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american gods: a summary
  • Wednesday: I have done nothing wrong. Ever. In my life.

Little Break - Chibi ♂
This blog is the growth record of Torasan and Chibi.
Chibi has a cute face like this. :) and, Innocence. Chibi is like a baby forever…:))
Probably, one year old…I don’t know the exact age.
Recently,I think like that Chibi is misunderstanding that the Chibi’s twin brother who died in the car accident is Torasan. When I think of it, I am filled with sorry feelings. Because That accident is my carelessness is a big cause.


最近、ふと思うのです。チビは、寅さんのことを自動車事故で亡くなった自分の双子の兄弟と勘違いしているのではないか、と。 それを考えると、私は申し訳ない気持ちでいっぱいになります。あれは私の不注意も大きいかったから。
My physical condition is not good recently. Therefore, posting took time.
Everyone please take care of your health🙏
Because summer is hot..
最近夏バテで調子が悪くて投稿に間が空きました😓 皆様も夏の暑さにはお気をつけ下さい。
mirror mirror (m)

“I was thinking about you pressing me against the mirror, making me w-watch.”

alternatively: incorporating the mirrors of Hoseok’s dance studio into your sex life has always been a longtime fantasy and tonight, it was finally coming true.

pairing: hoseok x reader
genre: smut
∟warnings: semi-public sex, exhibition kink, praise kink, spanking, minor hair pulling, face fucking, dirty talk, minor cum play, etc.
word count: 5,422
a/n: this is pure filth, i’m sorry

Escapades Masterlist

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Crushed Love - Peter Parker (Tom Holland)




Peter’s P.O.V.

“Wait, does Y/N know?” Ned asked, as we sat in my room, planning what we were going go wear for homecoming.

“No. And she never will.”

“Why not, she’s your best friend, well, second best,” Ned said the last part with a wink, causing me to roll my eyes.

“I’m serious.” Ned pushed. “Ned, no. Alright? If she knew, she could get hurt, and if she got hurt I’d never be able to live with myself. So please, just don’t say anything.”

I winced at just the thought of her getting hurt.

“Alright, alright. But I can’t promise I won’t tell her how you feel,” Ned said dragging out the last word in a sing-song voice.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, trying to pretend like I was oblivious to what he was talking about.

Ned rolled his eyes, “Please, it’s obvious you like her. I don’t know why you asked Liz to the dance, Y/N would’ve said yes.”

“I don’t like her Ned.”

He rolled his eyes, “Seriously, you trust me with knowing that you’re the Spider-Man, but not with your crush?”

I looked down at my feet and crossed my arms, knowing he was right. “I don’t like her… I love her,” I mumbled.

“Then tell her! The dance would be a perfect time dude!” Ned practically yelled, slapping me arm.

“I don’t know Ned, what if she doesn’t-”

“Trust me. She does.” Ned said, before going back to whatever he was doing on his phone.

I let out a sigh, maybe Ned was right.


“Liz, why don’t you go in, I’m gonna give Peter the dad talk,” Liz’s dad said with a wink. My heart dropped into my stomach.

Liz rolled her eyes, “Don’t let him scare you too much,” she said before getting out of the car.

Vulture was talking, but I could barely focus on a word he was saying, truth be told I was terrifying.

“As long as you stay out of my way, we’ll be good,” He said with a smile. I nodded, and reached for the door handle.

“Oh, and Peter, one more thing. Make one wrong move, and I won’t hesitate to kill her,” He said. I followed his gaze, my eyes landing on Y/N.

She was wearing a gorgeous long red dress that hugged every curve perfectly. Her hair was down and her smile was as vibrant as ever.

My heart stopped and my face went pale, “Yeah, I know about her.” He said in a taunting voice.

There was an audible click, signaling the door had been unlocked. I slowly climbed out of the car.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion as I approached Y/N and the doors. “Peter? What’s wrong?” She asked, stopping me, placing her hands on my shoulders.

Her eyes sparkled as they looked into mine. Without thinking, I wrapped my arms around her in a hug. “You need to go home, it’s not safe.” I whispered, my heart still racing.

She looked at me with a confused expression, “Peter what are you talking about?”

“Just, trust me, alright?” I said, in a dead serious tone. Before she could answer I ran inside, knowing that tonight, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the dance, or confess my feelings to Y/N.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

I stood there in awe as Peter ran into the school. His last words echoing in my head. Why wouldn’t I be safe?

“Y/N? Are you ready?” My best friend asked. I shook my head, “You guys go, I need a minute,” I said, waving my friends inside, leaving me the only one outside.

I rubbed my arms as a cool breeze sent chills throughout my body. I grew uneasy, thinking of what Peter said about being safe.

All of a sudden, I felt a gloved hand cover my mouth and another wrap around my waist, roughly pulling me backwards as I struggled against my captor.

“I don’t usually do this, but you know what they say about desperate times,” A voice whispered into my ear, before a sharp pain exploded in my temple, and darkness slowly consumed my vision.

Peter’s P.O.V.

I walked into the empty warehouse, seeing nothing but Vulture and a metal table.

“It’s over,” I said, my voice shaking slightly.

“Is it?” Vulture questioned before letting out a loud whistle. It was then that a man came out from hiding, pushing a girl in a long red dress in front of him.

The girl wad thrown to the floor by the force of the man. It didn’t take me long to realise who the girl was.

“Let her go!” I yelled as I began to run towards Y/N. But Vulture walked over and pulled her up by her hair, putting an Alien looking gun to her head, causing me to stop in my tracks.

Y/N let out a whimper, “Please, please don’t.” She begged, tears streaming down her face.

“She’s just an innocent citizen, she has nothing to do with this,” I said, still trying to hide my real identity from her.

“Now, now, there’s no need to act like a stranger. Why don’t you just tell the girl…” Vulture smirked before finishing his sentence with one last word, “… Peter.”

This caused Y/N to go still. “Take the mask off,” Vulture said. I stood frozen, staring at him, “Take it off!” He yelled, pressing the gun harder agasint Y/N’s head.

“Okay! Okay! Stop it, just don’t hurt her. Please.” I said, before slowly removing my mask, not being able to look Y/N in the eye.

“Peter-” Y/N started, but was interrupted by a loud crash, caused by vulture’s metal wings bursting through the ceiling and flying around the room recklessly.

“You missed,” I said, as I ducked out of the path of the wings. Vulture smirked as he threw Y/N to the ground, “Did I? Cause my distraction seemed to work.”

The wings flew around one more time, crashing into the concrete beams that held the building, before they attached to him, and taking him to safety, leaving Y/N and I.

The roof began to cave in, “Y/N!” I yelled, trying to run to her, but I was suddenly pinned down by massive blocks of concrete. Y/N’s screams echoed through the air.

“Please! Somebody. Help!” I yelled out, unable to move. “PLEASE! We’re stuck!” I screamed even louder, but I knew it was no use.

But what scared me the most was the fact that Y/N wasn’t screaming anymore. In fact, she made no effort to call out, leaving me to infer the worst.

“Y/N! Y/N! NO, PLEASE NO!” I screamed, shredding my throat. “SAY SOMETHING, PLEASE! Please.” I whispered the last word, my voice cracking and tears beginning to spill down my cheeks.

Sobs racked my body. I had to get out of here. I struggled against the concrete blocks, but each time I ended up failing.

I let out a frustrated scream that mixed with a sob. I looked down in defeat, seeing my mask floating in a puddle of water, my reflection staring back at me.

‘If youre nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.’

Those words echoed in my head, and in that moment I realised Mr. Stark was right. I gave it one last trying, and slowly but surely, I was able to lift the concrete and free myself.

As soon as I was free and climbed over the debris to where I last saw Y/N and began digging through.

Her body laid lifeless just beneath the rubble, a gash on her head allowed blood to flow freely onto the floor, and her left leg was pinned beneath a slab of concrete.

I swiftly freed her, picking up her limp body, and bringing her to a clearing.

I gently laid her down, kneeling beside her and leaned my head down, pressing my ear against her chest. A faint heart beat just barely audible.

I cupped her face with my hands, “No. No. Y/N Please, please wake up.” I begged, as tears ran down my face.

Violent sobs racked through my body, “Come on, please. PLEASE!” I screamed the last word, only to be cut off by another sob.

“Please, I can’t do this without you, I love you, Y/N, please you can’t leave me . I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.”

“Please just wake up,” I barely got out, before erupting into another violent fit of sobs.

“Please,” I choked out, my voice breaking. It felt as if my heart had been crushed, I felt numb and empty.

“AHH!” I screamed, my fists clenched, and my body shaking. “GODDAMNIT!” I pounded on the ground with my fists, my knuckles growing bloody under my gloves, the fabric tearing.

I turned back to Y/N with nothing but guilt and sadness, this was my fault. “I’m so sorry,” I whispered as I pulled her into my lap and cradled her in my arms.

I placed a soft kiss to her forehead, my tears landing on her pale skin. I ran my thumb over her lips, stopping for a second when I felt something impossible. There was a small tingle of air just brushing my fingers. She was breathing.

“Y/N?” I said, shocked.

Within seconds her eyes magically fluttered open. “Peter?” Was all she said. But that was all she needed to say for me to break and pull her into my chest, letting myself cry without shame.

“I thought I lost you,” I whispered. Y/N let out a whimper and hugged me tighter, her fist tighly gripping the fabric of my suit. Her body shook as she choked back a sob.

“It’s okay, you’re okay, ” I whispered, trying to calm her, though it was more of an attempt to reassure myself that she was in fact ‘okay.’

“Peter, he- he said he was gonna kill me, and-” A wrangled sob escaped her body and cut her sentence short.

“Shh, I know, it’s okay, I’ve got you, You’re safe, no one is gonna hurt you ever again,” I said as I pulled away from the hug, cupping her face, keeping her eyes locked with mine.

I stared into her beautiful Y/E/C eyes, tears still finding there way down her cheeks. “You scared the shit out of me,” I said, before closing the distance between out lips.

We shared a long, passionate kiss, only breaking for air. “I love you so much, I don’t know what I’d do without you,” I whispered, smoothing the hair out of her face. “I’m sorry I never told you before, the thought of you dying before I could tell you- god it was unbearable.”

Y/N wrapped her arms around me again, clinging to me, “I love you too, Peter.”

We sat there just holding each other for a few seconds before the sad realization of reality hit me. “I have to go,” I whispered, causing her to look at me. “What?”

“Vulture, he’s about to rob Mr. Stark’s plane, I have to stop him.”

She shook her head, “No. No, Peter you can’t.”

I cupped her face with my hands and stared into her eyes, “I have to.”

Tears began to leak from her eyes, “Please be careful, promise me.” I nodded, before leaning in and placing my lips on hers once more, “I promise.”

I took my phone out of my pocket, which had surprisingly only sustained a few cracks in the screen and placed it in Y/N’s hand. “Call Mr. Stark, tell him what happened. Everything is going to be okay. I love you so much.”

And with that, I was off, more eager than ever to make Vulture pay for what he did.


Right after the fight with Vulture, I hurried to where I had last left Y/N. She was no longer there, instead, someone else was.

“Happy?” I said as I walked towards him. “Hey kid, you look like shit,” he said, his tone was proud and playful, which was a change from his usual annoyed and angry tone.

“Where is she? Is she okay?” I asked, in a panic.

Happy smiled, “She’s all right, Mr. Stark brought her to the new Avengers facility to be treated.”

I sighed in relief, “Can I see her?”

Happy nodded, “Come on, I’ll take you,” he said as he led me to his car. The drive there was silent and considerably long. Happy tried to make small talk, but I was too on edge from tonight’s events to talk.

The new Avengers facility was large and unbelievable. I would have loved to sit there and just stare at it, but I had more important things to do.

Mr. Stark greeted me at the door, “Hey kid, you did good tonight, I’m proud of you.”

“Where is she?” I said completely ignoring his compliment. “Come on,” Mr. Stark said, slinging his arm around my shoulder and walking me to where Y/N was.

She sat up right on a bed, a nurse tending to her wounds. She kept her gaze down, but I could still see that her cheeks were stained with tears and her eyes were red and watery.

Mr. Stark cleared his throat, causing the nurse and Y/N to look up in our direction.

Y/N’s eyes widened. “Peter!” She yelled as she jumped off the bed and ran to me, throwing her arms around my neck, burying her face in my chest. I wrapped my arms around her waste and rest my chin on the top of her head.

“You’re alive, you’re alive,” she kept mumbling as if she couldn’t believe it. Her tears stained the front of my suit which I still had on.

She leaned back a bit and looked at me, “Oh my god, Peter,” she gasped, her fingers lightly tracing the injuries on my face. “What happened to you?”

“Hey, don’t worry about me alright? I’m okay.” I reassured her. She didn’t say anything, she simply wrapped her arms around me and brought me back into a hug.

We stayed like that for a few minutes before she whispered into my ear, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You didn’t need to be sucked into all of this, you were never supposed get hurt, none of this was supposed to happen. I’m so sorry,” I said, attempting to hold back tears.

Y/N let go from the hug and placed her hand on my cheek, I leaned in to her touch.

“This isn’t your fault Peter, no matter what I will always be by your side, I’m your best friend-”

“No. No, you are so much more than that to me, which is why I couldn’t put you into danger by telling you. I love you too much.”

Y/N stared at me for a few seconds before placing her other hand on my other cheek, and bringing my face down to meet hers. When our lips connected I could feel my heart instantly begin to race.

“I love you too, Peter,” She mumbled against my lips, “And I always will, no matter what.”


One of my favourite BTS stills of Bill in costume - it exemplifies the look they were going for: abnormally large, cracked head, baby hair (with massive widow’s peak), BUT MOST OF ALL…

that ultra cute BABY FACE!!

“Muschietti and Skarsgård spent hours exploring different looks and voices for Pennywise; the director loved that Skarsgård gave him something new in almost every take. “I wanted to bring a strange and unsettling balance to the character that is mainly a combination of a childlike features and cute and innocent,” Muschietti said. “That’s why you see his face has some elements of a child. He has the funny teeth and the pointy nose and the baby hair. And that’s another reason why I went with Bill… he has these huge eyes that he uses very well, and the minimal gestures he does in the contrary direction immediately give you a very twisted feeling of ‘This is cute but it’s horrifying at the same time.’”

- Vanity Fair

anonymous asked:

I have been asking for this, for some time, I saw your enchoi your Fridays where saran gets his wisdom tooth remove, how about one for the whole RFA +V & Vanderwood & Rika (for those Rika lovers ♡) I love your writing 💕💕

We currently don’t write hc’s for Rika, but we did the rest! Also, left out Saeran since his story is in this link :) Hope you enjoy~ 


  • When he first wakes up, you think he’s going to be one of the chill cases
  • He doesn’t say much and keeps looking around the room quietly
  • But then you notice he keeps tugging at his own hair…every ten seconds
  • You ask him what he’s doing and he says with another tug, “I’m making sure it’s still there. I love my hair.”
  • After awhile, he gets really sad
  • Like he’s looking at the blanket and getting those puppy eyes
  • You get worried thinking he’s in pain or something, so you tap his shoulder, “Are you okay? You look really sad.”
  • In a second, the sad face comes off, “No. I’m practicing for a role.”
  • He has a personality switch into a opera singer
  • There’s several of these personality switches until he knocks out
  • Leave it to Zen to be a dedicated actor…even under anaesthetics


  • From a few minutes after he wakes up, he’s crying over everything
  • When the dentist comes in to check up on him, Yoosung points to the pen in his pocket and starts sniffling
  • “I have a pen back at home. It must be lonely.”
  • Then he turns and looks at you, pointing at you with a lazy finger
  • “I have a picture of you at home. I miss it…”
  • “Yoosung, I’m the real person…”
  • “It’s not the same thing,” he wails.
  • You get him into the car and for awhile, he’s just fascinated with everything
  • You’re almost home when you notice he removed all the gauze from his mouth
  • He lets out a loud gasp while rubbing his lips, “MC…my nipples are numb! I can’t feel my nipples!”
  • You’re trying not to laugh too hard, so you just go along with it and pat him sympathetically
  • He gets down on the carpet once you’re inside and knocks out
  • So you just leave him there


  • When she was first starting to feel the anaesthetics kick in, she got a little loopy
  • She grabbed the dentist by the collar, “You better not mess it up!” and then knocked out
  • When she came to again, you asked if she remembered what she said
  • She didn’t, still very much under the drugs, so you told her
  • She touched her lip and saw some blood
  • She looks at the dentist, mouth full of cotton, “You punthed me! I’m Th-uing!’
  • Luckily the doctor got a kick out of it…and Jaehee couldn’t kick him
  • She’s surprisingly ridiculous when she’s under the drugs
  • She’ll look at you, “MC…you know what my name is? Jaehee…heeheehee.”
  • Then she’d be laughing at the joke she made for hours
  • When she gets home though, she’s a lot calmer and more of herself
  • You do have to drag her away from the coffee machine on more than one occasion though


  • He’s super giggly
  • Like not his low, throaty chuckle
  • Nope, he’s full on, high-pitched giggling at everything
  • You’ll touch his chin gently and he’ll just start laughing, “Oh, MC I wanted to wait till marriage.”
  • “Uh, what are you talking about?”
  • *Cue more giggling*
  • He keeps brainstorming business ideas mostly for cats
  • He’ll list things that are already invented and just add “for cats”
  • It’s hilarious, until he asks you to write it down
  • So far he’s listed forks, candles, mustaches, hats, and spaceship cars for cats
  • You can’t wait to shove it in his face later
  • Time passes and you think he’s fine
  • But then he points to a pile of white pillows in the corner and just gasps, “Elizabeth” before passing out


  • They had to take his glasses off during the whole removal process
  • So, when he wakes up he sees nothing but a swirl of color
  • He turns to you with tears in his eyes, “MC…it went wrong. I can’t see!”
  • You hand him his glasses and two seconds later he’s cheery again
  • He’s mostly quiet but he keeps touching your knee every once in awhile
  • You think it’s fine until you catch him wiping bloody drool from his chin and putting it on your pants
  • When he realizes you saw, he laughs, “Ohhhh, MC are you on your period?” and points to the blood on your pants
  • You would’ve slapped him if he wasn’t under anaesthetics
  • While you guys are leaving, he passes a mirror and starts crying again
  • He’s banging on the glass, “Saeran! Where were you this whole time? I was in pain.”
  • You have to calm him down, “Saeran is waiting at home. That’s your reflection.”
  • He just stares at himself, “Oh, I’m the ugly one then?”
  • “Saeyoung, you two are twins.”
  • “We’re both ugly?” and he starts crying again
  • You think it best not to show Saeran the video you’ve been recording the whole time


  • He has the most innocent face when he first wakes up
  • His lips are in a little pout, and his cheeks are puffy
  • His wide eyes keep glancing at you and you think it’s the cutest thing
  • He talks a little bit here and there, but mostly nonsense
  • At one point, he touches his lips and sees all the blood
  • He gives a small gasp, “I’m coughing up wine.”
  • You think it’s funny until he keeps trying to taste his own blood
  • Ew, V, stop
  • He’ll just stare at you
  • No emotions, no words, just staring
  • You wait, thinking he’ll say something but he doesn’t
  • Eventually, you tell him to stop and he turns instead to staring at his hands
  • He makes these really vague sad comments like, “It’s been a rough day”, “They shouldn’t sell wine in hospitals,” or “The weather tickles me.”
  • You just stop asking and enjoy it


  • You can’t even tell he’s under anaesthetics
  • He’s super serious and keeps making these morbid statements
  • He’ll wipe some blood from his mouth and stare at it on his fingers
  • “This could be the blood of all those I’ve battled in war in my past life.”
  • He turns to you and gives a small chuckle
  • Also slightly nerdy
  • Rants about random theories he has in all these universes
  • You tune him out after he starts claiming he was the catalyst for the first destruction of the Death Star

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Something New Is Going to Happen

Summary: Stiles accidentally discovers that their school mascot is super cute.

Notes: Written for the @sterekreversebang! Inspired by adorable art by @mysticmystery! (Fic on AO3) (Link to art)

Stiles sighs as he glances around the empty locker room. It’s completely trashed. And it’s his job to clean it up, because Coach dubbed him “worst player of the game.” Usually Greenberg held that dubious honor, but he’d tripped Stiles three times tonight just to avoid it.

Everyone else has already left, most of them wearing their Lacrosse jerseys so they can get a free slice of pizza at Vic’s. Scott had apologetically offered to bring him one, but Stiles had waved him off. He just wants to get this done and go home.

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If said thus before but Mob deserves so much better than what he’s had to go through. Like I don’t know the exact timeline but I think within maybe a year or two he’s nearly been suficated by some he now trusts, thought his home had burnt down, that his had parents died, got a beating from multiple grown adults, taken down an organization that wanted to rule the world, got sucked into a world for what he perseved as roughly 6 moinths if im not mistaken that tried to break his will by having multiple horrible things happen including harsh bullying and the assumed death of a cat he tried to befriend in said world, his trusted friend betraying him and trying to become god, and he just has stayed so good, I won’t say pure or innocent because he isn’t because of the things he has faced, but he has stayed so GOOD it hurts my heart that someone would ever have to go through so much and still stay so good and pure hearted.

Okay this is also for @drawingnumberoneandtwo who I just told I didn’t have time to do this…

She should just keep on walking, the puddles splashing beneath her feet as she drags herself back from another bust of an interview. When’s your boss comin’ darling’? and I wanted a reporter, not his secretary. Still, Cat had interviewed the Senator’s secretary instead and got herself scoops enough to be in print every day for a week. Her landlord would appreciate it, if nothing else. 

It’s a grand apartment all the same, even if three floors down there’s a slightly seedy bar. Usually by the time Cat drags herself home from the Planet’s offices, the last call brawls are spilling out into the alley. She has one foot on the fire escape up to her place when she hears something new, something softer and sweeter than the blaring brass that usually comes out of the bar’s doors. 

It’s curiosity that leads her in, no matter what it did to her namesake. She slips between swaying men in their less-than-sharp suits, and the working girls looking to make their own rent before morning that are keeping them company with whiskey and sodas. 

“Who’s the dame with the pipes?” She asks, flagging down Susan at the bar. Cat’s usual is poured without her having to ask, the bourbon welcome after a long day. She takes off the fedora she swiped from Clark at lunch, shaking out her pin curls. “She’s better than you usually have.”

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@racheltuckerrr sent me this on message : artist!kara with severe amnesia who keeps painting the same woman in every one of her works (even if its the 1 clear figure in a crowd or a distant face looking thru a window, its always her) all the details are there almost as if the paintings are alive, but she has no idea who the woman is. one day a young man comes into her shop and asks her how much for all the paintings and when she asks why he wants them he just looks at her with an incredible sadness that has no business being expressed on such an innocent face. its only three days later that kara realizes that his eyes were the exact shade of that of the woman she keeps painting 

The woman is always clear and bright, in a world where the colors are dull and bland. She has silky flowing blond curls and deep sparkling green eyes, a witty smirk gracing her lips and a sense of power glowing from her posture. She’s often lost in the middle of a crowd or alone in an empty office, an empty living room and even a kitchen sometimes. She smiles and she looks happy, in every single composition Kara paints with a sense of urgency that breaks her brushes and shakes her colors on the canvas. She doesn’t want to forget the face of that woman she can’t seem to recognize, the familiarity of those features making her heart aches for memories she doesn’t have anymore.

One day, a young man enters the shop and he looks strangely familiar as well but by now, she is used to the feeling and she simply smiles at him, asking if she can help him. His voice is soft and gentle but she sees the tide in his baby blue eyes, the waves of grief and loss, and she wonders what tragedy he hides behind his forced smile. He doesn’t even look around before asking to buy every single painting and she wants to ask but somehow, his tensed jaw and closed fists silence her and she just nods. She sells him everything and then he leaves, after one last lingering look and a melancholic broken smile.

It’s only days later, when she finishes another painting of the mysterious woman, that she realizes he looked like her, like that blond silhouette she keeps drawing every day since the car accident that took her life of memories away. 

(I couldn’t fit everything in 5 sentences so, here you go. I cheated, SORRY -not sorry-)


♥🐻 Golden Freddy / Fredbear. 🐻♥

Entertainment name: Fredbear.

Human name: Oliver King.

Age: 10 (Appearence x"d) Real Age; ???

Height: 1,50 cm - 1,55 cm (with shoes) / 4'11 ft. (Pfffff)

Weight: 37 kg.

Eye color: Green-Blue colour.

Skin tone: Very pale.

Can float.
His cheeks are always blushed.
Has a sleepy face all the time.

// Personality. ♡ //

He’s innocent, But not pure.
He doesn’t know what’s the difference between good and bad either.

Actually acts like he’s bad and evil (When he’s not) just for you to hate him. But it’s hard with Freddy-
Does not like to become fond with somebody, Because wouldn’t like to be hurted again. (still, Loves his boyfriend-)
Insecure and deppresed child, Lonely.
He feels sorry for all the shit he did before, Even if it’s not his fault.

Childres scares him so bad-

Actually are scared of Foxy someway, that’s why he’s bad at him.

Hates when ppl calls him “Child” or “Smol”, He didn’t wantes to be small and adorable, y'know- (??

Actually, Acts like he doesn’t care when people insult him and replies, but ends up crying alone.

Best friends with Puppet! He loves him so much (As a friend way), And doesn’t realize that Puppet likes him in a different way-

Lets Bonnie hurt him cuz he understands what Bonn feels like… He’s too good for this world. >:^(

Probably he just eats Honey(?) and sweets. Thanks to god that he can’t die for diabetes-

Gets mad easily-
He can float, and also make other things float too.
Has a Stuffed Yellow Bunny and hugs it all the time.

Please do not give him much sugar, He gets hyperactive-

// E x t r a. ♥✨ //

- Doesn’t sleep cuz can’t handle more nightmares.

- Loves his boyfriend too fucking much, 200%.

- My god, He’s too cute.

- Oldest-

- It’s funny when he’s hyperactive bc too much sugar x"D

- Uses to ask many things.

- Actually sweet.

- Daddy-

Florida Kilos

Second drabble from the song drabble game. You can read the first one here, and here is the BTS request list and the Girl Group request list.

Song: Florida Kilos by Lana Del Rey (drug dealer sana!au)

White palms, baking powder on the stove
Cooking up a dream, turning diamonds into snow
I feel you, pretty baby, feel me
Turn it up hot, loving you is free
I like it down, like it down way low
But you already know that
You already know

Come on down to Florida
I got something for ya
We could see the kilos or the keys, baby, oh ya
Guns in the summertime
Drink a Cherry Cola lime
Prison isn’t nothing to me if you’ll be by my side

Word Count:

Genre: slight smut, fluff

Author’s Note: so I didn’t go by the most voted sequence like I said because I really really wanted to write something for Sana. She’s been on my mind for some time and I can’t resist her :’D

Your eyes travel up the calculated, poised curve of the girl’s body as she leans on open window of a police car posted near the beach, and talks up the officer inside of it. It’s stupidly clear the effect she has on him.

Sana is blessed with one of those innocent faces that make anyone trust her, and she has a cutesy, high-pitched voice that she uses to charm her way into people’s hearts. Those two things, coupled with her natural childish disposition, make it so no human on this earth would be able to resist falling for her.

Yes, when it comes to her face she’s indistinguishable from an adorable little cherub, but her body tells a different story.  Everything from her sexy collar bones that she loves to show off in her endless supply of off-shoulder tops to her long, honey thighs is pure sin. And she knows how to flaunt it.

The clash between her innocent face and sexy body makes the men who leer at her become filled with shame. How could they be thinking such filthy thoughts about such an angelic creature? They stammer and blush and try to hide their ogling but they still look, and maybe that, the blinding guilt and lust they have for her, is what allows her to get away with so much.

You knew for a while now that Sana is a drug dealer, to the complete obliviousness of the entire city population and police force. You weren’t any better than them, really. You only knew because she allowed you to know.
You tell yourself it’s because she cares, because she doesn’t want to keep secrets from you… but it’s hard to be convinced when you see her in such short shorts, talking it up and down with that officer who won’t stop glancing down at her body.  Haven’t he ever fucking heard of subtlety?

This shouldn’t bother you so much but it does. Why does she kiss you so tenderly? Why does she let you fall for her only to turn around and do this?

Again you try to convince yourself that she’s only doing that to cover her tracks and keep her image up, but that’s an even harder pill to swallow. A much simpler explanation would be that you’re as much of an idiot as that man in the police car, greedily drinking up whatever truth she offers you. After all, it’s not like she outright told you about her illegal undertakings. You found out when you saw her in the middle of a transaction, and at the time you had thought that the eye contact she made with you and the small smile on her face meant that she intended for you to see, but now you’re starting to think that it was an accident and she’s merely stringing you along to get you to keep quiet. 

Well, you weren’t going to keep quiet, at least not to her. Dangerous drug dealer or not -and she was dangerous, you could see it in those fox eyes of hers- you were going to confront her about it. If she’s concerned about you telling anyone then she shouldn’t be because you’d never tell anyone anyway, but she had no right to play with your emotions like that!

“If you’re going to stare at least be subtle about it.” Jeongyeon, the waitress at the beach bar you are working in, snorts, making you jump. How long was she standing there? 

“I’m not staring. What are you talking about?” You mumble, blushing intensely and quickly averting your eyes from your seductress. 

She only snorts again as a way of reply, and you chew on your lips, your eyes already missing Sana and trying to fight the urge to look over at her again until they break out of your control and steal a glance, only to find out that she’s already gone. 

Disappointment drops like a stone in your stomach because even though you were intensely jealous of the scene you were witnessing just a few moments ago, you still considered it a privilege to be able to watch the divine girl seduce her way out of trouble.

Jeongyeon sees the disappointment on your face and clarifies smugly, “Don’t get all pouty now, Miss Bagel herself is coming over here.” She smirks and quickly leaves before the panic fully hits you. 

Like a deer caught in a trap, you watch wide-eyed as Sana confidently struts over to you. “How’s my favorite cocktail girl?" 

Sana pins you down under her sultry gaze, and you struggle against it but you can’t break free. 

"I’m f-fine.” You curse yourself for stuttering. Can you for once not act like a loser in front of her? 

Sana reaches out and brushes away the hair from your face, a defense mechanism you use to hide yourself away like an ostrich, thinking that if you can’t see the danger then it can’t see you too. 

“I saw you watching me earlier.” She says and you pull away, embarrassment latching onto your body like a fire, but Sana only follows after you. “You know he means nothing to me right? They all mean nothing, only you do." 

She lifts your chin up to make you look at her and whispers, "You believe me, don’t you baby?" 

And just like that, your heart goes into free fall. 

"Hey, stop biting on your lips.” She swipes a finger across your lips, feeling the abused surface and releasing it from the assault of your teeth. “See, you’ve got it all dry and cracked? Luckily for you, I’ve got some extra chapstick." 

She doesn’t give you time to think before she’s closing the small distance between you and pressing her lips onto your own. 

The kiss ends before it even begins. Sana pulls back right away but her face stays precariously close to yours. She uses her thumb to spread the small amount of her cherry chapstick that was now staining your lips. "Oh no, it’s still dry. I think it needs more, don’t you agree?" 

You meekly nod and she dives in again. This time the kiss lasts longer but only slightly before she pulls back again. Each following kiss grows in duration until she has you clutching onto her silky smooth shoulders and threading through her even softer hair. Her lips taste of the salty waves and the pink cherry chapstick she obsessively wears. 

She backs you into the corner adjacent to the bar’s counter so you’re out of sight then you feel her hand start sliding up your thigh and under your skirt. She lightly runs her finger across your slit that was embarrassingly outlined by your wet underwear. Immediately your breath hitches and you break the kiss. You’d never gone this far with her before. Actually, you’ve never gone beyond chaste kisses, light neck carcasses or a hand that lingers on your waist for a second too long. 

"Want me to stop?” Her smile remains seductive but you can see the seriousness in her eyes. She’ll stop if you want. 

Your answer is quick and sure, “No." 

Her giggle floats on the beachy winds and swirls around you as she leans over and kisses you neck. She starts rubbing you more firmly now and soon you find yourself whining and whimpering for more. 

It was wrong, you knew it was. She was bad news and you were a good girl. You shouldn’t let yourself be caught up in such illegal and dangerous things no matter how sexy, how unbelievably sexy, the package was. 

Your mind was free to think whatever it liked because as soon as she eased a pretty, slender finger into you, you stopped listening to it anyway. "Does this feel good?”

“Yes, please don’t stop." 

"I won’t stop as long as you keep moaning for me like that, pretty baby.” She drawls, and you swear you could cum from just listening to her voice.
You don’t know what you did to deserve the attention of such a heavenly creature but it seems like the universe agrees with you because just as you were nearing your end, you hear Jeongyeon yelling for you. 

“Damn it, where are you, ___!" 

You have half a mind to ignore the tall girl but Sana pulls away from you and tells you to go see what she wants. You give her a betrayed look but she just laughs and gives small spank, sending you on your way. 

You try to appear as calm and collected as possible as you step up to the counter as if you didn’t just step out of one of your wet dreams, but it doesn’t fool Jeongyeon. 

"Whoa, what happened to you?” She exclaims before her raised eyebrows quickly settle down into a disgusting pervy look. “Did you finally get that make-out session from Sana that you were pining after?" 

"Shut up!” You throw a washcloth at her, embarrassed by the fact that Sana was a few feet away, hearing everything she said. 

“Oh, please, you are like a little puppy who–” You suddenly stop listening to Jeongyeon’s humiliating rant because, no, Sana wasn’t a few feet away like you had thought, but instead she was crouched under the bar counter with her hands traveling up your legs at this very moment. 

You think she’s going to finger you again but instead, she does something much worse. She pulls your panties to the side and presses her pouty lips to your pussy. You yelp, interrupting Jeongyeon and she narrows her eyes in suspicion. “What’s with you?" 

"Nothing! Is there something that you wanted. You know, besides annoying the fuck out of me?” You snap, your voice coming out shaky and unsteady. 

“Geez, I was kidding. No need to bite my head off. I came to give you these orders.” She starts rattling off a long list of drinks that you can’t even hear because the things that Sana is doing to you under the counter are unmentionable. You can’t help but sneak what was supposed to be a glance down at Sana, your eyes meeting her own fox-sharp ones and the smile she has wrapped around your sensitive clit turns her eyes even sharper. The sounds of the waves and wind are loud but the sloppy sounds of your wet pussy are so deafening that you can’t believe Jeongyeon can’t hear it.

When she’s done recounting all the orders to you, she asks you if you’ve got it, and you say yes. 

“Really? Are you sure you don’t want to get the notepad to write them down?” She says unconvinced, and your eyes snap back to her and see the suspicious look back on her face. 

“I said I got it, Jeongyeon. I’m not an amateur.” You snap, hoping the rude tone would make her finally go away. 

She raises both her hands up in mock surrender, “Alright, alright." 

You were so desperate to get rid of her because, despite the fact that you were in public and that you were engaged in a conversation, you were dangerously close to cumming. But again, the universe was hell bent on smiting you, and just before Jeongyeon was out of earshot, your orgasm comes ripping through you like a riptide and an unmistakable moan of pleasure is torn from your throat. 

Jeongyeon whirls around, eyebrows up to her hairline, and you have nothing to do but quickly duck behind the counter. 

"Oh god, oh god, I’m quitting my job! No, I’m leaving the entire city!” You squeak, hiding your face behind your hands. Sana’s laugh floats around you again, seeping through you and soothing you like a magic touch. 

“You’re saying that like I’d let you out of my sight, pretty baby.” Sana smirks and removes your hands from your face, pressing a final, languid kiss to your mouth. She doesn’t taste of salt and cherries anymore. Instead, she tastes of you, and your mind can’t argue back when your heart tells it that nothing has ever felt more right.