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Updated Skincare Routine: Winter 2017


  1. Pre-Cleanse: Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse Oil
  2. Cleanse: Micellar Cleansing Water or Cosrx Good Morning Gel Cleanser
  3. Tone: Scinic All Day Fine Pore Toner
  4. Chemical Exfolation: Cosrx Blackhead Power Liquid (AHA)
  5. Serum: Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum
  6. Sun Protection: Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF 50
  7. Moisturize: J. One Jelly Pack or Mac Strobe Cream
  8. Eye Cream: Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Cream


  1. Makeup Remover: Banila Co Clean It Zero Purity/Makeup Wipes
  2. Double Cleanse: Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam
  3. Tone: Scinic All Day Fine Pore Toner
  4. Chemical Exfoliation: Cosrx One Step Pimple Clear Pad (BHA)
  5. Serum: Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum
  6. Ampoule/Essence: Secret Key Multi Cell Night Repair Ampoule
  7. Treatment Serum: Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel
  8. Emulsion: Tonymoly Tea Tree Sebum & Pore Lotion
  9. Moisturize: Tarte Maracuja Oil or Elmaju Cactus Aqua Cream
  10. Eye Cream: Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Cream

Weekly: Night Masks (so as not to over hydrate my skin)

  • Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer
  • Sheet Masks

Twice a Week: Exfoliation

  • Milky Dress Oasis Peeling Gel
  • Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon Pads

If I over exfoliate my skin gets red and starts to dry out.

Notes & Common Questions

1. Do you do this EVERY DAY?

In short, yes. While I used to just do a basic cleanse, tone, and moisturize, I have noticed a huge turnaround in the moisture and health of my skin since expanding the steps I take. If I am particularly lazy (which happens every once in a while) I will downgrade my evening steps to cleanse, tone, serum, and moisturizer but this only happens rarely. When I started expanding my steps, it was a chore but now it feels weird if I don’t do each step, and it’s as routine as brushing my teeth before bed. Let me put it this way, when I had invasive gallbladder surgery, I still forced myself out of bed to hobble over to my sink to do my skincare — I’m a freak, I know.


Haha…no – not. at. all. if you are serious about upping your game there are plenty of drugstore priced brands you can choose from, and I typically get mine from Ebay, Amazon, or beauty subscription boxes that allow me to use higher end samples of great products. I certainly haven’t just gone out and bought 80 products at one time — instead I focused on developing a regimen that I added to over the last year and a half. One product at a time until I found something that worked for me.


I’m a 31 year old woman with combination skin (oilier t-zone and dryer perimeter) and am prone to redness, hyper pigmentation, uneven texture and the occasional breakout. If you have severely acne-prone skin, you really should consider seeing a dermatologist. I have no background in skincare so I am not at all qualified to recommend products for a chronic condition. I can only speak for my own skin condition.


This is the Korean method, and there can be even more steps than the ones that I do. Since the goal is to maintain skin health, I feel it’s important to spend as much time on my skin as I do on applying my makeup. So if I don’t apply makeup, I don’t tend to do every step. Once you reach your mid-twenties you can start to notice considerable changes in the way your skin operates and what may have become acceptable before (cleansing and moisturizing) naturally would need more steps if your skin is aging. At 31, I am lucky to have very little permanent damage to my skin and almost no fine lines or wrinkles yet. The key for me is prevention – I refuse to spend $300 on some wrinkle repair cream because I chose to ignore my skin until I turned 45.

There are a lot of information that can be found online and Youtube is a great place to find recommendations. Here are a few that I suggest:

  • The Beauty Breakdown
  • Glow Recipe
  • Lia Yoo
  • Nadine Baggott
  • Wishtrend TV
  • Caroline Hirons
  • Gothamista
  • Edward Avila
  • Joan Kim
  • Soko Glam

If you ever have any questions about this let me know. Do you have a favorite product that you love using?

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I found kat-tun cd’s here in Belgium!!! I was at this local comic con thing and usually they have one or two stands with Korean pop music but this time there was one who had a few bins with Japanese music and these were in there!!! I’m so excited I could cry!

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Any tips/brands for blackhead removal?

i’ve heard good things about these products!!!:

  • innisfree jeju volcanic clay pore mask
  • skinfood egg white pore mask
  • holika holika pig nose clear black head
  • elizavecca milky piggy carbonated bubble clay mask
  • tony moly egg pore blackhead steam balm
  • mizon honey black sugar scrub

So my friend recommended me with Korean skincare and I’m quite curious so I bought online Althea. It takes almost three weeks to arrive (since it’s from Korea)

anyway, I got this super adorable package today

here’s the inside

I bought Innisfree Jeju Volcanon facial foam (everyone keeps talking about this and I’ll try this after my facial foam finished); Missha mascara (intend to use it for brows tbh); CC cream from Witch’s Pouch; Skin&Lab Essence; and SUPER ADORABLE PANDA EYECREAM from TonyMoly (ok I’m sold for the Panda lmao).

I’ve tried the essence (from Skin&Lab) and the eyecream (THE SUPER ADORABLE PANDA from TonyMoly) and I quite like them although I haven’t seen any effect yet.

am pretty excited to try the CC cream. I bought this since it is much cheaper than buying other foundation since my foundation now is shades lighter than my skin (fuck this hellish weather), and I don’t really need foundation much anyway.

there are lots I want to buy again, but I have no money yet. damn

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@anon with oily skin and large pores, why don't you try out the products from the innisfree jeju volcanic pore line? it has a toner, foam cleanser, clay mask, nose blackhead kit, etc and might help with your pores! for your oily skin, perhaps try nature republic super aqua max fresh watery cream? it's specifically for oily skin. for face masks, try some charcoal sheet masks, black honey bombee mask, or any sheet mask that has "A.C" on it, which also helps with acne and oil! - fansite anon ♡

hehe thank you so much for helping 💕


Skincare isn’t something I’m particularly knowledgable about, but make-up stores on every corner and the vast array of inexpensive, good quality products at my fingertips have gotten me a lot more interested in the subject since coming to Korea.

I’m still very much in the experimental stage, trying out lots of different brands and products, but here is my current routine for inquiring minds.

I’ll start with,

1. Innisfree Green Barley Multi Cleansing Tissue
This is the first step of my nightly skincare routine. I use these cleansing wipes to take off the day’s make-up. I prefer to use wipes because they’re just so easy and convenient, and let’s be honest, I’m a bum. I’m using the green barley kind right now, but I’ve tried all of Innisfree’s different versions and they’re all great. Takes off dirt and make-up, quick and easy.

2. Tony Moly Egg Pore Deep Cleansing Foam 
After taking off my make-up, I like to use a foam cleanser to clean any leftover gunk out of my pores. This one is just your basic foam cleanser. Nothing fancy, but it does what it should. The best part is that it’s cheap.

3. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Mousse Cleanser
Okay, this one is my favorite cleanser I’ve ever tried. It comes out of the can in big, fluffy mousse consistency, and my skin always feels very soft and very clean after using it. I like to wash my face with this in the mornings when I wake up, before moisturizing.

4. Innisfree Apple Juicy Emulsion Lip & Eye Remover
I get most of my make-up off with remover wipes, but if I have particularly stubborn eyeliner/lip tints, or if I run out of wipes and forget to buy more (bum, bum, bum, i’m a lazy bum), I use a small dallop of this. It works well. P.S. it smells delicious.

5. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 
This is my favorite mask by far, clay or otherwise. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and tight afterwards. I love Innisfree’s entire Jeju Volcanic line, to be honest. My skin is on the dry side though, so I usually only use clay masks once every few weeks.

As you might be able to tell, I have a bit of a bias for Innisfree’s cleansing products. They’re made out of a lot of natural ingredients, and they always leave my skin feeling perfectly clean, never dry.


1. Tony Moly Goat Milk Whitening Toner & Emulsion
I apply toner, then emulsion fresh out of the shower in the morning. I’ll usually eat breakfast while giving them a bit of time to soak in, then do my make-up afterwards. I actually bought these two today, so I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, but I like whitening products because they’re supposed to help even out your skin tone and fight discoloration, which I have. (hi dark circles)

2. Sheet Masks
I use sheet masks maybe 1-2 times a week for extra moisture. The thing I’ve noticed with masks is that you have to use them very consistently to see any significant effect. I have no brand loyalties when it comes to masks. I always buy them via 10+10 deals and switch kinds when I run out. The ones I’m currently using are from Tony Moly’s Pureness 100 line.

3. Eye Patches
My biggest issue with my skin is my under eye area. I have pretty dark circles/discoloration, so I like to use eye patches whenever I remember or get the urge to. I prefer the consistency of gel patches, but there are paper versions as well. Like face masks, I hop from brand to brand, but I’m currently using Missha’s Clearing Gel Eye Patch.

4. Missha Near Skin Ultimate Firming Eye Cream
As it appears we live in a cruel and imperfect world, I’ve started developing a few fine lines beneath my eyes this year. So lately I’ve been applying this firming eye cream every night before bed. I haven’t been using it long enough to tell if it has any effect or not, but I really hope it does because !!! I’m only 23 !!! I can’t be wrinkly already !!!

5. Nature Republic Snail Solution 70 Cream
I apply a layer of moisture cream to my whole face every night before I go to sleep. I bought this particular cream via a 1+1 deal, so it was a great price. And honestly there’s just something about snail cream that intrigues me?? It’s very moisturizing, and said to be good for other things like wrinkles, acne, redness, etc. as well. The consistency is light and a bit gooier(?) than most creams. That sounds mildly unpleasant, but I dig it.

Overall, I’m not loyal to any one brand when it comes to skincare. I tend to buy all of my products on sale, so whichever store is having a sale that particular day is usually who gets my money. I’ll keep trying new products as mine run out, so let me know if there are any you’re curious about!

I’ve been terribly obsessed with crafting my optimal nighttime skincare routine and I think that this is the best iteration by far! 

I mean… what a way to revive this blog, am I right? Such a random skincare update post! But ah well, this is one of the things that definitely helps me to relax and feel good nowadays so I ought to document it.

1) Cleanse using the Innisfree Green Tea Cleanser

2) Exfoliate using the Skin Food Brown Sugar Mask or the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Scrub Foam (I alternate between the two, the latter is much harsher and I use it twice a week)

3) Tone using the Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener

4) Tighten Pores using the Etude House Wonder Pore Tightening Essence

5) Lighten undereyes using the Etude House Honey Cera Eye Cream

6) Moisturize using the Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Mask

Korean Cosmetics for sale

so, lately my family budget has been pretty tight and we’ve basically tried everything to get money and are still coming up short so I thought I’d sell off the cosmetics I haven’t used/won’t be able to use. ;; Prices are the lowest you’ll find online for the items for faster selling. Please message me for any inquiries.


  • Etude House Lock'N Summer Precious Mineral Any Cushion in Light Beige NO2: $10
  • Etude House Lock'N Summer Precious Mineral Any Cushion in Natural Beige W13: $10
  • IOPE Perfection Mascara in Black: $5
  • Innisfree Water Glow Cushion in 21 Natural Beige: $10
  • Etude House Color My Brows in Natural Brown, Light Brown and Rich Brown: $5 each
  • Peripera Magic Glam Tint in Anna Color: $5
  • YET Cat Girl Pen liner in Black: $5
  • ElishaCoy Peach Water Aura Primer: $5
  • Etude House Dear my Blooming Lips-talk in RD304: $5
  • YET Trick Play Foundation in Light Beige and Pink Natural Beige: $5
  • YEiT Shy Girl Powder Blusher: $5
  • SKIN79 BB Facer (Vibrating BB Applicator): $10
  • Lioele L'Cret Miracle Magic Lipstick in NO1: $5
  • The Face Shop Face It Primer in Velvet Skin and Moisture Fitting: $5 each
  • Etude House Proof10 Eye Primer: $5
  • Innisfree Air Skin Fit BB in NO2 Natural Beige: $10
  • A'PIEU Oil Control Film: $1
  • Aritaum Honey Melting Tint in Strawberry Chips, Ruby Grapefruit, Pink Lemonade and Apple Tart: $8 each
  • Innisfree Jelly Tint in Pink Berry, Grapefruit, Cherry Tomatoes, and Tangerine Jelly: $5 each


  • Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack 10 week program: $10 each
  • Skinmiso Pore Corset Serum: $15
  • Skinmiso Rice Foam Cleansing:  $10
  • It’s Skin Power10 YE Effector and VC Effector: $10
  • Skinfood Black Sugar Serum: $15 + Original Cotton Pad: $5
  • Benton High Content Essence: $10
  • Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask: $10
  • Mizon AHA  Peeling Serum: $10
  • Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream: $10
  • Mizon Returning Starfish Cream: $10
  • Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Oil: $10
  • Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Foam: $10
  • Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream: $10

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i've had acne for 3-4 years and no matter what i do i can't get rid of it. my dermatologist has already recommended 2 or 3 products but they haven't worked and since my skin really sensitive it stings whenever i apply the product(s) so i stopped using them earlier this year. i currently use a garnier wash and i can tell it makes my skin cleaner and clears up my blackheads but it doesn't get rid of the acne esp when it's the time of the month. what else can i do? :(

sAME OK OMG I GOT PRESCRIBED SO MANY PILLS AND CREAMS AND LET ME TELL YOU THOSE DO NOT DO SHIT OK it might help for a short while but idk imo those only clear up the surface of the “problem” its like shoving your trash under the bed like it looks ok but the problem isnt gone

i have genetic acne that occasionally becomes cystic and i know how stressful it can feel and stress makes it worse so its like an never ending cycle of acne and stress ugh it sucks but acne won’t go away straight away 

soak 2-3 lemon slices in warm water and add honey overnight, and then fill it up in your water bottle and drink it throughout the day 8D it’s good for your skin AND health in general!!! also, stick to a good cleanser that doesn’t strip too much oil or leave a film^^ i like thefaceshop lemon cleanser or the aloe vera one (lemon brightens more, aloe moisturizes better) their only $6 too yeyeyeye and moisturizer is also verrryy important even if you have oily skin bc sebum and oils clog up pores which result in acne and if you strip off all the oil on your face your body would want to produce more oil to replace that moisture so yeah moisturizing is very important!! also, exfoliate once a week and do a face mask 1-2 times a week (i like the black sugar mask as an exfoliator and the jeju volcanic clay mask or the borghese clay mask)

that paragraph was very disgusting so i will put it in points

  • exercise
  • sleep well
  • stay away from too much dairy, sugar, and salty/processed foods
  • drink lots of water (optional to add lemon slices + honey) 
  • get a good cleanser (the face shop’s $6 lemon and aloe vera ones are nice)
  • moisturizers are important (i use the pink nature republic one for dry skin)
  • exfoliate once a week (skinfood black sugar mask is quite good)
  • masks once in a while (i quite like the innisfree jeju volcanic mask or the borghese clay mask)

yeah good luck ok and don’t stress out too much if it doesn’t clear up that much since we’re all different and this is a tunnel in life that we just have to get through with no shortcuts 8D hopefully we can both get rid of our face demonssss