Had the opportunity to go out to the National RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre in Innisfail once again, and this cute moment between Cst. Alli Yerxa and her dog, Erik, happened.

I am praying like crazy for the people of Queensland. Right now, I can look out my window and see calm - it's still hot outside at 9.00pm - yet the other side of the country is facing the biggest storm Australia has ever seen. My friend Crystal is stuck in Innisfail right now, exactly where the cyclone has hit, and as far as I know, she didn't get to evacuate. We haven't heard anything from her for a couple hours, and I pray to God that I hear something positive soon.

House on the corner. 

I’ve driven past this house often, at Boogan, a little south of Innisfail, at the South Johnstone turnoff. It is unusual in that it is of brick construction and two stories. It stands above the sugar and bananas that grow everywhere in North Queensland.

It had been raining all day, and rained some more right after I took this.

Camera - Mamiya 7
Lens - Mamiya N 43mm 1:4.5
Film - Fuji Acros 100
Process - Adonal 1+100 stand.

I don’t stand develop often, but I had to go out so I let this one soak for an hour, with no agitation other than 5 inversions at the beginning.

Also on Flickr.

Late edit - I was just informed that this house has a lot of stories. It is said to be haunted. It’s original owner murdered his wife and then killed himself.. It hasn’t been lived in for ages