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The Court of Nightmares: Queen Morrigan

A queen—a queen who bowed to no one, a queen who had faced them all down and triumphed. A queen who owned her body, her life, her destiny, and never apologised for it.

Song: 6 Inches- Beyonce

explicitly mentally ill superman > superman that just smiles 24/7

superman who struggles to save a world who is afraid of him and hates him and rejects > superman who has the world falling over in adoration of him

superman who indirectly learns the good of humanity through the people closest to him > superman automatically knowing what is Good™ and Bad™ and what is Justice™

superman whose inner conflict and self doubt comes from his low self esteem/depression/mental illness > superman who questions his self only when he temporarily loses his powers

superman whose lois lane doesn’t love him “despite” his mental/emotional debilitation but loves him WITH those struggles > superman whose lois lane is a one-dimensional love interest

superman who feels so alienated from human beings but couldn’t be more human, whose perspective is told from that of an immigrant’s > superman who is shown perfectly adjusted in society

superman whose social awkwardness is actually a result of his social anxiety > superman whose social awkwardness is part of a ruse to keep people off his scent that he’s superman

millennial superman > silver age superman basically

anonymous asked:

what placements can make someone awkward or self-conscious and have a lack of confidence? (btw love your blog Xx)

Capricorn placements, or inner planets in aspect to Saturn. Such as with Venus (social urges) aspecting Saturn one has a hard time relating and connecting with others, or with sun (ego) in aspect with Saturn one has difficulty expressing themselves comfortably with others, which comes off as awkward, and they are generally not confident in themselves due to their constant inner criticism and self-doubt. Saturn in the 10th or 11th makes someone painfully aware of the ways of the public and therefore self-conscious when they’re presented to the public. 

The moon plays a part in public as well, the mass consciousness as Isabel Hickey states, and so an afflicted moon can suggest similar themes; being unable to relate well to others, insecurity and painful self-consciousness. 

Aquarius placements or Uranus contacts may have a feeling of awkwardness, a need for belonging but unable to relate to conventional life. such as with uranus aspecting moon one will not feel like they belong. 

Pisces/12th house placements or neptune aspects can cause low confidence because neptunian energy dilutes and dissolves what it touches. So with the sun, the identity is diluted and thus unclear to others and the individual. This person would then have trouble asserting their identity confidently.


  • Doctor: Come on! We can have a good flirt later!
  • William Shakespeare: Is that a promise, Doctor?
  • Doctor: Oh, fifty-seven academics just punched the air. Come on.
how you attract
  • Aries: We are drawn to Aries people because they always seem so confident in what they are doing. While they may have inner doubt, they present an aspirational I-know-what-I’m-doing vibe to those around them. Unlike most other signs, they embrace change, adventure, and the unknown. They make amazing partners whether romantic, platonic, or professional because they will take you out of your rut and into something much more exciting.
  • Taurus: We are drawn to Taurus people because they don’t take shit from anyone. While some of us may prefer to avoid conflict or assume people mistreating us is ‘not a big deal’ a Taurus will make a scene and demand the respect they (and their friends) deserve. They are extremely warm-hearted to those who have earned a place in their heart and inspire all of use to fiercely protect our loved ones.
  • Gemini: We are drawn to Geminis because they are not afraid of their idiosyncrasies. They contradict themselves all the time, and they are stronger for it. They aren’t afraid to admit when they are wrong because they are changing their mind all the time. This results in open-minded individuals who can talk about any subject on the planet, because they’ve been interested in it at one time or another. They make the very best dinner party guests.
  • Cancer: We are drawn to Cancers because they are supremely loving and sensitive individuals. No one will love you with the intensity that a Cancer will love you. They are romantics who produce amazing literature and art — or even just a beautifully designed home. They are picky about experiences and aesthetics, so when you are with one each event will be carefully curated, even a night home watching Netflix on the couch.
  • Leo: We are drawn to Leos because they are creative performers. They are always hysterical, always the favorite friend of the group, always the person who entertains you and creates the best memories. They are the opposite of dull and punctuate your relationship with belly laughs.
  • Virgo: We are drawn to Virgos because they make us better people. They show us that ‘adulting’ isn’t actually that hard. Life is better without the drama of procrastination or keeping your bank account unbalanced. They are the friends and romantic partners our parents wish we would have, the ones that leave our lives in better shape than they found it in.
  • Libra: We are drawn to Libras because they are the ultimate listening ear. They are our dream shoulder to cry on because they can objectively evaluate any situation and give amazing advice. They are the person who helps you write the email to smooth out a friendship or a wrinkle in a work relationship. They are the perfect partner for making a plan to make any situation better.
  • Scorpio: We are drawn to Scorpios because they are intense in the most intoxicating way. They turn monotasking into an art form. If you can capture one, you will know what it’s like to be the focus of someone’s complete attention — and be able to watch them as they just kill their personal and professional ambitions with this same drive.
  • Sagittarius: We are drawn to Sagittarius because they let us embrace our inner basic bitch with no judgement. Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin with no makeup on, that’s when you the prettiest… We can all let go and indulge in our base desires with our Sag friends. They will go to opening day of 50 Shades of Grey with you and share a large popcorn with extra butter. They are a vacation in human form.
  • Capricorn: We are drawn to Capricorns because no one can gossip like a Capricorn can gossip. If you are in the mood to shit talk someone, you will never find a better outlet or a sharper-tongued conversation partner. They are judgmental and unforgiving, and sometimes this is exactly what you need.
  • Aquarius: We are drawn to Aquarians because they have magnetic personalities. They are fundamentally open people who are up for new experiences and ways of thinking. They are original and interesting and will consistently introduce you to new things you end up adopting as part of your own interests.
  • Pisces: We are drawn to Pisces people because they are the quiet sidekick we all are desperate for. They make us feel like stars and secure in their dependable, loyal love. They are sensitive, loving people who care deeply about their relationships without ever being showy or dramatic about it. We should all be so lucky to count them as our loved one.
I dare you to write “What makes you so sure you can trust me?”

Be creative! Is the speaking character asking in earnest, maybe out of self-loathing or an inner doubt that they can find redemption? Or is the character asking with a smirk, remembering that they had crossed their fingers while making a promise? Try to make this something dramatic, thrilling, and climactic. 

Think outside the box!

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2.04 “If Beth”


These two just drive me insane!!! I mean, what’s making it so tough to watch is that you can understand all of them and their reactions, because as the audience we have seen every struggle, ever shadof of a doubt, ever inner emotional conflict, but  we’re “spoiled”. We know everything none of the characters know about the other one’s story. So we get the hurt and frustration in a very direct way, because we have been with Jane from the start, only ever knew as much as she did and we can empathize, because we know (unless we’re proven wrong at some point and have been lead on by the show the entire time) that Jane has sincere. She didn’t always tell the truth and she most certainly made mistakes, but like Kurt says here how do you navigate your way without a fix point, one solid rock, something you can trust, rely on and build on? In any case “Sandstorm” is providing much more what Jane needs than the FBI, they’re - or rather her brother - are trying to forge a connection.

So I have this image, and I stamped it on my body. It’s a pledge that I made myself, to never forget how grateful I am for all of you, a pledge of that sort. Going forward, five years, ten years, as we continue with our music, WINNER will never forget this moment and until my body rots and breaks down, just as it’s drawn on the back of my neck I will not forget you all and this moment.
—  Seunghoon on his nebula ‘W’ tattoo @ WINNER Concert in Seoul (Day 2) 
Every now and then there comes a time when the neutral and impersonal forces of the world turn and come together in a thunder-crack of judgement. There is no reason for the sudden terror, the feeling of condemnation, except that circumstances all mirror the inner doubt, the inner fear.
—  Sylvia Plath, from “Cambridge Notes,” Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams: and other prose writings
“If even his shadows and spies could not breach their inner workings, then I doubted an assassin would.” -Feyre, page 391, A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas.
—  I bet Celaena/Aelin could.

Be not hypnotized by society’s symbols.
Be free from ego’s tyrannical trances.
Doubt everything inner and outer that proclaims your incompleteness.

You are all that is Real.
So long as you are reacting to the illusion, you are lending it your Realness.


Doorways are the symbols of opportunity, and of choice. They likewise symbolize barriers as well as gateways of change. Each day on our paths we are faced with barriers, some of challenge, some of opportunity. Those who have conquered their inner doubts and fears with self-knowledge, pass through these gateways often rather unimpeded or with a symbolic knock of their true desire are granted entrance. Others linger complacently around the doorways stuck idle in their current state, either unsure or even afraid of what lies beyond. Robert Herd

Silence of Doubt

Days had passed. Was it a week now? Perhaps longer. The sense of time that the fiery Ranger kept wasn’t exactly stellar. All she knew was that Saniran, whomever that might of been was dead. There supposedly was a hit out for her head, but who could truly ponder such things when trapped in time’s own vices? There wasn’t a reason, nor did she truly care at this point.

Perched high upon a thick branch of the dark hued tree, one knee rested against her chest, the other leg fallen casually with a steady, minute sway from time to time. The home she had gotten accustomed to lie behind her, quaint and organized. What more did she have to look forward to. The occasional letter was sent out, written to numerous people, though within her hand she clenched a different parchment. Within the paper told words of confession, of need and utmost desire to stay, to be needed and hope somehow the same emotion could be felt. Though each time teal hues traced the parchment, the delicate penmanship that fluttered in ink, forming those shy words.. A twang of pain plucked at her heartstrings.

“Are you good enough for someone like that?”

Teeth grit beneath two toned lips, the parchment folded once more, creased in the deep folds that suggested this parchment had been kept in such a manner for days now. Tucking the parchment away, she turned her gaze toward the setting sun. Curled waves of those thick tresses turned alight with crimson and vermilion hues, thick mail armor indenting the trunk of the tree with those sharpened spaulders.

Even if she were good enough, what would keep this battle scarred femme the prize one would seek? Countless fights, skirmishes against giants, the scourge, the Iron Horde, Dragons and Alliance alike. All of the fights in which her bow and blades were needed and yet something as simple as a confession of love was something the Ranger dared to bow to? Shaking her head, she growled in agitation with herself, before pulling out a fresh piece of parchment, writing once more in those ink huen curves. When the courier arrived, only that newly creased parchment would be sent.

“Come see me in Duskwood when you have the time. I’ll be awaiting your arrival.
-A. Blacksun”