inner jim halpert

People are always asking us what it’s like working in the Cracked offices, and though their words say, “Take me seriously,” their hearts yearn for tales of hijinks. Perhaps Soren and Dan are engaged in a prank war of epic proportions, the cubicles a minefield of shaving cream pies and rubber dog poop. Perhaps we send interns on elaborate quests with no end, only to watch from afar and laugh as they give up and finally decide to get their master’s degrees. Sorry to disappoint you all, but for the most part, “antics” at Cracked amount to this.

Yes, we do have some antics, but by and large, Cracked is at least 40 percent typical office life and 60 percent dog park. However, don’t let that stop you from turning your workplace into the occupational hazard of your dreams. Here are four items straight from the Cracked Store that are guaranteed to appease your inner Jim Halpert and turn your job into the frolicking Thunderdome that it was always destined to be.

Get Your Workplace Hijinks Now (Office Romance Not Included)