inner lip tattoos

This is going to sound like something I’m making up but the following actually, truly did happen last night, and I have a sober witness who confirms it.

After bar-hopping for a while, my friend and I decide to go to one or two last bars at like 1 AM. We ultimately settle on this weird, secret bar (behind an unmarked door down some stairs in an alley, no signs of any sort suggesting that it’s actually there) nearby, and we’re trying to decide what to get. This lady sitting with two of her friends overhears us and introduces herself. Her name, and she insists on us saying the full thing, is “Mickey, like the mouse.” She hears our quandry and then pulls down her lower lip to give us an answer: a tattoo which says “SHOTS.” At this point we were convinced this was some sort of otherworldly spirit, so we naturally agree, but ask: “shots of what?” She pulls one of her friends over and, without saying anything, he reveals his own lower-inner lip tattoo which says “TEQUILA.”

We’re losing our fucking minds. Apparently these people are bartenders at some other bar, explaining why they have multiple gimmick tattoos (the woman also had “CHUG” on her ass and “YNot” on her ribs). Anyway, we naturally order these tequila shots, and right before we take them, we look around to see where she went, and she’s just gone. Within like 30 seconds she and her friends had vanished, with neither us nor our other friends who had seen them noticing them leave. Our friend, stone-cold sober, confirms all of this really happened. I think we were visited by party ghosts

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I can imagine about that inner lip tattoo his grandpa being like "that awful ink you got" every time it comes up

The true question is how long could Yuri hife it from Yakov or Grandpa like

Imagine him doing everything and drinking with little straws and trying to keep his mouth closed but he’s Yuri and eventually he goes off on someone and Yakov or Grandpa sees and grabs him by his lip and yanks it out to see and FREAKS OUT

he’s grounded for a month but Beka just climbs the wall to sneak into his kittens room instead without anyone knowing 😏

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What are some odd facts about the foo fighters?

  • Taylor used to whack it to a Princess Leia doll
  • One time, William was trying so hard to impress Dave with his drumming that he snapped a drumstick in half and it embedded in his face
  • Pat was in an experimental Scientology-esque program at the campus of University High in Santa Monica, where the curriculum involved yelling at them and saying they were assholes for eight hours, a pedophile math teacher, and carrying copies of Helter Skelter
  • Chris once got so thoroughly drunk on tour that he shat himself in his bunk
  • They had a clause in an old rider that enforced a $100 fine for every instance of anyone’s name being misspelled
  • When they were briefly and ill-advisedly involved with Alive & Well, they used to pass condoms around at their shows
  • They brought a barbecue “technologist” on tour with them in ‘02
  • Pat hardly ever leaves his room when they’re on tour except to do interviews and play a show (though he seems to be making more of an effort nowadays) - he prefers binge-watching reality shows
  • Chris has a huge music collection at his house but, for a long time, nothing to play them on - i’m not sure if he ever rectified this
  • Taylor can play the trumpet (not really odd, just unexpected)
  • When they shared buses, they used to fight for time in the bathroom to the point where Dave nailed the door shut from the inside so he could get some peace - then kicked it down when he realized there wasn’t a window
  • Dave was a theatre geek
  • Nate used to dabble in dealing to raise funds for his early DIY punk projects
  • Chris’ inner-lip tattoo has been done twice
  • Taylor had braces and his first sexual encounter involve he and his partner’s train tracks getting locked together
  • Dave once drank a bottle and a half of tequila, jumped onto a friend’s 17th-storey window ledge with an ironing board for reasons, and Taylor closed the window so he spent quite a while out there on his own trying to bash it back in and also not die
  • Nate worked at a cookie factory
  • Taylor’s favourite prank used to involve taking a dump in his tech’s toolbox
  • Bonus: On the Aussie leg of their WL tour, fans could pick up their private wifi network on their phones - it was under the name “WHITESTLIMO”