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Can I request that first sets on new worlds have more interesting names more often? More like "Ravnica, City of Guilds" and "Shards of Alara" and "Khans of Tarkir" than just "Kaladesh", "Amonkhet", "Ixalan".

Let’s see what all of you think. When we first visit a world, would you prefer:

a) Just the world’s name as the set name (Innistrad, Theros, Kaladesh, Amonkhet)


b) Modifiers along with the name of the world as set name (Khans of Tarkir, Scars of Mirrodin, Shadows over Innistrad)?

(I’m aware some of my examples of the second aren’t first time visits, we just don’t have lots of examples.)

Alternative Magic the Gathering Core: Knows very well how to play Magic, to the point of understanding every weird card combination ruling made during and before Shadows Over Innistrad, the last Magic set to release before Aperture Science was taken over. However, AltMtg will immediately scream and run away if presented with any Magic card, for they fear having to play such a game. Normal Mtg Core keeps trying to bother them.

electricgiga  asked:

side note, one of my favorite things is when a jank deck starts WINNING. I remember getting into the first Innistrad set and loving the curse mechanic and making a R/B curse deck that basically boiled down to "pillow fort until the DoT curses start doing heavy damage". I think the highest i got it in a game was 12 damage to the opponent directly every upkeep (was mean solely for casual 1v1). it only won like twice but i loved it

Oooooh, that’s awesome!! Did you use the witch that dies and tutors for a curse?

An Exclusive Interview with Wizards of the Coast’s Jeremy Jarvis!

In the first of my three exclusive interviews with Wizards of the Coast employees, I sit down with Principle Designer for Worlds and IP (former artist and art director) Jeremy Jarvis! Beneath the cut, get some insight into the life of a creative lead and artist, see an insider perspective on the recent diversity push, and catch some sweet easter eggs and details hidden in the art of certain cards!

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Fun: Innistrad Un-set

One of my coworkers got me started on bad jokes this morning and things just spiraled from there.

Declaration in Stone -> Declaration in Steam

The words in the fogged bathroom mirror stared back at Sorin from where his reflection ought to be. I know what you did last millennia.

Expose Evil -> Exposed Evil

I know it’s just a skaab, Geralf, but that’s… indecent. Is that part really necessary?

- Ludevic

Gone Missing -> Gone Fishing

Hey-O! I’m just over here! Oh, you found my hat!

Just the Wind -> Not Just the Wind

And it wasn’t the dog either, so don’t even try blaming him!

Behold the Beyond -> Behold the Behind

Don’t get smart, recruit! I meant watch your back.

- Thalia, to Cathar Trainee Karl

Heir of Falkenrath -> Hair of Falkenrath

Vampire nobility are known for having only one hair style. Impeccable.

Heir of the Night -> Hair of the Night

Sleeping upside down allows them to avoid the dreaded bed-head. No muss, no fuss.

Relentless Dead -> Relentless Dad

I’m just saying, if you put a picture of yourself in a locket, you’d finally be…

Dad, please… don’t.

Independant. GET IT?


Triskaidekaphobia -> Triskelionphobia

Defined as the fear of cylindrical robots with googly eyes and +1/+1 counters.

Inner Struggle -> Inner Snuggle

Wait…wait… I think he’s actually just hugging himself. Everything’s OK

Senseless Rage -> Sensible Rage

I was only trying to beat some sense into that idiot Reade.

- Former Hanweir Councilwoman Blackwell

Stensia Masquerade -> Stensia MasqueRAID!!

Keep your masks on until I give the signal. This is a high risk stakeout!

- Cathar Captain Holt

Voldaren Duelist -> Voldaren Duel List

Three o'clock… three o'clock… hmmm. I’m afraid I don’t see your name. Perhaps your quarrel is with a Stromkirk?

Sorin, Grim Nemesis -> Sorin, Glam Nemesis

So, this ‘Jace’ thinks he knows about overcoats…

- Sorin Markov, Supreme Commander of Innistrad’s Fashion Police

Shard of Broken Glass -> Shard of Glass

I mean, it has to be broken, right? Unless there’s a shard factory around here somewhere.

Slayer’s Plate -> Slayer’s Plate, Cup, Knife, and Fork

A slayer won’t last long without reliable tools and a righteously good dinner to make it through the night.

- Saint Traft, from the Slayer’s Survival Guide Volume 2

So many people are like “oh my god, Liliana and Jace are going to interact in SOI” but why would Liliana even be back on Innistrad? She already took care of what she needed to, and let me tell you Liliana is no fool. If she had an opportunity the first time she was on Innistrad to tie up more of her loose ends, she would have gone for it the first time, or would have at least regarded it like “oh, shit, better come back for that thing” but she never really did (as far as I know). It really doesn’t make any sense for her to return other than “she was in the Innistrad set before” and “oooh, spoopy plane”. I’d personally like to see a set full of more side characters.

bassimelwakil  asked:

IIRC Kaladesh got nicknamed the "awesome set" by you because 1. The set plays Innistrad good 2. The world is one players have really wanted (steampunk it now seems) 3. It solves a long-standing design issue 4. It's bringing back/debuting a mechanic you've been trying to do for ages. Hope I got nothing wrong because that's what I've been expecting (although I thought #2 meant it was an Egyptian or Viking world but Kaladesh is really cool too)

Your recap is good.

Excited for Shadows over Innistrad?

The set drops on April 8th

Prerelease weekend begins April 2nd.

Official Preview weeks should begin March 14th.

Roughly 48 days until Preview week, but some early official spoilers may happen before then.

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Maro I for one am disappointed that Anje is getting more flavor text. I'm DMing a D&D game set in Innistrad, and my players killed Anje. If Anje becomes an important character in the lore then the timelines will diverge and make things more complicated for me. Think of the timelines maro!

This is a request I’ve never gotten before. : )