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Attack on Titan MBTI -- Levi Ackermann

INTJ – Levi Ackermann

The Architect”

I see.  So many people.  Argue over this one.

However, I also see many incorrect characterizations of Levi.  To me, he has one of the easiest personalities to pin–but that could be because I, too, am an INTJ.  

As you might assume, this is a spoiler-heavy post.  Proceed with caution.

First, I want to address a stereotype of INTJs that probably makes most people stray from thinking of Levi as this type (and while I’m at it, the same goes for ISTJs):

INTJs are not always “smart.”  Part of how one grows academically is one’s personality, yes, but another huge part of it is one’s environment.  Keep in mind that Levi probably had an extremely limited education, if any, and he was not taught that schooling was important.  

However, Levi is very intelligent–just not booksmart. It’s important to distinguish the differences between the two, as I see a lot of people characterize other people in real life as an INTJ/ISTJ because they’re “bookish,” instead of paying attention to their actual personality and breaking down each part of the MBTI type.  (Though, if we take Junior High!Levi into consideration, he actually is quite good at school, judging by the 95/100 he got on a test.)

INTJs are notoriously rational and independent–something that definitely rings true for Levi.  He tends to keep to himself, especially emotionally, and he has been criticized for being too harsh or robotic, which happens to be a common stereotype for INTJs, too.  

–Levi is quick-witted and strategic.  

It’s not something he himself gives himself credit for, but I don’t think Erwin would have pulled Levi into the Corps AND given him a squad of his own otherwise.  As I mentioned before, he is street-smart, and he also is able to see things from a variety of perspectives.  

–He is confident.

“If it comes to killing him, I can do it.”  Levi said this in regards to taking down Eren if need be during his trial.  Levi has definitely lost that confidence as time has gone on (because we also need to take into account that Levi is NOT neuro-typical, but I’ll save that for another time).  However, if he knows something to be true, he sticks to that.  

–He is independent and decisive.

I don’t feel like I need to explain this one much at all–all you have to do is watch the first season of the anime to see it.  Erwin lets Levi run around on his own because Levi is incredibly capable on his own.  

–Levi is incredibly hard-working and determined.

Even as a thug, Levi made sure he was the best of his kind.  Granted, he does have special Ackermann-strength or whatever, but I don’t think it matters.  He didn’t know he was special–he just worked hard because he knew that he had to.  Once given a task, Levi analyzes it, and if it seems worth his time, he will do it to the utmost.  

–Levi is open-minded.

This doesn’t seem immediately obvious, because I think people mostly associated open-mindedness with extroversion and gullibility. However, almost everyone in the Corps has to be open-minded to some extent.  They have to be ready to change on the dot because they’ve discovered something new about the Titans, or they have to to develop a new way of fighting. Levi is stubborn, yes, but he is open-minded.  Otherwise, he would not have believed Hanji’s proposal about the Titans coming from humans.  He would not have accepted the role of Squad Leader watching over Eren.

–He’s a jack of all trades.

Erwin uses Levi to the Corps’ advantage because of the combination of qualities listed above.  Levi can do whatever, so he will, if he believes it is worth doing.

–He’s arrogant.

This died down a bit once he entered the Corps, but Levi has an arrogant streak in him.  He’s aware of his abilities, and he’s also aware that no one else is really like him.  It makes him stubborn and insensitive in result.

–Levi is judgmental.

The problem with most INTJs is that we are overly rational.  Even to other Thinking types, INTJs can be brutal.  Levi is not an exception–we see it most with Hanji, how he’s not afraid to question her methods.  He also is pretty unforgiving to people like Pastor Nick, Reeves, and so on.

–He is overly analytical.

INTJs are perfectionists, and once a goal is in mind, they will do anything to accomplish it.  That’s a common stereotype, but it mostly applies to INTJs that are not neuro-typical.  Levi is one, though, and it’s best shown in his relationships with other people.  Though he obviously loved and cared about his first squad, he prioritized them as soldiers, not as his friends.  The same goes for his relationship with Erwin–and when his analytical side crumbled, we were left with a man overcome by his emotional attachments who was unable to make the logical decision.  In other words, Levi uses his analytical, logical side as a sort of defense mechanism in the environment of this story–which is not uncommon for someone who has undergone trauma.

–Levi hates when things are overly-structured.

This whiny baby, I swear to god.  16Personalities has this quote: “Blindly following precedents and rules without understanding them is distasteful to INTJs, and they disdain even more authority figures who blindly uphold those laws and rules without understanding their intent.  Anyone who prefers the status quo for its own sake, or who values stability and safety over self-determination, is like to clash with INTJ personality types.”  Let’s see, here:  Zackley, Nile, Nick, Reeves, and Rod Reiss–what do they all have in common?  Levi does not get along with them, and the preceding quote explains why. He even hated Erwin at first, because he did not understand that Erwin had greater intentions when they first met in the underground. Notice that, once Levi understood that Erwin did not fit that description, he started to trust him and followed him faithfully.

–He is not romantic.

I’m not saying he’s necessarily aromantic.  However, INTJs are judgmental and analytical to the point that “romance” in their relationships is not what other people would define as “romance.”  It is not his focus, but even if their world was safer and much different, I don’t think that would change this aspect of his personality.  He is the last person to see the world through any kind of rose-colored glasses; Levi barely even understands basic human emotion, so to say he is any kind of charming or romantic is completely incorrect.  

Before the breakdown, I’d like to share a passage from 16personalities about INTJs in the workplace:

“Titles mean little to INTJs–trust and respect are earned, and INTJs expect this to be a two way street, receiving and delivering advice, criticisms and results.  INTJs expect their managers to be intelligent enough and strong enough to handle this paradigm.  A silent INTJ conveys a lack of respect better than all their challenges ever will.”

Think about Levi’s relationship with Erwin, versus his relationship with Pyxis, Nile–literally any other high-ranking officer, or even someone of higher social status than him, like Reeves or Rod Reiss.  Think of how much Levi openly criticizes Erwin–because he knows that he can, and he also knows Erwin will do the same for him. Levi doesn’t like to be slowed down by anything, even his comrades, but his questioning mind is not always out of hostility, as some assume and interpret.  It’s just part of this personality type.

So, when we break down I-N-T-J:

I-Introversion, or a focus on the inner self

Levi keeps to himself, and he does not need to project onto other people. His highly analytical nature also naturally makes him more introspective, and considering what he’s been through, he has a lot to think about.  However, he is far from selfish.

N-Intuition, or a focus on facts supported by other facts

Levi likes to keep things short and sweet, without stumbling over one possibility on top of another.  Though he is analytical, he keeps things factual and unbiased.  “Cut to the chase” could be his motto.  In fact, I’m pretty sure he uses it more than once in canon.

T-Thinking, or a focus on logic

Though we’ve seen an exception to this at the end of the Serum Bowl, Levi is just…not in tune with his emotions.  I don’t think it’s just based on his upbringing–it seems to just be how his mind works.

J-Judgment, or a focus on decided paths and plans

Levi is not known for his strategic abilities, but he is perfectly capable of making plans.  However, he often leaves them to Erwin, and sometimes even Hanji or Armin.  

Levi is a complicated guy, and I often see him characterized as an ISTJ or INTP.  However, I have confidence that he fits the bill of the INTJ, especially when I read through other summaries of the personality type.  I hope we can see more of him again soon…

And, if you don’t agree, remember this is just for funsies, and I love reading other people’s analyses. C:

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For a prompt (I dunno if you do smut or not but) Ereri praise kink ?? It's the literal best thing ever

“Look at you,” Levi says, sitting back. There’s a predatory look in his eyes, one that has Eren’s own eyes falling shut, teeth digging into his bottom lip.

“Don’t be shy,” Levi murmurs, fingertips ghosting over Eren’s ribs. “Your body’s incredible… look at the way it reacts to me.”

As if to prove his point, he brings his hands lower, running over the sensitive skin of Eren’s inner thighs.

“Levi,” he moans, fingers twisting further in the pillows. He both hates and loves when Levi talks to him like this.

“I could stay here all day,” Levi drawls, running circles along Eren’s skin. It’s so hard not to react, not to roll his hips upward, to seek out more–

“You’d like me to, wouldn’t you?” Levi’s voice is pure silk, his touch perfect sin. Eren’s legs are shaking, chest heaving, and–

“I’d gladly sit here and worship your body,” Levi murmurs, bringing a hand to Eren’s face. He can’t help but turn, a small whimper escaping him when the rough pad of Levi’s thumb brushes his lips.

“All you have to do is ask,” he breathes. Eren’s heart thumps wildly in his chest. “Just ask me, Eren. Ask me to touch you everywhere, kiss you everywhere.” Levi leans down, kisses his collarbone. “You know you’re perfect, don’t you? So tell me, Eren, tell me how beautiful you are. Tell me how you need me to show you.”

This the worst, when Levi tries to get him to say stuff like this– he can’t, absolutely can’t, but his body betrays him, jolting upwards into Levi’s touch when he wraps a hand around his cock.

“Ah– Levi!”

“Tell me,” Levi repeats, husky and broken. Eren can’t stand it anymore.

“I need you,” Eren gasps out, hands flying toward Levi, gripping at his arms. “I need you, I need you, show me how you need me–!”

Levi groans, shifting forward, bodies pressed together - ‘such a good boy’ - the whisper against Eren’s skin is enough to make him shiver, his hold on Levi tightening. He wants to be good, wants Levi to know he’s good - and Levi does, Levi does know. His touch is everywhere, his lips everywhere, and Eren sinks into the pillows, head fuzzy, skin thrumming.

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How do Eren and Levi turn their s/o on?

~Nsfw-ish warning~

Eren: He has several methods and not one of them are subtle. He could eye-fuck his s/o all day, giving them those “come hither” eyes and eyebrow wiggles. Or he could stretch showing off his developing muscles and sexy tan skin. Or he could be really cuddly with his s/o nuzzling their neck and wrapping his arms around them all the time.

Levi: He always has those “come fuck me” eyes so he could always purposely look at them in a sexy way. But he would go the more straight forward way and be rather handsy with his s/o. groping their butt or squeezing their inner thigh. Levi never has to do much to turn his partner on.

Mikasa's First Time
Mikasa's First Time

           Mikasa lays nervously on Levi’s bed as he seductively cat crawls towards her, fearful look in her eyes. He rests his hand on the nape of her neck. His forehead touches hers and whispers

          “Don’t be afraid, I’ll be gentle” 

   His hot breath sent cold shivers down to her spine, feeling so aroused.

            “I’ll take it nice and slow, make it all overflow,”

      He finds her rapid pulse and breathes on it, his voice allured with desire and mercy

           "until you scream

       He wraps his arms securely just enough for her to feel the insatiable strength of his muscles making her feel levitated. Mikasa slowly rubs her thighs on Levi’s sides in sign of patient anxiety. He kisses passionately sliding his hands inside her smooth hair, he kisses down to her neck, sucking her most sensitive spot which made her jolt, she quivers,

           "He- Hei-! *inhales* h-haah…”   

         She already felt her juices flowing uncontrollably. She moans in Levi’s ear, making his member become sensitive. As he unbuttons her damp shirt. She rolls on top of him, her thighs hugging his hips. She seductively removes her shirt, exposing her beautiful body of a goddess. He slides his warm hands up her waist and unlocking her bra. she immediately blocks his hands ,“not yet..” Mikasa smirks, secretly embarrassed. She lowered herself to feel the firmness of his chest muscles, up and over his protective arms. Levi pulls her in for a wet contact between their lips. He gently caresses her sinful body and gliding his fingertips into her pants feeling the erotic lace of her panties. 

            He gently plays with her defined collarbone with his greedy tongue and moans, “damn..” enjoying the silky material, covering what he yearns most…. Mikasa couldn’t tolerate with the teasing, she already felt herself ready to scream, and this is just the beginning of losing her pure innocence. Her eyes widened when she sensed a lump between her legs…. and it felt impossibly good…. Her heart’s content craved for more... She rocked her hips to the rhythm against his warm member, feeling it throb against her forbidden area .She quivers and pushes in more, still rocking to the beat. Levi inhaled sharply, he exhales roughly and quietly whimpers as she pushes in deeper and deeper. He snakes his hands up her smooth back and finally unlatched her bra. Before she can hide herself in embarrassment. He gently lifts her and moves her down and rolls over her, him being on top. She felt herself hesitate as she felt her own pants being unzipped and removed. She moved her head to the side to hide her ashamed face. Levi cups her cheek and whispers “do you want me to stop?” Mikasa lifted her eyes to see the soft look on his face. “please…. keep touching me” is all she can say. Levi trailed his hand over the smoothness of her warm thighs. He lifted up the side of her panty, she felt herself becoming more anxious as he slowly pulled it down with his index finger. Her curious hand feels the outline of his V-line and unbuttons his pants and the sound of the unzip caused him to moan a little louder… She  “please be gentle…” she silently pleaded. Levi looks into her dimensional eyes, putting in two fingers into his mouth, sucking them slightly and licking them out, making a trail of saliva as he moves down her forbidden area that only he can trespass. Mikasa tried to relax herself. But felt herself arching backwards and inhale sharply when he glides slowly into her dark world, Levi hissed, lost in pleasure… Enjoying her warm juices trickling more and more as he moves along deeper and becomes more of a warm and moistened presence. His breathing becomes defined and seducing, he groans into her neck

    “so moist.. so smooth.. such insatiable warmth..”

Mikasa moans into his ear when his fingers slowly move in….. and out… nice and slow… Levi deeply kisses her jawline, makes a wet contact into her neck,

“ssss… hah.. hah *heavy breathing* ~Heichou~…. *whimpers* oooh… sss …haaaah” …..and giving small kisses down her chest… He gives one last kiss under her nipple…. And explores his tongue into her breast…. Her moans transition into soft cries.. Levi loved the view of Mikasa like this… Her chest rising every pump he makes…. the trail of sweat outlining her body….. and her face…. its indescribable…. she’s a f*cking dream…. “*moans*… Heichou… I need you… inside… ~aaaah~… I want to.. hear you….” Her quiet hoarse tonetrailed off, she’s so lost between Levi and reality….

                           “Ackerman…. I wonder how you taste like….” He pulled out his soaking wet fingers and insert them into his mouth…. She witnessed him having a taste of her natural hotspring… It was a sensational flavor of warm honey…. He savored it all and urged for more… Levi grasps her hips and lightly pushed himself in. Mikasa arched her back, she let out a loud gasp in pain and contentment, feeling the warmth and throbbing sensation of his member… Levi held Mikasa fondly, she pierces her nails into his shoudler blades…. He gently pumps nice and slow into her moist silk-like atmosphere… She breaths louder and louder, her alluring cry causes chills down his spine, he whimpers and feels himself ready to release, she wraps her legs around him, feeling every muscle and scar of his back, she couldn’t restrain herself… Levi pumps deeper until he lost absolute control… “Mikasa… *inhales* I can’t… I’m going to-” He lifts up his head and moans like a God. His steaming flow of heaven rushed in the droughts of her inner soul… Levi collapses, resting his head on her chest, trying to calm his breath… Mikasa closed her eyes thinking about what happened… “…. is this a dream?… what caused this to happen?…” He leaned over.. staring into her eyes.. and kissed her tenderly on the forehead…  Was all this for lust? love? curiosity?…. Whatever it is… itssofter than the sigh when it all was over as they both slumbered deep….

External image

stop me from imagining Levy joining the council as well and being the top tactician/head of information gathering

stop me from imagining Levy and Gajeel communicating with inner ear pieces and Levy is the one relaying all the info about where Avatar is stop me stop me

  • /After the recovery of Wall Maria. A therapy for veterans who are reckoned to have shell shock after long battles./
  • Therapist: During today session we are going to try to calm down and find our inner peace...
  • Levi: *whispers to Hanji* The hell are we doin' here?
  • Hanji: Tsss... It was the governments request to make us all to come here.
  • Levi: I'll find those bastards and kick their asses.
  • Hanji: Tssss... Calm down. You have no idea how difficult it was to make them let us have the therapy together.
  • Therapist: ...we'll start with some old breathing methods...
  • Levi: *keeps whispering to Hanji* A band of tedious motherfuckers.
  • Hanji: Shut up or they'll change their mind. You wanna come here alone?
  • Levi: Hell no!
  • Therapist: I've read in your documents that because of an unusual attachment to each other during the war you have been allowed to take part in the therapy as a team.
  • Levi: *looks at Hanji with disbelief*
  • Therapist: In the beginning I'm going to make a test to get to know you better.
  • Levi: *full of concerns unconsciously slightly pulls himself to Hanji*
  • Hanji: *grabs Levi's knee under the table to cheer him up*
  • Therapist: First, I want you to describe me what you can see in the picture *shows them a cardboard with a huge blot of blue colour*
  • Levi: ...
  • Hanji: ...
  • Levi: Blue...a piece of blue shit?
  • Hanji: Yeah, if something defecates blue shit it sure would look like that.
  • Levi: Not at all, four-eyes. Something would have to have diarrhoea to shit like that.
  • Hanji: Ok then, it's more like blue vomit.
  • Levi: But not titan's vomit. Blue human vomit or blue feces after your dinner.
  • Hanji: *grins* That was rude, Clean-freak! I've always done my best.
  • Levi: Yeah, Shitty-glasses, especially when you added a suspiciously looking mushroom you have just found to our dinner.
  • Hanji: That was an experiment.
  • Levi: Your whole life is an experiment.
  • Hanji: And thanks to this we are here now.
  • Levi: Oh, thank you very much, Four-eyes. I've always dreamt to speak out about blue shit in front of a hag from the capital.
  • Hanji: Levi, chill out.
  • Levi: Oh, wait, Shitty-glasses. After your mushroom-experiment we all would be dead didn't Moblit left one of them as a specimen and show it to Sasha who knew what shit was that and what to do.
  • Hanji: Are you going to remain it forever?
  • Levi: Only when I'm pissed off.
  • Hanji: Good. So maybe one day I'll forget how you fainted when you found some dishes in my room. But I wouldn't hope it if I were you.
  • Levi: They were mouldy, you dustman. The mould has already been all blue, get it? Blue as the damn shit in the picture!
  • Hanji: Hey, Levi! We have the answer what's on the picture!
  • Levi: You may be right. When I squint I can even see a shape of the broken cup I dropped back then...
  • Hanji: And the blurred spots look like the sodden tea leaves on my floor...
  • Levi: Don't mess tea with this, Four-eyes.
  • Hanji: Ok, Clean-freak. Let's say it's all mould and crushed ceramics.
  • Therapist: So if you are already done with the task...
  • Hanji, Levi: No!
  • /Diagnosis: The patients seem to share the same hallucinations or communicate with a strange code. Also, they argue like an old married couple. I strongly recommend to transfer them to a more experienced specialist./
  • Author's note: I'm really sorry if any real therapist is reading it and tearing hair out of head, I'm not a therapist and it's only my retarded stereotypical image, don't beat me please >_<

i don’t think i could express just how much i need

- eruri kisses
- eruri cuddles
- eruri domestic fluff
- eruri height difference
- erwin’s lame sense of fashion
- erwin’s lame sense of humor
- erwin’s lame eyebrows and thighs
- levi’s constant yet uneffective denial
- levi’s inner sexual struggles
- levi and erwin’s children

in my life

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Oh goodness. Levi loves Eren. Loves him to death, to pieces, to eternity. And Levi jist loves Eren's body. Any chance he could get, he would touch Eren: soft, feather-light touches; hard, insistent pressing. But one thing else that Levi really loves about Eren would be his legs. Damn those legs. They just seem to go on for miles and miles. (1 out of 2)

And Levi loves it even mote when those long, tan legs are on either side of him. He loves it when Eren’s legs are on his shoulders, and Levi would work his way up, from the pretty little toes up to the sensitive flesh of Eren’s inner thighs. Levi would just nip and suckle at that flesh, and he’d look Eren straight in the eye as he does so, and the only thing Eren can do is to look on, eyes half-lidded, wanton moans escaping his full, swollen lips. (2 out of 2)


Title: Obsess

Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin

Pairing: Levi/Hanji Zoe 

Word Count: 1,322

Summary: When Hanji immerses herself into her projects, she doesn’t budge for days. There is no voice of reason, no way of possibly getting it through to her that her health is more important than her research. She’s like a rock. She’s like a big, stupid rock that Levi wants to kick with all of the force he can muster.

Notes: I wrote this for iza because of a little conversation we had about her hair, her inner-hanji and my inner-levi.

Read on AO3 


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Shingeki no Kyojin - End

I think this picture turned out really intense. Just look at Hanges face…

(We wanted to show this two idiots in a different perspective. And I like this Hange a LOT! She is unpredictable. Especially when it comes to her little midget. As for Levi: I always wanted to put him into a more “human” state. To me, he is not invincible. And this was the outcome.)

I hope you like it!

Gajevy Week - Demons

So the first pic for Gajevy Week on Tumblr was using the demons prompt and based off a headcanon I have. I did a few tweeks to it from the first time I posted it.

I think this piece is pretty self-explanatory…even though time has passed and Gajeel and Levy have grown closer together, he still struggles with his inner demons…mostly about what he did to her in the past (with the tree crucifixion). These “demons” usually come to him at night while he is sleeping, causing him to have nightmares and relive that moment. Levy, of course, is unaware that he is tormenting himself by not being able to forgive himself for the things he has done.

So there’s my headcanon about this prompt.

eyes are the window to the soul

I COME ALIVE AT THE SLIGHTEST MENTION OF GAJEVY. SO YEah, here’s a fic I wrote based on the latest FT chapter at one in the morning. Ugh, can you believe how much Gajeel’s grown? Like, I’m so proud of him ;-; 

Warning: Gajeel may or may not be OC. Depends on the person.

Hope you guys enjoy!

“It’s not a sin to fall in love… You can’t even arrest someone over that.”

Gajeel’s words ran on repeat in Levy’s mind. After getting over her initial astonishment, she couldn’t help but wonder if there was a hidden innuendo under it. Could he possibly have feelings for anyone? More specially, for her? I mean, he can’t say that and not have experienced it, right?

She shook her head, and puffed out a frustrated breath. This was definitely not the time for that. They were going to war, and she had a reputation to uphold - as a brilliant tactician. Levy will not lose that because of a few words a certain metal-studded brute said.

Well, former brute. Sort of.

Gajeel had changed, slowly but steadily throughout the years. And she felt pride swelling up in her chest knowing she played a part in that. In fact, she felt privileged to have been able to witness his growth.

But Levy was greedy. She wanted more. Heck, she wanted to be more. More than a teammate, more than a friend, more. She wanted to be the first and last thing on his mind when he got up and before he fell asleep. She wanted to consume his thoughts so thoroughly he’d think of no one else, spare his cat, of course. She wanted him to love her back, just as much she loved him.

So deep in her inner musings, Levy hadn’t noticed that the object of her thoughts had walked over, until he gently tugged on her headband. (Gently, he tugged on it gently. Old Gajeel didn’t know gently.)

“Everything alright, Shrimp?” So startled, she let out screech and immediately jerked back.

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