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Another Carter { FINAL}

 Of course being Peggy careers grand daughter is going to come with complications. What happens when one of the complications is having two super soldiers falling for you?

Steve x reader , Bucky x reader 

Warnings: NSFW GIFS, SMUT, swearing , fluff .

Masterlist   {Another Carter Series }

It’s been days since the encounter with Steve. It didn’t go farther than a heated makeout session , you couldn’t do it . You’ve been trying to Keep this fair for steve and Bucky . they haven’t made it easy, but Steves making it harder for you to chose . His dominance and alpha attitude are wearing you out , and you can’t decide whether you like it or are repulsed by The way he’s disregarding his bestfriend feelings . Buckys been completely opposite; he’s been understanding, not pushing you the way steve is . Thankfully , you’ll get a few days to yourself since the two are going away on a mission . 4 days to figure out what to do , I can do it , right?

Wrong . I was So wrong. It’s day 4 and you’ve yet to make a choice . You can’t keep stringing them along, it’s wrong to do that to them , so what am I suppose to do?

FRIDAY alerts you of their arrival , requesting immediate medics to the hangar . Your body freezes at the announcement, but quickly recovers as you take off towards the hangar . What could of went wrong ?! 

 You only have to wait a few minutes for the jet to land, and for the medics to rush aboard . It’s killing you, wondering who was hurt or if it was both of them . The medics quickly exit the jet, Bucky on the medical bed, steve limping behind them . You rush to steve , throwing his arm over your shoulder and guiding him to the med floor . You stay silent the entire way, waiting to explode with questions until after he’s checked over and you get a report on Buck. You’re sure you’re going to implode from the amount of questions spiraling around your head . 

 Finally, Steves cleared with only a few bruised ribs, and Bucky being diagnosed with a minor concussion, 3 broken ribs and a bullet graze to his shoulder . You and Steve enter the room Buckys being taken care of in, waiting for the nurses to leave before you speak. The second the door closes you lose it . 

 " what the fucking hell happened out there ! It was suppose to be a simple mission! “ Both men wince at your anger , shooting each other a look as you continue ” If one of you doesn’t answer me I swear to God, I will make your injuries so much worse . You have 4 seconds to spill .“ You growl .When no one answers you take a step towards them, making their eyes widen . 

The door swings open revealing Natasha, a wide smirk on her face . ” well Boys, i thought maybe it was your old age catching up to you that made you suck . But once I tuned into the comms to get a hold of you, it turned out I was wrong .“

 ” what .happend.“ You snarl out, making nat laugh. 

 ” of course they didn’t tell you. Dumb & dumber thought that during the mission was the perfect opportunity to get into a spat over you .“

 I’m sorry what, did she- oh that’s it . You snap your gaze to the soldiers, both showing expressions of regret and guilt on their faces . 

 ” it’s not what you think -“ steve starts but you cut him off 

 ” Natasha details . “ you demand and she complies 

“ steve was  requesting - eh more like ordering - bucky to back off. Saying that it’ll be easier for him to get over you that way instead of you dropping him for steve, which steve is pretty confident you’re going to do . Blah blah blah bucky argues back, both let their guards down to get in each other’s face and didn’t notice the swarm of hydra agents and boom; here we are .“ 

 You’ve never felt this much anger course through your body. If you were Bruce , you’d be turned into the hulk by now . Your hands are fisted at your side and you try to understand everything you were just told . When you finally did, you understand this is your fault .if it wasn’t for me they wouldn’t be fighting , they wouldn’t of got distracted, and Bucky wouldn’t be laying in a bed with numerous injuries. This is all because of me . This is exactly what I didn’t want to happen . Tears of anger & heartbreak roll down your cheeks . You turn to steve and Bucky, keeping your face expressionless as you begin speaking,

 ” this is done . There’s no decision , because I’m not going to be with either of you. I told you both, I didn’t want to create a rift between you.c and it’s exactly what happened.“ 

 ” doll-“ 

 ” no steve . Look at you! Look at Bucky! He’s suppose to be your bestfriend! I am not going to be the one to ruin this . It’s ending here before something worse happens because apparently you can’t contain your fucking inner alpha Steve . “ the dam in you breaks, and everything flows out, ” you are not the steve rogers I know , or that Peggy knew . I don’t know what the hell happened, but you aren’t the boy from Brooklyn anymore , and I’m not having it . If I wanted dominant asshole then fine, I’d be with you, but I don’t .“ And just like that, your choice is revealed , but too bad i told them i didn’t want either of them 3 minutes ago right ? Of course I figure out who I’d chose now, seriously? Why. Why, why, why! 

The room is silent , both men staring at your with dropped jaws . Steves voice startles you, you didn’t expect anyone to speak anytime soon 

“ you’re right , I’m not the skinny boy from Brooklyn anymore , because I can’t be . Times are different y/n , I had to change with them. I couldn’t be the push over I was before , the one people pushed aside and didn’t respect . ”

 ” you didn’t have to change, you chose to . You didn’t have to turn into this to get respect Steve . “ you quietly reply . You don’t wait for a response, you storm out of the room , leaving both boys confused and upset . 

 It was days before Bucky got out of the infirmary , you avoided steve like the plague for those days . You were too lost in your own mind , fearing what would happen when either of them approached you; because you know they aren’t going to let this go, not after you indirectly voiced your choice of Bucky. But you can’t ignore them for the rest of your life , as much as you want to .

 Knocking on your door wakes you from your nap . In your sleepy haze , you didn’t think that it could be either of the boys behind the door , so you reluctantly opened it . After you rub the sleep from your eyes and see who your visitor is , your heart drops. Fucking hell. You move to shut the door but a metal hand catches it before you can . 

 ” that’s not a very nice thing to do doll. “ fuuuuckkkkkkkkkk

” I’m not exactly in the mood for this right now Bucky. It’s nap time .“

 ” perfect , I was feeling a nap too. “ he invites himself in, going right to lay on your bed . You turn and watch , rolling your eyes as he makes himself comfortable. I gotta admit , I like the view of him in my bed . 

“ well come on y/n, you can’t nap in the doorway. ” he sasses , you let out a laugh and jump into you bed beside him . You nearly fall back into your comfortable routine with him, until you remember the reason he’s here . Your body stiffens next to him, and he senses it . He scoots closer, pulling you to him

  " what are you doing here buck?“

 ” you’ve been avoiding us , how else was I suppose to get you to listen to me ? Now I’m going to talk, and I don’t want you to say anything until I’m done okay? You can sass me and bitch me out all you want after you hear me out ,alright doll ? “

 ” you have 5 minutes barnes .“ He takes a deep breath before starting , ” what we did on the mission was dumb, it was bad timing and unnecessary. Now I’m not going to put all the blame on steve , because I did argue back, but for the record , he started it. But you need to understand something doll, steve didn’t handle being woken up in this world so well . Everything is so different than the 40’s, people aren’t as kind , or well mannered as they use to be . He saw his qualities as small, being the kid from Brooklyn didn’t seem like an option to him anymore . So he tried to develope to the environment around him. As much as I disagree with how he’s changed , I don’t blame him. You said it was your fault that we were hurt, by it’s not, it’s ours for being punks .“ , he pauses , and as you open your mouth to speak, he clamps his hand gently over your mouth ” I’m not done . I understand why you don’t want to be with either of us , what we did was immature. But, we can’t ignore the fact that you kinda did confess who you’d pick doll. I’d be lying if I said i wasn’t thrilled , but I need to know if you meant it . “

 My turn ” of course I meant it. I think I always knew, but I just hung onto the thought that steve was who I grew up hearing about still. But when I saw you both hurt, I just- it broke me . I can accept steve isn’t who he was before , but it’s not what I want , he’s not what I want. I know what I said , but Buck, the more I think about it, the more I realize I want to make the decision . I want you . I chose you and I’m so sorry it took so long . “ 

 Bucky turns to you, a dazzling smile aiming at you. ” looks like it’s your lucky day doll, because I’m all yours .“ With that, his lips crash to yours in a passionate kiss . His fingers thread through your hair as yours fist in his shirt. You finally part for air , one question still hanging in your mind 

“ bucky, what about Steve? I don’t want him mad, I still want to be friends with him.”

 " I already talked to him, he’s not mad. He actually understands. He said something about you not being Peggy’s blood if you would of chose him with the way he’s been acting . And he’s right, peg would of beat the living shit out of his punk ass if he was that way towards her.“ 

 You snort , and launch yourself at him for another kiss . You can finally be with him, in every way, without feeling guilty . The kiss turns hot right away, both of you clawing to get the others clothes off , and before you know it ,you’re naked underneath him . His hands are everywhere , and you can barely breathe . His hands sneak down your body, playing with your sensitive folds . You move your hands to guide his until his finger slip into your pussy . You arch your back as he moves deeper, thrusting his fingers roughly into you . 

It didn’t take long for you to cry out from your release, and Bucky dove right into the move . He flops onto the bed, pulling you to his lap . You whimper as you rub against him , letting his cock get coated in your slick . Once he had enough teasing he lifts your hips, and gently eases you down over his length , groaning as your walls immediately clench around him

 " doll you gotta stop squeezing me or I’m gonna bust.“ He warns , digging his fingers into your hips as you try to adjust.

 ” I can’t help that you have a massive Dick Barnes , shut up and give me a minute .“ He lets out a loud laugh and hides his face in the crook of your neck , sucking and biting at it as you slowly begin rolling your hips . You start off slow, but your rhythm quickly picks up from the pleasure coursing through you. Your moans are loud as you ride bucky at a harsh pace , the faster you bounce the more groans slip from his lips . 

His groans encourage you even more , driving yourself to chase after both of your releases .

 ” doll I’m so close .“ He whispers , and you move even faster, surprising both of you. His lips latch onto your nipple as you bounce, his hand slipping between you to circle your clit .within seconds your both tipping over the edge , your name falling from his lips as you drag him into pure bliss . Your body shakes as your orgasm washes through you, your thighs quivering around his hips as you soak his cock in both of your cum . 

 You fall forward into his chest , your hair in an mess around you. 

“you alright doll?” He asks, only receiving a hum in response . When he slowly rolls you off him you whine at the loss of his touch, and he just chuckles . He leaves the bed, and returns with a warm wash cloth and goes to clean you up. You hiss at the feeling, you skin still sensitive

 " sorry doll, but I gotta take care of my girl , don’t I ?“ He asks as he tosses the rag over his shoulder

 ” so I’m your girl , huh?“ You playfully as he falls beside you. He awkwardly smiles and lets or a cough

 ” I mean if you wanna be ..“

 All you do is laugh before you roll back over him and kiss him sweetly . 

“of course sergeant.”

 3 years later 

 You look down at bucky, your eyes flitting between his hopeful face & the shiny diamond he’s holding infront of him. You frantically nod ‘yess’ before he jumps up and sweeps you into his arms . He finally sets you down and slips the ring into your finger , kissing you like there’s no tomorrow . Both of you completely unaware of the audience on the other side of the glass doors . The rest of the team smiling, some in shedding happy tears . Natasha lets out a quiet chuckle & eye roll at the sight ,

 "  that’s all we need , Another Barnes.“


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damelola  asked:

Music meme : supercat and 17 please

Oh, Lola.  How well you have chosen, my love.

Brave Mistake by Rachel Sage

“the crescendo… the port de bras… the letting go… in the choreography of love… the figure eight… the brave mistake… the lies untold”

“Let go, Kara.”  Cat brought the hand that wasn’t buried between Kara’s trembling thighs up to where Kara’s was gripping the back of the sofa.  With the barest of suggestions, she loosened the grip on the leather behind her head and laced her fingers with Kara’s, holding on tight, but bringing the strong arm down until their joined hand’s covered Cat’s breast.  “Touch me.  I won’t break, I promise.”

“I can’t, Cat.”  Her voice told Cat otherwise.  Kara was so close, on the verge.  They’d danced this dance a dozen times in the weeks since that fateful night on her balcony, when Cat had finally given into desire and pressed Kara against a glass wall, only to have the girl stumble away mumbling apologies.

Being rejected by Kara Danvers had only made Cat want her more, and so began their dance.  Night after night, Cat would draw Kara close, read the desire in her eyes and kiss her.  Every night, Cat would take the dance a little further.  A hand slipping under a shirtfront, a finger caressing first a knee, then higher.  Kara became bolder too.  A well-placed kiss on the inside of Cat’s wrist, or behind her ear, and then one night, finally, on her inner thighs, then higher.

The dam broke that night.  Kara couldn’t get enough of Cat.  She made her come apart in ways nobody ever had.  She was curious and determined and so very pleased with herself.  It was if every climax at her hands was a trophy she could place on a shelf in her bedroom.  Her eyes sparkled as she dipped those talented fingers into Cat’s center and watched Cat catch fire.

But Kara was unable to catch fire herself.  She was reserved and frightened.  She let Cat touch her and her body responded.  Cat felt every tremble, every arch, every shudder, but Kara had never come in her arms.

Tonight was the night.  Cat could feel it.  Kara was crying out, rolling her hips against Cat’s fingers and squeezing Cat’s hand so hard, she felt her knuckles crack.  But Cat could feel the resistance too.  The slight hesitation, the holding back, the unwillingness to lose control.

So she stopped.  She froze.  Her fingers stopped their rhythm inside Kara’s softest parts and she looked into surprised, wild eyes.  The strangled cry that came from Kara nearly broke her heart.  “Oh god, Cat, you can’t stop.”

Cat smiled.  “Are you going to come for me, Kara?”

Kara nodded and swallowed, pressing her forehead against Cat’s, their lips barely brushing together.  “I think I can.  I- I think I will, as long as you don’t stop.

“Then for god’s sake, darling.  Let. Go.”  She resumed her rhythm, held Kara’s hand firmly against her breast and watched, joyfully as Kara’s eyes squeezed shut and her whole body gave over to Cat.  “That’s my girl.”  She pulled her head back and watched Kara cry out and her free hand braced her around her back as the shudders threatened to unseat them both.  “You’re so beautiful, Kara.  So perfect when you lose control.”

Kara was breathing hard, in short whimpers that threatened to become sobs.  But when blue eyes met brown, she was smiling.  

"Delicious Ambiguity"

A/N: I don’t even know what this is. So awful… I got caught up in the “Pretty Wings” feels. The title comes from the Gilda Radner quote from below. Astrid Deign is my pseudonym. ;) All of it be fiction, bros.

He beat her to the punch. Finally, laying it all on the line and raising the ante. But, she wasn’t ready for this. She wasn’t sure she’d ever be ready to admit feelings for someone that she herself couldn’t understand. However, it was all or nothing, and it had come to this.

She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. The aroma of the Christmas tree down the stairs, permeating through her bedroom walls. The crisp scent, stinging her lungs, as she tried to focus on nothing. Absolutely, nothing. Nothing was better than this sinking feeling of despair.

But, the smell stirred a memory in her, and all at once, she felt the betrayal. A painful pang that hit her in just the right way, as to make her sob hysterically, but silently, into the night. Clutching her chest, as the despair ripped her apart.

Three years ago, they were so happy. Everything was perfect. There wasn’t a need for anything to be defined. Simply, being around one another was all that mattered. The smiles plastered on their faces, as they went Christmas tree shopping. Laughter and love. All was right in the world, but three years changed a lot.

He needed reassurance that he wasn’t simply waiting for a ghost, who would never be his. That he wasn’t a fool for stealing glances of her, in every possible angle, just so he could know every curve of her face. That he wasn’t hopeless for having his dreams flooded with her at night - only to awaken to the phantom of her fingertips, fueling the ache in his own living nightmare. He needed to know so much.

There was so much she didn’t say, and how, had she regretted the absence of her words. It would haunt her for the rest of her life.

She thought she had time - to clear things up, to make things right. Time had run out though.

They had grown apart over her world touring and his focus on Valentin, but they would still always make time for one another. Ensuring that they saw each other at least during the holidays.

The air had changed around him however. Her effervescent personality, which would normally illicit smiles, stretching to the corners of his eyes, now were minute, in comparison. He was growing tired of waiting for her, for letting her break his heart a million times over. Oh how, she missed the crinkles of his laughter lines. In their presence, she was just a girl, and he was just a boy. In love with the world, its opportunities, its beauty, and the company of one another.

Without them, she was just a famous face, and he was just a man. In anguish with the world, its missed opportunities, ugly fate, and the strangers that they had become.

This holiday reaffirmed that unsettling nature, and how something fundamentally had unravelled between them. They couldn’t just pick up like before and forget that everything hadn’t changed. That she hadn’t been outed in public with her boyfriend, who she had sworn was nothing more than her best friend for years. That he hadn’t taken solace in another girl’s arms, to make the heartbreak go away. That he hadn’t known it was coming all along. That he hadn’t taken to Instagram with compromising photos of himself with that girl, to just to spite her, who was always “too busy”, but in reality too shy, to text him. To say that she missed him. That she needed him. Because her world was becoming less grounded and falling to pieces.

It was over. The end of an era, and she knew she’d never feel whole again.

The expression on his face, when he introduced “Instagram girl” to her last week at their annual holiday get together, made her sick. There they were back together, and the terribly missed crinkles in his eyes relit. Only not by her, but by this new somebody. It hurt her heart in unimaginable ways to see him light up in response to someone else. To witness someone other than herself have the “Zendaya Effect” on her Val.

It didn’t make sense because he was never hers to begin with, but now, she understood. She understood what she had done to him - those countless times.

So she screwed on a fake smile, and sat amongst them as the third wheel, when she had always been in the driver’s seat.

A week later, and Z was still in town, celebrating the New Year with her family. As much as you could call, Zendaya’s gloomy state, celebrating. Even her dad, could sense the change in her attitude. Concerned for his daughter, he called her into the family room the night before.

She had been stalking Val and Charlotte’s social media accounts. Recently, Charlotte had gone on a favoriting spree of engagement ring photos and wedding dresses, while Val had liked a rather telling quote on Instagram -

“I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next.” -Gilda Radner

- along with another quote.
“Never in a million years would I have bet that this is where I’d be standing. That you’d be the one I’d be standing in front of with my heart on my sleeve. The world is funny in that way. That you never know, who you are going to connect with and who is going to completely screw up your life.” -Astrid Deign

The latter part, regarding fucking up his life, she took full credit for.


“Yeah, daddy?”

“Come sit down here for a minute and talk to your old man.”

“Daddy, you’re not that old.”

“I’m not that young either, but baby, this isn’t about me.”

She bit her bottom lip, unsure of exactly where this conversation was going.

“What is wrong, baby?”

After hesitating for a moment, she pulled out all her acting skills so as to not worry her dad. She’d always be a daddy’s girl.

“Nothing. I’m so happy to be here for Christmas and the New Year.” She gave a tired smile.

“Really, Daya. What is wrong?”

He gave her an all too knowing look, sensing just how depressed she had been ever after being so excited to go visit Val and then returning home with a look on her face, that made Kazembe want to go break the man, who he once considered as a son’s, legs.

“I’m just worn out. This year…” She took in a deep sigh, staring at the floor, trying her best to forget her less than jovial encounter with Val and Charlotte, or Valotte, as Instagram had so lovingly donned them, the evening prior. “has just been really, really… stressful.” She exhaled.

“Sometimes, I wonder if I made the right choice … in my career. Not getting to see you and mom as often, and all.”

“Don’t worry about us. We are just so proud of you. We couldn’t be more happy for all of your success. But that doesn’t matter nearly as much as your happiness does.”

“I know, Daddy. I guess, I just can’t believe another year is almost over.”

“What more incentive than to end it as the best one yet,” he gave her a wink, filling her with her hope that maybe 2017 could end with her and Val on good terms.

Little did she know, that just a day later, her whole world would come crashing down.

A simple text, from an all too familiar number but had not been seen in nearly 3 months, sent her over the edge.

“Hey, Z. It’s Val. I have something important to tell you. Can you meet me tomorrow at midnight? I realize its late, but it’s really big.”

That was it. He was going to tell her that he had proposed and that “Valotte” were going to get their fairy tale ending. The corners of her inner eyes, breaking their dams.

“K” Was all she could manage to punch out before hiding in her room.

And now, it was approaching midnight - fast.

Z clutched her tear-stained pillow, hyperventilating into it. This was the end of her and Val. They would return to being the strangers that they once were before they had met by a chance pairing. She would be just another one of Valentin Chmerkovskiy’s former dance partners. And god, did it hurt.

Zendaya pulled on a hoodie, to be exact, the Sway hoodie that Val had given her three years ago. It was never cold in Oakland, but she needed something to hide her disheveled hair, raccoon eyes, and puffy face.

The trek began.

Val wanted to meet her at the DWM Studio.

The streets were dead and silent, except for the occasional blare of an ambulance siren. She didn’t know how she got to the doors of the studio, but somehow, her tired, restless feet had carried her there.

Pausing for a moment to regain her composure, which had faltered on her journey through the city, staining the sidewalks and pavement, she took one more deep breath before pushing her way through the entrance.

Maxwell’s voice, pouring through distant speakers, goading her further up the stairs.

“Time will bring the real end of our trial. One day there’ll be no remnants no trace. No residual feelings within ya. One day you won’t remember me.”

One step. Two steps. Three steps. Four.

“Your face will be the reason I smile. But I will not see what I cannot have forever. I’ll always love ya. I hope you feel the same.”

The impending doom of their five year relationship, whatever it was, tightening her every nerve, as she grew closer and closer to the sound source and the end of it all.

“Oh, you played me dirty, your game was so bad . You toyed with my affliction . Had to fill out my prescription. Found the remedy. I had to set you free.”

Why oh why, had she cheated on what she and Val had? It wasn’t like her to fall prey to her best friend’s advances, but she had screwed up. Got caught up in him, and the fact that he was physically there, when all she really had wanted all along was Val.

“Away from me
To see clearly
The way that love can be when you are not with me
I had to leave
I had to live
I had to lead
I had to leave…….

If I can’t have you
Let love set you free
To fly your pretty wings around.”

She reached the top of the stairway, and there at the end of the hallway was the rehearsal room with the record player.

Spinning around and around, as her pretty wings fell to the floor from the weight of her fear.

"Pretty wings, your pretty wings, your. Pretty wings. Pretty wings around.”

All the lights were off, and she couldn’t make out anything other than the moon casting shadows in the studio.

Letting the whole toll of the ambience take its affect, she cried out in the darkness.

“Val?” Her voice dripping sore with tears, self-resentment, and sadness that this is what their lives had amounted to.

“Z?” His voice sounded worried at her hysterical intonation.

“Val?” She recognized his form, coming towards her, and all she could do was help but run.

“Z, what’s wrong?” His voice clouded with concern.

But, she was in his embrace now. The moon beating at his back, as he tightly wove his arms around her. Tears falling from her cheek and saturating his shirt.

“Z, babe. What is wrong?”

It was like nothing had ever changed. That the reset button had been pushed, and they were back at square one. But, she knew things couldn’t be that simple. That they never were.

Pulling away from her clutch, he braced her face in his hands. His always callused hands. The perpetual reminder of all of his passion and ardent work.

She had missed those rough hands and the current that ran through them. Something unnatural in the way that it sent shivers down her spine. She cried relentlessly.

The pain tugging at her heart with the realization that this might be the last time, she ever felt it.


That’s what it was. What it had been, and what it always would be. Nothing could change that. The bond that she had formed with Val, never could be broken - not by distance, not by time, not by some other woman.

Charlotte could have Val in all the ways that she could not, but no matter what, there would always be a part of him that was hers and hers alone.

“Val,” she whispered in between sobs.

“Daya,” he stroked her hair, pushing the hood of her hoodie down.

The look in her eyes, heartbreaking, and her face contorted in despair, she breathed out, “I’m so, so sorry.”

All Val could do, was what he had been waiting for for five years. What he had texted her to discuss. What he had hoped his engaged friend Charlotte would pry out of her, which perhaps in its ambiguity had led her to misconstrue his intentions.

He braved the courage, sensing that the time was right and that she was finally ready.

Closing the space between them, he inhaled her muffled cries with the longest awaited kiss, the world had ever known, causing her to sink deeper and deeper into him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, edging him further to the core of her heart.

Three years had changed a lot.

The Divided Bride - Part 1
  • +18 Content. Part 1 of ?, first person perspective
  • Author: me, so-easy-to-love-me
  • Character: Loki and Thor 
  • Genre: Romance and smut
  • Summary: A young Asgardian noblewoman is supposed to become married to Thor, son of Odin. But her heart belongs to another man…

Everyone had a good start into the new year? 

I have a million other stories to finish, but this one just couldn´t wait. There is only build up and no smut in this part, but the (presumably 2) other chapters will brim with it - this is a promise!

“But Mighty Allfather! You can´t ask that of me! Please, have a heart!”

My pleas started out loud and vehement but my voice broke soon. For hours had I been trying to reason with my king, but the more I argued and explained the louder and less forgiving he became.

Odin´s face turned dark red and he already commenced shouting at me but regained his composure and halted on the very brink. His voice sounded even more menacing as he now almost whispered, controlled, but forceful, his face very close to mine. “First, I do not ask, Milady, I command. Second, you are not in the position to bargain with your sovereign. You come of noble stock and will marry my son Thor. The festivities will be held in three days. My ears are deaf to further pleading. Leave. Now.”

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Inner Dam - Silence in the Grave

Still my favorite OCNY band.