inner lip tattoos

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I can imagine about that inner lip tattoo his grandpa being like "that awful ink you got" every time it comes up

The true question is how long could Yuri hife it from Yakov or Grandpa like

Imagine him doing everything and drinking with little straws and trying to keep his mouth closed but he’s Yuri and eventually he goes off on someone and Yakov or Grandpa sees and grabs him by his lip and yanks it out to see and FREAKS OUT

he’s grounded for a month but Beka just climbs the wall to sneak into his kittens room instead without anyone knowing 😏

favorite unique spots on my body:

the nose piercing i did by myself when i was like, thirteen with a needle and an ice cube that somehow didn’t get infected
inner lip tattoo!! most people don’t know about it so it feels like a secret against my teeth
stick and poke eye tattoo one of my friends did on my thigh when we were both  a little bit drunk that neither of us noticed for like, a week
the cutting tucked under or against my ribs or the burning scars on my collarbones

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What are some odd facts about the foo fighters?

  • Taylor used to whack it to a Princess Leia doll
  • One time, William was trying so hard to impress Dave with his drumming that he snapped a drumstick in half and it embedded in his face
  • Pat was in an experimental Scientology-esque program at the campus of University High in Santa Monica, where the curriculum involved yelling at them and saying they were assholes for eight hours, a pedophile math teacher, and carrying copies of Helter Skelter
  • Chris once got so thoroughly drunk on tour that he shat himself in his bunk
  • They had a clause in an old rider that enforced a $100 fine for every instance of anyone’s name being misspelled
  • When they were briefly and ill-advisedly involved with Alive & Well, they used to pass condoms around at their shows
  • They brought a barbecue “technologist” on tour with them in ‘02
  • Pat hardly ever leaves his room when they’re on tour except to do interviews and play a show (though he seems to be making more of an effort nowadays) - he prefers binge-watching reality shows
  • Chris has a huge music collection at his house but, for a long time, nothing to play them on - i’m not sure if he ever rectified this
  • Taylor can play the trumpet (not really odd, just unexpected)
  • When they shared buses, they used to fight for time in the bathroom to the point where Dave nailed the door shut from the inside so he could get some peace - then kicked it down when he realized there wasn’t a window
  • Dave was a theatre geek
  • Nate used to dabble in dealing to raise funds for his early DIY punk projects
  • Chris’ inner-lip tattoo has been done twice
  • Taylor had braces and his first sexual encounter involve he and his partner’s train tracks getting locked together
  • Dave once drank a bottle and a half of tequila, jumped onto a friend’s 17th-storey window ledge with an ironing board for reasons, and Taylor closed the window so he spent quite a while out there on his own trying to bash it back in and also not die
  • Nate worked at a cookie factory
  • Taylor’s favourite prank used to involve taking a dump in his tech’s toolbox
  • Bonus: On the Aussie leg of their WL tour, fans could pick up their private wifi network on their phones - it was under the name “WHITESTLIMO”
“Fuck off.” (Nate Maloley Imagine)

Requested by anonymous: “can u do a imagine where you go to visit nate on tour and you went a little party crazy while he was gone and you got a tattoo (i really want a inner lip tattoo that says fuck off) so you tell the omaha boys and you can make them react how ever”


“Babe, I miss you so much, I can’t wait for you to be here tomorrow.” Nate said to you. It was your nightly phone call to Nate while he was on tour.

“I know, I can’t wait to spend the next five days in Florida. I haven’t been in so long.” You said. He had been on tour with the Jacks, Sammy, and Swazz. Nate sent you plane tickets and backstage passes to the show so you could come spend time with him after he had been on tour for the past few months. 

“The show is tomorrow night, then we have the next week to just do whatever before you have to get back and we have to get to the next stop.” He said.

“I just wanna see you already. I miss you like crazy.” You said.

“I know. It’s only been a few months, but I feel like it’s been forever.” He said. 

“Yes.” You agreed. You talked with him for a while longer until you both started falling asleep.

“I’ll see you tomorrow babe. I love you. Have a good night.” He said.

“I love you too. Good night baby.” You said and then hung up. You got ready for bed, ready to catch your flight in the morning.

* * *

“I’m on my way to the airport now, I will see you in about three hours.” You text Nate.

“Okay, We’ll be there to pick you up then. :)” He replied.

“See you soon babe.” You replied. When you boarded the plane, you immediately fell asleep. When you landed, you grabbed your bags and went outside to the passenger pick up. When you stepped outside into the warm Florida air, you spotted a tall blonde and noticed it to be Sammy. He pointed and waved, and you waved back. You saw a dark haired figure, which you assumed was Nate, turn to the direction Sammy pointed and as they got closer, you realized that it was Nate. He started to pick up his pace and was almost at a full speed run by the time he got to you.

“I’m so happy to finally see you!” He said when he got to you. He wrapped his arms around you waist and spun you around. He set you back down and gave you a sloppy kiss. “I missed you so much.” He said.

“I missed you to baby.” You said, kissing him again.

“Okay, you two love birds. Let’s get out of here.” Sammy said as he lead you back to the car. Nate made reservations for you at the hotel that everyone was staying at so you didn’t have to worry about finding a hotel. When you got back to the hotel, you checked in and Nate helped you take your things to your room.

“What time is the concert?” You asked Nate.

“7:30.” He said.

“What are we gonna do all day? It’s barely 11.” You said.

“Let’s go see what we can get ourselves into.” He said.

“Sounds good.” You said smiling. You freshened up a bit and then you and Nate headed out. You drove around Orlando for a while, not really knowing where you were going, but you enjoyed finally being back with Nate. You stopped at a few stores and bought some clothes and spent the rest of the time you had before the show back in your hotel room. At around 5:30, you returned to the hotel so you could get ready for the show. 

“Okay, we gotta head to the venue. Doors open at 6:30. The guards know you’re coming, so they’ll let you cut in front and get in first, since you’re a VIP.” He said smiling.

“Okay, cool. Well I’ll see you later then.” You said kissing him. You finished getting ready and left. Nate let you borrow his rental car so you drove to the venue, jamming to Maloski on your way. When you got there, the security immediately recognized you and allowed you to go in. You found the guys backstage and hung out with them until the show was getting ready to start. Throughout the show, Nate’s fans had recognized you and asked to take pictures with you, which of course you did. You met some cool people while you were there, so you hung out with them during the show. After the show, one of the guards let you to where you could meet up with the boys and then you all headed out. You went to Denny’s and ate, since it was late and it was the only thing open.

“I’m actually glad we’re all here together. I have something I wanna show y'all.” You said.

“What is it?” Johnson asked.

“I got a tattoo.” You said hesitant.

“You got a tattoo? Why didn’t you tell me?” Nate asked.

“I wanted it to be a surprise.” You said.

“Well, let’s see it then.” Gilinsky said. You sigh heavily and pulled down your bottom lip, revealing your lip tattoo that read “fuck off.”

“Damn, (Y/N), that’s badass.” Sammy said.

“It looks good.” Swazz added.

“Babe, that is the hottest thing ever.” Nate said.

“I’m glad you all like it.” You said. Over your food, you all spent the time catching up and enjoyed being all back together. After you ate, you made your way back to the hotel and Nate made his way up to your room.

“Baaabe. I can’t believe you got a tattoo.” He said as he plopped down on the bed. You sat next to him and rubbed his back.

“Yeah, after you left, I went a little party crazy. I went out one night, and it was in the heat of the moment. I was with a group of friends and they talked me into it.” You explained.

“Did it hurt?” He asked.

“I don’t remember, I was pretty drunk.” You said.

“Either way, it’s hot.” He said as he kissed you. You cuddled in bed for a while, just enjoying your time together, until you both fell asleep.