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i had one of those night’s sleep where you feel acutely aware that you are not in fact sleeping the whole time, just a hazy, tossing & turning darkness where every once in a while you hear your inner voice say ‘nope, i haven’t fallen asleep still, this is fake’, until about 2 hours before you need to wake up, during which you have the most vivid, terrifying nightmares & you wake up sore from your whole body clenching in fear.

not great, bob.

Psychic Powers: Automatic Writing


Also known as Psychography.

Automatic Writing allows a person to produce written words without consciously writing. These words are from a subconscious, spiritual, or supernatural source.

Basically, it’s a non-scary way to speak with your “Higher Self”, spirit guides, or spirits. It allows you to see their perspective subconsciously, while using claircognizance.


Here are some examples of when you could do it…

  • When you have a fear of spirits and are too scared to contact your guides in any other way
  • When you are not yet very clairvoyant or clairaudient (you can’t hear or see your spirit guides), so you want to try another way.  Automatic writing is actually very easy if you manage to put your mind to one side, and I know lots of people who have trouble hearing their inner voice who have had success with automatic writing.
  • When you want to get your Higher Self’s perspective on something that is bothering you – (I used to do automatic writing when I was upset about something and needed to raise my vibration. I’d tune into my higher self and start writing.  She always had some very comforting and insightful things to say about any situation.)
  • Or just when you have some questions that you want a spiritual perspective on.


Sit down with a blank piece of white paper in front of them, while holding a pen.

I’ve also heard, before, that you can sit at a computer and type - but this is high unlikely to work. It would take a lot of energy for another being to move your hands across a keyboard. Pen/pencil and paper is very recommended.

Begin writing without conscious thought.

The conscious mind recedes into the background, so that wisdom from other realms of consciousness many be channeled through and handwritten, or typed.
Often those who do automatic writing have no idea what they have written until they read over their notes.


Start each automatic writing session with ‘My Spirit Guides’ or ‘My Higher Self’ or ‘My Angels’ as the first line.

You can call on all of them if you want.  Be clear about whose input you want, as it sets an intention to hear from that being.
If you want, you can also see your guides as parts or extensions of you that you can access whenever you want, like your subconscious.  
(The more you see these entities as beings outside of you, the more channeling them may seem quite elusive.)
If you want, you can also raise your vibration and connect with your guides/higher self before you begin typing.  For example, you can do some deep breathing, or visualize going up to a room to meet with your guides, so that you can get their input for the duration of the session.

Just start writing and don’t worry about what you’re writing at first.

For example, write your question and just see what comes out when you put your fingers on the keys. You don’t have to focus on the question, just start writing about anything that comes into your head.
The trick with this is to get used to writing (if you are not already).  The more you’re used to writing, the easier it is to get into that ‘flow’ state when writing.

Setting a timer while you do it can be helpful

This is so that you don’t have time to think about what you’re writing. That works particularly well when you have a set of questions you want to ask your guides.

Create the right conditions so that you can lose your inhibitions about what you’re writing

I (personally) like to make sure I’m completely alone before automatic writing, and then insure that I’m writing in a journal or on a piece of paper that I can put somewhere safe, so that no one else reads it.

Don’t allow your mind to interpret the information while you’re getting it

You can interpret it afterwards.  But know that it is totally normal for the mind to butt in and judge information in the process.


Channeled information tends to be high vibrational in nature.  
It will often comfort you, provide clarity or will raise your mood in some way. If it feels negative or feels heavy, you’re probably not channeling a source that you want to tap into - or you may just be channeling your own emotional body, if you are not feeling very good.
What you channel via writing will usually not sound like your voice or the voice that you ‘think’ in.
Another feature of intuitive guidance is that it tends to be very clear, usually feels light and is often simply expressed.  
Having said that, I have read automatic writing that is poetic and metaphorical in nature.  But don’t be hung up on how yours should sound or be. If you do it often enough, you will soon get a sense for what your automatic writing ‘feels’ like.


Phoenix House by Sebastian Mariscal

A house of introspection, setting the elements for light and darkness, mystery and emotion, all orchestrated by the forgotten silence that will let us hear our inner selves once again.

Dynamic Character Introductions: a case study

Your main character’s first introduction is one of the most important scenes in your story. In addition to establishing the setting and their role, their personality must be introduced to the audience quickly and subtly, so that it does not feel like exposition. In a visual medium, we do not always get the benefit of being able to read/hear their inner thoughts, so writers/artists have to come up with ways to convey the same information visually.

Here, we’re going to look at what makes a character introduction powerful, using Jack Sparrow’s first appearance in Pirates of the Caribbean as an example. The scene,which is only a little over a minute long can be seen here.

We first see Jack from behind, at a slightly low angle, giving him the impression of being powerful and mysterious. By lowering the horizon line, the audience is led to assume that he is standing high up, also adding to the idea of him as a powerful man.

The next shot continues this impression by forcing the audience to look up at him. We zoom into his intense expression as he grabs hold of one of the ropes and jumps down…

…only to reveal that his boat is tiny, and filling with water. This completely subverts the audience’s first impression of Jack. Disrupting audience expectations can also be done to make things more uncomfortable, but here it is used to establish him as a more comedic figure. We’re still only twenty seconds in at this point, and the audience has already gone through two different emotional reactions.

As we continue, Jack comes across a few pirates who have been hung, and he takes his hat off to salute them, telling the audience that he has an unconventional sense of morality, and sympathizes with criminals. He also sarcastically nods at a sign warning that pirates will receive the death penalty, telling us something else about his character.

Jack continues to stand on the mast while the little boat sinks, and stepping off of it once he reaches the boardwalk. His refusal to abandon ship shows an adherence to the idea that a captain should go down with his ship, but Jack does so in a way that allows him to save his own skin rather than sink. This lets the audience know that Jack is concerned with appearing like a good ship captain, but ultimately places his interests and self-preservation first.

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For the ask meme, #50, Victor and Yuuri (look I know Yuuri has a lot of guilty pleasures but one of them has to be the Worst)

  • 50: this character’s guilty pleasure?

VICTOR: hugh grant romantic comedies, eastern european disco from the 70′s and 80′s, pelmeni, getting his asshole waxed and bleached, biting the soft of yuuri katsuki’s inner thigh just to hear the noise he makes every time and feel the uncontrollable keen of his body into victor’s mouth

YUURI: the track “You & I” by one direction, victor nikiforov, not wearing pants if he absolutely doesn’t have to, victor nikiforov, trying to get a rise out of yuri plisetsky, victor nikiforov, dipping fries in milkshakes, victor nikiforov, 

Just in case anyone missed it, I just wanna point out that Rey’s last words to Finn before he left Maz’s cantina for the Outer Rim are “Don’t go” and as she watches Finn leave she literally hears her inner child screaming out “Don’t go! No!” Like, Finn leaving is literally paralleled to Rey’s family abandoning her on Jakku and watching him leave is so painful that it triggers a Force memory of what was probably the worst day of her life and now that I’ve realized this I can’t be forced to suffer alone with these feelings.

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What do you like the most about Chrollo? :)

I adore his personality the most.
“This is how things are, so I will do my best.” This is the type of person Chrollo is according to Togashi. And this very core-idea is proven in most of his action in the manga so far. He’s a realist, he accept things as the way it is and doing his best for the troupe.

Most people I talk with kinda “wut!? seriously?!” whenever I describe positive things about him, so bare with me with my long-ass explanation. lol.

Yes, he’s indeed a cold-blooded killer, but when the outsiders treat him the same way, he never complained “why bad things happening to me? Why you kill my friend?! etc.” instead, he accept the fact, move forward, and calmly seek the most rational approach to solve the problems, and this is also answer the reason why he barely do the ‘revenge’ things, and I. Highly. Respect. Him. For. that.👌👀 . He knows when to stop.
canon proves?
1. He’s not even taking revenge for Uvo’s death, the mafia mass murder was Chrollo ‘granting’ Uvo’s wish to wreak havoc.
2. He’s not even angry to Hisoka, knowing that he revealed Uvo’s ability to the enemy, which pretty much what caused Uvo’s death.
3. He’s not being persistent about wanting to take further revenge to Silva Zoldyck (since the #8 got murdered); he probably understand the fact that raising a war flag with Zoldyck isn’t a wise choice for his spiders.
4. He choose to withdraw from the Chain User once he realized (from the prophecy) that chasing after him ain’t worth at all. He’s not gonna risk his precious spiders for that. (ofc before Hisoka flip the table and mess with Chrollo’s original decision)
5. Again, he’s not holding grudge when Hisoka betray him and the troupe, he just accept Hisoka as the way he is.
6. Last but not least, we haven’t see him taking any initiative to take a revenge to the chain user, seems like he just move on, just like he usually are. 

As the side-effects, Chrollo is probably carrying all his personal feeling/pain for himself (just look how extremely pissed he is when he saw Silva, which is one of the most extreme emotions we’ve seen from him so far, but he’s strong enough not to let his personal feeling interrupt his job.) 

(after all these messes, let’s see how his react towards the death of Kortopi and Shalnark, whether it finally reach his patience meter or not. Lol.)

I can say most of my respect for Chrollo is pretty much align with the way Togashi sees him in this interview down below

Goodness..these are.. even.. just a few parts. I’ll better run away before I turned this post into an essay. lmao.

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What's yiur personal opinion about Venus sign in Scorpio? Do you think they're also amorous and tender?

I think they can abuse the love principle a lot, use it for their own personal gain in terms of power. This placement is charismatic and know what people want to hear, so inner selfishness can be masked by a feigned friendly exterior; manipulation for the purpose of being in control. Once they acknowledge that these “tactics” aren’t needed to have someone’s love, they can be fiercely loyal and mars is at work here so passion is strong, as well as Pluto so their love can go beyond the mundane, very soulful. I don’t know about tender…not really, but sure they can be amorous if they’re sexually inclined since this is the domain of mars and pluto.  

Imagine Person A being surprised when people say that they didn’t know that they and Person B were dating.

Every time we are about to take a huge leap in human consciousness, that’s when bad news ends up happening, so we don’t achieve that expansion… I would absolutely minimize your time with watching TV, and if you are going to watch it, be an observer, don’t get sucked into it, observe the games being played, and put that lens on, instead of believing everything you hear, because all of, most of, the mainstream media is owned by the very people that are compromising us… Look locally in your community, maybe create groups where you can have workshops and discussions… And think positive, because we are powerful, powerful beings, and their manipulations have to do with taking our dreams, and taking our energies, so that we enable these dark agendas. If we could just focus on what we want to manifest and put it into our own internal GPS system - what vision we want for the future - we’ll be able to hear our inner voice, and we’ll be able to get assistance from spirit guides, and our benevolent star family that is here to help us - and that will take us right into a beautiful future, because we can manifest this, this is what they don’t want us to realize about ourselves.

Loving my body EXTRA lately and learning to truly love myself.
I am magic because I am unique and whole , there isn’t another person like me anywhere. Repeat: there isn’t another YOU anywhere.
I’m sitting here thinking about all the harm I’ve done to my body. I feel so fucking close to my inner workings. I can hear it talking to me , telling me how I feel. The pits in my stomach , the cramps before my period , the periodic clock that I can count on and find comfort in. Thank you for carrying me through this life , I’m sorry I’ve hurt you. I’m sorry I’ve let unwarranted and unworthy hands touch you , I’m sorry I put foreign substances in you that hurt your lungs and your heart and make it hard for you to breath. I’m sorry I don’t feed you well all the time and don’t treat you with kindness and understanding.
Find strength in your convictions and your unique identity.

Citrus Nectarine Body Scrub.

Here’s how it goes down in the Diamond household: I get home after a long day of running around LA; I look in my fridge; I consider what I can slather on my body in the form of a DIY spa treatment. I peruse the wilted kale, the dangling carrots, the tired parsley, and my eyes linger on the bag of bruised fruit I got for pie and jam on Monday at the farmers market.

That? Should I slather my body with that?! Why not?! I hear my inner apothecary mixtress reply—the fruit acids will condition your skin and the pectin will act as an antioxidant!

The textures here are everything: Granular sugar, silky coconut oil, piquant orange zest, and tender nectarine pulp. Together, they’re guaranteed to scrub away the detritus of even the roughest of days.

Enjoy the ultimate summer glow! Recipe here.