bc I am dead now after seeing that Emmett edit

LOL i rlly want to– it’s just really hard to find people I feel like physically fit the look of the character (ok yeah I used a Korean girl for Bella and a Syrian dude for Emmett– but they still in my honest opinion embody the physical look of Bella and Emmett. Lee Sung Kyung is cute, has that innocent youthful look and the “lips too full for her face” and Toni Mahfud is a fucking god do u see his back holy shit) and have good resources like cohesive photos/photoshoots. 

i rlly want to tho! i think i have a person in mind for Rosalie, but I’m not too sure yet, and i really wanna do Jasper bc i’ve never done an edit for him yet :-)) we’ll see if i can do the rest, but it’ll take a while :-))