innocence has a face

american gods: a summary
  • Wednesday: I have done nothing wrong. Ever. In my life.

If said thus before but Mob deserves so much better than what he’s had to go through. Like I don’t know the exact timeline but I think within maybe a year or two he’s nearly been suficated by some he now trusts, thought his home had burnt down, that his had parents died, got a beating from multiple grown adults, taken down an organization that wanted to rule the world, got sucked into a world for what he perseved as roughly 6 moinths if im not mistaken that tried to break his will by having multiple horrible things happen including harsh bullying and the assumed death of a cat he tried to befriend in said world, his trusted friend betraying him and trying to become god, and he just has stayed so good, I won’t say pure or innocent because he isn’t because of the things he has faced, but he has stayed so GOOD it hurts my heart that someone would ever have to go through so much and still stay so good and pure hearted.

Okay this is also for @drawingnumberoneandtwo who I just told I didn’t have time to do this…

She should just keep on walking, the puddles splashing beneath her feet as she drags herself back from another bust of an interview. When’s your boss comin’ darling’? and I wanted a reporter, not his secretary. Still, Cat had interviewed the Senator’s secretary instead and got herself scoops enough to be in print every day for a week. Her landlord would appreciate it, if nothing else. 

It’s a grand apartment all the same, even if three floors down there’s a slightly seedy bar. Usually by the time Cat drags herself home from the Planet’s offices, the last call brawls are spilling out into the alley. She has one foot on the fire escape up to her place when she hears something new, something softer and sweeter than the blaring brass that usually comes out of the bar’s doors. 

It’s curiosity that leads her in, no matter what it did to her namesake. She slips between swaying men in their less-than-sharp suits, and the working girls looking to make their own rent before morning that are keeping them company with whiskey and sodas. 

“Who’s the dame with the pipes?” She asks, flagging down Susan at the bar. Cat’s usual is poured without her having to ask, the bourbon welcome after a long day. She takes off the fedora she swiped from Clark at lunch, shaking out her pin curls. “She’s better than you usually have.”

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Something New Is Going to Happen

Summary: Stiles accidentally discovers that their school mascot is super cute.

Notes: Written for the @sterekreversebang! Inspired by adorable art by @mysticmystery! (Fic on AO3) (Link to art)

Stiles sighs as he glances around the empty locker room. It’s completely trashed. And it’s his job to clean it up, because Coach dubbed him “worst player of the game.” Usually Greenberg held that dubious honor, but he’d tripped Stiles three times tonight just to avoid it.

Everyone else has already left, most of them wearing their Lacrosse jerseys so they can get a free slice of pizza at Vic’s. Scott had apologetically offered to bring him one, but Stiles had waved him off. He just wants to get this done and go home.

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Dear kneepat89,

You could say that, I suppose.

The two of them only met on a few short occasions, but it didn’t take long for them to form a somewhat familial relationship.  Stubborn as Franziska is, she too has a weakness for the innocent face of a child.

Even so, I had to commend Trucy for bringing out her friendly side in such a short time.  She always had a way of “magically” turning strangers into a part of her family.

-Miles Edgeworth

Innocent Child

Being Jason Todd’s wife and the the batfamily doesn’t know Jason is married to you - a nice, sweet “innocent” girl actions. @flamingtacomoose

I honestly love making Jaybird writings whenever I can and I am stoked to do this…. I’ll never say ‘stoked’ again. Sorry.


Its short because it was a late school night…. Sorry

“I don’t like it.” You huffed as you slumped your shoulders to your husband who was on the edge of the bed looking at you in the doorway of the bathroom in the third dress you changed into. “Y/N you look like gold. Lets go.” He said running his hands on the seem of the dress softly kissing your forhead. You sighed knowing that you two were going to be late if you changed again. “Im sorry Jay. Its not everyday you meet your husband’s billion dollar playboy father,  I guess I don’t to disappoint” He chuckled and laced his hands in yours and lightly swung them bowing down a little to your level “Babe, you will be fine. you have absouletly nothing, NOTHING to worry about. They will love you. Now.” He opens the door and lead his hand out insinuating you to go out. “Let’s go before were late.” You weakly smiled at Jason and walked out. The car ride was nothing but nerve wracking for you. Your heart was flipping your chest and you fidget with your hands until Jason caught them reassuring you he was there with a smile, you smiled back.  You two reached the front door and you clentched his hand a bit harder, He knocked on the door and was greeted with the beloved butler and friend Alfred with a silver plater in his hand. “Master Todd, How grand of you to show up in non tarnished attire.” He said as he led the two of you in and took your jacket. “Nice to see you too Alfred, Alfred this is Y/N my…” He froze and looked you slightly blushing and smiled “Wife.” He finished. Your face as nothing short of a teeth beaming smile. “Ah. Welcome Ms.Todd to our always expanding family. “Thank you for the warm welcoming” You smiled. “Well, you two must be hungry, See the rest are currently in the dinning room.” He walked the two of you there and you closely behind your husband. The table was full of there brothers along with Bruce and the end with a warm smile. Dick was the first one to stand and greet you. He caught your hand and kissed it with a white smile. “You must be the mystery girl Jaybird here talked so much about, I’m Dick” Jason Punched him in the shoulder “Chill out rico suave.” He said. You were still smiling from the fact that Jason talks about you to his family. “Y/N” You reply to Dick. He let lose of your hand and a gust of air hit your back and you turn to see little Damian, Arms folded and his brows knitted looking at you. “What did Todd do to convince you to marry him? Drugs? Money? Benef-” Before he could finish Tim’s hand covers his mouth. “You have to excuse him, he dosen’t have a off switch. I’m Tim. And this here is Damian.” He said and Dami got out of Tim’s knot. You laughed “It’s okay, I have siblings too, I don’t really mind.” You smiled. “Boys. Let the girl sit down, Please make yourself comfortable.” Bruce said before sitting back down and the boys all sat down and Jason pulled your seat out for you, you two connected eyes before he pushed you in and he pecked your cheek and you blushed a bit. He sat next to you and the boys were all looking at you two. “I can’t believe you two got married without even telling me” Bruce said as Alfred served the food to them “Well um.. I was gonna.. But uh” Jason stammers “I can’t believe that you got married period.” Damian added “Damian I swear to god say another smart ass thing again and I will drop you.” Jason spat. Damian rolled his eyes. “Is that why you couldn’t finish the job last mission with the ally attack. It was grade school simple. I break some bones and you just shoot” Damian said “ What?! Jay you said you didn’t hurt anyone like that anymore.” You said looking at your husband who was red in the face from being exposed by Damian with a smug look on his face. “HA! Wow. She really is innocent.” Dick Laughed as you looked at Jason furious.

Thanks guys I hope you liked it and I’m still taking request so keep em coming.


“Is this blindfold absolutely necessary!” Levi asks with thick annoyance in his voice. “It will ruin the surprise” Erwin replies with a smile Levi can’t see. “I swear if I trip over something” Levi grumbles before Erwin cuts him off. “You’ll what Levi?” unable to hide the chuckle rising in his throat. “I’ll think of something” is the retort. Silence stretches between the two again and Levi adjusts his hearing to the environment around them. The sounds of their boots hitting dirt instead of bricks or cobblestone confirms they left the main roads into Yarckel District a ways back. Surprisingly, the mystery path isn’t overgrown as tall grasses brush Levi’s thighs never hindering their journey. Unfortunately Levi can’t shake the feeling of little dirty bug legs crawling all over him. Erwin Smith and his crock pot ideas. “Oi, it’s so humid here. We couldn’t have changed into….I don’t know, something more loose?” “But it’s the perfect environment” is the smooth response as Levi feels pressure on his shoulder directing him left. “For what?” “You’ll see” and Levi can’t help but detect a hint of amusement from Erwin. Silence envelopes the pair again as they are left to their own thoughts. Minutes tick by, another left, right, right, left. Levi thinks he can make out the sound of water, a creak perhaps through the chorus of cricket and cicadas. There’s a firm tug on his hand but released to soon for Levi’s liking followed by “Levi, we’re here.” Now that the moment has come, Levi is surprised by the amount of curiosity and eagerness he feels for this place Sina knows where that Erwin dragged him to. “Okay close your eyes and I’ll count to three” as Levi feels the ghost of fingers loosening the blindfold. “One……Two….Three”. Levi’s eyes need little adjustment from the blindfold but something flashes in his periphery. He cocks his head, and the light is there again. But it’s not a light. It’s several lights……in sync……in a sea across the whole plain. He knows Erwin is staring at him instead of the scene before them but he can’t tear his eyes away to face him. “What are they?” Levi whispers for fear of interrupting the little creatures’ glowing dance. Erwin steps up to his left side and lifts his head to finally take it all in. “Lightning bugs is one name. Fire flies is another, but they are actually beetles. I’m afraid I don’t know much more about them. That would be more in Hange’s department.” “And have them ruin the ambiance of this. No thanks.” A breeze flows through but does little to ease the humidity. Levi swallows to find the courage to ask the next question. “Do you think I can…………” Erwin nods and Levi steps forward. More lightning bugs join the visual spectacle from previous undisturbed grass. Their shine sporadic at first but they quickly find the rhythm of the counterparts. “How did you find this place?” as Levi stretches a hand with such precision and grace. Erwin hums to himself reflecting. “I came here a couple of times as a child” however with my father never makes it past his lips. Levi watches the content beetle on his finger intensely. Erwin is struck breathless as the soft glow gives Levi’s face such an innocence he has probably never known in his life underground. Erwin hesitantly adds “I use to catch and bring them home” afraid to end the moment. Levi’s eyebrows furrow. “In what?” “A jar.” Levi jerks his head at this with a look of horror. “How did they breathe?” and it’s hard for Erwin to mask his face without giving any indication of disbelief. “I……. punched holes in the top.” “Oh” as Levi prays the night sky hides his foolishness and returns his gaze to the critter slowly walking along the digit. Levi’s face softens and a slight melancholy comes across those steel gray eyes of his. “I don’t understand. Why would you want to capture something so beautiful and keep it all to yourself?” Erwin feels like he’s been punched in the gut. I ask myself that everyday. Levi slowly raises his head with bewilderment and an eyebrow raised and Erwin can hear his own heart beat pounding in his ears rapidly. But Levi gives no acknowledgment if Erwin actually spoke those words out loud. He turns back to their audience and extends his finger hoping the little fella will get the hint and return to his family. Erwin knows they must return back to reality soon as well. He takes in a deep breath and releases it through his nose. But for now.

dedicated to @erwinsalive (hope you feel better), @zedsdead1001, and @lostcauses-noregrets

Welcome to London {Joe Sugg X Reader Imagine}

Warnings: smut. 

A/N: Hope you enjoy, my lovelies. xoxo - Grace


My parents weren’t too keen on me moving half way across the world to go to school in London, but here I was, bewildered at the new city and the opportunity to completely change my life. Growing up in a small town in Kansas has its upsides, but it wasn’t the place I wanted to make my life. London had been my dream city for as long as I could remember, and I was finally here.

I couldn’t contain my giddiness as I unlock my apartment door. Most of my larger belongings, such as my couch and bed, had already been shipped out and were waiting to be put in their proper places, but the rest of my belongings wouldn’t make it for a few more days. Luckily, I had a small suitcase packed that I could live out of for awhile. I walk across the apartment to look out the balcony door. The view was absolutely breathtaking; all the beautiful city lights could be seen as it was around 9 PM. I was completely awake, considering it would be around mid-afternoon back home. After texting my mother, I heard my stomach growl, reminding me that I hadn’t eaten a full meal in about 12 hours. Deciding to stick with something familiar, I search for the nearest McDonald’s.

After filling my belly, I decide to make a must-needed stop at a Tesco to pick up some groceries. I grab a trolley and begin filling it with the necessities: bread, eggs, etc. By the time I get back to the apartment, it’s nearly 11 PM. I take this time to explore the apartment since I hadn’t gotten the chance to yet. I make my way down the hallway and peek into each room. What would be my new office was empty except for the desk that had been shipped out earlier. Across the hall is my bedroom. I’m delighted to find my queen size bed already set up, with the bag of sheets and blankets sitting next to it. Diving onto the bed, I couldn’t contain my giggles and excitement. After making my bed, I pull out my laptop to watch a few movies and hopefully lull myself to sleep so I could adjust to the time change. After watching three movies, I fall asleep to the ending soundtrack of The Breakfast Club and my excited thoughts of what was to come.

When I wake up, the sun is already shining through my window. I look at my phone to see that it’s 11 AM and I have a missed call from my mother. I text her back, letting her know I’m safe and loving London so far. At about noon, I force myself out of bed, determined to get rid of this jet lag. After fixing myself a peanut butter sandwich, I step out on the balcony to enjoy the crisp autumn air. Less than an hour later, I was pulled out of my daydreams by the sound of a nearby voice. Looking to my left, I see a boy standing on the neighboring balcony. He hadn’t seen me yet, but he continued to talk, even though he was the only one out there.

“Look at this view, isn’t it beautiful?” I heard him ask. I assume maybe he had noticed I was sitting on the other balcony and was asking me, so I answered, “Yes, it’s absolutely breathtaking.”

He seemed utterly shocked to have received an answer. I giggled as he searches around him for the unknown voice. When he spots me, I wave towards him sheepishly.

“Hi there,” I say awkwardly.

“Oh hello, you nearly gave me a heart attack… I wasn’t expecting anyone to be out here,” he replies, his face turning a little red.

“Then who were you talking to?” I ask suspiciously.

“Oh, I was starting my vlog; I’m a YouTuber,” he answers, holding up his little black camera.

“Oh, that’s cool,” you reply, not really knowing what else to say.

“Yeah… I’m Joe by the way, Joe Sugg.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Joe. I’m Y/F/N.”

Joe and I continue to talk a bit more. Apparently the apartment he was in actually belongs to his friend, Caspar. I tell him that I’m just moving into my apartment, and he offers to help me move my things once they arrive. I thank him, grateful that he had offered because I was starting to wonder how I would do it on my own. While we were in the middle of our conversation, another boy steps out onto his balcony.

“Ah, Caspar, this is your new neighbor, Y/N,” Joe says to him.

“Hi,” I wave once again.  

“Hello, Y/N. It’s nice to meet you. I hope you’re okay with constant loud parties next door,” he says with a dorky smile.

“Really?” I ask, my smile dropping.

“No I’m just kidding, but if we ever do have a party here, you’re welcome to join,” he replies with a wink.

I laugh at his straightforwardness and reply, “We’ll see…”

“I like her; she doesn’t completely reject my flirting,” Caspar says.

“Don’t get your hopes up, mate; she said maybe, not yes.” Joe chuckles.

“Well boys, it’s been a pleasure meeting you, but I think I’m going to go explore the city, so I’ll see you around,” I say.

“Wait! Before you go, let me give you my number in case you need anything,” Joe says.

I type his contact into my phone and say goodbye once again. Who would’ve thought I’d make my first London friends without even leaving my apartment?

Joe’s POV

“Caspar, you lucky bloke! I wish I could have a neighbor that gorgeous,” I say once we return inside.

Caspar merely chuckles and starts chanting “someone’s got a crush.”

“I do not! Shut up, she might hear you,” I whisper yell at him as I hit his arm.

He just continues to chuckle at me in my flustered state. To be honest, I maybe did have a little crush on Y/N, but I mean, she’s absolutely beautiful. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to know her a bit better…

Later that evening, I was still around Caspar’s flat with a few of the other boys when I got an unfamiliar call. Assuming it was a prank call, I answered it in one of my goofy voices.

“What do you want?” I say in my Peter Griffin voice.

“Oh, I think I have the wrong number… I was looking for a Joe Sugg” a girl replies, sounding a bit flustered.

“Oh, is this Y/N? Sorry, I thought it was a prank call so I answered in my Peter Griffin voice,” I answered sincerely.

“Ah, it was a great impression.”

“Thank you. So, what did you need?”

“Oh right, so, I was out walking around the city, and, well you see, I think I might of gotten a little lost?”

“Oh my god, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine, I just don’t know where I am or how to get back to my flat.”

“Hey, don’t worry, I’ll try and find you. Look around, is there anything that might give you a clue as to where you’re at?”

“Um… there’s a place called ‘Nando’s’ across the street—“

“–oh, I know where that’s at. I’m on my way now.”

“Thank you so much, Joe.”

“It’s not a problem, Y/N. I’ll see you soon.”


About ten minutes after I called Joe, I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around, engulfing Joe in a hug, so happy to see him.

“Oh my gosh! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was beginning to think I would be lost forever,” I say as I cling to Joe.

“Like I said, it’s not a problem, Y/N,” he says as he pulls out of the hug, although I wish he hadn’t.

“How about this; since you came to my rescue, let me buy you dinner tonight?” I ask.

“But what kind of a gentleman would I be if I let the lady pay for dinner?”

“Well then, how else am I supposed to repay you for helping me?”

“I’m sure you’ll find some way.”

“Fine… you win this one, but I will find a way to make it up to you.”

“Don’t worry about it, love. Shall we go in and eat?”

“We shall.”

After stuffing our bellies with Nando’s, Joe and I venture back out into the chilly evening air. Joe must have noticed me shiver because he offers me his jacket, which I gladly accept. As we walk down the sidewalks of London, we get to know each other better, and before I know it, we’ve arrived at my apartment building.

“Would you like to come over to Caspar’s flat for a bit to meet the rest of the boys?” he asks as we take the lift to my floor.

“I’d love to, considering I have nothing to do at my own place,” I reply.

“Great, but I have to warn you, the boys can be a bit overwhelming…” he trails off as he opens Caspar’s door.

The second we walked in, Caspar greets us. “Joe! New neighbor girl!”

“Hi Caspar,” I giggle.

“Guys, this is Y/N, Caspar’s new neighbor. Y/N, this is Oli, Jack, Conor, Mikey, and Josh,” Joe introduces me to everyone.

We all exchanged greetings as Joe leads me over to the couch to sit down next to him.

“So how did you meet these two wankers?” I think it was Jack who asked.

“Well, I was just sitting out on my balcony earlier today, enjoying the view, when Joe came out on his balcony and started talking to himself,” I giggle. The boys erupt in laughter at that as Joe’s face reddens.

“That’s not quite how I remember it happening, but whatever,” Joe replies.

It was now around 9:30 PM and Caspar brings out a few drinks.

“You’re legal, right, Y/N?” Josh asks.

“Yes I’m legal, I’m 24,” I reply, “25 in December.”

“What do you say we hit the clubs soon?” Conor asks.

“You up for it, Y/N?” Joe asks.

“Hell yes, but I need to go change first,” I answer.

“Well then go get ready, so we can partayyy!” Caspar yells.

I giggle and head over to my apartment hoping I have an outfit for the club in my suitcase. Luckily, I packed my little black dress in case of emergencies.

About thirty minutes later, I hear a knock on my door as I’m doing my finishing touches.

“Hurry up, Y/N!” I hear the boys shout.

“I’m almost done, just be patient,” I shout back.

When I open the door, I look up to see all the boys staring at me with their mouths open.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” I say with a smirk.

Right after I say this I hear a camera click. I look over to Conor who has an innocent look on his face.

“You said to take a picture…” he replied.

We all busted up laughing and headed to the club. I stood in between Joe and Caspar, enjoying their company as we walked. We arrive at the club a few moments later, and Joe offered to go get me a drink.

“Stop buying my stuff, it’s not fair, I want to be nice, too,” I say to him with a pouty face.

“Sorry, love, I’m just a nice person I guess.”

“Well, nice guy, come dance with me,” I say, pulling him to the dance floor. He laughs as I pulled him through the chaotic crowd.

We dance the night away and by the time we got back to Caspar’s, it’s around 1 AM and we were all quite drunk. We mutually decided that everyone would stay there so we wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of calling an uber at this ungodly hour. We figure out the sleeping arrangements among Caspar’s flat and my flat. Caspar would share his bed with Josh; Jack and Conor would share Caspar’s guest bed; Oli would take Caspar’s couch; Mikey would take my couch; and Joe could crash with me. Joe protested at first, saying he would sleep on the floor, but I assured him it was fine. I honestly would rather have a cuddle buddy than sleep alone.  

By the time we got everyone situated, it was nearly 2 AM. I stumbled into my room with Joe in tow. Reaching into my suitcase, I pulled out an old t-shirt to sleep in.

“Close your eyes, I’m just going to change in here really quick,” I tell Joe. When I don’t hear a response, I turn around to see Joe already in the bed with his eyes closed. I quickly stripped out of my dress to put the t-shirt on, when I heard Joe’s voice.

“Mm, I like what I see,” I hear him say.

I turn around after I pulled the shirt over my head to see him staring at me.

“Hey! I told you to close your eyes,” I whisper yell at him.

He just chuckles at me and says “sorry, I just couldn’t resist.”

“It’s not very nice,”

“Hey, come here. I’m sorry, I won’t do it ever again.”

I chuckle at our drunken states as he pulls me down onto the bed in his arms.

“You’re funny, you know that?” I giggle.

“You’re cute, you know that?” he replies.

“You’re adorable.”

“You’re gorgeous.”

“Okay, but seriously, thank you, Joe. I had so much fun tonight,” I say as I kiss his cheek.

“The pleasure is mine, love,” he says as he leans in. Our lips meet and I can’t help but smile.

“Goodnight, Joe.”

“Goodnight, Y/N.”

I wake up the next morning in a blissful state, cuddled up to Joe’s side. Hangovers don’t typically affect me like they do others, so I don’t really dread waking up the day after a fun night. I struggle as I climb out of Joe’s arms to get to my bathroom. Once I’m done in there, I walk out  to the living room to see Mikey passed out. I tiptoe out the door and into Caspar’s apartment to see Oli sitting on the couch on his phone.

“Hey, Oli,” I smile.

“Hey Y/N, how are you doing?”

“Good, just figured the boys would want some breakfast when they wake up so I thought I’d come over here and start cooking.”

“Oh Y/N, you’re so kind, you don’t have to go to the trouble.”

“It’s fine, honestly, I love cooking.”

“At least let me help you.”

By the time we’re done cooking, we have enough cheesy eggs, bacon, and pancakes to feed an army. Caspar, Josh, Conor, and Mikey eventually followed the smell of food into the kitchen, but Jack and Joe were still passed out.

“Can’t we just eat without them?” Conor asks.

“Nope, but we can have some fun waking them up,” I reply, “you guys go wake Jack, I’ve got Joe, okay?”

We split up and I walk back into my apartment to wake Joe. I walk in my room and see Joe sprawled out on my bed, still passed out. I quickly take a picture of him, because he looks adorable cuddled up in the blankets. After saying his name a few times, I realize I’m going to have to step it up a notch if I want to wake him up. I step up on the bed and start jumping up and down around him, shouting his name. It definitely wakes him up but he catches me off guard by hooking my foot and pulling me down into his arms.

“It’s too early,” he whines.

“Aw, is the poor baby sleepy?” I ask.

“Yes, now let me sleep.”

“Fine then, I’ll just let the boys eat your food.”

“What food?” he asks, seeming interested.

“I made breakfast.”

“Fine, I’ll get up, but only because there’s food.”

I smile and pull his arm until we reach Caspar’s flat.

We eat breakfast and hang out at Caspar’s for a few more hours until I get a text from my moving company that the truck with my things will arrive that evening.

“Oh my gosh, yay! My stuff is going to be here tonight!” I yell.

“That’s great! I’ll be here to help,” Joe says.

“I’ll help, too,” Caspar adds.                

By the time the moving truck gets here, it’s 5 PM. We unload everything and pile it into the lift. By 7 PM, we have everything upstairs, and now I just had to organize and put things away which I kindly tell the boys I can handle. Caspar leaves, but Joe insists on staying, telling me he can order us a pizza and find things to help me with. At 9 PM, we’re nearly finished when Joe asks to stay the night again.

“It’s getting late and I’m already here; do you mind if I stay crash here again?”

“It’s perfectly fine, Joe. I think I’m done with unpacking for the night though. Do you want to watch a movie?”

“Sounds great, love.”

We get comfortable in my bed with the computer settled in between us. We can’t decide on a movie to watch, so instead we just binge watch a couple of episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The whole time, Joe and I would subconsciously scoot closer together. It got to the point where I was sat in-between his legs with his arms wrapped tightly around me. After the third episode ends, I look back at Joe.

“Do you want to do something else? I’m kinda bored of watching TV, but I’m not very tired.”

“Yeah, me too. What do you have in mind?”

“We could play a game,” you suggest.

“Sure, how about truth or dare?”

“Ooh, I love that game”

“Okay, truth or dare?” he asks.

“I didn’t say you could go first… but truth.”

“Hm, what was your first thought when you met me?”

“Well at first, I thought you were some psycho dude who talks to himself, but after I got to know you, I realized how sweet and adorable you are.”

“Aw, you think I’m adorable,” he replies with a little smirk.

“Yeah, yeah, truth or dare, Sugg?”


“I dare you to go out on the balcony and scream ‘Jaspar is real.’”

“Oh blimey, I shouldn’t have ever told you about that ship,” he whines.

“Hey, a dare is a dare.”

“Fine,” he grumbles as we get up and he follows me out to the balcony.

“Hurry up, it’s cold out here.”

He glares at me, and then as fast as he can, he screams the phrase so it comes out as gibberish.

“Hey that’s not fair!”

“Oh and why is that? I did the dare,” he replies smugly.

I glare at him and chase him inside when he tries to run. When I follow him around the corner, her surprises me by turning around and picking me up to spin me around.

“Put me down!” I yell.

“Make me,” he replies with a smirk as he carries me back to my  room.

“Truth or dare, love?”

I narrow my eyes at him. “Dare.”

He throws me on the bed and starts to crawl up towards my face.

“I dare you to kiss me,” he says simply.

I grab his face and fill the empty space between us. He pulls my head closer to deepen the kiss. Before it gets too heated, he pulls away, and says, “Your turn.”

“Truth or dare?” I say, nearly out of breath.

“Dare,” he growls lowly.

I look into his eyes, barely above a whisper, “Fuck me.”

Not even a second passes before his lips are attacking mine again. He pulls away momentarily to remove his shirt. I marvel at the newly exposed skin as he slips his hands under my shirt to remove mine as well. His hands reach for my breasts as he reattaches our lips. I let out a small moan as he begins to kiss down my jaw, down to the valley between my breasts,  lower and lower until he was kneeling between my legs.  He slowly runs his hands up and down my legs and peels back my leggings and underwear.

“My god, you’re perfect,” he says as he kisses around my hips and thighs.

“Please, Joe… do something,” I plead.

“What do you want me to do, love?” he asks as he leans down and blows across my sensitive skin.

I shiver at the sudden rush of cool air on my soaked core. “Anything, please, Joe; I need you.”

With that, he immediately attaches his lips to my clit and begins to suck. I gasp at the sensation and reach down for his hair to pull him closer. He moans on me and I feel the vibrations throughout my body. I’m so close to my high but before I can reach it, Joe pulls away.

“Hey!” I shout as he crawls off the bed to remove the rest of his clothing.

“Shh, baby… as much as I’d love for you to cum on my mouth, right now I just want you to cum with me inside you.”

He crawls back up my body, showering me in sloppy kisses along the way. I let out a moan when he reaches a certain spot on my neck. He notices and sucks a deep purple mark there.  I whimper at the loss of contact when he stands up on his knees to put on the condom. When I see his member, I gulp. He wasn’t necessarily thick, but he was long.

“You ready, love?” he asks as he situates my hips on the bed.

“God, yes!”

He slowly slides into me to let me adjust to his length. Once I’m comfortable, he just barely pulls out of me and slams back in with full force. I let out a shriek as I clench around him.

“Fuck, Y/N, you feel so good… so tight.”

He pounds into me repeatedly and the pain soon turns to pleasure.

“Oh fuck, Joe,” I moan.  

He surprises me when he flips us over, so I’m now straddling him.

“Ride me, baby,” he says with a smirk.

I mimic his smirk as I roll my hips on him at a slow, torturing pace.

“God, you’re going to be the death of me, Y/N,” he says as he plants his feet flat on the mattress.

My gasp turns into a loud moan as he thrusts up into me, gripping my ass to hold me in place. His thrusts continue and he hits that certain spot inside of me and I let out a shriek.

“Fuck, Joe, I’m gonna come!” I yelp. He pushes me over the edge when he reaches down with his thumb to rub tight circles on my clit. We both moan out as we climax together. I collapse onto his chest trying to catch my breath.

“God, Y/N, that was amazing,” he says as he pulls me off his hips to lie beside him.

“Mhm,” I mumble tiredly as I cuddle into his side, still shaking a bit from the aftershocks of my climax.

“Are you okay?” he asks concerned.

“Yes, god yes! That was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had,” I answer.  

 After we calmed down a bit, we cleaned ourselves up and lied down under the covers. Joe pulled me close and began tracing circles on my back.

“Y/N, I really like you and I kinda wanna see where this could go… what do you think?” he asks nervously.

“I like you too, Joe, and I’d love to see where this goes,” I reply. He smiles down at me and pecks my lips one last time.  

“Goodnight, love,” he says, barely above a whisper.

“Goodnight, Joe.”

Mother's Day (Isaac Lahey Imagine)

Summary: Today is Mothers Day, the day that Isaac and Danny (Your Son) makes you feel like the best mother in the world. 

Pairing: Isaac X Reader X Danny 

Fandom: Teen Wolf 

Season: I dunno, when do they have kids? 

AN: So it’s basically Winter where I live so I’m gonna make it Winter, yay??? 

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You lay in your bed, feeling all warm and cozy. The thick blankets cover over your shoulders as they feel so soft on you, like a cloud almost. You hug your soft/hard pillow as if it’s your husband (yeah, I just went there 😏) underneath you. But it wasn’t, that’s fine you much prefer the pillow, it’s his anyways. And it also smells like him (wow, creepy lol). 

The room full of darkness so you could easily sleep better. 

You feel calm and nothing could bother you. 

Wait a minute, if nothing is bothering you then something is definitely wrong. Where is Isaac? He usually wakes you up with kisses and playing with your hair. 

You open your E/C eyes quickly as you push the covers off of you as you ran towards the kitchen.

You hear sounds of a child whispering loudly and giggling, and a sound of a man that’s quietly whispering. You look to see that it was the two boys that you both love. 

You see his caramel brown curly hair that looks so soft, his tall muscular body leaning over the child. His wearing a grey shirt and plaid blue pyjama/pajama pants with slippers on. 

You see the child next to him. His caramel brown hair not curly as his fathers but more similar to yours. His green pyjama/pajama shirt and pants with black slippers tells that he got out of bed a few minutes ago. 

You smile widely as you lean on the wall, watching your two boys.

“What are you doing?” You ask, you see the two boys turn around to face you. One jumped as he didn’t notice you, and that wasn’t your son but Isaac. Your son giggles at his father as Isaac has a look on his face, a face of innocence. 

“Morning Mummy/Mommy!” Your son smiles brightly as he runs up towards you and hugs you tightly, you smile as you hug him back. “Happy Mummy/Mommy Day!” He says as you smile brightly.

“Thank you Danny.” You say as Danny lets go of you and rushes back towards the table to grab something that is wrapped up. He hands it to you as you smile and pick it up from him. 

“It’s your Mummy/Mommy Day present!” Danny says excitingly as his big bright E/C eyes looks into yours. You smile warmly as you look at the present. 

You see Isaac walking towards you and Danny as he sits next to you as Danny sits on Isaac’s lap. 

You start unwrapping it neatly as you can across a photo frame, the photo inside has a photo of you and Danny when he was born. You’re sitting up in the hospital bed with baby Danny in your arms. You smile widely as you look over at Danny and smile. 

“There’s also a card in there. Daddy helped me write it.” Danny says as you grab the gram and put it next to you. You found the card as it says Happy Mummy/Mommy Day! You open the card to see your son’s hand writing as you began reading. 

Dear Mummy/Mommy 

You’re the best Mummy/Mommy ever! Even though you’re not Superman, but you’re Supermum/Supermom! And not everyone has a Supermum/Supermom like me. I’m glad to have you as my mummy/mommy, because you’re the nicest, caring, helpful and beautiful mummy/mommy ever! I never mean to say those mean things when I’m angry, I just get angry. But I love you just the way you are, and nothing can change the way you are. I love you mummy/mommy, and I hope that you love my card! 


Love Danny❤️ 

You start to feel the tears forming in your eyes as you look over at Danny who is smiling. 

“Thank you so much Danny, and I do love your card.” You say as you kiss his forehead. 

Isaac turns to face you as he wipes your tears away, you look at him and smile widely as Isaac does the same. 

“Danny, why don’t you go and get breakfast?” Isaac ask as Danny nods and gets up to grab it. 

“How did we get such a beautiful kid?” You ask as Isaac chuckles as pulls you closer, you feel him kiss your head as he smiles. 

“I know right.” Isaac says as you smile. You look at him as he leans in, you feel his lips in yours as you give in. You kiss him back. 

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(Let’s pretend that’s you and Isaac)

“I got the breakfast! Ew, stop sucking faces!” You hear Danny complain as you and Isaac stop and giggle. You look at Danny who has a mortified look on his face. 

“What’s that Danny?” You ask as he smiles. 

“Pancakes!” Danny said as he gives them to you as you grab them from him. You smile at both of your boys in front of you.

“How am I so lucky to have to handsome men in my life?” You ask out loud as Isaac chuckles. 

“Well I remember that Scott introduced me to you. And I’m just naturally handsome, that’s where Danny gets his charm from.” Isaac says smirking as he steals a piece of pancakes from your plate. 

“Yeah right.” You scoff as you and Isaac laugh. 

“I love you mummy/mommy and daddy.” Danny says as he grabs a pancake from your plate. 

“We love you too, Danny.”


taehyung; needed me

❝when it’s one of the times, you needed taehyung
►944 words 
♡ really personal to me, explained more in the tags.
not the usual fluff i do.

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Florida Kilos

Second drabble from the song drabble game. You can read the first one here, and here is the BTS request list and the Girl Group request list.

Song: Florida Kilos by Lana Del Rey (drug dealer sana!au)

White palms, baking powder on the stove
Cooking up a dream, turning diamonds into snow
I feel you, pretty baby, feel me
Turn it up hot, loving you is free
I like it down, like it down way low
But you already know that
You already know

Come on down to Florida
I got something for ya
We could see the kilos or the keys, baby, oh ya
Guns in the summertime
Drink a Cherry Cola lime
Prison isn’t nothing to me if you’ll be by my side

Word Count:

Genre: slight smut, fluff

Author’s Note: so I didn’t go by the most voted sequence like I said because I really really wanted to write something for Sana. She’s been on my mind for some time and I can’t resist her :’D

Your eyes travel up the calculated, poised curve of the girl’s body as she leans on open window of a police car posted near the beach, and talks up the officer inside of it. It’s stupidly clear the effect she has on him.

Sana is blessed with one of those innocent faces that make anyone trust her, and she has a cutesy, high-pitched voice that she uses to charm her way into people’s hearts. Those two things, coupled with her natural childish disposition, make it so no human on this earth would be able to resist falling for her.

Yes, when it comes to her face she’s indistinguishable from an adorable little cherub, but her body tells a different story.  Everything from her sexy collar bones that she loves to show off in her endless supply of off-shoulder tops to her long, honey thighs is pure sin. And she knows how to flaunt it.

The clash between her innocent face and sexy body makes the men who leer at her become filled with shame. How could they be thinking such filthy thoughts about such an angelic creature? They stammer and blush and try to hide their ogling but they still look, and maybe that, the blinding guilt and lust they have for her, is what allows her to get away with so much.

You knew for a while now that Sana is a drug dealer, to the complete obliviousness of the entire city population and police force. You weren’t any better than them, really. You only knew because she allowed you to know.
You tell yourself it’s because she cares, because she doesn’t want to keep secrets from you… but it’s hard to be convinced when you see her in such short shorts, talking it up and down with that officer who won’t stop glancing down at her body.  Haven’t he ever fucking heard of subtlety?

This shouldn’t bother you so much but it does. Why does she kiss you so tenderly? Why does she let you fall for her only to turn around and do this?

Again you try to convince yourself that she’s only doing that to cover her tracks and keep her image up, but that’s an even harder pill to swallow. A much simpler explanation would be that you’re as much of an idiot as that man in the police car, greedily drinking up whatever truth she offers you. After all, it’s not like she outright told you about her illegal undertakings. You found out when you saw her in the middle of a transaction, and at the time you had thought that the eye contact she made with you and the small smile on her face meant that she intended for you to see, but now you’re starting to think that it was an accident and she’s merely stringing you along to get you to keep quiet. 

Well, you weren’t going to keep quiet, at least not to her. Dangerous drug dealer or not -and she was dangerous, you could see it in those fox eyes of hers- you were going to confront her about it. If she’s concerned about you telling anyone then she shouldn’t be because you’d never tell anyone anyway, but she had no right to play with your emotions like that!

“If you’re going to stare at least be subtle about it.” Jeongyeon, the waitress at the beach bar you are working in, snorts, making you jump. How long was she standing there? 

“I’m not staring. What are you talking about?” You mumble, blushing intensely and quickly averting your eyes from your seductress. 

She only snorts again as a way of reply, and you chew on your lips, your eyes already missing Sana and trying to fight the urge to look over at her again until they break out of your control and steal a glance, only to find out that she’s already gone. 

Disappointment drops like a stone in your stomach because even though you were intensely jealous of the scene you were witnessing just a few moments ago, you still considered it a privilege to be able to watch the divine girl seduce her way out of trouble.

Jeongyeon sees the disappointment on your face and clarifies smugly, “Don’t get all pouty now, Miss Bagel herself is coming over here.” She smirks and quickly leaves before the panic fully hits you. 

Like a deer caught in a trap, you watch wide-eyed as Sana confidently struts over to you. “How’s my favorite cocktail girl?" 

Sana pins you down under her sultry gaze, and you struggle against it but you can’t break free. 

"I’m f-fine.” You curse yourself for stuttering. Can you for once not act like a loser in front of her? 

Sana reaches out and brushes away the hair from your face, a defense mechanism you use to hide yourself away like an ostrich, thinking that if you can’t see the danger then it can’t see you too. 

“I saw you watching me earlier.” She says and you pull away, embarrassment latching onto your body like a fire, but Sana only follows after you. “You know he means nothing to me right? They all mean nothing, only you do." 

She lifts your chin up to make you look at her and whispers, "You believe me, don’t you baby?" 

And just like that, your heart goes into free fall. 

"Hey, stop biting on your lips.” She swipes a finger across your lips, feeling the abused surface and releasing it from the assault of your teeth. “See, you’ve got it all dry and cracked? Luckily for you, I’ve got some extra chapstick." 

She doesn’t give you time to think before she’s closing the small distance between you and pressing her lips onto your own. 

The kiss ends before it even begins. Sana pulls back right away but her face stays precariously close to yours. She uses her thumb to spread the small amount of her cherry chapstick that was now staining your lips. "Oh no, it’s still dry. I think it needs more, don’t you agree?" 

You meekly nod and she dives in again. This time the kiss lasts longer but only slightly before she pulls back again. Each following kiss grows in duration until she has you clutching onto her silky smooth shoulders and threading through her even softer hair. Her lips taste of the salty waves and the pink cherry chapstick she obsessively wears. 

She backs you into the corner adjacent to the bar’s counter so you’re out of sight then you feel her hand start sliding up your thigh and under your skirt. She lightly runs her finger across your slit that was embarrassingly outlined by your wet underwear. Immediately your breath hitches and you break the kiss. You’d never gone this far with her before. Actually, you’ve never gone beyond chaste kisses, light neck carcasses or a hand that lingers on your waist for a second too long. 

"Want me to stop?” Her smile remains seductive but you can see the seriousness in her eyes. She’ll stop if you want. 

Your answer is quick and sure, “No." 

Her giggle floats on the beachy winds and swirls around you as she leans over and kisses you neck. She starts rubbing you more firmly now and soon you find yourself whining and whimpering for more. 

It was wrong, you knew it was. She was bad news and you were a good girl. You shouldn’t let yourself be caught up in such illegal and dangerous things no matter how sexy, how unbelievably sexy, the package was. 

Your mind was free to think whatever it liked because as soon as she eased a pretty, slender finger into you, you stopped listening to it anyway. "Does this feel good?”

“Yes, please don’t stop." 

"I won’t stop as long as you keep moaning for me like that, pretty baby.” She drawls, and you swear you could cum from just listening to her voice.
You don’t know what you did to deserve the attention of such a heavenly creature but it seems like the universe agrees with you because just as you were nearing your end, you hear Jeongyeon yelling for you. 

“Damn it, where are you, ___!" 

You have half a mind to ignore the tall girl but Sana pulls away from you and tells you to go see what she wants. You give her a betrayed look but she just laughs and gives small spank, sending you on your way. 

You try to appear as calm and collected as possible as you step up to the counter as if you didn’t just step out of one of your wet dreams, but it doesn’t fool Jeongyeon. 

"Whoa, what happened to you?” She exclaims before her raised eyebrows quickly settle down into a disgusting pervy look. “Did you finally get that make-out session from Sana that you were pining after?" 

"Shut up!” You throw a washcloth at her, embarrassed by the fact that Sana was a few feet away, hearing everything she said. 

“Oh, please, you are like a little puppy who–” You suddenly stop listening to Jeongyeon’s humiliating rant because, no, Sana wasn’t a few feet away like you had thought, but instead she was crouched under the bar counter with her hands traveling up your legs at this very moment. 

You think she’s going to finger you again but instead, she does something much worse. She pulls your panties to the side and presses her pouty lips to your pussy. You yelp, interrupting Jeongyeon and she narrows her eyes in suspicion. “What’s with you?" 

"Nothing! Is there something that you wanted. You know, besides annoying the fuck out of me?” You snap, your voice coming out shaky and unsteady. 

“Geez, I was kidding. No need to bite my head off. I came to give you these orders.” She starts rattling off a long list of drinks that you can’t even hear because the things that Sana is doing to you under the counter are unmentionable. You can’t help but sneak what was supposed to be a glance down at Sana, your eyes meeting her own fox-sharp ones and the smile she has wrapped around your sensitive clit turns her eyes even sharper. The sounds of the waves and wind are loud but the sloppy sounds of your wet pussy are so deafening that you can’t believe Jeongyeon can’t hear it.

When she’s done recounting all the orders to you, she asks you if you’ve got it, and you say yes. 

“Really? Are you sure you don’t want to get the notepad to write them down?” She says unconvinced, and your eyes snap back to her and see the suspicious look back on her face. 

“I said I got it, Jeongyeon. I’m not an amateur.” You snap, hoping the rude tone would make her finally go away. 

She raises both her hands up in mock surrender, “Alright, alright." 

You were so desperate to get rid of her because, despite the fact that you were in public and that you were engaged in a conversation, you were dangerously close to cumming. But again, the universe was hell bent on smiting you, and just before Jeongyeon was out of earshot, your orgasm comes ripping through you like a riptide and an unmistakable moan of pleasure is torn from your throat. 

Jeongyeon whirls around, eyebrows up to her hairline, and you have nothing to do but quickly duck behind the counter. 

"Oh god, oh god, I’m quitting my job! No, I’m leaving the entire city!” You squeak, hiding your face behind your hands. Sana’s laugh floats around you again, seeping through you and soothing you like a magic touch. 

“You’re saying that like I’d let you out of my sight, pretty baby.” Sana smirks and removes your hands from your face, pressing a final, languid kiss to your mouth. She doesn’t taste of salt and cherries anymore. Instead, she tastes of you, and your mind can’t argue back when your heart tells it that nothing has ever felt more right.

A Girl Like Me... [Jack Maynard]

I’ve been feeling inspired lately and have been watching a lot of Jack Maynard on youtube, and I mixed Jack with a dream that I had recently. Don’t judge, my dreams are where all of my ideas and inspiration comes from. It’s about the classic good, rich girl and the slightly poor boy falling in love. Please let me know what you think and if I should do another part.

Requested: No.

Warnings: None.

Word count: 1,367

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Just Imagine... [Yurio’s Crush on Yuuri 3/3]

Yuri Plisetsky’s POV (Part 1 | Part 2)


  • Runs as his fans chase him. It’s not fair. All these girls want him, but the one person he wants doesn’t care for him. Yuuri’s 8 years older, yes, but in 2 years and 3 months, Yuri will be 18. If he can just keep on Yuuri’s good side until then, keep competing against him, then he can confess on his 18th birthday. He’s already decided it will happen. It’s not a love he can just let go.
  • Makes a friend. Otabek Altin from Kazakhstan. It’s refreshing to have someone to talk to, and Yuri forgets about his hopeless crush for a little while. That is…until Yuuri and Viktor AND ALL THE OTHER COMPETITORS show up and join them at the restaurant.
  • Yuuri doesn’t remember the banquet? The best night of Yuri’s life, and Yuuri can’t remember their dance-off? No wonder he totally ignored him at Ice Castle. So, wait, Yuuri’s only memory of him is the threatening at the GPF? That stings. Bitterness fills Yuri, and all he can do is tell Yuri how disgusting their dance-off was, even though it’s far from the truth.
  • Chris notices Viktor and Yuuri have matching rings, and before Yuri can process this, Phichit yells about how they got married. WHAT THE HELL. Married, already? Then…that means he’s too late. All Yuri can do is gape in shock.
  • “Don’t get the wrong idea. This is an engagement ring,” Viktor corrects. “We’ll get married once he takes the gold.” A wave of relief rushes through Yuri, then a wave of anger. WTF Viktor will only marry him if he wins gold? That’s so ridiculous. Viktor is flippant as always. Why is he even with Yuuri if their relationship is conditional?
  • Yuri is pissed, to put it lightly. It’s stupid and unfair that Viktor would do that to Yuuri. Yuri would treat him so much better. He’d cherish Yuuri. He’s…he’s been nothing but rude to Yuuri… At least that’s how it comes across when Yuri tries so desperately to hide his feelings. Maybe he’s never had a chance from the beginning. Maybe he should give up…
  • The next day by the beach, Yuri finds Viktor admiring his engagement ring, and instantly he remembers the previous night. “We’ll get married once he takes the gold.” Anger surges through him and he kicks Viktor in the back, hard.
  • “Viktor Nikiforov is dead,” Yuri declares, because he’s dead to him. The Viktor he knew is gone. All that’s left is this monster, who’s just playing with Yuuri’s feelings. He only takes winners, is that it? Is he going to make Yuuri wait until he’s won as many medals as Viktor? That’s so stupid. If he loves him, the medals shouldn’t matter.
  • “Why do you look so happy to be looking after that damn pig?” Yuri says. How can you look so happy and in love around Yuuri when your feelings are so flimsy? You’re fooling Yuuri, and it’s not fair to him.
  • “Did you want to compete against me?” Viktor says. For a moment, Yuri worries that Viktor knows about his crush on Yuuri, but he’s not sure—Viktor could just be talking about skating—so he says, “Don’t be so full of yourself. Not all skaters look up to you.” Stop acting so superior to Yuuri, and to me. I don’t look up to you anymore.
  • “Just go away already, geezer.” It’s simple and direct. He couldn’t even think of an excuse to veil it. What else could he mean but stay away from Yuuri? Don’t you dare break his heart.
  • Viktor can tell now. He’s sure of it. The man grabs his chin, his hand shaking, and sees right through Yuri. The crush he’s been hiding for so long is laid bare. But Yuri stands strong and firm. He doesn’t look away from Viktor’s gaze. He’s serious and he wants Viktor to know now. If he hurts Yuuri, then he’ll have to pay.
  • “The ring you got from that pig is garbage. I’ll win just to prove how incompetent his owner is.” He’ll win so Yuuri won’t win, then Yuuri will see that Viktor’s love is conditional. And Yuuri can be freed from Viktor before things get worse. Imagine if they got married and Yuuri started losing. Would Viktor divorce him?
  • Viktor’s gaze is intense. He’s not looking away either. He’s angry, probably because Yuri is standing in his way. There’s no way he actually loves Yuuri, not as much as Yuri does. But Viktor doesn’t say anything, so Yuri pulls away.
  • Viktor looks out at the ocean, and Yuri walks away, too worried for Yuuri to say anything more. But he leaves one last line: “This place reminds me of Hasetsu ocean.” It’s his way of saying he cares about Yuuri too, that Yuuri’s home also feels like his home. He doesn’t know why he says it. Maybe he feels like Viktor doesn’t believe his love, or maybe he just wants to see how Viktor will react.
  • Viktor just smiles and says, “I thought so, too,” but Yuri’s already trudging away, tears sliding down his cheeks.

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Big Bang reactions to being asked about their gf in interview

[GIFs not mine]


He was in a talk show and one of the MCs asked him if he was dating anyone. He didn’t feel like he should tell anyone that you are dating, so he said no. He knew that was a basic question every interviewer would like to ask him. He wanted to make sure you meant to him more than just a girl he’s dating. He wanted to wait until you would really be in love and you respected his decision because you were only dating for 2 months.

*loves you through the TV*

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He was on variety show and someone just asked him about the dating rumors. He didn’t like it when people wanted to know everything about his love life or any of his personal stuff. He likes keeping his personal matters to himself and his closest. He answered the question with an argument even if he is dating, he will decide to tell the public about it. He hated exposing these kind of things because he knew there are some fans that would do too much researches about you and he did not want that.

*acts like nothing happened*

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When he heard he is going on a variety show without the members he knew at some point they will mention his girlfriend-you. He liked giving fans a little information to let them know how happy he is with you, so he didn’t mind answering questions like if your relationship is healthy or if you fight a lot. But he knew what things about your relationship he can’t reveal and he was careful about it.

*smiles hard af even thinking about you*

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Since he doesn’t have any social medias, even when you went out together and someone would take a picture of you and he didn’t notice, the next day he got news there are dating rumors about him. You both agreed it won’t be such a big deal if you date in public, so he didn’t mind answering some questions either. He knew where is the limit though and he never crossed that limit.

*loves you intensely*

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He was so proud on dating you, he couldn’t even wait to tell anyone it was you who he was dating. If you wanted to keep it private for a little time he would respect your decision  When he was at an interview he wouldn’t even answer the question about you if you said the relationship should be private, but if you were public he would only tell them how happy he is with you and how great and beautiful you are. 

*has innocent look on his face*

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