Okay, it’s days like today that make you look in the mirror and say, “What the F*** have I done!”  No one tells you how utterly terrifying it is to start your own business. What you do hear is, “follow your passion”, “if you dream it you can achieve it” Well, I’m here to say, “Screw your Successories poster and that kitten hanging from the tree, here is my own poster.

I will succeed and I do believe in my ideas but sometimes it gets rough and lonely.     


Anyone who knows me, knows that I have been in love with Oscar de la Renta for most of my life.  I remember seeing Liz Taylor on TV, when I was little, and she exclaimed that she was wearing Oscar.  It was the first time I heard someone say who the designer was that they were wearing, I was fascinated.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could know the designers that design our clothes? Wouldn’t it be great if we could afford to know our designers?  Wouldn’t it be even more wonderful to feel like you discovered the next Oscar, and could wear the designs. 

This is me, a little over a year ago, stuck in a job I hated and completely miserable.  I think this was the day that the decision was made to risk a secure life for a life where I followed my dream.    

I’ve been abscessed with Wonder Woman and the concept of super powers for most of my life.  When I was little I would put on my red swim suit, my sister’s white drum major boots, wrap my arms in tin foil, and of course wrap my dog’s legs, and head out into the woods to fight villains.  One Sunday, dressed in my hero’s finest, I stumbled out of the woods into our neighbors family picnic, so naturally I stayed and ate hot dogs dressed as Wonder Woman with a picnic table full of strangers.    

Today, I would love to have some Fashion Super Powers, like being able to wear white pants and never worry about spills, or being able to fit into a six six no matter what size I truly am.  The possibilities are endless.  I would love to hear what your Fashion Super Power would be.