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Filling the prompt “ok so we all know how much van wants kids. as someone how primarily doesn’t want any kids, it’d be kinda interesting to see your approach on a fic about that??? maybe angsty, maybe doesn’t end happily; whatever you wanna do!”

Somehow you didn’t hear about the Van McCann Wants A Million Babies dream until you’d been dating for months. You were at the cinema, snuggled down in the back row together. A child ran up and down the stairs screaming.

“Fuck me. I hope they shut them up before the movie starts,” you said, reaching your hand into the box for more popcorn. When Van didn’t reply you looked over at him. Spacey expression, watching the kid; you waved close to his face. He looked over at you suddenly, snapping out of the daydream.


“The kid?” you repeated.

“Yeah. Dead cute, innit. Can’t wait to have ten of my own,” he said nonchalantly. You bit your tongue and changed the subject.

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Dealing with Mixed Signals - a ritual

While I was offline a lot of stuff happened, and one of them was meeting someone I really like. It seemed to me that we might click, that there might be a connection here that could be deepened, but I’m not sure he feels that. Signals are very mixed, and frankly, it’s been putting me on edge.

So I decided to perform a small ritual to help me focus on those things that are important, and to help me shed those that aren’t. The core of the matter is that I’m ready to let in a new feeling and I want it to grow, but I don’t know whether he is, whether he does.
This is not really for him, it’s for me, because I don’t believe in influencing other people’s feelings. If it helps him make up his mind, all the better, but the point is for me to be ready for either development. I’m tossing it out here for you guys if you need inspiration for such things.

  1. I did it now because the moon is waxing, and I wanted to connect to that growth and new beginning.
  2. I put up a black altar cloth (because I like those) and drew the waxing moon on it in chalk. I put a bowl with clear water on the center of the drawing, and two candles to the sides. A deep red candle to symbolise my passion and my desire, a white candle to symbolise my reason and peace of mind. I lit them at the same time with two matches.
  3. I’ve prepared a completely new tealight candle, taking it out from the aluminium casing (so it can float), to symbolise the new feeling that might develop. I lit it with the same two matches, carrying the energy of the red and white, and I set it into the water, to place that potential new feeling in a calm, soothing environment.
  4. While the flame picked up, I prepared a sweet love oil (with cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, coffee and brown sugar, among other things) in a little phial. I corked it and fastened the stopper with wax from both the white and red candle, mixed. If the new feeling flourishes, I will open it and use it for cooking. If not, I will use it in a letting go ritual.
  5. I ended it by extinguishing the floating candle by pouring water over it. Should it die, let it die in the calm environment I would otherwise want it to live in.

I feel great having done it. I’ve added some other elements I believe are good for a ritual (such as thoroughly cleaning the place beforehand, and taking a bath) and the oil is sitting on the shelf, waiting for its moment. It definitely takes some pressure off.

No photos of the ritual itself because obviously I’m ritual-ing and not photographing, but here’s the oil. Cute, innit?

anonymous asked:

why do people say Louis and Harry tattoos are couple tattoos Louis has always wanted tattoos. he just likes them. they just so happen to go together. doesnt mean they are together

INT: “Do you like tattoos?”
LOUIS:”Not on me, no. On others yes.”

“Bro our first words. Let’s get them tattooed”

“Hey bro. I got a ship. You should get a compass. So we can always find out way home…into each other’s arms. No homo tho”

“Mate. My good old pal. I saw this cute tattoo idea. I get the butterfly you get the quote”

“Hey boyfriend. I mean, bro. Mate. Lad. What if you got the anchor and I got the rope. Cute, innit?”

“Lover- um I mean lovely laddy bro pal of mine. I have a heart. You get an arrow. Because cupid’s aim was shit and I’m totally not in love with you”

“Birds don’t even have eyebrows mate”
“But bro. They look like us”

“I’m just joking lol it means nothing. But check out my new tattoo.”

“Oh cool bro check out mine.”

“Wait what is that?”

“It’s a dagger”

“Oh. To match my rose. Wow. I love you too. Totally homo. I love our matching tattoos and when you kiss me.”

microclimate is such a fascinating subject, like idk why but the thought of mini-weather sounds so cool to me. the weather we see and the weather we don’t. it’s like a heaven, hell and inbetween exists in all planes. and I had to learn a bit more about it in the past couple weeks when I started adding sensitive plants like the mini ficus to the squad. since my room is terribly put together like most washington heights apartments that haven’t been gentrified yet, I had a lot of cracks and holes on the walls of the room as well as the sides of my windows which made my room a fridge whether I had the windows open or closed. a terrible place for the plants I have to grow in. I had to keep them all huddled together so they can form their own lil microclimate and stay warm while I did everything in my budget to seal the room up with foam tapes and insulating foam seal. but when I had them together generating their warmth it had me thinking about how amazing that is. and in a way it was a cute little life lesson on plants and people; together they feel the cold less than if they were alone :) innit cute?

Seventeen Reaction: They get told their nose is cute

I apologize if these are boring :( It’s really hard to have different ideas for each member when there’s so many. (Make sure you read the new rules when requesting a Seventeen reaction please!)

Dino: “Thank you” *gif*

Originally posted by wunwu

Vernon: “Does my nose look cute when I do this?”

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Seungkwan: *you guys knows he’s not /innit/ with the cute stuff so he just looks at you like this*

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The8: “Really?” 

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Mingyu: “She thinks I’m cute!”

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Dk: *eye smiles for ten thousand years*

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Woozi: *gif*

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Wonwoo: *gif*

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Hoshi: *is literally going to keep bugging you with cute actions in hopes of you telling him the rest of him is cute*

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Jun: “I know, jagi” *sly little shit*

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Joshua: *blushes because he’s used to giving you the compliments, not the other way around*

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Jeonghan: “Jagiyaaaaaa!!!!!” *lowkey loves it when you compliment him that he becomes a lil baby*

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S.Coups: *becomes flustered, blushes, internally combusts and mumbles a string of thank you’s*

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based off of the reason by hoobastank 

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