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The third eye is a mystical concept referring to an invisible eye that provides perception beyond ordinary sight. It is located between, & just above, the eyebrows, & acts like a gate that leads to inner realms & higher consciousness. Its vibrational frequency is related to insight & intuition. Its associated color is indigo, & its element is light.

two-bitoutlaw replied to your post “Do you think that if Qui-Gon had lived, he would’ve gone back to free…”

i love that you call the bullshit that is qui gon jinn because there is just something so w r o n g with that character in terms of how he rationalizes prioritizing some people over others.

Here’s the thing about Qui-Gon Jinn: when I was a kid, I loved him. And I think we’re meant to love him. I think Lucas actually intended him to be the good Jedi, the one who was willing to buck the rules when required. There’s a really common idea in fandom that if Qui-Gon had trained Anakin, Anakin wouldn’t have turned. I suspect Lucas may have even wanted to imply that.

But. It doesn’t hold up.

And as an adult, I look at Qui-Gon and I see someone who’s actually very familiar.

(Buckle up, kids, it’s time for story time with Fia.) I grew up in one of the poorest counties in Kansas. Pretty much everybody was dirt poor, with emphasis on the dirt. People worked on small farms, hoping to keep the farm going for just another season, or they worked dead-end minimum wage jobs, or they didn’t work at all. (Or they made meth. We had, at the time, one of the highest meth production rates in the entire country.) And most kids growing up there knew they could expect a life pretty much exactly the same as what their parents had.

But there was one way out. All through high school, and even some weeks in middle school, they had a table right there in the cafeteria, where everyone would see them: the army recruiters. They were clean and professional and friendly, and they were full of stories about all the opportunities that the military would open up for us. We would get a good education - maybe even a college degree after we’d served. We’d learn valuable job skills. We’d serve our country. We’d save lives and travel and be part of something important, something so much bigger than our little town. We’d be heroes.

We just had to enlist. (And it was always enlist: recruiters don’t come to shitty little schools like mine looking for officer material.)

And the recruiters were really good at selling it. You never really heard much if anything about what it was actually like to be in the army. What you heard about were those magic words: opportunity, benefits, recognition. And, unspoken but most important of all, the chance to get out.

Of course, the Jedi Order isn’t exactly a military organization, and Qui-Gon didn’t exactly roll into Mos Espa looking for people to enlist. But even so… damn does his sales pitch look awfully familiar.


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Imagine you’re a former Jedi with the ability to fight with two lightsabers, so you battle Darth Vader with both Anakin’s and yours.

——— Request for anon ———

“That lightsaber,” Darth Vader takes a pause, mechanical breathing filling the air as he studies the second saber you grip tightly in your hand against him, “does not belong to you.”

“No,” you agree, throat tightening still at the thought of how Anakin used to be. The constant reminder of all his good and his final downfall rolled neatly all up into one morbid weapon, “It used to belong to a Jedi.”