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The Art of Studying

Use these expert tips to maximize your productivity in school!

1. Create a calming, peaceful, clean space for yourself to study. This space can be in your room, in the kitchen, at a library, at school, at a park, at a café – anywhere you feel comfortable and safe.

2. Keep your books, notes, and homework organized. Organization is crucial to academic success. 

3. Set feasible, short-term goals for every study session to boost confidence and efficiency.

4. Annotate all of your reading materials. Underline, highlight, and circle to increase retention. 

5. Always check your work and read out loud to minimize typos, grammatical errors, and bad syntax. 

6. Make color-coded flash cards for every unit in your class. 

7. Minimize distractions: time yourself for forty minute chunks during which your phone is off and your computer is away.

8. Take a break for ten minutes after every forty minutes of studying to walk, stretch, and take your eyes off your study materials. 

9. Start studying by talking out your answers to the topics. This boosts your confidence and retention.

10. Draw concept maps to see how different topics are interconnected.

11. Read out loud to yourself from course materials before going to bed to increase retention.

12. When you’re revising your writing, save every draft so you don’t lose any ideas.

13. Listen to quiet instrumental music to regulate blood pressure and reduce stress. 

HeavenFell G!Papyrus

G!Papyrus would still address the human as ‘Human’, but would be, just like his brother, a lot more careful with the Human and as much as possible, not hurt them. He also has the tendency to let his inner Gaster investigate, test and be a little cruel to the human to find out what ever is hurting them internally or externally, physically or emotionally, but once the tests are over, he snaps back to his normal self.

Probably the other failed experiment just like G!Sans that Gaster made, like a prototype, before the skelebros. 

A little thing can trigger that side of him, but most of the time he’s just a marshmallow too, just like G!Sans.

Of course these ideas are all mine and not canon in the HeavenFell storyline.

Heavenfell of course belongs to @heavenfell-au and @castelsart 

I dont think i have ever felt so bored watching tvd before …. these plots are so lame like they need to hire new writers?? the things theyre doing is so OOC.

julian and the heretics are just 99 cent Mikaelsons tbh lol 

better put more bamon scenes quick tho cause the way bonenzo is going is so unnatural why is bonnie the one acting all thirsty where is the bad ass we were promised?? 

how is a vampire going to take a pregnancy test??? their inner organs are literally dead and her diet consists of blood??

nothing is really making sense i dont even remember whats supposed to be the main issue of the season