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New Inner & Outer Thigh Workout! Go try it!!

anonymous asked:

I'm 5'4", is 90 lbs a good goal weight ? I'm currently 100 and I just barely have a thigh gap so would 80 be better because I'm petite ?

hi! firstly, even 90 is quite low! particularly for your height… and please, please don’t go to 80! it’s considered very underweight, and it’ll cause health issues! please don’t do it. also, you’ll find that since you lose weight all round your body, you won’t really notice too much of a change or a gap, because they’re just slimming down a little. if you’re like me and you have really big thigh fat, and you’ve lost weight and they’re still there, there’s a chance you just have narrow hips or naturally thick thighs! if you want a thigh gap, a good idea is to exercise for it.

one of my favourite exercises for thigh gaps (inner thigh blasting exercises) is really simple. basically, you get a bed pillow (a long one) and fold it, put it between your thighs, lie down, with your knees bent and feet together, and just squeeze the pillow as hard as you can with your thighs for like 2-3 seconds. do this as many times as you possibly can. it’s going to burn, so don’t overdo it. and when you feel like you can’t do anymore, just squeeze it one last time for 10 seconds. it’s a simple and lightweight exercise, but it targets inner thigh fat! you will notice results much quicker than losing excessive weight! stay safe

Working out your inner thighs is vital in ensuring that your legs are in good overall condition. The inner thighs are the most neglected part of the legs, and many people fail to place sufficient importance on working out the inner thighs. There are many reasons that both men and women should spend time exercising their inner thighs:

Reducing the amount of excess flab or fat on the inner thigh can help make clothes fit better, reduce the chance of jock or heat rashes, and can help improve one’s overall appearance.

Strengthening the muscles of the inner thigh gives one more power to lift items with their legs, more power when kicking or running, and more strength in the legs overall.

These are just a few of the simpler benefits of working out the inner thigh muscles, and it is vital that extra attention is paid to strengthening the inner thighs.

One of the best ways to work out the inner thigh muscles is by doing leg lifts. These leg lifts are exercises that use the weight of one’s legs to do the workout, and they are easy to do and require little in the way of coordination. Anyone can do leg lifts as an inner thigh workout, and the leg lifts can be done in any place where there is sufficient space.

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Hey this may be a little weird but how can I lose weight without losing my curves like I wanna be skinny from my stomach but I still wanna have curves and lil thick

yeah i feel you! i’m naturally an hourglass because of my ethnicity, and i’m really curvy and all! you have to do exercises that are focused on that one part of your body, if that’s all you want to lose! like me, i want slimmer thighs, so I’m doing inner thigh exercises, along with generally losing weight, and you don’t really lose the curves at all! in my case, it made them more noticeable haha, so don’t worry about trying to keep the body shape!

Great start to a semi-lazy day // Woke up at 11am and decided that the freezing weather would not stop me from enjoying nicecream with mango, berries,kiwi and passionfruit 👌 Then headed to the gym where I did ellipticals, stair climbers, bicycle and inner thighs exercises, then lunch with friends, then yoga to stretch out my legs and tonight a get together ✨


Inner Thigh Clarity Challenge | POP Pilates

POP Challenges are back! We are going to focus on activating those inner thigh muscles with this one very special move! It’s 4 min of inner thigh insanity to Clarity by Zedd! Let’s go!

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Is it possible for you do lose weight from your legs, like I know on can't spot reduces. But what's the best method, cardio, lost of running or walking? I have quite thick legs, so I need some advice? Thank you :)

Yep! Cardio is really great if you want to lose weight in your legs, and overall body. 

Here’s some more exercises: