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9x07 “Bad Boys”
On Lost Childhood and Father Figures

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

The Thing that always gets to me most about this part of Dean’s life and the flashbacks in this particular episode is how for the time Dean spent at Sonny’s Dean felt comfortable enough to let his guard down a bit (not completely of course, but you could see he was happy) and actually for once went after what he himself wanted to do. He embraced this “time off”, enjoyed normality and was allowed to be a teenager without having to worry about his father or feeling responsible for his little brother, Dean was just Dean. Not a kid expected to be an adult. And that’s what I love about Sonny. He never judged Dean, never pressured him in any way, but made perfectly sure that Dean knew that he was there if he needed him (like a true father figure and parent would), that he would have his back and most of all he told Dean that Dean made him “proud” and that little world carries such tragedy, because the show has gone out of its way to imply that this is something Dean has not been told by his true father too often, after all Dean was assured that his dad wasn’t his dad when he told him that he was “proud of him”. What is so tragic and heartbreaking about this episode is that Dean was able to re-experience and re-gain a certain kind of childhood and innocence at Sonny, experiences care and unconditional parental love and he lost all of it again with the honk of a car horn…

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lowkey can't wait to see you spazz over youngjae's nekkid selfie BECAUSE I WAS IN TEARS LIKE HOW DARE HE?!?!

My darling anon,



WHO???? (because it sure as heck wasn’t Mr. ‘Youngjae-is-mine-and-you-can’t-even-dream-about-him’ Jaebum)


I mean, I thought it was bad enough when he posted that tank-top selca back in November with all that skin and that look at the camera and just….





I never signed up for this. I was perfectly content with him being gorgeous and handsome and precious and adorable and NOT A KING OF PROBLEMATIC SELCAS.



I just…. he just…… this just…….. there are five moles visible right there AND THREE OF THEM ARE ON HIS NECK AND SHOULDER and my brain can NO LONGER COMPUTE BYE. 

Listen. I am all for an appreciation for how gorgeous Youngjae is, but COULD HE HAVE TONED IT DOWN JUST A LITTLE BIT??? I mean. We’re talking about his eyes being all cute and gorgeous and aimed right at us, and that’s enough already, but then he’s got his adorable nose looking even more precious upside-down, and his precious little ears being so incredibly cute and totally visible next to his TWO-TONED HAIR STYLE THAT LOOKS SO GOOD??? AND HIS JAWLINE LOOKING SO NICE EVEN WITH THE WEIRD FILTER??? AND THEN HIS LIPS BEING ALL PINK AND POUTY AND JUST—no. I can’t. And we hAVEN’T EVEN GOTTEN PAST HIS FACE YET. ANON. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME??? I’VE BEEN TRYING TO REPRESS THIS IN ORDER TO LIVE AND NOW. That neckline. That nape. Those collarbones. Those broad shoulders. THOSE FRICKING MOLES BEING ALL THERE AND VISIBLE AND ADORABLE AND– I don’t have a thing about his moles. What are you talking about?

I just.

I’m not okay, anon. Why does he do this to me? Why??

Dean: Hmm. You know, there’s not too many things that leave behind a sulfuric residue. Sam: Demonic possession? Dean: It would explain how a mortal man would have the strength to open up an emergency hatch. Sam: If the guy was possessed, it’s possible. Dean: This goes way beyond floating over a bed or barfing pea soup. I mean it’s one thing to possess a person, but to use them to take down an entire airplane?….. I don’t know, man. This isn’t our normal gig. I mean, demons, they don’t want anything, just death and destruction for its own sake. This is big. And I wish Dad was here.

1x04 “Phantom Travelers” 


Samezuka Shark Week ☆ | Day 2

…soon after, two more unsuspected victims were attacked!  ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌

Poor innocent child. He had his whole life ahead of him… a moment of silence please–may he rest in peace (︶︿︶) Wait, he’s up!! Nevermind, everyone back to enjoying the party! (・∀・)ノ

Sosuke kept a watchful eye on Rin all day long…  (・_・ )

More Days: 1 


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Ooh I thought of something fun!! What do you think are the 5 worst Neal caffrey outfits!! (Making it hard because most were 🔥)

Ohhhh boy…ooookay….well….here we go!

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Obvs the one where he went undercover as a naughty vampire. Pffff gross.

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And then the time he posed as a stripper, UGH.

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There was this one where he was a seal, wtf.

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Some kinda weird undercover stoner space freak?!

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…but wow, really anon, this is tough D: I couldn’t do it. I failed you!

Neal has the best outfits <3


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That coaches fic was brilliant buy it made me think. We've seen Chris and Victor being crazy and extra whereas phichit and yuuri are more subtle. How about a story where it's revealed that the two were arrested for like destruction of property or some other stupid prank while they were drunk and Celestine has to bail them out. And this comes to light when they run into the police officer at an event in detroit?

Innocent (Sequel to Ranting)

“Can you believe it? He wanted a live band to play while he skated. A LIVE ROCK BAND!” Alain groaned while rubbing his forehead, while the other three males at the table hid snickers of amusement behind their classes of beer.

“That isn’t allow,” Lilia said ever so softly while frowning at the destressed Canadian, “Right?”

“Exactly!” Alain shouted.

“It’s okay, Alain, we have all dealt with troublesome skaters,” Josef said while patting the upset Canadian shoulders.

“Everyone but Celestino,” Yakov mumbled.

“Hey!” Celestino said while raising an eyebrow, “Where did you get that impression?”

“Your ‘horror’ stories are mild at best,” Josef pointed out.

“Media scandals are your most common complain about your Thai Prince,” Alain pointed out.

“Phichit isn’t a prince. Don’t let him hear you say that,” Celestino said seriously before taking a large sip of his drink.

“I am interested to hear what type of complaints you have for your skaters that doesn’t involve social media,” Lilia spoke up, getting hums of agreement from the three other male coaches.

“Any of you ever had to bail any of your skaters out of jail?” Celestino questioned, causing the table to go quiet.

“Jail?” Alain questioned in surprise.

“Yep. When I was in America with Phichit and Yuuri, they got themselves arrested,” Celestino sighed deeply.

“Dare I ask why?” Lilia questioned with a frown.

Celestino opened his mouth, only to pause and let out a loud sigh.

“God, it is such a stupid story,” Celestino mumbled more to himself than his fellow.

“Now I really want to hear this,” Alain mumbled, earning a chuckle from Josef.

“Simply, it involved alcohol, spray cans and government property,” Celestino said with a sigh.

“That sounds,” Yakov started before trailing off, letting out a sigh and shaking his head.

“Boys will be boys,” Lilia pointed out, earning a deep sigh for Celestino.

“You say that, Miss Lilia, but my boys aren’t wild child’s unless alcohol is involved,” Celestino insisted while lifting up his beer and slamming it down onto the table again.

“Do explain,” the former prima ballerina said, waving her hand in a circular motion.

“Hold on a second,” Josef spoke up, “The drinking age in America is twenty-one.”

“That it is,” Celestino said with a nod.

“Thai Prince isn’t twenty-one,” Alain continued, earning a nod from Josef.

“I’m well aware,” Celestino groaned.

“Okay, I really need to hear this story now,” Alain said while catching a waitress as she hurried passed and ordered another round of drinks for the table.

“Yuuri had just turned twenty-one,” Celestino started before pausing to finish his beer which was half spilt across the table. “And gave them both a weekend off, let Yuuri experience adulthood, you know?”

Celestino paused and gave the other four coaches at the table a pleading look, clearly wanting them to agree with him.

“I did give Victor the weekend after his eighteen off,” Yakov mumbled.

“Do not remind me,” Josef mumbled with a sigh, “The current skating legend took my sweet, innocent Chris out clubbing. When he was underage!”

“Chris is far from sweet and innocent,” Alain snorted.

“I would have to agree. I feel like out of Victor and Chris, Victor is the more… innocent one,” Lilia piped up, earning a hum of agreement from Celestino and Alain.

“Okay, back to my story,” Celestino said as new drinks were brought to the table.

“So, gave the boys the weekend off, expecting Yuuri to go out with a few friends, experience alcohol and swear himself off the liquids for life. But no,” Celestino shook his head with a pained look on his face, “No, Phichit – somehow – gets his hands on a fake ID and convinces Yuuri to go out clubbing with him.”

“Doesn’t sound that bad yet,” Josef said while helping the waitress collect all the empty glasses.

“Did I mention that Yuuri is a horrible drunk?” Celestino asked while glancing around the table.

“I was at the banquet,” Yakov sighed.

“I’ve heard all about that banquet,” Alain pipped up.

“Do not remind me,” Josef sighed while shaking his head.

“What banquet?” Lilia questioned, earning a groan from Josef.

“Last years. Yuuri Katsuki got drunk, pole danced with Chris and somehow convinced Victor to be his coach, half naked might I point out,” Alain said with a bright smile.

“I… see,” Lilia said while slowly nodding her head.

“Yuuri isn’t a good drunk. It runs in the family,” Celestino explained with a weak smile, “Anyway, Phichit and Yuuri went out clubbing. Somehow, after getting kicked out of the club, for fighting, they somehow appeared sober enough to buy spray cans.”

“And then they vandalised some state propriety?” Alain guessed.

“Three police cars, a state library, the seventh floor of a popular hotel,” Celestino listed off, only to pause when Yakov held up a hand.

“Whoa, what? Seventh floor?” Yakov questioned confused.

“Yep, outside walls,” Celestino sighed sadly.

“Outside walls?” Alain gasped in surprise.

“I’m not even done,” Celestino said blankly.

“When did they get caught?” Lilia questioned with a frown on her face.

“They didn’t, they turned themselves in,” Celestino groaned.

“This… doesn’t surprise me,” Josef admitted.

“How much was it to bail them out?” Yakov questioned with a raised eyebrow.

Celestino gave all the other coaches are sorrowful look, “The police didn’t believe Phichit and Yuuri were the culprits because they were… too sweet.”

Alain started to laugh loudly at Celestino comment, laughing so hard that the table shook.

“Both boys do come off as rather… innocent,” Lilia said while giving Celestino a small smile.

“Neither of them are innocent, trust me,” Celestino mumbled before taking a large sip of his drink.

“Okay, so what have we learnt?” Josef asked, a smirk on his lips.

“That Celestino has the most innocent skaters?” Yakov said, the corner of his lip turned upright slightly.

“Over twenty-thousand dollars’ worth of government property damage!” Celestino declared loudly.

“Innocent,” Lilia agreed with a nod of her head.

“They beheaded the college statue!” Celestino groaned.

“At least your skaters don’t have a stamp tramp,” Alain groaned.

“Not again with the stamp tramp, Alain,” Yakov mumbled while sending the Canadian a bored look.

“They sent three people to the hospital with broken bones!” Celestino almost sobbed as he leant forwards and rested his forehead against the table.

“It’s okay now,” Lilia said while ever so awkwardly patting the long-haired man’s back.

“MY OWN SON HAS A STAMP TRAMP!” Alain yelled loudly while glaring at Yakov, “I have lost my pride!”

“At least you don’t have to dry clean your skaters costume after every use.”

The table grew silent at Josef’s words and the bald man nodded his head sadly.

“Gross,” Alain mumbled while shaking his head.

“I… have to agree,” Lilia said with a disgusted look on her face.

“They broke into a pet store and stole thirty-two hamsters,” Celestino ever so quietly mumbled into the table.


8.20 | Sam getting a squishy hug from Charlie
please sob with me about the way he tucks his chin over her shoulder
requested by @findingherown 

“In the Kutte”

Happy Lowman x Reader
(GIF isn’t mine)

Being Happy Lowman’s girlfriend was probably the hardest job in SAMCRO - greatest risk, littlest reward - but you cherished that mean old fool with every ounce of your being.

Your story was almost a fairytale, if Prince Charming had a snake tattoo on his head and kept his body count tatted on him as a reminder of how deadly he was, rode a Harley, was in an MC, rarely smiled, and fucked much harder than ever necessary.

Technically you guessed the similarities ended with him rescuing you. He had done so from a would-be rapist and brought you to the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse until he could ‘handle’ the problem. The night he saved you was the same night you learned about his tattoos and what they meant.

When he took you to his room at the club, innocently enough just to show you where you could sleep for the night, your gratitude had been shown in the form of a kiss, which turned into a grope, which turned into sex.

It had been 4 months since he found out you had nowhere to go and offered you a place in his home. Although nobody around his MC seemed to believe it was possible for anyone to be in a relationship with Happy Lowman, the two of you made it work and somewhere along the way you had fallen secretly in love with the man people referred to as The Tacoma Killer.

You woke up like any other morning, without Happy beside you because he was already up for the day, and probably had been for hours. You walked into the kitchen, pouring a cup of coffee before realizing that Happy’s wallet and keys were still on the table. Peeking out the into the garage, you found your lover sitting in the middle of the garage, his back to you, the reaper on his vest staring into your eyes while it’s wearer was tinkering with his bike. He must’ve been messing with the brakes from what you could tell. You stepped out onto the cold concrete floor, barefooted and still wearing your pajama shorts and tank top that you had slept in last night.

“Good morning handsome,” you cooed and Happy looked over his shoulder at you and grunted his good morning to you.

“Want some more coffee? Anything to eat?” you asked as his hands worked meticulously on the front wheel of his bike.

“I’m fine babe,” he rasped, not looking up from his job.

“Oh… Okay…” you spoke with mild defeat in your voice. You had wished for a little more attention from your old man than you were getting, “Well I’ll leave you alone then,” you sighed turning to walk back into the kitchen.

“Hey,” his voice called and you froze, your hand on the doorknob and your back to him.

“Come here,” he demanded and you obliged, turning around and stepping to his now standing frame which was facing you. He lifted a hand to your chin, lifting your face so he could lean down and press a kiss into your lips.

“I gotta make a trip up to Tacoma today,” he spoke once he pulled away from you, “I’m leaving soon. Be back in a couple days.”

Since Happy had ties in Tacoma, he was always Clay’s first choice to send North when he needed something done. You hated being left behind, but since you were an old lady you weren’t involved in club business much, and it wasn’t allowed for you to tag along.

“I’ll miss you,” you gave him a half smile, looking up into his deep brown eyes, so dark you couldn’t see his pupils without focusing.

The shadow of a smile ghosted across his face as he leaned back into you, his lips landing on yours again as he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling your body flush against his. Happy wasn’t the sweetest or most romantic in the world but he was definitely the best kisser in the world, you would bet anything on that.

He picked you up, turning around and placing you on the seat of his bike, sideways so your legs both hung off the left side, as he settled between them. He placed his palms on the gas tank and fender as he moved his lips to your neck and you held his shoulders to steady yourself.

He moved his hands to tug at the hem of your tank top, sliding it up over your head to expose your bare breasts which he quickly attended to with his mouth. You moaned at the stimulation and he tugged your bottoms off as you pulled at his belt, unbuckling it and letting his jeans drop to the floor. He stood straight, looking down at you as he stepped out of his jeans completely, pulling them over his boots and tossing them aside before reaching to take off his kutte and the grey shirt underneath.

“No!” you whined and he looked down at you with a frown, “Leave the kutte on,” you sucked in your bottom lip and bit it with a shy grin, something that drove Happy wild as he growled, leaving his kutte on and dropping to his knees in front of you, spreading your legs.

You moaned and tossed your head back when his tongue met your core, licking long flat-tongued stripes through your folds as his fingers kept your legs open and dug into your thighs. He wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked, flicking his tongue against it from inside his mouth and pushing a finger inside you, eating you out until you came hard and fast, grabbing his head and pulling it into your core as your body shook.

Happy pulled his face back and spit, his saliva dripping down you as he stood and pulled his dick from his boxers, returning to his position between your legs and grabbing the back of your neck to hold you forward. As he was staring in your eyes, he ran the tip of his cock up and down your slit, spreading the mixture of your juices and his spit at your entrance. He lined himself up and pushed inside you with a groan which was matched by your sharp intake of breath as he stretched you open.

You reached your hand up to hold onto his wrist that was holding onto your neck for support and you caught a flicker of his devilish grin right before you closed your eyes. It didn’t matter how many times the two of you had sex, him entering you and filling you completely was a feeling you would always enjoy. He began to stroke into you as his free hand secured itself to your hip, gripping tighter as he thrusted into you with urgency and your hand left his wrist to grip the handlebar of his bike.
You used your other hand to hook a finger in the collar of his shirt and pull him down to you. Biting his bottom lip gently, his panting breaths danced across your face and he kissed you again, his hand on your neck sliding down and wrapping around your back as he leaned down to bury his face in your neck and pound into you as roughly as always.

You remembered how some of the croweaters had complained in the past, before you became his girl of course, about how sore they would be after a night with him…as if it was an inconvenience.
You, on the other hand, loved it, the way he made you feel as his dick punched into you, hitting spots you didn’t even know existed until he found them.

You attached your lips to his ear, biting and licking as he held onto you tightly and moved in and out of you. His breathing was getting more ragged with each thrust and you knew he would reach his orgasm soon so you whispered and moaned into his ear a series of compliments, “Oh baby you make me feel so good.”
“I love this dick so much Hap.”
“You’re so fucking sexy when you fuck me,” until he reached up and grabbed you by the hair, pulling out of you and pushing your face to his dick as he huffed and you wrapped your lips around his shaft, sucking him in and out until you felt him brace himself against the tank of his bike and his release found him, his cock throbbing and shooting his cum onto your tongue as he watched you swallow it all and suck him off some more for good measure.

“God damn,” he sighed as you finally released his member and stood up to face him, wiping your mouth with your hand as you grinned up at him. He pulled his boxers back up and kissed your forehead, reaching down to grab his jeans as you grabbed your pajamas and slipped them back on.

“I’m gonna miss you too, you know,” his voice was still deep and growling, but there was a hint of softness in his tone that made you look back up at him to catch a smile on his face. He didn’t smile often, so when he did it sent tingles up your spine.

You threw yourself into his arms again and buried your face in his chest as you giggled, and he held you closely.

“I love you, (Y/N),” he whispered and your eyes shot open with surprise, he had never said that before.

“I love you too Happy,” you squeaked as the excitement of your first ‘I love yous’ overcame your emotions and he placed a kiss into the top of you head, swaying you back and forth in the garage beside the blacked out Harley the two of you had just defiled.