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The Night Court

RHYS: Feyre kissed me.

CASSIAN: Ohmygodohmygod

MOR: Ok, all right. We want to hear everything. Cassian, get the wine. Rhys, does this end well or do we need to get tissues?

RHYS: Oh, it ended very well.

CASSIAN: [getting the wine] Do not start without me. Do not start without me.

MOR: Ok, all right, let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like a “I gotta have you now” kind of thing?

RHYS: Well, at first it was really intense, you know. And then, oh gods, and then we just sort of sunk into it.

MOR: Ok, so, were you holding her? Or were her hands like on you?

RHYS: No, actually first they started on my waist. And then, they slid up, and then, they were on my wings.


In the next room [Feyre eating while Amren swirls a goblet]

FEYRE: And, uh, and then I kissed him.

AMREN: Tongue?

FEYRE: Yeah.

AMREN: Cool.

Incorrect quote #10
  • Rhys: You need them to think you’re stronger than you actually are.
  • Feyre: That’s what you do?
  • Rhys: Me? Oh, no. My power is no illusion. I can fucking demolish you.
  • Feyre:
  • Feyre:
  • Feyre: You cried over a kitten
  • Rhys: (falls to the ground) IT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!

“Your personal heaven is determined by how much you tap into the inexhaustible, harmonious flow of love in the Present Moment.”  -Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)

Mor: So what do you say, Feyre? Are we your X-Men? 

Feyre: No. The X-Men were named for the X in Charles Xavier. My name is Feyre Archeron. So, you will be my A-Men. 

Cassian: Oh, that’s not a good name

goddess self-care tips 💫

- drape yourself in white silk, allowing you to feel as ethereal on the outside as you are on the inside

- enchant and carry a topaz crystal, holding onto it as a supportive source of inner-power

- take a fancy healing bath, close your eyes, and look to a favorite goddess for guidance, remembering that you aren’t alone in what may be plaguing you

- put on an eyeshadow color that really compliments your eyes, sharing the strong soulfulness of them with the world

- wear a piece of jewelry with your name on it, reminding yourself of all the powers ~you~ are capable of

🌓  First Quarter Moon Magic: Positivity Blend Meditation Spell


  • dried rose petals (red, yellow, or white are best)
  • dried and ground sage
  • dried lavender
  • dried and baked blueberries
  • dried dandelion heads + buds


  • pink or white salt selenite (if you have selenite candle holders this will do)
  • white, black, and purple candles (1-2 of each)
  • a pentacle (wood or silver works best)
  • a wooden bowl or glass jar to store ingredients (this works best if you’ve cleansed this prior to performing the spell; if using a jar, you will not need to seal it after you have performed the spell

Pro Tip: Cleaning up your space for meditation can help with this, as getting rid of clutter makes a difference in your overall mood. 

Light your candles; layer your ingredients: 

  • prior to layering, take a couple of minutes to relax your body starting from your face to your toes
  • layer order: lavender, sage, blueberries, rose petals, dandelions 
  • repeat until you’ve used all ingredients

Safety measures:

  • Place your tool items around you in the order that feels the most secure. Your candles should form either a triangle or circle around you. **Please ensure that you remain cognizant of your surroundings so as to prevent accidents/fires.**

Steps to cast the spell (read thoroughly prior to casting):

  • Close your eyes and picture the candle flames in your mind - notice how they gently flicker and move with the air around it. Now imagine the flames slowing in movement and gradually reaching a calm normality. 
  • Notice how the heat of the flame melts the wax in to liquid just below the wick and the light refraction of the flame illuminates the color of the wax of each candle. 
  • You see soft tones of purple, creamy white, and obsidian black. Feel your energy transferring from the white candle in to the black candle, and dance around the purple candle’s flame.
  • Your energy is now one with the candles, and it gently makes its way around the bowl/jar with your ingredients; notice how this energy wisps very thoughtfully and with purpose.
  • Your energy is soft purple and gold whirl, and fluidly begins to seep in to the dried ingredients, steadily filling the bowl/jar. 
  • It begins to calm, filtering out negative thoughts and insecurities you have recently endured. Your energy is a feathery and milky combination of purple, gold, and matte black. 
  • Your energy reminds you of your beauty and your inner peace.

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The third eye is a mystical concept referring to an invisible eye that provides perception beyond ordinary sight. It is located between, & just above, the eyebrows, & acts like a gate that leads to inner realms & higher consciousness. Its vibrational frequency is related to insight & intuition. Its associated color is indigo, & its element is light.

  • Cassian: I was working out and saw a muscle in my shoulder I´ve never seen Before.
  • The Inner Circle: ...
  • Cassian: I thought it might´ve been a scientific discovery!
  • The Inner Circle: ...
  • Cassian: ...
  • Nesta: Will anyone notice if I throw him in the Sidra?
What we are really encouraging is that every day, you be selfish enough to say, “Nothing is more important that that I feel good. And I’m going to find ways to do so today. I’m going to begin my day by meditating and bringing myself into alignment with my Source Energy. And as I move through my day, I’m going to look for opportunities to appreciate, so that all day long I’ll bring myself back into Source Energy…
—  Esther & Jerry Hicks, Ask & It is Given