inner mirror

A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is your mirror.
—  Ken Keyes

“And when you know that physical reality is a mirror, a reflection, of your strongest beliefs, your strongest thoughts, what you believe is possible, most likely to occur, then you can use the outer mirror illusion reflection, as a guide line, a marker, a reminder, [of] what kind of thoughts you are having, what kind of definitions you are believing, what kind of concepts you are buying into. And you can use it as a feedback system to show you, whether or not you prefer to maintain those beliefs and those definitions. And if not, then to learn to change them and to see the outer reality reflection change along with the change within you.” – Bashar (Darryl Anka), 1998.

every time someone theorizes that rose is still in steven’s gem/can communicate with him and was actually talking to him at the end of that episode i’m like,,, noo

for me this episode really solidified that rose is in no way conscious in steven’s gem, she can’t talk to him, not through the room or through dreams (although that hasn’t been proven, i don’t think it’s possible). cloud rose was only doing what steven wanted, acting the way he thought she would act, and changing her behavior accordingly when he started thinking about the things that scare him about rose. and one of the things i liked most is that the storm wasn’t caused by the room, it was caused by steven. it was a way of venting his frustrations and inner thoughts; the room mirroring his mind with a raging storm, then turning to gentle rain as he calmed down. and cloud rose brought up the tape because he was probably already thinking about it; the moment he wonders “is that all i’m here for” the room starts to settle down, because he doubts what he’s saying and he knows that she did love him.

and it’s good that rose is gone. rose can’t communicate or have any control through steven’s gem, because it would completely go against steven’s character development; if she were still alive in some capacity, he could never become his own person, which is what the show is obviously leading up to.

That’s when it hit me: it’s not about having a “great body” or good clothes, or zero acne, or makeup skills, or looking like the girls that get constantly called beautiful. It’s about owning your body and your style and your skin and your whole damn self. Those girls aren’t beautiful because they’re told so. Those girls are beautiful because they tell themselves so. Because they fucking own themselves, they know what they want, what they like, and don’t give a damn about anything else.
Fucking own it. Own yourself, give yourself all your power, and you’ll be fucking radiant.
—  LG ; Inner Road - Mirrors and leather jackets

…“The great hindrance to success in this is that the conscious field is usually crowded with the conditions, happenings, and impressions of our own physical, emotional, and mental selves. There is no opportunity for the prevailing conditions in another self to be reflected in the mirror of consciousness. We cannot really understand others in this way, for the Light of the soul, which alone can rightly interpret, is not permitted to shine through us and reveal in others what we need to know to help them. To be still and silence the many voices of the personal self is the only sure way in which the many voices of other lives can be heard by us and known.”…

Raymund Andrea

get a clue!

slides in// so um this happened gooDBYE hope u like gruvia//slides out


“So,” I pried, folding my legs up and squeezing myself over so Gray could fit next to me in the top bunk. “What’s up?”

His nose twitched like it always did when he was nervous. I was just thankful for the fact that the rest of the girls had gone out to the campfire, leaving me some quality time with Gray. They were all very well aware of my crush – I simply preferred quality time with him without a gaggle of giggling girls behind me. Wow. Say that three times fast.

“Well…” he began, folding his legs and resting his elbows on his inner thighs. I mirrored his position, eager to hear what he had to say.

In the past three years of high school, I’d felt completely invisible to him, until one day in Chemistry class we got put into a group with a bunch of half-baked morons, sparking a friendship that would last forever.

At least, I hoped it wouldn’t be forever.

You see, I, sort of, harbored the world’s biggest, Titanic-sized crush on him, since even before I’d officially met him.

It was embarrassing, but true.

Since our meeting, I’d established a strong friendship with him all the while attempting to shield my massive crush on him. He hadn’t seemed to have noticed so far, but the same couldn’t be said for the rest of my friends. If I hadn’t already given it away with my constant blushes and giggles, they sure had with their laughing and stupid hints.

Girls are morons.

Back to the present, Gray had told me earlier that day, on our first day of sex camp (DO NOT ASK) that he wanted to tell me something, and only me.

I nearly died on the spot, but that was beside the point.

“Well,” he repeated, nervousness ebbing into his voice. I nodded to continue him.

“It’s just…I sort of know this girl.”

My heart sunk to the bottom of my legs.

No. No, no, no, no. This was the WORST possible outcome.

If Gray liked another girl, I’d never stand a chance. True, Gray Fullbuster was a specimen of true beauty and perfection, and I, Juvia Lockser, stood no chance with him, what with all the supermodels in the world, but I had assumed that I’d at least get another good year out of him without having to fight other girls to the death for him.

He noticed my crestfallen expression and softened up.

“It’s not bad, trust me.” He reassured with a heart-melting soft smile. I turned to goo and made a half-nod half-squeak and motioned him to continue.

I was powerless against his wicked charms.

“She’s just…wow.”

I almost choked to death on my own blood. Gray Fullbuster doesn’t wow women. He seemed apathetic enough towards them for the entirety I’d known him – why now? What got him interested here, at sex camp of all places? Couldn’t he have at least waited until I was dead to love another woman?

“That’s…” I felt my resolve crumbling into pathetic, itty-bitty pieces. “Nice.”

He scanned my face, like he was waiting for approval. I was close enough to him now that I could feel that odd warmth that he always radiated, like my very own cozy, sexy fireplace.

“…Don’t you want to know the details, or something?” he asked flippantly, narrowing his eyes into dark slits. Jokingly, of course. Gray loved me too much to ever be mean to me.

If only it were the good kind of love.

“I…mean, if you want…”

“You’re a terrible girlfriend.” He said with a soft laugh. My heart stopped for a small second at the word girlfriend before I realized he legitimately meant girl friend. Damn.

“Fine. What’s the tale, dragon scale?” I asked, totally stealing Natsu’s conversation starter. (I still have no idea what his creepy obsession with dragons was all about).

He cracked a smile at my reference and looked at me like he was gonna really lay it on me.

“So…first of all…she’s…ugh…”  he made a cute little groaning sound and messed up his hair like a toddler. “She’s the best.”

A large machete pushed through my chest cavity. “Go on.” I choked out.

“She’s just, so funny. Girls usually annoy me so much, but…I don’t know. She’s just so different.” He breathed out.

My hands started shaking. I felt so embarrassed, even though he wasn’t even calling me out. This was the worst kind of torture.

“And…she’s…I mean…she’s so…pretty. You know me, I usually don’t care about stupid stuff like that, but…damn.” He marveled up at the wall, like it was my he was looking at and not the pasty stucco of the dorm room’s ceiling.

A mortified red tint came to my face, thank god it was dark. Every word he said felt like a torment, like instead of saying how happy he was, he was just saying ha-ha I, you’re a loser, and I could never like you.

“That’s great.” I spoke, sounding a little bit choked up as if a squirrel had crawled down my throat, started a family, then all died in a fiery massacre.

His smile brightened. “I’m glad you approve. What was I talking about again?”


“Right. Her. She’s so unbelievably easy to be around, it’s like – when I’m with her, I want it to be only her and me. Is that weird?”

My face fell to the edge of the earth. It was like we were on totally different pages. He was off in his little own ‘dream girl’ world, while my life was in absolute ruins.

Hurricane Gray would leave no survivors. I’d be a mess of a girl if I lost him.

“It’s not weird,” I answered his previous question, because that’s exactly how I felt with him. If that was wrong, then I should be locked up for life.

“She may e kind of a dork, and weirdly clingy, but I lo…I like her.” He caught himself at the last moment and I almost burst into tears on the spot.

I had lost him, my only salvation, the only boy I’d ever felt this strongly about. He had fallen into the arms of another girl, and she had no damn idea how lucky she was.

She’d better treat him right. She’d better hold him on his parent’s anniversary while he cries, and she’d better help him with his AP Stats homework (because I love him, but he’s really bad at that class) and she’d better make him laugh, even when he doesn’t feel like it.

She’d better take care of him, or we’d have a huge problem.

“Hey, are you ok? You’re being weirdly quiet. I figured you’d be a huge blabbermouth about it…” he admitted quietly.

“Uh…fine.” I spoke, even though I was clearly not fine. I had one of those heavy brick-like lumps in my throat. I was actually physically fighting myself not to cry. I should be happy for Gray, dammit, I’m a terrible friend. “Can you, uh…are you gonna tell me who she is?” I asked jokingly.

He quieted, and his face stiffened into something I didn’t quite recognize, which said a lot, because I had memorized virtually everything his adorable face could make.

“Well…that’s the thing…” he said. “I can’t tell you, but…I’ll give you a hint.”

I felt like a sledgehammer had hit me point-blank in the face. Great. A scavenger hunt. Why don’t we just up and call it find-the-smashed-pieces-of-Juvia’s-heart?

“Ok.” I bluntly coughed.

“Well…she’s my favorite person to be around.”

He said the last half of his sentence like it was a reference to a movie. I was majorly blanking out.


Before I could utter an intelligent syllable, my dorm room swung open, to reveal Lucy, Erza, and levy, my dorm mates.

“Fuck,” I whispered, realizing just how weird it was that gray and I were sitting and talking in the same bed directly after I had told all of them that I was too sick to go to campfire.

“oooooOOOOOOHHH,” Lucy sang, like a five-year old girl who’d caught her friend writing a swear-word on the bathroom wall.

“Oh my god, shut up-“

“I’m sick,” Levy mocked my voice and made a fake tear trail down her face.

“I’m sick for Gray’s di-

“I almost leapt off the bed, which was a top bunk, and smacked Erza directly in the boobs for that comment, but she was laughing so hard she didn’t even get to finish.

“I’ll go.” Gray mumbled, equally embarrassed by the situation.

“For the best,” I gagged as he jumped down and walked out, bidding me with a tiny hand wave before exiting. The millisecond he left, Lucy hounded me for gossip like a badly-trained German Shepard.


“I’m going to bed,” I interrupted bitterly, turning my back on her, like a dismissive bitch, and walking back to my bunk bed.

Ok, so that was megabitchy of me. I’d just had my heart shattered by the man I held most closely to my heart, can you really blame me?


“Just don’t. I can’t, really, any other time, just…not now.” I spoke, not turning my head so they wouldn’t see that I was crying. They didn’t need to worry about me. Once again, I’d be responsible for picking up the pieces of my broken heart. This wasn’t new, I was just hoping that maybe I could rely on Gray to take good care of me.

“Oh…I’m…really sorry, I was just joking-“

“it’s not you, I promise, just…let me have this.” I whispered, hugging my pillow so hard it almost popped. The dorm room was eerily silent that night, but even I could hear their secretive whispers in the bathroom, wondering exactly what the hell had happened between Gray and I.

And to be honest, I wished I could give them an answer.




The next day was the same. I was lucky enough that the girls had dropped the subject and allowed me a day of pretending the night before hadn’t happened. However, they hadn’t forgotten. I saw the gossipy looks they shot me when I was in the vicinity of Gray.

Speaking of Gray, he had no idea how much he’d broken me. He went along on his merry-fucking way, like he hadn’t gutted me of my internal organs last night and everything was aight.

Well let me just tell you now, everything is notaight.

“So,” he came up to me before a lecture on abstinence (sex camp, remember?) and his hand brushed my arm. I shivered despite myself and looked up at him, him and his stupid height advantages. “You figure out who it is yet?”

My eyebrows furrowed. That one stupid hint was supposed to solve everything?

“No,” I admitted. “Why?”

His face fell dramatically, so much so that I took keen notice. Why did he care so much that I knew who she was? Did he really need my approval that badly? Or was he just trying to rub it in my face that he’d never be mine?

“Ah. You need another clue then, I suppose.” He sighed dramatically. A teacher was eyeing us rather closely, as if sending aggressive abstinence vibes via stare, so we parted ways and he promised to give me a clue after the seminar, not that I cared about his stupid mystery girl. She could suck an egg.

The seminar was dumb as all shit, just as I’d suspected, with Mean Girls level STD awareness charts and stupid stories of teen pregnancies that were somehow going to keep everyone in the room from the evil that was sexual intercourse.

“As you can see, sex is wrong unless you are married.” A teacher spoke passionately. She looked like she hadn’t gotten decent dick since ’96, her hair was greasy and sticking to the sides of her head like plastic wrap.

“Thanks for listening kids, we’ll see you after lunch for Life, sex, and consequences.” The main director lady spoke into the microphone.

Basically, if I’m going to be brief, our church sends us on these camping trips every year to learn about abstinence and shit. Everyone calls it sex camp, even the directors do.

Because yes – in case you were wondering, the best way to teach kids how to be abstinent is to lock them in the woods in remote cabins and minimal parental guidance and let them run wild. Sounds great.

“Juvia,” Gray caught up to me with ease on our way to the dining hall. Huh. He mustn’t have noticed that I was blatantly avoiding him. I was putting off this ‘mystery girl’ shit as long as I possibly could. “Hey, so…about that clue…”

I was this close to turning around and telling that lil asshole off, but then I saw his cute-ass blushy face and I melted into an actual liquid.

“Go on,” I gurgled, like the lifeless puddle that I was.

“Right, so…she’s…a performer.” He said, adding a hesitant smile to the end, like I was supposed to be acing these clues.

My face probably looked similar to a blank etch-a-sketch.


“That’s my cue,” he said cutely, saluting me and running away from an angry Natsu in tennis-shoes, and sockless.

Normally I’d be halfway amused by their shenanigans, but not today folks, not fucking today.

What the hell was up with these clues? Some girl, who was apparently a performer, and his favorite person to be around.

God dammit Gray, if there was any time to be cryptic, it sure as hell wasn’t now.

My gaze followed him running away from Natsu like they were in fourth grade, and I couldn’t even summon a smile.

Time to eat my feelings, I guess. I’m pretty sure Lucy smuggled in some Cosmic Brownies…




“So it’s like…a scavenger hunt?” Levy asked as I devoured the entire box of artificial chocolate like a savage wolverine.

“Yes.” I answered, even though it came out a little less articulate due to brownie residue.

“So, we find this girl, and we kill her. Problem solved.” Erza offered. I love her sometimes.

“Yeah, what were the clues again? Let me write them down…” Lucy clicked her pen and offered consolation brownies as I had helplessly confessed everything that happened to my friends in the dorm room.

“A performer, and his favorite person to be around.” I repeated, for what felt like the hundred-billionth time.

“Huh. Know any performers? Maybe she’s in the drama club?” Levy said.

“Nope. He hates drama club, thinks they’re too prissy and they overreact.” I explained. Then I ate another brownie, because, why the hell not?

“Oookeee, I think you’ve had enough,” Erza announced, plucking the brownie out of my mouth like a sippy cup and throwing it into the trash.

“Why don’t you throw me in there too, Erza…” I begged. She rolled her eyes at my dramatization.

“Look, if Gray likes this chick, maybe you’ll like her too?” Lucy consoled, before making a grossed out face, like hearing the words she just said made her recoil. “Sorry, I’m bad at this.”

“It’s ok,” I said, and I meant it. It wasn’t their job to fix me up after a broken heart. I walk a lonely road, the only road that I have ever known.

Ew. I’m really stooping now, quoting songs is stage one of break-ups.

“You’ll get over him, Juvia.” Levy patted my back as I stared at the ground.

The problem was, I really, really didn’t think I would.




“Did you figure it out?”

I almost coughed orange juice everywhere, because what the fuck.

Gray,” I breathed, after several heaving gasps of half-air half-orange juice. “What was that for?”

“Sorry,” he apologized, even though he didn’t look sorry. “You heven’t figured out who it is yet, have you?”

“I…no.” I admitted, slightly offended that he thought that little of me.

He sighed deeply, stealing my orange juice and taking a huge swallow before  handing it back to me. My jaw fake dropped at his rudeness and he grinned.

I hate him so much ohmygod-

“Ok.” He said, holding his finger out. “Only one more clue after this though, kay?” He raised his eyebrows and I internally squealed.

“Sure.” I said instead, remembering that we were talking about the girl he was in love with.

“Ok. She talks waaaayyy too much.” He said, before walking back to the boy’s side of the lunch room, because apparently that was a thing.

Well, that was vague.

Damn you, Gray Fullbuster. And you know what, fuck you too, mystery girl. Suck. An. Egg.




On the last day of sex camp, Lucy helped me pack all of my stuff into my suitcases all the while blabbing my ear off about something stupid Natsu said o her.

“-said I looked like a bunny. Bunnies are not sexy. They are cute, and…rodent-y, I guess. Ugh, this is going horrible.” She moaned.

Right. I forgot that she was still trying to get Natsu to have sex with her before senior year was over.

At least you have a boy, I thought bitterly as I tore the sheets off of my bed.

Today, Gray would give me his final clue. I was dreading it whole-heartedly. As in, my whole body was shaking and I was almost in tears dreading it, but I like to think that I’m pretty damn good at hiding my pain.

“-via? Are you even listening, or are you in Fullbuster-land?” Lucy mocked. My back straightened and I nodded guiltily.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. There are-“

“-plenty of fish in the sea, I know. It’s just like me to set my sights on a killer fucking whale.” I moaned, burying my face in my smooshy pillow.

“Gray the orca. Huh. That’s a weird metaphor.” Lucy laughed. She was such a cute dork, I loved her.

“Hey, I’m gonna take my stuff to the bus, you want me to take some of your stuff?” she asked charitably. I shook my head.

“No, you don’t have to.” I told her, I’d feel bad if she was only being nice because I’d recently had my heart yanked out and exploded in front of me.

“I can, it’s fine – I’m gonna make Natsu carry everything for me anyways,” she grinned cheekly and hoisted up my packed bags. I smiled back sadly and wtched her leave.

All that was left, were my blankets and sleeping bag. I reluctantly plucked up my pillow, remembering two days ago when I had cried myself to sleep on it because of stupd, stupid Gray Full-


I jumped so high my head hit the ceiling (bunk beds – they’re out to get me) before I whipped around to se Gray leaning onto the doorframe like a sexy Bond villain.

“H-hey.” I stuttered, remembering that he was only here to hint who he loved to me.

“H-hey.” He mirrored my tone and gave me a lopsided grin. “It’s just me, what’s with the stutter?”

Of course. That’s the problem, you dork. It’s just you.

“Nothin’.” I muttered, crawling down the ladder once I had gathered all of my belongings.

“Did you learn lots?” he asked me jokingly.

I nodded like an astounded three year old. “I learned how babies are made – did you know that they’re not dropped in by storks? Who knew??”

He laughed, so much that his body shook against the frame. I liked it when I did that, it made me feel accomplished, because I knew very well that it was hard to make Gray laugh, especially if you didn’t know him very well. He was a stoic little asshole.

I shoved all of my crap into the last bag and sat down on the bag while I zippered it shut. Gray watched me, a half-amused smile on his face while admiring my struggles like the sadistic little weirdo that he was. The sadistic weirdo that I loved.

“Ready for the last clue?” he asked, without further ado, as I gathered up my bag and met him at the doorway.

“Huh. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it.” I joked, even though I was being completely honest. I might lose it if I found out who he loved.

Oh my god. What if it was Erza? What if it was one of my friends? I’d die-

“Maybe you won’t.” He said suggestively. I looked up and he winked at me.

Ok. Now that was weird. Maybe he’s possessed, or someth-

Then, he leaned down and kissed me, on the fucking mouth.

I made an internal screaming noise, and my entire chest seized up. His lips were so soft and warm, it was the greatest thing I’d ever experienced.

Once my body finished having a mini seizure, I reacted appropriately and threw my arms around him unceremoniously. I pushed myself upwards, meeting his lips with a little bit more force, and he smiled against me and let his arms drape to the back of my waist, keeping me facing upwards cleverly.

He pulled away for a second and I panicked, thinking I had done something wrong, but to my surprise he came right back, like I was his air and he’d die without me. It felt good to be needed, so good. I clutched his shirt in my hands frantically and made an embarrassing moaning sound as he ran his teeth along my bottom lip…

Oh god. I was going to die. He was too damn good at this. That’s it. R.I.P. Juvia, beloved daughter, killed by Gray fucking Fullbuster.

I could feel the laughter rumble in his chest from my little moan as he held me close, like I was precious to him. I didn’t ever want to lose this feeling, just me, him, and-


Fuck Lucy Heartfilia. Fuck her straight to hell.

Gray and I separated like we had been struck by lightning. Lucy was literally jumping up and down like there was an invisible jump-rope surrounding her a she screamed.


I felt like Lucy’s reaction was pretty much my reaction, because holy fucking shit-

My knees buckled involuntarily ad I stumbled face-first into Gray’s chest. He steadied me with his hands on my waist, and I felt my heartbeat triple in rate. I might actually die of a heart attack, right now.

“I GOTTA TELL EVERYONE!” Lucy screamed, before racing off like the roadrunner.

A second after she left, Gray looked down at me and smiled guiltily. “So…”

“It’s me,” I deduced, an embarrassed blush rising to my cheeks.

I was so dumb, why didn’t I think of it? A million memories flooded into my head, Gray telling me that I was his favorite person to be around one late night while we watched terrible horror movies, me falling down the stairs and telling Gray that I had fallen on purpose and that I was a performer, me talking ALL THE TIME-

“Yeah, it is you.” he agreed. I made a nervous gagging sound and grabbed the wall for support.

“You…you asshole,” I spoke, curling my fist against his chest. “You scared the shit out of me you assy-assho-

He cut me off by squishing me up against his warm chest and laughing. I can’t remember feeling more at home.

“I like you, Juvia.” He said boldly, which I truly appreciated, because I knew how hard it was for him to admit his feelings to people. “And if you don’t like me back, this is really awkward.”

Dumbass.” I muttered. “I liked you before you even knew me…”

Whoops. Didn’t mean to let that little tidbit slip out…

“What?” He made a confused face and looked down at me.

“Uh…nothing! It’s nothing…just keep hugging me, dork.” I demanded, pressing my cheek up against his collarbone.

“Ok,” he agreed with a grin, looking up at the ceiling as if to say @god can you believe this chick?

This was it. Heart mended. Gray had done it- he’d proved me wrong, for the millionth time.

“How many people do you think Lucy’s told?” He asked me quietly.

“Hmm…my guess is…everyone.” I answered him truthfully.

He released me from his bear hug and lightly grabbed my hand, like he was nervous to do so. He’s fucking cUTE.

“Ready to face them, then?” he asked hopefully. I nodded, positive that my face was as pink as Natsu’s hair.

“Together,” I promised, shaking his hand a little.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


jumps into your screen - THIS IS SO MESSY AND TERRIBLE AND IM SO SROORY IM TRASH AND I SKIPPED EDITS SORRRY - jumps out of your screen

Picking up mom from work and had this convo. I’m so funny I Crack myself up. And now a bunch of adventure time pictures. I love this show. Another beautiful animation that my chaotic mind adores due to an external representation of inner mirroring. Plus my first puppy was named Jake. He and all my beautiful dogs I’ve had over my life have been my best friend when I’ve had no one to talk to and the best adventure buddies I’ve ever had. That and having weird surrogate fathers. A real father who wasn’t there and wasn’t great at being an adult. A love of tree homes and swords and an adorable female version like fiona… it pretty much explains it.

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reclaim the bindi: 

you want the beautiful bindi that 
adorns our forehead, that shows
our pride for our culture and
stands out against our golden
skin during times of glory. the same
bindi that us women have been wearing
for centuries, stamping our power right
where everyone can see.

you want the paint that stains
our hands in bright brown
designs. the paint that shows
while we happily dance at a
wedding or hold our loved
one’s face or grasp the hand
of our friend as we run
through open corridors.

you want the beautiful culture that
signifies our identity. the beautiful
lehenga that swirl around in a perfect
circle as we spin around happily,
looking at our radiance in the mirror,
inner and outer.

you want our gods as your symbol
of fashion and eccentricity. the 
vedic scriptures that blend science, 
morals, religion, and beauty in 
words that bring tears when read.
you want the paintings of our Gods 
which were divinely created for the 
use of devotees praying, to make up
your aesthetic. 

but you don’t care for the pain our
people go through: 

you don’t care for the blood stains 
that stained our people’s foreheads 
as your people crushed their skull in
for asking for freedom. the women 
who have died with their loved one's 
blood adorning their face as your
people laughed at her pain. 

you don’t care for the little kids' 
hands which are being told to be 
given away to an older man, almost
twice her age, because of money issues. 
you don’t care for the little girls’ who
are being sold as a mean of carnal 
pleasure with her hands’ designs 
now covered in human fluids. 

you don’t care for the oppression 
our people have gone through. 
the girl who you called dothead 
went home with tears in her eyes, 
feeling worthless even if she could
speak 4 languages, was the smartest
in her class, and could recite mantras
that adults dare not attempt without
one mistake.

you don’t care for the years of
torture your people put my people
through, shutting down faith and
forcing people to convert to your 
religion, for calling Vedic literature 
‘a mere speck in the great literature 
of Europeans’ and burning our Gita 
in front of Swami Vivekananda, for 
destroying the ancient carvings on 
Gods on temple walls, unable to 
ever be restored. 
and now what do you want? 

you want that: MY culture, MY
literature, MY religion, MY 
power, yet you refuse to take
the pain of our people. 

so heed warning: 
when we say no, we mean
no. Oppressed no longer, we

reclaiming the bindi,
and the culture that 
you tore from my hands.
and I promise you,
I will not stop until
your filthy hands are
off of my culture

once, and for all.

—  V.T (in honor of reclaimthebindi week.) 

Just because you’ve brought a total jerkface asshole into your reality, it doesn’t mean that they are mirroring your inner jerkface asshole-ness. It might just mean that they’re a total jerk. And you’re not. And your job/opportunity is to choose how to respond to them. 

If we’re awake, experiences with jerks help us raise our standards.

We attract jerks to show us how to love and protect ourselves and the non-jerk, all-wonderful beings in our lives. We attract jerks to find deep compassion, to uncork the curative powers of rage, to prompt the reclamation of sovereignty. We attract jerks so that we can take back our power and heal.

—  Danielle LaPorte