innere organe

All the water and air signs are psychoanalytical in their own ways.

Cancer wants to know your needs. Cancer searches for your inner child & the organic composition of your ability to experience life on an emotional level, and they do this through stimulation of memory and ignition of feelings.

Scorpio wants to know your secrets. Scorpio searches for your inner demons & the organic composition of your ability to experience life on a psychological level, and they do this through observation, probing, and deconstruction.

Pisces wants to know your pain. Pisces searches for your inner saint & the organic composition of your ability to experience life on a spiritual level, and they do this through psychic absorption, availability, and inviting catharsis.

Gemini wants to know your thoughts. Gemini searches for your inner dreamer & the organic composition of your ability to experience life on an intellectual level, and they do this through conversation and appealing to curiosity.

Libra wants to know your opposite. Libra searches for your inner balance & the organic composition of your ability to experience life on an interpersonal level, and they do this through reflection, comparison, and becoming you for a while.

Aquarius wants to know your future. Aquarius searches for your inner rebel & the organic composition of your ability to experience life on a larger scale, and they do this through inspiring you to express/fulfill your ideals and purpose.

The water signs mainly wait, attract, and spy, whereas the air signs encourage, initiate, and ask. The water signs receive you, the air signs pursue you. When these signs get to know you, they aren’t just learning dead-end details and essence, they’re becoming familiar with exactly what defines you, exactly what makes you tick, exactly what completes you, exactly what & who you are. What they do with that information varies.

(Ascendant, Descendant, sun, moon, Mercury, and Venus may apply.)

Vasily Kandinsky. Green Accent. 1935.

Sea cucumbers are undoubtedly one of the stranger animals on our planet, and Pokémon seems to have outdone themselves with Pyukumuku. There’s about 1,720 different species of sea cucumber on Earth, living in a variety environments from shallow shores like Pyukumuku to the depths of the ocean.

To properly appreciate these creatures, we need to examine their anatomy. Sea cucumbers are echinoderms, sharing their phylum with starfish, sea urchins, and sand dollars. Sea cucumbers have no brain, but they still have a rudimentary nervous system. They have a sense of touch through their skin, so they can feel around and sense the presence of light (through warmth), but otherwise have no sensory organs: no eyes, no noses, no ears, and so on.

So, the spots on Pyukumuku aren’t eyes at all, they’re simply markings. Many animals including fish, reptiles, birds, and insects sometimes have eye-like patterns on their skin, which are meant to confuse predators into thinking their face isn’t really their face. More on that in a moment. First, let’s check out the inner anatomy of sea cucumbers:

Sea cucumbers move around using little tube feet, which use hydraulic pressure to push the sea cucumber along like a slug. They don’t have lungs or gills like a fish, but rather have respiratory trees which work similar to gills: They pump water through the tree, which takes out the oxygen for breathing. Strangely enough, the respiratory tree is not connected to a sea cucumber’s mouth but rather their anus, which pushes the water through the tree. A sea cucumber breathes through their anus. 

On the opposite sides of their body is the mouth, surrounded by a bouquet of tentacles which are used to gather up food (typically plankton or algae) and push it into their mouth, similar to what lips or our tongues do for us. Looking at Pyukumuku, this tuft of tentacles is at its far end: that’s not a tail. So its mouth is on the opposite side of its eyespots. As I said, eyespots are meant to distract predators away from a creature’s true face, which means that we are looking at Pyukumuku’s anus.

It is certainly an effective method of defense. Would you want to attack something that shoots its own intestines out of its butt? If you want further proof that we are looking at Pyukumuku’s anus, you just have to examine it’s ability Innards Out. When Pyukumuku faints – when it is threatened like a sea cucumber, it will do damage to it’s foe by expelling its inner organs. Of course, the lovely Pyukumuku does this to damage its opponents even before it faints in battle.

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The inside of a creature is usually very vulnerable, which is why in most creatures the insdies are kept on the inside. Luckily, sea cucumbers have incredible regeneration abilities, able to quickly regrow entire organ systems inside their bodies if something happened when they spit them out.

Of course, its not their only method of protection. Many species of sea cucumbers are also covered in spines (like Pyukumuku) which offers them further protection against predators. 

And if you’re concerned about feeding Pyukumuku those pokébeans from the wrong end, rest assured: although sea cucumbers eat primarily with their tentacles through their mouths, they can also absorb nutrition through their anuses. Some sea cucumber species will filter out algae when they breathe with the anuses, absorbing the food in the process. It’s efficient, if nothing else.

Pyukumuku is a sea cucumber, which expels its inner organs through its anus to fight off predators. 

Lust at First Sight

Slight AU in which everything is the same except when Alex and Maggie meet, Alex is a Seasoned Gay and Maggie is single.

They argue about jurisdiction, but the tarmac isn’t where the debate ends.

Because she’s dealt with local cops before. All part of the job.

But this woman?

This… Maggie Sawyer, NCPD Science Division. With her showed you mine bullshit and her irritating head tilt and the way she saw things Alex didn’t, knew things Alex didn’t think she should know…

This woman got under her skin.

And she wanted so much more.

And when she shows up at that warehouse in the arts district? Alone, no backup? Not even a flashlight?

Just a slow rise from that crouch – that crouch that Alex has seen twice now, and wants to… well… she can think of other ways to get this woman to bend down – confident and calm, collected and cool, like an entire DEO strike team isn’t stamping down the stairwell with guns that would melt her inner organs?

Just a smirk and a witty retort about feds and firepower and god she remembers her name – of course she remembers her name, because, as she’s also reminding her, she’s a detective.

And she detects.

And when Alex radios Winn that they missed him, that he could be anywhere, she starts to walk away.

She starts to walk away because she wants this woman – badly – but right now, the president’s life is on the line. 

Right now, she has a job to do.

But right now, this woman, this detective, this… this force… is following her, with that low voice and that confident gait, and she’s updating her on what she’s found, and Alex is pretending not to hang on her every word, but damn this woman is smart and damn this woman is brave.

Smart, because she might dismiss it as just detecting, just doing her job, but Alex needed Winn’s genius to find this place. And she was still slower in getting there than this Maggie Sawyer woman.

And Alex had stormed in with an entire strike team, with armor and a rocket launcher on her shoulder.

This woman had strolled in with a glock in her waistband and bravado in her step, and that’s… that’s it.

So Alex isn’t surprised when Maggie doesn’t back down when Alex stops abruptly, when she turns and she stares down at Maggie and she backs her slightly into a wall.

“What do you want, Sawyer? For me to admit you got the drop on me, that you found this place before me? What, do you want a medal?”

“We don’t all do our jobs for gold stars, Danvers. Maybe I’m just trying to keep people safe, same as you. Maybe it’s nice to get the chance to work with someone whose eyes don’t glaze over when I mention heat vision and Infernians for a change. You trying to tell me that’s a crime? That the warehouse is out of my jurisdiction, too?”

Maggie’s eyes drop to Alex’s lips, and when they travel back up her face to lock into hers, Alex knows.

Knows that she’s not the only one who feels it. 

This… thing. Between them.

“This whole city is my jurisdiction, Sawyer,” she says, her voice meant for the bedroom, her voice dripping with the things she wants to do to this arrogant, brilliant, beautiful, bold cop.

“We might have to disagree about that, Danvers,” Maggie arches an eyebrow, her eyes now entirely on Alex’s lips, on the shrinking space between them.

“We might,” Alex whispers, and they move their moves to crash into each other at the same time, and god, god, god, is it like breathing for the first time.

She tastes like black coffee and she tastes like motorcycle exhaust, and she tastes absolutely perfect.

“This how you fight all your jurisdiction battles, Danvers?” Maggie breathes as Alex’s lips case out her neck.

“Only the ones with gorgeous women,” Alex chuckles from the back of her throat, and when Maggie takes her lips with hers again, it’s with tongue and it’s with teeth and it’s with everything perfect and everything needed and everything released.

Alex grabs her wrists as Maggie tries to run her fingers up her shirt. 

“Sorry – “ Maggie starts, but Alex shakes her head sharply.

“Good?” she asks, gaze flitting between Maggie’s and the way Alex’s hands have caught her wrists. Maggie’s eyes fly wide for a moment when she catches her meaning, catches her question. She covers her surprise, her hope, her excitement, with a cocky smirk.

“Still my jurisdiction, Danvers,” she taunts, and Alex hisses as she pins Maggie’s hands above her head, relishing the way her head tilts back, the way her hips roll forward, the way her entire body reacts when Alex slips her thigh between Maggie’s legs.

“Yeah? Your jurisdiction?” Alex taunts right back, and Maggie’s nostrils flare, but her eyes beg Alex not to stop. And she doesn’t.

She pushes Maggie’s hands against the wall gently but with purpose, gingerly but with a clear command – stay – and she traces her hands down Maggie’s body to her breasts, shoving aside her jacket and filling her palms, moaning softly when she feels Maggie’s nipples responding to her touch.

“Like that, Sawyer?” she asks, already knowing the answering, already reading the answer pouring off Maggie’s body in waves.

She teases her nipples between her thumbs and her index fingers, all through her shirt and desperate to find out what kind of bra she’s wearing, what her breasts feel like with no barrier between them at all – and she braces her body up with the steadiness of her thigh between her legs, letting Maggie grind down on her as hard as she wants.

And god, does she seem to want it hard.

Alex crashes her lips back down onto Maggie’s before licking down her jawline, to her neck.

“Danvers,” Maggie brings her hands down from above her head to try to touch Alex.

But it’s Alex’s jurisdiction, dammit.

So she grabs her wrists again, stopping her again. Maggie gives a quick nod – so subtle, so quick, Alex would have missed it if she didn’t care to look for it – and Alex correctly reads it as her permission to continue.

She spins Maggie around, so she’s facing away from her. Facing the cool, solid wall. Maggie writhes and just barely restrains herself from whining in pleasure, in desperation.

“So you like it rough, Detective?” Alex growls just behind Maggie’s ear as she presses her up against the wall of the now-abandoned warehouse, Alex pinning one of Maggie’s arms behind her back.

Maggie struggles and Alex loosens her grip immediately, but Maggie turns her face enough to catch her eyes. Enough to tell her that she’d better not stop.

“I like it when you don’t talk, Danvers,” she rasps, and Alex chuckles.

The sound shoots straight through Maggie’s body, infects her blood and makes her wonder, only briefly, what a genuine laugh would sound like coming from this woman’s lips.

“Mm, see, I think you’re lying,” Alex tells her, grinding her hips into Maggie’s ass, snaking one hand down her jeans, one hand around her body and up her shirt to tease at her nipple again, pausing only long enough for Maggie to nod once, to nod desperate, to nod sharp.

“Do you? You have some fancy polygraph you’re taking readings from?” Maggie retorts from the back of her throat, and Alex nudges Maggie’s hair away from the side of her neck with her nose and bites down softly with her teeth.

Maggie hisses and arches back into her, and Alex hums a question. Maggie nods again, once, sharp, and Alex sinks her teeth deeper, harder. Rougher.

“Don’t need a polygraph to tell you like it when I order you to cum all over my hand, Sawyer.”

A moan escapes Maggie’s lips, then, and she lets her head roll back onto Alex’s shoulder. 

But only for a moment does she allow that intimacy.

“I don’t take orders from feds, Danvers.”

Alex works her hand harder over Maggie’s clit, licks at her earlobe, and revels in the way her body is putty in her grasp.

“Good thing I’m not a fed, then. Cum all over me, Detective. I want to feel you unravel for me. Now. That’s an order.”

Maggie’s bites her lip, but it doesn’t help.

A hiss of air, a throaty moan, a string of curses spills out of her lips as her body racks, as her body tenses, as her body convulses, as her body stills. As her body unravels for Alex Danvers. Right on command.

Alex bites her own lips.

To keep from calling her beautiful.

To keep from telling her she’s got her.

To keep from turning her face gently, kissing her tenderly, guiding her down from ecstasy and into her heaven.

She bites her lips, and instead, her arms do all the talking for her.

Holding Maggie steady and holding her safe.

“Fuck…” Maggie pants as she comes down from her orgasm, and Alex pulls away slightly, bringing her hands back to herself and licking her fingers clean, a smug smirk on her face. 

Maggie turns to watch her, and Alex thinks she sees a hint of something more than sex in the way her pupils dilate. But only for a moment. Because then it’s gone. Then the shutters are back up, as she watches Alex teasingly relish the taste of Maggie’s orgasm on her own hand.

“Fuck you,” Maggie breathes, and Alex’s grin just broadens.

“That’ll be next time, Detective, won’t it?” she winks, and she strides off without further explanation, without further hope.

Or at least, that’s what she tries to portray.

Nothing to hope for but lust, but kisses stolen, but touches taken, but orgasms given.

Because she can’t have time in her life for anything more than that.

Can’t have space in her heart for anything more than that.

And yet.

And yet.

And yet when Maggie calls her to ask if she wants to see how local cops get their information – and Alex is infuriated, frankly, that this woman somehow found her number, and she doesn’t want to think about how that only makes her more curious, how curiosity only makes her more… interested – Alex makes sure to take her Ducati.

Because she looks damn good on her bike, and she looks damn good in this jacket, and she will focus everything on how she looks and nothing on how she feels, because this woman is amazing to kiss and this woman is amazing to fuck.

And hell, this woman may even be amazing to work with, but she… no. No, no, no, no.

She can’t be touching Alex’s wrist, hand, gently with her own when Alex reaches into her waistband for her gun.

She can’t be looking at her with soft eyes, she can’t be telling her about growing up a brown queer kid in small town Nebraska.

She can’t be talking about relating to aliens, to outsiders, because then the thing that’s started to burn inside Alex might be real.

It might be… feelings.

Feelings, beyond sex.

Feelings, beyond warehouse trysts and alleyway fantasies.

She’s grateful when she gets even the slightest bit of intel.

Because she needs to get away from this woman. Away from this bar that feels like it could be the place where her life changes.


But then the president is speaking, and then the Infernian is attacking, and then… 

And then Maggie is gone.

And Alex… Alex cares more than she should.

She cares more than she would if Maggie just felt like some fling, like some hot case to crack, like some jurisdictional kink to resolve.

She cares to the point where her heart wavers, and she cares to the point where she literally walks into fire for her.

Because it’s her job, she tells herself.

Rescuing people.

It’s her job.


But it’s not her job – doctor or not – to chase all the other DEO medics away from Maggie’s beaten body. It’s not her job to check her over with quite that much tenderness, and it’s not her job to want to press her lips to the gauze she puts over her burn.

It’s not her job to want to squeal with giddy joy when Maggie tells her she usually doesn’t do well with partners, but they make a really great team.

It’s not her job, and it’s not her sex drive, either.

So when she tells her she should get some rest, that she can stay at the DEO if she wants, Maggie pauses, and her heart leaps, but then it sinks right back down again.

“No, I can’t.”

“What, you got a hot date or something?” Alex asks, like they didn’t fuck each other hours before.

Maggie’s breath hitches. 

“No. No, of course I – no, I just… don’t wanna impinge on your jurisdiction, Danvers.”

She tugs her jacket on and Alex barely resists the impulse to help ease it over her shoulders.

“We could share,” she offers, and Maggie tilts her head and squints, a lopsided grin starting to form. 

“Jurisdiction, I mean. I mean… what I really mean is… Stay. Maggie. We… we’ve done this whole thing backwards. Our first fight and then our first…” She glances around. “You know.”

“Oh, is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?”

“Sawyer. Stay. Let me take care of you.”

“So you can get laid later?”

“No! I mean… no. Like I said. Backwards. Stay. We can backtrack. Get to know each other. Keep each other company.” She gestures at her shoulder. “I can help you heal. I’m not just an alien hunting fed, you know, I’m also a doctor.”

Maggie chuckles and leans back down onto the medical bed. “Yeah, I noticed. Anything you can’t do, Danvers?”

“I’m not good at relationships. But I can try. If you wanted.”

Maggie blinks and purses her lips and stares, hard. Like she’s calculating.

Alex waits, because god, she knows what those calculations are like.

“You’re on, Danvers. So you gonna show me around your spy lab, or what?”

“Happy to.”

The ESFJ (FeSiNeTi)

Extroverted Feeling (Fe):

  • Highly in tune with their emotional environment
  • Often focused on whether others around them are having fun, are emotionally relaxed or engaged, whether everyone is getting along, and if others’ needs are being met
  • Inclined to take take defensive action to ensure there exists a positive emotional mood or that others are comfortable and well taken care of
  • May base their emotional state on others, and adapt to their expectations
  • May hide their personal feelings behind a pleasant face and good humor
  • Struggles to let go others’ expectations
  • May suppress their own dissatisfaction to ease others’ experience
  • Prone to a strong emotional memory, and can vividly remember the emotional states and expressions of past situations
  • Prone to an upbeat, cheerful, good-natured demeanor, often focused on raising the spirits of their companions
  • May expressively and vivaciously impose their emotional state on others, expecting them to absorb and feel these shared sentiments
  • Enjoy bringing others out of their shells and influencing the mood
  • Takes action based on the emotional responsibilities and pressures they feel
  • Can sometimes be seen as pushy or uncompromising in getting their way
  • May be seen as overprotective, smothering, or overbearing
  • Not shy about influencing the emotional atmosphere toward a particular end
  • May commonly engage themselves in political or moral causes
  • Focuses on energizes and motivating others
  • May lack internal guiding principles, since their focus is outward
  • May struggle to differentiate their opinion from others’ opinions
  • May care so much for others, they neglect their own emotional needs
  • Prone to trying to guess or predict others’ intentions or motivations (often in an attempt to help or meet their desires)
  • May consider those they love their responsibility, and become pushy and defensive if others threaten their “role” in their lives
  • Very outgoing, energetic, and freely expressive
  • Strongly values socializing and seeks high levels of excitement in others
  • Inclined to remember their own and others’ emotional responses

Introverted Sensing (Si):

  • Focused on sensory experiences and creating a pleasant atmosphere
  • Prefers a lifestyle that will give them comfort, harmony, and peace
  • Often focused on creating a positive sensory experience for others
  • Tends to derive joy from sensory tasks oriented toward others’ pleasure (aesthetics, cooking, etc)
  • May fuss over the health and well being of their loved ones, looking for signs of notable satisfaction or improvement
  • May neglect their own ailments or sensory needs
  • Often artistic or drawn to artistic self-expression, as a way to express their emotional energy and draw attention to important moral causes
  • Drawn to sensory methods of artistic achievement (dance, music, art)
  • Seeks a lifestyle or hobby that furthers their own sensory pleasures and sense of aesthetics (cooking, gardening, music, interior design, etc)
  • Sometimes fastidious about their environment
  • May have a strong inner need for organization and neatness
  • Focuses on their appearance, but often prefers comfort to flashiness
  • May find it difficult to relax, since they are always “busy” and “driven”
  • Delights in organizing social events and attending to their details
  • Sometimes is too busy serving others to sit down themselves
  • May enjoy outdoor recreation as a way to relax

Extroverted Intuition (Ne):

  • Open to a variety of new ideas
  • Interested in the academic world
  • May seek out new, unusual or interesting information and ideas
  • Eager to share their dreams and ideas hear about others’ dreams and ideas
  • Delighted to share their interests with others
  • May doubt their ability to understand abstract material
  • Curious about the unknown, unseen patterns, and new ideas
  • May seek clarity from others in interpreting these things
  • Can doubt their ability to come up with unusual or novel ideas
  • Unsure about choosing between ideas (which one is better?)
  • Often seen as bright, imaginative, energetic, and fantasy-oriented
  • May come across as kooky, eccentric, spontaneous, or novel
  • Often good at coming up with new fun activities
  • Interested in the unusual, amusing, or bizarre qualities of life
  • Dislikes depressive or darkly-themed novelties
  • Has a positive, optimistic and inclusive slant to their emotions
  • May preach themes of universal tolerance and friendliness

Introverted Thinking (Ti):

  • Lacks faith in their own ability to make impersonal, rational judgments
  • May become defensive if their logic or skills are questioned (and blame others for their problems – Fe)
  • May struggle to choose between different political or religious ideologies and intend placate both sides (Fe)
  • Sometimes able to present well-defined, systematic viewpoints
  • May be unable to determine what aspects of a situation are important for making informed decisions
  • May need others to evaluate information for them
  • Inclined to recount the day’s events, in an attempt to organize their thoughts (I went here, saw that, did that, thought this…)
  • May struggle with self-discipline, planning, organizing, scheduling, prioritizing, or problem solving
  • Often drawn to rational people or appreciative of their “novel ideas”
  • Curious about advancement in all fields
  • May be drawn to philosophy or psychology

Compiled from MBTI / Socionics profiles by Charity.

Under the cut there is FINALLY the answer to that promt-ask about Isak and Mikael meeting for the first time (if some of the stuff that went down back at bakka was indeed romantic) .. enjoy! 

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anonymous asked:

Hi there~! I'm sorry if I'm doing smth wrong >//< But can I ask you for nsfw Otabek hc? Like what is he like doing the do *wink wonk* and after. Sorry if it's not making any sense >//< PS: I LOVE your blog!

You sure have perfect timing, anon. With that Welcome to the Madness video having just come out, Otabek turned into one of my faves… I hope this wasn’t too much! (^་།^)

Another night that you would spend alone in your apartment. You were eating some leftover pizza and watching Netflix, basically what you had been doing for the past weeks. Otabek and you had fought just the other night, which lead to the both of you avoiding each other. You missed him dearly, but your pride wouldn’t let you call him. Just when the episode was getting to the best part, you were interrupted by your doorbell ringing and a knock on the door. You sighed and walked over, opening the door. It must have been one of your neighbors since nobody who didn’t know the password to the entrance door could enter, and also the security guard wouldn’t let them up if they could open the door. So upon opening the door and finding a very sexy Otabek breathing heavily and giving you a lustful look, your expression of surprise was expected.

“Otabek, what are you doing here?” You asked, feeling butterflies in your stomach at the way your boyfriend looked at you. Like a predator looking at it’s pray. Otabek came inside and closed the door, locking it. He started to slowly walk towards you, his eyes scanning your body, his mind trying to decipher which item of clothing he should rip apart from your body first. After being apart from you for so long, he had not only been craving your love, but your body.

“Otabek, please speak up,” you would plead. But the man would just keep walking towards you until your back touched the wall and his hands trapped you in place. At that moment the sexual tension in the room was unbearable.

“I can’t control myself anymore…” Those were Otabek’s only words before kissing your mouth aggressively, his hand going directly to your hips and propping you up. Your body instantly reacted, your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist. His kiss was steamy, his mouth moving so sensually, his tongue demanding entrance to your mouth. You couldn’t control your thoughts anymore so you just let him get his way. Otabek propped you up on the kitchen counter and ripped your pants off with your underwear. He pushed his pelvis in between your legs, forcing you to spread them open wide. He began rubbing himself against you, grunting at the feeling. He finally broke away from the kiss and concentrated on tearing your shirt open. He didn’t have time to preserve clothing, his only thoughts were to get his mouth all over your body as soon as possible. 

Now imagine yourself being on top of the kitchen counter, your legs spread open wide, your private region in full display and a very lustful looking Otabek running his eyes through every inch of your body. You felt hot, you felt exposed, you felt…wet. Upon seeing this, Otabek knelled on the floor, his head in between your legs and your load moans were the only confirmation of the magic he was working down there. His tongue would move in ways that made you tremble, he would suck and bite softly. He would grasp your thighs tightly with one hand, and pinch a nipple with the other one, pulling it and stretching it. This small pain mixed with the pleasure you felt was incredible. And your moans and screams were like music to his ears.

Otabek pulled away to which you responded with a whine. He grabbed you by the waist and helped you down from the counter, pushing you towards the floor. You knew what he wanted, and you loved how aggressive he was about it. As soon as your knees touched the floor, Otabek grabbed you by the hair and inserted his penis inside your mouth. His hips moved fast and hard, your choking sounds indicating him when to slow, when to let you breath and when to begin the process all over again. Your eyes rolled inwards, your genitals dripping with all kinds of juices at the sound of Otabek grunting and cursing. 

After some time, Otabek couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled you up by the hair and pushed you against the kitchen counter. He pulled your face so you were looking up and whispered sensually in your ear.

“How much do you want it?” He would ask and every time you would respond with whines and moans, demanding that he fucked the breath out of you. He smirked and turned you around, leaning you over and spreading your legs so your genitals were in full display. Without warning, he inserted thrust his dick inside of you, hard. You let out a scream of pleasure, your mouth open wide, your tongue sticking out and your eyes rolled back. A face of pure ecstasy and just the face Otabek wanted to see. His hips started moving hard and fast, not giving you any time to adjust yourself. He grabbed your hair and pulled you back, arching your back with one hand, and the other kept slapping your ass, leaving red marks.

“Fuck! Tell me how much do you like it?!” He would grunt in your ear.

“A lot! I like it a lot!” You would moan in response. This kept on going, until he was about to orgasm. He pushed released your hair, pushing you back against the counter and grabbed your legs holding them up around his waist. He started going faster, slamming against you. You felt like your inner organs would explode with so much force being used.

“Otabek! I’m about to cum!” And that was all he needed to hear. Both of you let out a sound of pleasure as your genital’s liquids went all over the place. Otabek leaned against the wall, breathing heavily while you grabbed on to dear life on the counter, your legs almost numb. Otabek smiled and walked over to you and picked you up, carrying you over to the bathroom. Otabek took all of his remaining clothes off while the tub filled up with water. Once the tub was full he entered with you in his arms and let you rest your body on his. The jets of the tub and the sizzling of the bath bomb working their magic on your sore body.

“I’m sorry I acted so stupid the other night,” Otabek whispered in your ear, his arms embracing you and letting a trail of kisses around the back of your neck. You smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Believe me, you are completely forgiven,”you said, to which Otabek responded with a chuckle.

“I love you, Y/N”

“Unexpected Romance” Ahkmenrah fanfic Part 3/?

AN: Hello there guys! I am so thankful for your lovely messages and likes. As promised some Ahkmenrah/Reader interaction here.

Word count: 1183

- - - - - -

After some good night sleep you have woken up at the early hour of six. You made your way towards the kitchen and having your standard breakfast of oats boiled in chocolate milk. Of course you had a pretty big day ahead of you and you had to allow yourself to keep your energy at its best! At eight o clock you’ve found yourself at the museum and went to the comforting back room to check your schedule. As you sat down on the blanket covered couch you went through your planner and noticed something interesting on the floor. It was a golden bracelet. From the texture you could tell that it was from ancient Egypt, most probably dating from the second intermediate period, maybe around 1600 BC. And what do you think what else is dating from that period… better who. You could recall Ahkmenrah wearing similar when you met him last night. You thought to yourself and slid the decorative object on your wrist. It reminded you of him very well and since you seemed to like the guy you could not remove the smile of your face.

Several hours of working and translating the hieroglyphics written on the back of the tablet had passed, it was time for a well earned time break.  You’ve reached to grab the black bag of the sofa corner, taking your sandwich out. As you began to eat Amy had entered the room with a bright smile on her lovely face. “Hello there___! How are you doing today?”

“I am doing perfectly fine dear fellah and yourself?” you smiled softly giving a playful wink to a lady that has now peacefully seated next to you. “I am doing excellent, thank you for wondering. How was yesterday? Your first day working here?” As she questioned you felt the familiar feeling of those clouds spreading and playing with your inner organs. But hey what were you thinking! It has barely passed 48 and you are thinking of the pharaoh like that. __ needs to give time to resolve her feelings well.

“The day was pretty nice, as I still am now, I was enjoying researching the tablet and Ahkmenrah’s family tree. You know the process of mummification and digging out big tombs for important personas of Egypt did not started like all of us know. For example did you know, that for the burial of the first recorded pharaoh, around fifty people were sacrificed including the most important people from his life. Including his concubines, good chefs, parents, family members and more.”  You were rambling on and on causing Amy to let out a silent giggle. “I understand sweetheart. Now I understand why you got this job. You enjoying talking about this so much. But excuse me it is four pm which means my shift has ended. I must leave now” She gave you a soft smile before standing up to take her bag. “It was lovely having this conversation with you.”

Despite the fact that your shift needs to end at five, you had found yourself buried in work until seven pm. You glances at the clock on your phone. Since you are here at this time, you could wait for a bit longer, you knew what was coming.. You watched the other employees leave their work places, the cleaning ladies doing their last bits and of course the famous night gourd Larry arriving. And minute after minute, the moment clock struck 7:33, the tablet above the sarcophagus lighted up the room for  several seconds and the objects around you began moving. Since you knew what is it about, you might as well meet the other plastic people. You noticed a man hopping of his brown furred horse and greeting Larry. That must be the president Roosevelt, so you approached to greet the man with a polite bow of your head. “I apologise for my manners, I didn’t introduced myself last night. My name is ___ and I am new here, it is an honor to meet you.” You’ve said and offered him a hand shake.

“Theodore Roosevelt, president of the United States of America. It is a pleasure to meet you young lady, I’ve heard so much about”

“You hear about me, you say? From who…?” You wondered even though you sort of already knew the answer… For the other exhibits and living people here that knew about the tabled, could notice Ahkmenrah having a little crush on your. Speaking of him; the brown haired man had entered the main hall and placed his golden crown on.

/I am not aware of this questionable feelings this young lady has been giving me over the past sun downs. That hair… shines like silk that I could easily compare it to Konsu’s light. And considering her knowledge and education she must be incredibly blessed by Toth.  A woman like that is one of those females respected my Hathor. Oh dear Ra and the other various wonderful Gods, how I wish to hold her close to me and call her mine. Oh how I wish to see her more than just several moments before she has to go. Is this love? Might she be the chosen one from me from the Gods? /

After meeting several more of wonderful exhibitions here at the museum, you had came to a realisations that everyone is absolutely lovely. Every single one, had this sort of soul, but how? It was a mystery. So you decided to stay there.. the entire night, exploring this miracle and wondering how does rationalism and common sense approve all of these happenings. And eventually you had found yourself playing chess with Larry’s son Nick at the main desk.

“So you’re the new geek around here” He asked giving you a playful smirk. “I am not just a geek… I prefer the statement ‘I will not work at McDonalds with you’, besides this is something I really enjoy doing. It is, really close to my heart.” Your response made him understand so he nodded. “So it’s like me and working as  a DJ” , “Sort of like that yes” You chuckled softly.

The night has passed really quickly since you were having fun, and it was almost sunrise… So you have decided to take a one last turn in the Egyptian area and wish Ahkmenrah goodnight. You saw the man struggling with the linen sheets on the edge of the sarcophagus which made you giggle. A step by step you approached him with a soft smile. “Come on, lay down …” You’ve mumbled a little, might as well help him.

You helped him settle down on the bottom gently and slowly threading fingers through his hair. It is over 5000 years old but yet soft… you began wrapping the shets up from his torso and chest. Then as gently as you could you began to gently wrap his fingers up in the linen, slowly saying good night.

Side notes:  

Konsu – Egyptian God of the moon.

Thoth – Egytian God of literacy

Hathor – Egyptian Goddess of motherhood and females

Some crazy things I heard in my public high school with the least important budget in the city (out of 5 high schools)

-”I found my favorite band. It’s called Dubsteb.” (2011)

-Me, referring to voting for prom queen: “Can I just throw this out?” The Teacher, fully perplexed that I didn’t want to participate in a popularity contest: “Sure, uh, just recycle it.” (2012)

-Random boy: “I love anal! Any of you girls got virgin assholes?” Me: “WOW don’t you just love teenage boys?” Gym teacher: “HAHAHAHA which teacher said that?” Me: “I did, I also don’t like when people are terrible.” (2010)

-Girl in my psychology class who read about a possible correlation between deep fissures in the brain and larger inner organs: “So if I’m smarter can I get, like, bigger boobs?” (2011)

-”Is it true she’s on house arrest?” –A classmate asking me about a girl he just saw in the classroom, who was just visiting me for fun and went to a different high school. (2012) 

-“Do you need to go to the bathroon?” –My sophomore science teacher after he say me mouthing to a friend across the classroom on the first day. He got fired for giving boys better grades than girls. (2009) 

-Me: *2 feet away from the teacher, looking for art supplies* Teaching assitant: Hey, you’re out of bounds! Me: “Oh I’m just looking for the right type of eraser for the drawing I’m doing. Stand here with me if you’re concerned.” Her: “I will report you absent if you don’t come back to your table.” 

and my favorite high school moment of all time, which occurred right after my 18th birthday: 

me: *playing on my phone in the classroom, before passing period ended* 

teacher: “Give me your phone” 

me: “It’s passing period, you haven’t started teaching yet. Half the students aren’t here.” 

Teacher: “I have the right to take your phone at any time. Your parents can retrieve it from 3:30 to 4:30 in the office of the school.”

me: My parents both worth full time jobs, until 5:00. They can’t take time out of their busy day to get my phone. 

Teacher: “Even so, give me your phone.”

Me: “I’d actually rather just leave.” 

Teacher: “What?” 

Me: “I’m an adult already accepted into college. It’s less stress to get an absence than to have to ask my parents to miss work to get my phone.” 

Teacher: okay, nevermind, then. Stay. 

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Hello there, I absolutely love your headcanons and thought maybe I could give a shot at asking for some! How to you reckon the bros + Ravus would handle/act around their female s/o while she's in her period and hurting like hell? Thanks bunches! <3

Thank you for you lovely comment, dear anon! C: I usually hop around in my ask box and answer whatever I’m in the mood for, but this one speaks to me this week. Alot. So let’s write it! :D

End of Story. Period. – Final Fantasy XV S/O Period Pain Headcanons

Noctis Lucis Caelum

  • Considering that Noctis was raised by a single father and probably Ignis for most of his life, he rarely got any interactions with women. Understanding that women had issues one a month and were literally shedding inner organ tissues was one that didn’t ponder on.
  • That is, until you end up buckling over and are nearly in tears because of the intense cramping that overwhelmed you.

Keep reading

  • H̸O̸U̸S̸E̸ C̸U̸S̸P̸S̸ & W̸H̸A̸T̸ T̸H̸E̸Y̸ R̸E̸P̸R̸E̸S̸E̸N̸T̸
  • ASC: appearance, self.
  • 2: possessions.
  • 3: mind.
  • IC: foundation, family.
  • 5: creativity.
  • 6: health.
  • DESC: partnerships, relationships.
  • 8: intimacy.
  • 9: learned beliefs.
  • MC: role in society, career.
  • 11: organizations.
  • 12: inner life.
  • T̸H̸E̸ /12/ H̸O̸U̸S̸E̸ C̸U̸S̸P̸S̸ O̸F̸ T̸H̸E̸ Z̸O̸D̸I̸A̸C̸

Everything about you is ‘alive’ with a vibrational frequency. Every thought, every emotion, every cell, every organ… everything that makes up ‘you’ is basically different vibrations clustered together. The chakras are the energy centers through which energy moves. When the chakras are open, everything is in balance and harmony.


~ “putting someone else above yourself”

Request: Jungkook scenario when you guys argue he walks across the street, a car is coming you push him out of the way you get hit. At the hospital the doctors nurses say that they did everything they could then your heart started to beat again. Fluff ending

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boi get out of the way from that freaking car

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2.338

A/N: be aware of swearing. and that your heart might be broken. just saying.

“Can you shut up for once?!”, Jungkook yells at you and pulls frustrated on his hair. “I can’t deal with your pickiness the whole time! I have important things to deal with rather than listen to your bullshit all day long!”

“Are you serious Jungkook? YOU asked ME what was bothering me so I told you! I’m sorry that my problems aren’t important enough for you to deal with!”, you yelled at him, tightening your hands into fists.

He rolled his eyes at you. “I only asked because I thought it would be something important! Not just simple jealousy because of a freaking photo shoot!”

“Simple jealousy?! YOU KISSED HER JUNGKOOK! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BE COOL WITH THAT?!”, you screamed at him, tears of anger running down your cheeks. 

He slammed his hand against the wall in frustration. “I told you IT DIDN’T MEAN ANYTHING. It was just a kiss FOR A SHOOT damnit (Y/N), why do you always have to make such a big deal out of everything?!”, his hateful eyes pierced through you and your heart broke at that sight. You turned around so he wouldn’t see your tears. You were so angry and hurt, all you wanted to do was scream and cry and hit something.

“Just a kiss? JUST A KISS?”, your mind was racing and your hands shaking. “How would you feel if I’d go up, grab some hot idol and made out with him?”, you screamed in his face, seeing his face drop and jaw clench.

“That’s different. You don’t work in this industry, you don’t understand!”, he growled and grabbed his keys. 

“Where the hell do you think you’re going Jungkook?!”, you cried out and grabbed his arm, trying to stop him from leaving.

“Let go of me!”, he ripped his arm out of your touch and glared at you hostilely. “I’m going for a walk, so back off!”

He stormed out of the apartment and you fell down on the floor, crying. He left you all alone when all you wanted to do was talk about your fight. You couldn’t believe he had agreed to kiss that girl without telling you and you had to find out through the media. You would have been okay with it if he had told you and not just brushed it off like it wasn’t a big deal anyway. You knew how all these girls were after him even though they all knew he was in a relationship. But for them you didn’t count because you were a normal girl, not an idol like them. It hurt you but what was even worse was that Jungkook didn’t even seem to notice how bad their intentions were and just brushed your thoughts off as jealousy. 

You were determined to talk to him and explain everything, so you got up and ran after him before he could get too far. 

“Jungkook!”, you screamed, looking for him on the streets. You spotted him all the way down the street, his hands in his pockets and head down. You started running as fast as you could, trying to catch up with him. Pushing away the people that were in your way, not caring if you were being rude or what they yelled after you, all you wanted to do was to catch up with Jungkook. You got closer and closer, almost being next to him when he blindly started crossing the street. He didn’t see it but you did. 

“Jungkook, no!”, you screamed out as you sprinted towards him to push him out of the way. He turned around, giving you a surprised and irritated look before you caught up to him and put all you weight into that one push. He stumbled backwards while you heard the car’s breaks squeak and then a sudden pain shot through your bones while your body flew on top of the car to the roll down onto the concrete.

Jungkook  jumped up and ran towards you, screaming your name over and over again. You heard his dull voice but soon everything went black and you blacked out.

He grabbed your hand and tried to wake you up. “(Y/N)! (Y/N) wake up! Babe please!”, tears started falling down his cheeks and he didn’t know what to do. Was it save to move your head? What if you had hurt your neck and he’d only make it worse? 

“Jagi please talk to me”, he cried out while softly stroking your bloody hair out of your face. Over and over again he begged you to answer him, to open your eyes, to show any kind of reaction but you couldn’t hear him and stayed motionless. 

He stayed by your side, crying out for you until the paramedics arrived and pulled him out of the way. Jungkook started screaming at them, kicking around and throwing punches. How could it be that you were lying there on the concrete, full of blood and he was physically fine? He screamed at them to do something, to save your life, to bring you back to him.

“Sir, you have to calm down. We can’t take care of her if you keep screaming at us and won’t stay calm”, one of the paramedics said and Jungkook crashed down on the floor, crying.

“Please bring her back to me”, he whispered under tears.

Six hours had past since Jungkook was sitting in the hospital waiting room. Six hours since he had been crying non-stop, blaming himself for what had happened. His thoughts were running and his whole body was shaking. How did he let it come so far? He should have stopped fighting with you, listen to you from the beginning, so he wouldn’t have had to leave and you after him. He got so angry at you and the worst thing was that he couldn’t even remember why he was so mad. You were jealous but that shouldn’t have been enough for him to act like he did. Jungkook knew that he had a temper but usually it wouldn’t show that easily in front of you. He loved you so much, no matter what you did, he had never lost it like today. 

Knowing that it could be the last time he had talked to you and it ended with him yelling, he started crying hysterically. It couldn’t end like that. It just couldn’t. He needed to tell you that he loved you. He needed to let you know, how much you meant to him. That silly fights didn’t matter as long as he had you.

His whole body was shaking and he was weaker than ever before. He barely noticed the doctor walk into the waiting room, followed by two nurses. Jungkook had his head in his hands and was remembering all the beautiful moments you two had together, letting the tears flow.

“Mr Jeon Jungkook?”, the doctor softly touched his shoulder and he looked up at her. His heart started beating faster and he instantly stood up, eyes wide and hope filling them.

That was until he noticed the doctor’s face and the silent nurses behind her. “What’s wrong?”, he asked shakily. “How is (Y/N)? Did she make it?”

His nerves were killing him and pictures of you and him together kept flashing before his eyes, making new tears well up. “Please just tell me she’s alright. I- I can’t live without her”, he whispered.

The doctor grabbed him by his shoulder. “We’re going to take you to her room okay? So you can say your last goodbyes”, she said while looking into Jungkook’s eyes, seriously battered. 

He stopped in his tracks. “No.. no, my last goodbyes? What are you talking about? No, please!”, he yelled crying and grabbing the doctor’s coat.

“Sir, we did everything we could”, she stated and freed herself from his grip. “The injuries were just way too big. She got hit by a pretty fast car and she herself was moving fast as well. Colliding directly with such a pace damaged a lot of her inner organs. She’s still connected to the lung ventilator that’s why it seems like she’s breathing. But she is not. Her heart stopped beating right after the operation was finished. I cannot tell you enough how sorry I am. She just wasn’t strong enough.”

With that she patted his shoulder one last time and left Jungkook with the nurses. “She got hit by a pretty fast car and she herself was moving fast as well.” She was running so fast to push me out of the way. She saved me but killed herself. If it had hit me it wouldn’t have been half as bad as it was with her. They led him to your room and told him to call them as soon as he was ready to leave, so they’d stop the machine.

He stepped into your room, not ready for what was about to come. When he saw you lying there in that hospital bed so peacefully he thought that maybe you were just sleeping. Maybe the doctor was wrong and you were only sleeping, fooling everyone but him. 

Jungkook stepped closer and noticed your pale and lifeless skin. By now, he was a mess. His sobs were unbearable, his hands and legs were shaking uncontrollably. His whole face hurt from all the crying but he just couldn’t stop. His stomach hurt as he didn’t eat anything the whole day and his body needed something to keep him up. But he couldn’t care less. 

When his fingers touched your face, salty tears fell onto your angelic face, leaving wet trails. You felt so cold. Your features looked so soft as if you were now finally in peace, not like when he left you full of anger and disappointment. 

He couldn’t bare it any longer to look at you, the guilt and the pain being too overwhelming but at the same time he couldn’t tear his gaze away from you. You looked so beautiful and yet he knew it would be for the very last time he’d see you like this.

“(Y/N)”, he whispered in between sobs. “Please come back to me”, more sobs followed. 

“I love you so fucking much. There are no words to describe what I feel for you. I swear I didn’t mean anything I said earlier. I never mean to say anything that could possibly hurt you because when you’re hurt, I’m hurt. Seeing you crying breaks my heart but seeing you lying here in front of me - “, he paused, not wanting to say it out loud. “lifeless.. I don’t think I can keep on living without you (Y/N). You’re my everything. You’re the air I breathe in every day, you’re the blood that runs through my veins, you’re the warmness I feel when something makes me happy. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I wanted to have kids with you. I wanted to make you my wife. I know we’re still young and everybody kept telling me how I shouldn’t say those things because who knows what’s going to happen. But now all I think is, what would have happened if I had told you earlier? Would we still had to go through that fight and end up here? Or would we be happily sitting in our apartment, enjoying each others company and fool around like we usually do?”

Jungkook was softly caressing your cheek with his thumb, not letting his eyes slip away from you. His eyes were stinging and his throat hurt as if he was swallowing needles but nothing compared to the pain he felt in his heart. Saying knifes were cutting through it, ripping in open and sliding it up into tiny pieces would have been an understatement.

“I love you (Y/N). Please don’t leave me”, he choked out and lovingly kissed your lifeless lips one last time.

Your head felt like cement and it hurt as if someone had knocked you out for good. Your face felt wet and your whole body stung. Irritated, you tried to move your hands first, too scared to open your eyes but the pain was too strong. A soft groan escaped your lips and you automatically opened your eyes.

You were met by a shocked Jungkook, looking as if he was the one who had just been hit by a truck. You heard a machine pumping and another one signaling your heartbeat. You couldn’t breathe properly because something was sliding down your throat and the white lights and walls were blinding your vision. Confusing dazed your head and tears welt up in your eyes, feeling helpless. What was happening? 

“(Y/N)”, you heard Jungkook breathe out before he got shoved away by doctors and nurses, all running around the room, talking loudly over each other. You heard Jungkook call out for you before everything went back to black and nothingness.

Soft lighting hit your eye lids and you slowly started to wake up. Remembering the huge scene from before you were confused as to why you didn’t feel that strong pain in your body, throat and head anymore. Opening your eyes, you wanted to ask someone what had happened.

“Oh my god, you’re awake”, Jungkook cried out and squeezed your hand tightly. You hadn’t even noticed that he was holding it but a smile crept onto your chapped lips.

“Jungkook”, you whispered with a raspy voice, making tears well up in his eyes. “What happened?”

“I’ll tell you when you have rested a little bit okay? You have to sleep and rest well, I don’t want to lose you again”, his voice broke at the end, making you look up in concern.

“I love you (Y/N). So so much”, he choked out and lovingly caressed your cheeks, planting a soft kiss on your lips while small tears ran down his cheeks.

You smiled and slowly fell into a deep and relaxing sleep after whispering a sweet “I love you” back.



*is ten years late but posts this anyway*

My BNHA OC Ishikawa Atashino!

Her quirk is transforming her body tissue into material she’s touching and partly fuse with the object. She prefers stone and brick walls over anything organic, but it’s still better than liquids, one reason she’s really scared of water.
Since she prefers solid stone, her joints need to be protected from her quirk, same with her inner organs, especially lungs and heart, thus her suit got a special textile that would prevent her quirk forming in the chest area.
Her quirk can be very draining as she need to “hold on” to the material, so it doesn’t really expire like other quirks do, it’ll stay as long as she can hold it up. It also allows Atashino to climb walls etc. almost effortlessly, and she even can walk through walls if she takes care. Additionally, she technically can re-form her own body parts, but it takes a lot of concentration and willpower to transform it into body tissue.

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All companions react to missing SS

I am sorry, anon, I have noticed you mentioned ‘all’, but I am rather… pained lately. Pained psychically. And I don’t want the writing to be even worse than it is.

Sole Survivor travels with someone else for a while and romanced companions  miss them.

Cait - Not only she is incredibly bored, but she does miss them a lot, even though she would never admit it out loud. She lies in their shared bed, taking in their scent from the sheets. 

Curie - She tries to help around the settlement as much as she can, taking time to look at ijuries, such as scarcthes, or splinters, just to keep herself busy. Yet, she does find herself sighing often and gazing at the long, long outdated calendar.

Danse - Similarly to Curie, he tries to keep himmself occupied, mostly tinkering with his power armour, helping around the settlenets and he even lets Preston boss him around a little.

Deacon - He copes up alright. The first day, that is. The following days he is very bored, constantly teasing and pranking locals, just for the fun. At night, he sleeps on their part of the bed, planning on keeping it as a punishment for them, when they return.

Hancock - One would think he’d get very very high, so it is rather surprising when he doesn’t. He rather imagines what he wants to do to them, what he will do to them, when they come back. Surprisingly enough, most of these imaginations are pure and just sweet.

MacCready - He is well aware of how much he misses them and wouldn’t even be ashamed to admit it. He lies down and his hand rests on their side of bed, wishing this hand was buried underneath their body.

Nick Valentine - During the day, he acts completely normal, helping around the settlement, building some furniture, which is always welcomed. As the night approaches, despite not having the need of sleep, he lies into their shared bed, sighing as he wishes they were there.

Piper - She is very embarassed that even some tears were shed, as she got used to their body warming her up at night and not knowing where the ywere and how they were was surely taking it’s toll on her. It only made the reunion better, though.

Preston - He is nervous out of his mind, which makes him a little scatter-brained, earning questioning looks from the settlers, as he keeps repeating tasks he’d already done. He can usually be found on the bridge from Sanctuary, waiting for them.

X6-88 - Ever since they left, he could feel something was off, like they stole one of his almost organic looking inner components. He makes some jobs for the Institute, noticing that working alone just isn’t the same anymore.

I am so tired, I am literally forgetting the words as they rool off my keys.