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Here are just a few publishers that bring us many of the amazing books out there…and maybe some not so good ones. A wide spectrum of occult topics and genres from New Age, Eastern Spirituality, Traditional witchcraft, Luciferianism, Satanism, Shamanism, Wicca, neo-paganism, Druidism and the list goes on.

Top Left we begin with Xoanon, one of my favorites. THE publisher of the cultus sabbati, and Three Hands Press their American Branch. They deal in exquisite special edition prints that are beautifully bound and embossed.

Top Right: Inner Traditions, publishes a wide spectrum of literature from the scholarly works of Claude Lecouteaux and the well researched work by academic Thomas Hastis, who is an expert in the Entheogens of medieval witchcraft. They have everything from books on Reiki and alternative healing methods; and even some great books about lost civilizations and other conspiracies.

Second from top: Weiser Books, feature some great authors such as Orion Foxwood, who has a very unique perspective on Appalachian Folk Magic and Souther Conjure. He is an experienced root worker and is very down to earth.

Dark Moon Press: This is an occult publishing company that was actually started by a local from my hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA; ironically. The cohesive theme here is the darker side of the occult; vampirism, demonaltry, erotic fiction, and the darkest schools of magic. Definitely some very insightful works by up coming authors that remain in the shadows.

Three Hands Press, as previously mentioned is the daughter company of Xoanon, publishers of the Cultus Sabbati. Based in Hercules, California, USA.

Ixaxaar: Another darksome publishing company, many of the books here focus on Satanism, Luciferianism, Quimbanda, and the darkest of sorceries. They also are the publishers of Clavicula Nox, an awesome periodical of anthologies on various topics by witches such as Sarah Anne Lawless and Gemma Gary.

Troy Books is a publishing company affiliated with the previously mentioned Gemma Gary who has written some of my favorite books on Traditional Witchcraft specifically The Black Toad and other works West Country Witchcraft in Cornwall.

But to what, exactly, does the term “land spirit” refer? The word “spirit” has various meanings; among other things, it designates a tutelary deity attached to an individual, or a supernatural being endowed with powers surpassing our understanding, and it is also a synonym for “demon, elf, fairy,” and so on. In modern French, the land where this spirit dwells would be a terroir, a word that derives from the vulgar Latin territorium, originally designating a territory, a country, or an expanse of land; later, a soil good for the cultivation of wine; and lastly, a rural region. (The latter two senses are essentially the meaning of terroir as it survives today.) The term “land spirit” is my translation for the Latin genius loci, “place spirit”; in other words, a numen, a daimon attached to a specific place that it owns and protects against any incursion.

Lecouteux, Claude. Demons and Spirits of the Land: Ancestral Lore and Practices (Kindle Locations 193-199). Inner Traditions/Bear & Company. Kindle Edition. 

For those of you wondering why I rarely use the New Age term “deva” to describe these things, well, it’s because the word had a much different meaning in the original Sanskrit, and for someone like me, terms like “genius loci” or just “land spirit” make more sense to use.

00:00:00 Hardy/Levi

Levi Fucking Harrow was definitely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, not one to believe in fate. On the day of his eighteenth birthday he moved out, got a tattoo of two masks across his inner wrist, your boring traditional happy and sad, big in acting, small on skin. He got bored with that once he had it for a year, scraped together enough money for a new tattoo. He was sleeping in subway stations but he managed it. He went back and got ropes, four loops around the back, needled in to look like they were holding the masks in place.

It felt like a metaphor but he didn’t care for what. 

He was sleeping more, lately. He wasn’t sure if it was the fact that the people on the train had stopped telling him to leave or the fact that he’d been eating lately. He’d been getting steady work. Actually had money for food and sometimes a place to sleep. Was still kind of annoyed when the phone went off while he was halfway between up and out, but it was an unfamiliar number (looked like Night Vale? Weird.) so he put on a voice typically used to pick up men in bars. Very interested. Submissive but avoided sounding gay. 

“Levi Harrow, professional fucker. What can I do for you tonight?”