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Take Care - Pt. 1

Description: After your sister passes, nothing is the same in your house, your father becomes so much more protective and when you finally turn 18 he has you pack all your things and move to Seoul, South Korea with him and his extremely illegal job that he happens to dominate. However, moving comes with way more benefits than you imagined.

  • A/n: Saw this in a dream and I felt like the writer gods spoke to me and here it envisioning like 5 chapters not sure yet but enjoy and re blog if you liked it :)
  • Genre: angst, fluff, I think this is the only chapter there’s gonna be without smut omg I’m so nasty
  • Word Count: 5,250

The drive in the back of the car that day was the loneliest and most silent one yet, mostly because she wasn’t there with you. You could never forget anything that happened that day, your dad called it “formally saying goodbye” but truthfully, it never felt like you said hello. Your conversations were full of, “I’ll be back in the morning” and “shh, don’t tell anyone” and then she’d disappear through your window. She had a window in her room once, but then one of the security guards found out she was sneaking out, informed your father, and he got it sealed. The funny thing about it is while you stood in the semi circle of people dressed in black, clenching fists full of dirt awaiting the utter of “ashes to ashes, dust to dust”, you couldn’t cry, you felt nothing for her, because what’s a loss if you never had it in the first place, besides, you were 10, you only cried when your pets died or if you broke a crayon while coloring too hard.

You sat around the dining table built for 16 but accompanying two. Your father sat at the head with you facing him a good distance away at the opposite end.

“Mimi isn’t doing a good job at cleaning,” Your statement echoed in the large dining room and earned a look up from your father.

“And why do you think that?” His voice was raspy and you never spoke to him enough to get used to it.

You pulled two fingers along the table and lifted them to inspect the remains of the white powder your father’s workers were filling bags with the other night. “Coke,” you said to yourself, but of course, he heard, he hears everything.

He let out a soft chuckle and folded his arms across his chest, “Well I’m going to have to have a talk with Mimi,” He stared at you and furrowed his brows before chuckling again, “You look more like your mother than Bella did,”

Your heart raced at the mention of your mother and sister in the same sentence. You never met your mother. She got sent away when you were a new born and when Bella was eight. Yes, sent away. You see, there are drug dealers, and then there’s your dad. He wasn’t only the boss of his pack, he was the boss of all the packs in California and being the leader of such a big pack definitely attracted hunters. He was in love with your mother, so in love that she became his weakness and the hunters’ main target. When she was pregnant with you, word got around and while innocently coming from the grocery store; her car was slammed into by two vans on either side. Unfortunately you’d have to do some more eavesdropping to fill the gap between the car accident and her forced departure to base 2, because asking direct questions is exactly what got your sister killed.

“Will I ever meet her? Will I ever even be able to come out of this god damn house!!” you slammed your hand down on the table allowing the rush of emotions to get the better of you. Your father didn’t even flinch.

“Of course you’ll be coming out of this god damn house,” He said in his calmest tone completely ignoring your first concern, “We’re moving to base 2,”

He pushed himself backwards in his chair from the table and the sound of his intention to get up had Mimi rushing around the corner to come take up the dinner plates.

“What?” you barely managed to get the words out while you still tried to register what he said, “Why are we moving?”

“They’ve been trying to reach me for years, from before I met Lila,” He stopped suddenly mid sentence when he realized what he did, he said her name, you knew her name now, Lila. As if he was hoping you’d ignore it, which you did, he continued his explanation, “I’ve given them too many ways to tear me down, not one, but three. They tried one too many times to kill your mother, so I sent her away, and they succeeded with your sister. I will not let them take you away from me too,”

“Wow,” you smiled devilishly and folded your arms across your chest, mocking his positioning.

“What?” He questioned furrowing his brows yet again.

“I didn’t know you had time on your hands to care,”

“Why would you think I don’t?” He slightly raised his voice which only made your blood boil more.

“Because you don’t. I was a mistake, neither I nor Bella was planned but we came. You’re not mad they killed her because she was too inquisitive, who knows? Maybe you set that up yourself –

“Shut the fuck up!” He stood from his seat and shook the table so hard that it connected with your chest but you still kept talking.

“You lock me up in here all day and every day so you don’t have to worry about me getting exposed to whatever the fuck is going on here but guess what dad? I know! I fucking know! You’re Los Angeles’ own Pablo Escobar and a complete recreation of the devil himself! The guys hunting you aren’t bad people! You’re the bad guy and I’m in your fucking trap!” You pushed yourself away from the table and briskly walked towards the door connecting the dining room to the hall. “And I’m not going to base 2,”

He grabbed your arm so fast and firm that you winced loudly at the pain, “Since you’re so aware of what goes on around here,” he growled lowly, “You should know that no one but me has a say in anything,”

“Ah let her go Dom, can’t you see she’s internally screaming?” The orders of the only man that could calm your father down had him obeying quickly.

“Kim Seok Jun, my Asian fairy god brother,” Your father’s frown turned upside down in a matter of seconds when seeing his best friend and right hand man walk through the door.

“Dominique whatever the fuck your last name is, my black pain in the ass,” They greeted each other with a short manly hug.

You had never felt so unwanted in a room in your own house before. You stepped back with the intention to eventually leave the room quietly but Jun addressed you unexpectedly, “Pack a lot of winter clothes, it’s usually cold around these times in Seoul,”

Seoul? As in South fucking Korea? That’s where base 2 is? Makes sense, it’s literally across the world in an entirely different hemisphere with a language and people so far from English that if you went out into the street and screamed “Hey everyone! I sell drugs and keep my daughter hostage and kill people all while wearing a suit!” they’d think you were advertising food.

“I don’t have any winter clothes; I’m a black girl in L. A,” You sassed.

“Well then grab your stuff, we’re going shopping,”

You weren’t right about a lot of things, and that was hard to admit to yourself, but you knew for a fact you were right about this: You were the only eighteen year old in the entire west coast that had never been to a mall.

“You like pink?” Jun asked while holding the thick fur coat against your skin and putting a black coat on the opposite side, “I like the pink,”

You smiled a bit at the way he was trying to bring out his inner “fashionista” and nodded in agreement with his choice. “Can’t I just get both?” You joked but he still put the two coats in the cart adding them to the pile of things you had picked up before and headed toward the cashier.

“Anything else you want to get? Shoes maybe? Oh look,” He reached behind you and took something from off the shelf, “A beanie, that’s what they call it right?”

“You’re such an elder,” you both burst out with laughter at the joke that wasn’t that funny, but well needed for you both.

It felt good to be outside with Jun again. After Bella died, your visits to amusement parks and movies and the annual circus all stopped and it wasn’t until eight years after that you realized you genuinely missed him. He was everything your father was too busy to be, well he didn’t read your bed time stories and tuck you in, Mimi did that, but he taught you to ride a bike and warned you about boys and taught you to “never settle for being the bitch on the side lines cause you got you a boss face like your papa”.

It wasn’t long before you had cashed everything and headed out the mall and back home. The drive was as silent as expected, you didn’t drive out very often so you decided to take in everything out the window rather than engage in a conversation.

When you got back to the house a few cars were parked up front facing out and your father standing between the two in the middle. He was talking to a tall man dressed in a full black suit with a face that was highly recognizable, “Hey isn’t that the bodyguard?” You pointed to the man so Jun could see exactly who you were talking about.

He squinted his eyes and looked in his direction all while trying to properly align the car in the driveway, “Oh yeah, well, not after today,”

“What do you mean?”

“New base, new staff princess,” He let out a long sigh and opened the car door to step out. You followed behind.

“What do you mean new staff? You’re leaving? Everyone is leaving? Why would –

“Princess, calm down, I’m not leaving, besides,” He took the large shopping bags from the back seat and slammed the door shut with his back, “I’m not staff, I’m your dad’s best friend plus my family is in Korea, I’d be going home anyway,”

You both walked pass the horizontal line of cars that began to disappear one by one from the driveway and went into the house. “You’re family? You’ve been with our family ever since I was a baby, I didn’t think,” You stopped yourself from completing the sentence realizing that reminding him that he’d been absent from his family might be offensive, but he just chuckled.

“I’m not here all year round you know, we see each other,”

Mimi hurriedly walked downstairs with two large suitcases in her hands evidently empty judging by the way she effortlessly carried them.

“Toothbrush, makeup, lady stuff, nail polish, pretty face things and things for your curly curly hair,” Mimi handed you the first suitcase with a smile decorating her cute wrinkled face.

Wait, Mimi was staff, that meant – but she’s been here for so long wouldn’t she be considered family?

You took the suitcase from her and put it beside you but frowned deeply when you saw her demeanor change, “I’ll miss you bumbum,” She brought you in for a tight hug before you had a chance to respond, “If you ever need anything, you know where to find me,” She whispered before releasing you, nodding at Jun and walking through the front door leaving the other suitcase behind.

A large lump grew in your throat and tears stung your eyes threatening to fall from the glistening balls.

“Hey,” Jun caught your attention with his obvious attempt to change your mood, “Mimi is irreplaceable, we can’t deny that,” He lifted the bags of clothes and filled the once empty suitcase and started to close it up, “But you can’t make her departure get you so down bumbum,” You laughed at his attempt to mock Mimi and wiped away the small, stubborn tears with the back of your hand.

Jun lifted the suitcase from the floor and motioned you to go through the door, “Hold on, we’re leaving today?” You hesitated to move and stared at Jun in complete disbelief.

“Yes, yes now go, you look fine, come on,” You both quickly moved off towards the door, Jun in front of you, but you stopped for a brief second to look at yourself in the standing mirror near to the door.

You had on faded blue jeans, (one of the few pairs that weren’t distressed or cut short), an oversized plain white sweater a little under your mid thigh and black combat boots. You actually did look okay with, as usual, the exception of your hair. You quickly caught it all up in a half bun, cursed the two curls that fell out at the back and ran through the door to meet back up with your dad that was now standing beside one car with the back door open and waiting for you.

“Hop in, we’re already late,” He got in himself after making sure you were secure in the back and Jun had put your suitcases in the trunk.

It was bound to be a long trip. If you had learnt anything from the many private tutors your father hired to home school you, it was geography and South Korea was days away.

“So are we gonna live in like the heart of the city or like Busan?” You broke the silence as soon as the car drove off.

“Well your dad and I will be in Incheon, it’s just outside of Seoul,” Jun looked over his shoulder for a small second to address you then smiled to our Dad, “You’ll be staying in a penthouse in the city,”

Your eyes lit up at what Jun had just said, there had to be a catch because if you had known what came in the ‘base 2 package’ you would have opted to move years ago, “I’ll be living alone? Like by myself?” You scooted over closer to your father and held on to his shoulder like a toddler, “Like the adult I am?” Both you and Jun laughed but your father answered you sternly,

“You’ll be accompanied by a bodyguard whenever you’re to carry out any daily activities and he will be required to spend the night just to make sure no one comes in on you,”

You rolled your eyes and let out an annoyed growl, “I’m not gonna live with some old stranger,”

“He’s not much older than you, he’s 22 this year and hardly a stranger,” Jun added

“You two know each other?”

Jun and your dad chuckled lightly at your question before Jun decided to answer, “Yes, in fact we’re very close, I don’t think you’ve ever met him though,”


“Taehyung, my son”

The drive to the private terminal was long and the flight was even longer. All three of you suffered from jetlag, horrible, unforgivable jetlag. Jun had driven you to the penthouse which, to no surprise, was already decorated with expensive furniture that was grey, black or white but the most satisfying aspect was that the fridge, the grey fridge, was packed with western food.

After losing the battle with yourself to sleep instead of unpack, you allowed the grilled cheese sandwich and half glass of orange juice to knock you out on the couch, the grey couch.

You didn’t dream, ever, so the ringing of the doorbell had to be real. You grunted at the sound and placed a cushion over your head.

The door bell rang again, this time loud enough to annoy you to consciousness. You had fallen asleep on the couch with half your body hanging off and your head nestled in the crease of your elbow which was as uncomfortable as it sounded. You struggled to lift your sore self from your position and practically dragged your feet to the other end of the penthouse to answer the door. It was quite a long walk from the living room to the main door and you couldn’t fathom why they had to put you in such a big ass place.

The bell rang again twice on your journey to the front door and you yanked it hard stopping your visitor mid knock, “Yes?” You failed at your attempt to sound stern and your ‘yes’ came out in a squeak instead of a shout.

The gentleman standing there let a small chuckle slip out and quickly covered his mouth when he realized what he did, “Sorry about that, it’s just, sorry,” His voice was deep like your father’s but definitely not as raspy, his was soothing.

He slowly let his hand fall from his mouth and his perfect fingers lingered a little too long on his perfect set of lips before resting at his side. He had short blonde hair that fell a little in his face but still allowed you to see past it and basically lose yourself in his dark brown eyes. He wasn’t exactly tall but taller than you, much taller than you.

“uh – miss?” He waved his hands in front your face to snap you out of your gaze and you blushed in embarrassment.

“Sorry, um, I wasn’t expecting anyone, who are you?” You furrowed your brows when he smiled at your question.

“You weren’t expecting me? So neither my dad nor yours told you I was coming?”

“Hold on, you’re Taehyung? You’re the bodyguard?” You couldn’t get proper sentences out because you hadn’t fully taken in the beauty of the person standing before you.

“You sound disappointed,” He did his little box smile again and sunk his hands deeper into his pockets rocking back and forth like an impatient child. You couldn’t help but laugh at his action.

“I’m not disappointed I’m just…surprised I guess,” You opened the door with a smile wide enough to suggest to him that he was welcomed to come in, and he stepped towards you but not past you just yet.

Taehyung towered over you and stared down at your face before speaking. He inspected all the small details of your face including the little crease on your cheek he suspected got there because you just woke up. He was used to seeing Korean women with the usual pale skin, straight hair and almost always the same body type, nothing like you. He lifted his hand to pull down on one of your curls and watch it bounce back up and smiled at you in amusement.

“Well I’m happy to hear you’re not disappointed, but why are you surprised?” He whispered loud enough for you to hear.

You parted your lips to respond but you genuinely didn’t know what to say, you wanted to tell him you didn’t expect him to look let alone sound this attractive but he wasn’t some stranger you met in a store, he now worked for you, well, for your father. Either way, whatever you had in mind was not going to happen.

You closed the door behind him as he stepped into the penthouse looking around and nodding in approval of the style, “Fan of class?” He spun around and almost hit you over not expecting you to be standing so close behind him, “Shit,” He steadied you both, “It’s like I’m trying to lose my job,”

“Are you always this clumsy?” You joked

“Honestly, yeah, always,” He sunk his hands in his pocket, an action you deduced to just be a bad habit of his that couldn’t possibly compare to any of yours.

“I uh thought you were going to live here…no suitcase?”

“Well,” He walked over towards a column in the living room and leaned on it for support, “I wanted to formally introduce myself before I come strolling in, and my suitcases are actually just downstairs,”

“Okay, fair enough…I’ll go first though,” You rested your back against the column opposite the one Taehyung was on so you could comfortably face him, “I’m y/n, I like coffee and things that make me laugh,”

“Alright well you already know my name, I’d tell you what my friends call me but you can decide a nickname along the way oh and I must mention, I make the best coffee and enjoy making people laugh,” He gave another one of the box smiles you were slowly getting addicted to. You laughed again at his introduction inevitably in full agreement with the ‘enjoy making people laugh’ part.

“Why’d you take the job as the bodyguard?”

“Well to be honest with you I thought you were six and I love taking care of kids plus I needed to kill the time,”

“Kill the time?”

“I just graduated university but my dad said I can’t ‘join his force’ until I’m at least 25,”

“hmm,” You hummed, taking all the information in, “so you’re girlfriend won’t have a problem with you living with me and being everywhere I am?”

“As soon as I find one, I’ll explain to her that this is just business and she has nothing to worry about,”

You both laughed at his answer for a while before you finally broke it, “Well, you’ve officially won me over Taehyung, you may share my abode,” You did your best old English impression lifting your hand towards the room.

“Why thank you madam, I shall go get my things,” Taehyung walked backwards smiling before expectedly bumping into a wall and turning around to go through the door.

He had joined you in the living room an hour later after settling in and sat a safe distance away from you on the couch. You were still very tired from all the travelling you had done earlier and therefore still a slave to sleep.

“So you thought I was six huh?” you said groggily while bringing your feet up in the sofa.

“I did, but I’m obviously wrong I mean, you’re…a lot older than six, however, I don’t know if that’s a bad thing,” He tilted his head to the side to look at you from a different angle.

“And how would that be a bad thing,” You stretched your feet outwards until your toes were brushing his thighs.

“Y/n,” He spoke softly, “I don’t think it’s safe for you to do that,” he looked down at where your feet made contact with his.

“Oh, sorry,” You quickly pulled away but he grabbed onto your ankles tightly and gently placed your feet in his lap.

“I mean…it looked uncomfortable,” He rubbed your feet but didn’t seem to realize he was doing it, and did a good job too.

“Not to be rude but, you’re suppose to just make sure I’m safe, no need to worry about my comfort,”

He scoffed at your words and looked down at your feet and began to rub deeper into the skin which was only making you fall into sleep, “Is that really all you want?”

Curse you and your dirty ass mind because everything but what he really meant was flooding your thoughts. He continued to rub your feet and you continued to drift while fighting the sleep as best you could.

You noticed him scrunching his face deep in thought while gliding his hands up your shin and back down to your soles, “What’re you thinking?” You managed to utter in your deep state of tiredness.

“Trying to come up with something to make you laugh,” He answered honestly and that alone made you chuckle.

“Why?” You gave him your best half smile while your eyes finally came to a close.

“You have a pretty smile,”

You reached for the cushion beside you and playfully threw it at him but it didn’t get further than your waist, “Ah stop being so cute, I’m not suppose to like you so soon,” Your words were unfiltered but you were too drunk in sleep to care.

Taehyung slightly chuckled at what you said and watched you fall asleep. He lifted your feet slowly from his lap when he realized you were gone off completely. The intention was to meet you, maybe learn a thing or two about you along the way, follow you to the store or to a salon and make sure no one tried to hurt you which he knew particularly be hard. He’d heard about how ruthless the people in this business were in America, but it still could compare to the people here.

He took another look at you before walking off to let you rest. One of your hands lay hanging off the couch and another was tangled in your hair, you wore a pair of leggings and a fitted top which hugged your body nicely. Taehyung hated feeling like a perv but the longer he stared at you, the harder it became to look away. His thoughts were short lived because of a knock he heard on the door.

“Hmm, y/n expecting someone else?” He hummed to himself while strolling towards the door.

He pat the side of his belt to make sure his gun was secure in its case and pulled on it just in case he needed to take it all the way out.

The person knocked again, ten times harder than before.

Taehyung was now pressed against the door and turning the door knob but as soon as it clicked open the door was thrown forward and Taehyung was on the floor. A tall, muscular man pushed his way inside and pointed his gun at Taehyung.

The loud bang the door made when it was forced open had you flying out of the couch and onto your feet. Your eyes went wide at the sight before you and you stumbled down in an attempt to dress back.

The taller man bent down to get closer to Taehyung who was already on his way up so they ended up meeting half way. Taehyung pushed him onto the floor and straddled him wrapping his hands around the other man’s throat.

“Okay okay you win!!!” The other man laughed and Taehyung pushed himself off in a split second.

“What the fuck Namjoon you actually scared me!!” Taehyung placed the gun back in his waist and wasn’t the least bit surprised to see you awake and in shock, “Now look what you did,” he said to Namjoon scolding him for waking you.

You were beyond confused but more relieved to know that it really wasn’t an intruder, but someone Taehyung knew.

“This is her?” Namjoon pointed at you and smiled. He had blonde hair like Taehyung did and was a little taller with a rounder face and very deep dimples.

You walked over to where they were standing and stood beside and slightly behind Taehyung.

“Aww, she looks so cute behind yo- daaamn that’s a nice as –

“Okay alright y/n this is the most annoying human being you will ever meet on earth but we call him Namjoon for short,” Taehyung cut off Namjoon as if he didn’t already get out what he needed to say.

“Uh, hi,” You were still in shock and the two men realized, well, Taehyung did. He placed his hand on your back and brought you closer to him in an effort to calm you down.

“I’m sorry I woke you,” His whisper did everything to you, calm you down being one of them. You looked up at him and smiled to let him know you were okay.

“So who exactly are you?” You turned your attention to Namjoon who hadn’t taken his eyes off of everything below your neck since the conversation started.

“Kim Namjoon, first year trainee in all this madness,” He flashed you a cute smile and held out his hand for you to shake which you accepted while smiling back at him.

Taehyung glared at him and changed the topic quickly so the handshake didn’t last any longer than it had to, “He forgot to mention he also has to go back to work now,”

“Oh don’t be such a buzz kill Tae Tae,” He pinched at Taehyung’s cheeks but his hands were quickly swatted away, “I have a few hours of free time,”

Taehyung’s face was as straight as an arrow and his gaze laced with annoyance ad irritation from his older friend.

“Y/n, I understand you’re new to Seoul, I could show you around a little bit if you want,” Namjoon smiled at you completely ignoring Taehyung’s deathly stare.

“She’s tired, she just got off a two day flight and she would like to rest,” Taehyung sassed not once moving his hand from your back. You brought a hand up to stifle your laugh.

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to take you out another time,” He looked Taehyung up and down, “One day when buzz kill isn’t here,” He tauntingly eyed Taehyung and you let out a small laugh at how childish they were behaving but Taehyung didn’t budge.

Namjoon gave you another smile, pat Taehyung on the back and left the penthouse shortly after his promise to you.

You walked around Taehyung to stand in front of him and grabbed hold of his hands when you saw he was still a little tense and upset. “Oh come on buzz ki –

“Don’t call me that,” His command actually scared you because of how stern he said it. It surprised you how he had been so sweet before but became completely dark so sudden.

“Okay,” you squeezed his hands gently and looked up at him, “Can I call you Tae Tae,”

He smiled sweetly when he looked down to see your messy curls and how sleep ridden you were and a pang of guilt hit him, “Tae is fine…you haven’t gotten a proper nap y/n,”

“I know, it’s hard to fall asleep, and I mean, you see what happens when I do,”

“Let me help you with that?” His smile widened with his question hoping you’d say yes

He picked you up from the ground and threw you over his shoulder and you let out a small squeal in surprise to which he just laughed. He took a deep breath to calm himself down after realizing that your cheeks were connecting with his then moved along the path towards the living room.

“Ah you’re so heavy,” He laughed and pretended to fall which was probably the biggest mistake of his life.

While trying to act like he was struggling, he actually fell sending both of you crashing down onto the floor. He fell flat on his back and you fell on top of him landing on his chest with both your feet in between his. You were both laughing hysterically at what just took place, “I’m so sorry,” he managed to talk through his laughter but you couldn’t do the same.

You were honestly too tired to even open your eyes and your laughter died out as you involuntarily rested your head on Tae’s chest and found yourself falling asleep for the third time that day. It was comfortable and soft. His chest rose and fell gently and it rocked you to sleep perfectly.

He was comfortable as well; there wasn’t a thing to complain about. He thought it would be inappropriate if he were to caress your neck or even run his hands through your hair even though the urge to do it was unbearable. He settled for just resting his hand on your back to make sure you didn’t  fall off and waited for the right time to lift you and carry you to bed.

Ok wait but image that one day the seven sneak into the Aphrodite cabin and start messing around with the makeup and they find out that Percy is like an expert at putting on makeup. Leo jokes around about Percy’s inner fashionista, and Percy chuckles and says “Nah. When I was younger I got pretty good at concealing marks on my skin with my moms makeup.” And they all just stop and remember the stories that they had heard about Gabe Ugliano.

New Shoes

For @s-erendipitiness, because one person’s ramblings are the prompts that spur another’s mind!

Alec Lightwood grinned fondly at the back of his boyfriend’s head as Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn, dragged him through the back alleys of Milan’s fashion district. Magnus had decided to take Alec shopping in celebration of him becoming the Head of the New York Institute - as well as to update his wardrobe.

“You’re the Head of the Institute now and we must have you look the part,” Magnus had explained with a saucy grin over breakfast in his loft that morning. “Don’t get me wrong, jeans and boots are great for demon hunting, but for diplomatic meetings do not make.”

Magnus had decided that the only appropriate place for them to go shopping was Milan in the midst of its Fall Fashion Week. They had already found several textured and patterned blazers in dark grays and blacks that he could incorporate with his current wardrobe. Magnus had double-checked the fit, tugging at lapels and cuffs, brushing hands over Alec’s shoulders and down his sides, always making sure the jacket passed the warlock’s hug-and-kiss-approved test.

Now they were making their way to a cobbler that Magnus swore by. “If I didn’t know he was a mundane, I’d swear Francisco would be a Downworlder, Alexander, the way that man can make leather bend to his will. He’s a master cobbler; it’s truly a dying art.”

Alec smiled and nodded, squeezing Magnus’s hand in response whenever his ramblings required a response, happy just to listen to the other man talk. Magnus would shoot Alec sly grins and winks , squeezing the Shadowhunter’s hand in response before heading down memory lane again. After a while, Alec found himself being pushed into a doorway that looked to be more the entrance to a house than a store front.

Inside, an older gentleman was sitting at a workbench molding leather over a shoe form with a small wooden hammer, his face and fingers lined by sun and age. He greeted Magnus in Italian with a wide grin and a boisterous laugh. Magnus responded in kind and began to explain their situation while Alec let his eyes roam over the shoes that lined the shelves that covered almost every spare bit of space on the walls. Francisco chuckled once more, patting Magnus on the shoulder and waved a hand to the walls before returning back to his work.

Magnus’s palm was a welcomed warmth on Alec’s lower back as the man came to stand next to him. “Francisco says to find a style you like and then he’ll size it appropriately.”

Alec hummed in acknowledgement, reaching up to pull down a random pair of boots from the shelf. Magnus was quick to place the boots back. “Anything but combat boots, Alexander.”

And thus began the Great Shoe Debate. Magnus flaunted loafers and dress flats in striking colors, causing Alec’s face in blanch every time. He in turn kept gravitating to more plain and sensible shoes, affronting Magnus’s inner fashionista. Eventually the two came to a compromise. A pair of sleek, black dress shoes that were right at home in a diplomatic meeting, but sturdy enough to chase down demons - or Jace and Izzy - at a moments notice. When they brought the shoes over to Francisco, he began measuring Alec’s feet. Creating outlines of each foot and then measuring heel to toe as well as the arch of each foot.

As they were walking down the street much later that afternoon, Alec confessed sheepishly to Magnus, “That was the most intense examination of my feet I’ve ever had, just for a pair of shoes.”

Magnus threw his head back and laughed. “You’ll appreciate it when you try them on later. They’ll be the most comfortable pair of shoes you’ll ever wear.”

A week later when the shoes arrived at Magnus’s loft, Alec had to agree with his boyfriend.

packing with seokjin

- him rummaging through your closet and picking out closes for you
- /channeling the inner fashionista seokjin/
- having him yell at you at throw clothes at you when you ask him why you can’t wear scandalous clothes
- “what else are we missing?” “pajamas” “oH you know wHAT PAJAMAS WE SHOULD WEAR” “what–” “thE SUPER MARIO ONES THAT YOUR MOTHE–” “shhHHHHhHHHHHhHHhh”
- him glaring at you while you happily pack the pajamas into the suitcase
- jin glaring at your back as you leave to brush your teeth but smiling a little when he looks down at the pajamas
- you lazily falling on the bed and telling him you’d finish packing tomorrow
- “our flight is tomorrow” “I’ll wake up early and pack” “you mean you’ll rush 20 minutes before stuffing your suitcase” “mmmmmmph”
- him chucking a pillow at you but letting you go to sleeping and tucking you in after you fell asleep then shaking his head and smiling while looking at you

A Night To Not Remember (Sebastian Stan x reader)

Request: The one where the reader is 18, an actress on Civil War and everyone loves her. She’s wild and crazy. They all went out for a night-out and when she wakes up the next day, she’s got a hangover and has to come to set. The cast tease her, especially Sebastian.

Warning/s: None.

Author’s note: This was inspired in an episode in The Flash (1x12) where Barry and Caitlin went out to a bar to hangout. They were so adorable in that episode that my Snowbarry heart couldn’t take the feels :> This came out more of a friendship thingy than I intended to. But feel free to think of it as romance :) Anyway, I hope you all like it!

Once the final filming of a scene in the movie was a wrap for today, everyone started to pack up. Lots of fight scenes were rehearsed today that it made the cast’s limbs ache faintly. But even so, everyone had a great time as per usual. 

(Y/N) stood up from the ground and walked over to her bag, thanking one of the crew who handed her a water bottle. She immediately gulped it and tied her hair up in a bun. She wiped the sweat off her face and neck using her handkerchief and went to fix her things. 

“Hey, we all should hangout tonight. Have a few drinks, but not that much because we still have work tomorrow. What do you all say?” Robert suggested to the cast. 

Everyone exchanged looks, debating on whether to accept the offer or not. Robert noticed this and sighed and looked at them with a pleading look. “Oh come on. It’ll be fun. It’ll be like a pre-celebration before the whole movie is released. Come on. What do you say?" 

(Y/N) shrugged and raised her hand. "I’m in. I got no plans for tonight. So, why the heck not?” she said, chuckling. 

Robert grinned and motioned her to come over. “Atta, kid. This is why you’re one of my favorite people.” he said and ruffled her hair, much to her dismay. 

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” She grumbled but grinned otherwise. 

Soon everyone decided to accept the offer, except for Scarlett and Tom. Scarlett had baby duties tonight, and Tom had to meet up with his aunt and uncle for dinner. Everyone understood and will tell them how the night played out the next day. 

After Robert gave everyone the address of the bar they will be going to tonight, (Y/N) headed to her apartment to take a nap for a while since it is still two and a half hour from the designated time of their nightout. As soon as her body hit the soft sheets of her bed, she immediately fell asleep. 

She woke up an hour later. She stretched on her bed and let out a yawn. She grabbed her phone from the nightstand and saw that she had two messages from Sebastian. She felt her heart send a flutter when she saw his name on her screen. She’s had developed a crush on the guy when they first met. She was immediately captivated with those blue orbs of his. That was her weakness. Though she never admitted it to him, or to anyone. She hid those feelings very well with her quirky and bubbly persona. 

Chris, Anthony, and Elizabeth once pointed this out to her that they knew about her crush on the Romanian. (Y/N) even tried to deny it, but she knew she was cornered. She had to force the three to not tell the guy by treating them out to this new Gelato shop that opened downtown. 

Curious about what the guy sent her, she opened it and found a video and a meme with a caption. With those two messages, he said “This you” or “This reminded me of you”. (Y/N) playfully scowled at the screen after she watched the video and laughed, typing a reply. 

(Y/N): Hey, it happened one time. Stop bringing it up.

Seb: It won’t go away any time soon, sweetheart ;)

(Y/N) rolled her eyes, but felt her cheeks warm up. She typed in a “Whatever, man :p” before placing her phone down on the nightstand and prepped for a shower. After her shower, she only put on a bra and her underwear, and dried off her hair with a towel. She watched a couple of cartoons that were on TV first before heading back to her room to get dressed. 

She settled on with a simple gray knitted crop top that stopped just above her belly button with a high neck and no sleeves, simple black jeans, a long white cardigan, and black knee high boots. She wore a simple makeup look, and tied her hair up in a ponytail and left a couple of strands out to frame her face nicely. Once she’s comfortable with her look, she grabbed her purse and headed out to meet with the others in the venue. 

There were a few paparazzis around but only a few. They snapped some photos of her walking to the bar and asked some questions, to which she stopped and answered for a while before the paparazzis be on their way and left her. She entered the place and was greeted with the cool temperature inside. There were a few people around minding their own business. A person was singing on stage. She figured that it must be Karaoke night. She made a mental note to ask one of her friends to accompany her in singing. 

“Hey (Y/N), over here!" 

She looked to her right and saw Chris waving for her. She grinned and joined everyone.

"Hey you guys.” She greeted, giving Elizabeth a hug for she was the one who is near (Y/N). 

“Glad you could make it, kid.” Anthony greeted, raising his glass at her. 

(Y/N) smirked. “I don’t turn down parties, dude. It’s not in my nature.” she said and sat on the chair next to Elizabeth and Sebastian. 

“Love your outfit, (Y/N).” Elizabeth complimented. “I can’t recall a time you wore clothes such as these. You were more of a baggy shirt and leggings kind of person, right? This is sexy and leaves a little bit of a mystery. Very nice.” she said, her inner fashionista coming out. She poked the bare skin of (Y/N)’s waist. 

(Y/N) chuckled and slightly swatted her hand away. “Stop it. You know I’m ticklish. Besides, I don’t always dress like a hobo." 

She felt someone at her left poke her side, the way Elizabeth had done earlier. (Y/N) slightly jumped and playfully scowled at Sebastian who looked at her in fake innocence. "Stop it, Sebastian.” she warned. 

Sebastian feigned a mock of shock. “What? I didn’t do anything." 

(Y/N) mocked his words and ordered her drink as Jeremy started a topic to which led to a laughter-filled conversation. As time pass by, everyone decided to try out on the stage. Chris and Anthony were the first ones who made their way and started singing in a slight drunken manner. This earned a lot of laughter coming from everyone in the bar.

When Chris and Anthony returned, (Y/N) downed her fourth glass and asked for a refill. She was already feeling tipsy and the effect of her beverage started to kick in by the third glass. She cleared her throat, grabbing the attention of the others. 

"I can already feel the kick of my drink. I probably won’t remember the next moments that will follow but I don’t care.” She slightly slurred and paused to grab her refilled glass on the table. She raised it up and cheered, “Let’s make this night like our last!" 

The others wolf-whistled and cheered, downing their drinks the same time. 

The sound of a phone ringing woke (Y/N) up. She opened one eye and squinted at the sunlight that is peeking out of the curtain. She blindly looked for her sunglasses on the nightstand, and once she found it, she put it on and yawned, stretching her arms and legs out. She grimaced at the taste of the beverage she drank last night mixed with morning breath. 

When her phone beeped, she grabbed it from the nightstand and checked what the notification was. She had 2 missed calls from Scarlett, 3 messages from Chris. 

Chris: Hey, where are you? Filming is about to start

Chris: Yoohoo, where you at

Chris: Are you dead? I kid, I kid. Where are you?

She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion at the screen right after she read the messages. She then remembered that she had work today. Cursing softly, she glanced at the clock on the wall and it read 11:00 AM. She glanced back down to her screen to see what time Chris had sent the messages. 8:05 AM. 

"Holy fucking shit!” (Y/N) yelled and immediately sat up. But when she did so, her head started to ache really bad. She groaned and clutched her head, leaning back against the headboard of her bed. God, how much did she drink last night? Her head felt like it was throbbing from the rushing pain. 

With the headache, she managed to stand up from her bed. It took her a few seconds to gain her balance. She looked down at herself and saw that she was wearing her pajamas. She couldn’t remember if she had changed into these last night. Though she couldn’t actually recall the events that happened last night. It all came up as swift flashes of blurry images that made her head ache more. 

She saw a note sitting on the end of her bed. She picked it up, curious what is written on it. She was surprised when she recognized Sebastian’s handwriting. 

Hey Summer lovin’ (you’ll know later), 

If you’re wondering why you have this in your bed, it is because I helped you get home safely last night. I won’t spill you some details about what happened, maybe later when you drop by the set. Oooooh, you’re so going to love it hahaha. 

Anyway, you are so going to have a terrible hangover when you wake up. So drink lots of water, a'right? I can’t wait to see your face later hahaha (sorry not sorry). 

But to make up for the teasing there, I’ll order up KFC fun shots for you to eat later. I know it’s your favorite. 

I hope you’ll feel better. 

I’ll see you later :) 

- Sebastian

She felt her cheeks warm up. Sebastian is a real sweetheart. The thought is making her heart flutter even more. But then, she groaned in embarrassment when she realized that he witnessed her in her drunken manner. He was probably the one who helped her change! Oh god, she thought.

She walked inside her bathroom, and shrieked loudly when she saw her reflection on the mirror. Her makeup was smudged all over the place, her hair was sticking up in random places that it looked like a bush, and her eyes were bloodshot with dark circles underneath. 

“What did I do last night?” She muttered, touching her face. 

After taking a nice shower to relieve the tension on her body, she dried her hair and dressed in her casual attires, a simple blue jacket with a black hoodie, ripped jeans, and her converse. She tied her hair up in a bun to make her look presentable, and put on her sunglasses to hide her bloodshot eyes. Then she headed to the set. 

“She is alive!” Anthony announced when (Y/N) entered their line of sight. She flinched at the loudness of his voice. She gripped her coffee cup a little bit tighter as she came closer to the cast. 

“So loud.” (Y/N) said, her voice coming out hoarse. She stopped next to Paul, who rubbed her back comfortingly. 

“We thought you were dead or something when you didn’t show up in your usual time.” Chris joked, earning laughter from everyone. 

(Y/N) slightly scowled, but smirked. “You can’t get rid of me that easily, Evans." 

Sebastian leaned forward and slightly pulled down her sunglasses, and had a surprised and amused look on his face. "Woah, (Y/N). Your eyes are so red." 

"No shit." 

"Listen, (Y/N). Do you remember what happened last night?” Robert asked, pulling out his phone from his pocket. 

(Y/N) raised an eyebrow in confusion, though she looked at him in suspicion. “Well, a little bit. But mostly are blurry images that I’m not even sure if it happened last night or it’s a dream.” she said. “Why?" 

Unbeknownst to her, the others exchanged knowing smirks. 

Robert smirked at her and didn’t answer for a sec. He just tapped his phone two times before letting everyone see what he clicked on. "Oh nothing. But I thought you might wanna see this.” he said. Something tells (Y/N) that she is going to regret it very well whatever the man is going to show her. 

She was right.

It was a video. In it, was an area in the bar they went out to last night. Particularly the stage. Up in the stage, was a drunken (Y/N) laughing her ass off. Video (Y/N) took off the white cardigan she was wearing and held the microphone, still giggling. 

“Mr. Sebastian Staaaaaan! Come on downnnn…. or up….” She slurred, pointing towards something. The camera was turned to the direction of Video Sebastian who was leaning against the counter with a drink on hand, looking very surprised yet amused. “Come up here, with meee!" 

Video Sebastian chuckled and shook his head, no. 

"Ohhhh, come show ‘em what you got. Come on!” Video (Y/N) pouted and pleaded like an adorable puppy. She started to chant his name, convincing other people in the bar to do the same. Everyone started to chant Sebastian’s name. 

“Oh, god….” (Y/N) muttered, covering her mouth as she watched the scene. 

Video Sebastian ran to the stage, joining her. Video (Y/N) started giggling while Video Sebastian looked at her, chuckling. He was muttering something to her that only both of them know. 

“We’re going to tear this place down….” Video (Y/N) said, looking drunkenly serious at everyone – whom only laughed. The beat of a music started playing. 

“Is that Summer Nights?” Scarlett asked, laughing. 

Video (Y/N) started singing the first two lines of the verse rather out of tune, earning chuckles from everyone. Video Sebastian sang the next line nicely, earning a surprised look from Video (Y/N). She recovered and throughout the song, Video (Y/N) danced happily as she sang. Video Sebastian almost missed his turn from laughing. 

“Tell me moooooore!” Video (Y/N) finished, her voice slightly cracking but she didn’t care. Everyone started applauding and cheering and whistling as the two walked down the stage, Video Sebastian helping Video (Y/N) down while she continued giggling and drunkenly spurting words that seemed to amuse the man. 

The video ended there. (Y/N) was dead silent while the others turned to look at her with amusement in their eyes. None of them said a word. (Y/N) inhaled and released it heavily. She looked at all of them with shame and embarrassment. "Well shit.“ she breathed out. 

Everyone laughed and bombarded her with teasing and stuff. She could only stand there, looking like a tomato as she narrowed her eyes at them. Sebastian laughed along them and went to wrap an arm around her shoulder, rubbing her arm comfortingly but did sneak a few teasing remarks at her. Bastard, she thought as she hid her blushing face on his chest.


We’re pleased to announce our very first Sendaid Summer Showdown!

Get creative and awake your inner fashionistas! We’re getting YOU to dress Yuzuru up!

How to participate:

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The results will be announced on 1st September, 2016 so remember to open your inboxes! We will notify the winners via SNS.

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So, what’s with Natsu and other people’s clothing?

He tries on his friend’s outfits…

… and he steals his enemies’ uniforms

He gives clothes as gifts…

…and he keeps them as souvenirs

Sometimes, he dresses up a certain girl in costumes…

… and at other times, he burns them right off her

But then you realize he has an inner fashionista just waiting to get out…

… and it ALL MAKES SENSE. ;)

anonymous asked:

Do you have any nalu headcannons you'd like to share? 😬

natsu’s [inner fashionista] shines between them and he becomes lucy’s personal wardrobe coordinator (so he’d stop burning her clothes off). she often challenges him to buy good clothes for her with a low budget and he never disappoints!

anonymous asked:

Jumping on the traditional Moroccan wedding; Marinette designing her and her family's outfits inspired by the colors and designs from Morocco. Marinette falling down the rabbit hole of research on Moroccan designs. Marinette being totally enamored by Ahmed's fiancé 's wedding dress and asking a million questions about it. Basically Marinette's inner fashionista going full force for this event.

Mari would get god damn lost


wtf there are like a million variations 

Yellow Diamonds in the Light - Complete (Ch.10/10)

Klaine, 2300 words this chapter/33k total, A03
Dystopian future AU.
Read from the beginning here.

Summary:  When political extremists come to power, racism, homophobia, and hatred become accepted as part of day to day life.  This is the climate that Blaine and Kurt are forced to grow up in.  A dystopian future AU.

Tw for minor character death (not Kurt or Blaine) and violence (ch. 1), racism, homophobia, hate, extremist right-wing politics, xenophobia.


For their one-year wedding anniversary, they decide on a romantic dinner at one of their favorite cozy restaurants.  They had toyed with eating in, just the two of them, but in the end the symbolism of going out together, as husbands, to publicly celebrate their legal, government-approved union, won out.  Especially when Kurt promised to make Blaine breakfast in bed the next day.

The move to Toronto had gone relatively smoothly, all things considered.  The night before the actual trip Kurt had thought he might have to drug Blaine to get him to relax enough to go to sleep, he was so nervous about going through Customs the next day.  But his paperwork was accepted with nothing more dangerous than a sneer and a scoff, and then they were through, out of the U.S. and into a country where having immigrant parents wasn’t a crime, and being able to love who you wish was taken for granted.

To say they like living in Toronto doesn’t even begin to cover it.  As far as Kurt is concerned, no place could possibly be more fabulous.  His high-end woodworking business is growing steadily, with assistance from Gita’s far-reaching contacts, and a collaborative partnership with one of the artists in Toronto he had corresponded with previously.  

Blaine takes to their new life like a fish to water.  It’s as if he has emerged from the restrictive cocoon of fear that surrounded him when they lived in the states, and is now an entirely new being.  He’s joyful, and creative, and full of an energy that is giddy and contagious.  Of course, he’s not completely different – he still loves Kurt endlessly, and now with a reckless abandon that makes Kurt feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

Kurt wonders, sometimes, why they didn’t leave the U.S. sooner.  He asks his dad during one of their weekly Skype calls.

“It crossed my mind,” Burt says, “back when we left town to go stay with Trudy, when you guys were young.  But at some level, I guess I really couldn’t believe that our country had turned into this horrible place.  Even after everything I had seen, with Trump, and the Citizens movement, and all the hate.  I thought this was a good country – we already fought for civil rights, and freedom, and democracy.  I guess I just kept hoping things would turn around.”  Burt looks down, rubs his face with his hand.  “I’m sorry I didn’t figure it out sooner.”

Keep reading