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Danny is meant to be a savior or something, as he rallies against un-kicked heads and big business alike. But his quest as the chosen one never feels like anything more than your college roommate’s two-week quest to try Tai Chi each morning, especially when he’s paired with Colleen Wing, the owner of a martial arts dojo with actual experience. He shows up in New York, shoeless with an “I traveled abroad this summer and it CHANGED MY LIFE” outfit, and immediately remarks about how he used to skateboard in a skyscraper. You’re so fucking cool, Danny. And did you immediately go to the one dojo in New York City and school the expert female owner in both martial arts techniques and “finding your inner strength”?

Of course you did, because if something exists, whether it’s morality lessons or punching, Danny Rand has got to be the best at it. He’s the ultimate wish fulfillment fantasy for everyone who’s ever talked for an hour to a stranger about finding their zen and then gotten angry when that stranger refused to sign up for Tae Kwon Do lessons. He’s lacks any character traits, but if you have a character trait, Danny Rand could still probably one-up you on it. He’s the guy who tries to fuck a girl after her massage session and claims that it was all about “healing.”

How Iron Fist Killed Marvel’s Winning Streak


Don’t mind us, we’re just two lesbians! Nothing to see, nothing to see!

What do you want to bet that the first conversation Lup and Taako have after all of this is over and there’s time for a conversation is not “there’s a lot of baggage for both of us to unpack what with forced imprisonment and memory weirdness” but instead “why the fuck are you dating the grim reaper.”

Lup sits Taako down and has the same amount of seriousness the first conversation would require, and Taako’s emotion-avoiding ass is in panic mode because there is so much shit she could bring up right now. There’s the extra callousness and coldness he’s picked up without her around, or the giving up on everything moment, or even the weird awkwardness that comes from having to remember that he has a sister followed by the vehement inner rebuttal that of course he has a sister he always has and he’s not going to let himself forget again. There’s a veritable field of landmines around them in every direction, and Lup is single-mindedly focused on “why the fuck are you dating the grim reaper.”

And Taako doesn’t know what to say, because there are some emotions there that he has not looked too closely at yet and he is not about to delve into that mess with his sister of all people. “He’s hot” seems like the safest, if insufficient, answer.

“I’m a lich, Taako. Barry is a lich. I can’t help but think that this feels a little… personal.”

Taako gave his sister a lot more credit for her intelligence than that, but maybe she was a little scrambled. Everyone was a little scrambled right now. A lot of shit had gone down. “I… didn’t mean it that way? I wasn’t really looking for, I don’t know, petty revenge or anything since I didn’t really… remember either of you. That’s a pretty big part of, more like a requirement, of the revenge scheme. Pretty integral to the whole idea.”

Lup knows that, he can tell from the way her mouth twists into a frown. She knows she’s being a little ridiculous about what amounts to a coincidence, but he can also tell that she is not prepared to let it go. “Maybe you were projecting some kind of subconscious anger? That’s a thing, like with people who repress emotions and memories and shit.”

“Lup, I’m not angry with you.” Yep, that was it. Her left ear twitches, a dead giveaway. “The memory stuff isn’t on you, and the disappearance… that wasn’t great, it would’ve been cool to take someone with you maybe, but you would’ve been back. That was an accident.”

Lup’s mouth quirks up, almost a smile. “Yeah, I guess so.” She leans forward, grin suddenly wicked, and Taako knows that the subject had not been dropped. “The grim reaper though? You have a thing for danger now or something?”

Fuck. He can give whatever excuses he wants, but he knows his sister. She is absolutely not going to let this go, and she is going to be relentless. Just let her believe what she wants, that’s his best bet, he’d feed into that “danger is hot” bullshit if that’s where she was going with it. “He’s such a dork, Lup.” Or, maybe not. Maybe he’d get uncomfortably close to those feelings again.

Lup raises an eyebrow, a clear “do tell.”

“He does this thing - he’s gonna be upset that I told you but whatever, fuck, you’re my sister he can get used to it - he totally fakes an accent when he works. It’s his ‘work’ accent, so he can seem ‘cool.’“

Her smile widens like she’s about to share the best joke, and Taako leans in. “You know what that reminds me of? That one time when Barry…” She trails off, looking into the middle distance, with a growing expression of horror. Taako is about to ask her what happened, but she shakes her head.

And Lup covers her face with her hands and groans, with feeling. “We have a type. Oh god Taako we both have a type and it’s the same type.”

Then they’re both laughing at that, and it’s so nice to laugh together again.

Sweet Punishment (M)

Im Jaebum | JB (Got7) x Reader 

Word Count: 5845

Genre: Smut [DaddyDom/Submissive Relationship]

“Are you serious?” Jaebum asked incredulously, eyes wide.

“Yes, I am,” You responded confidently, “and you are not going to do anything about it. Are you, Daddy?”

The car was heavy with tension as you sat a red light, the clock nearing midnight, and you felt as though your body was buzzing with electricity. Jaebum’s presence felt heavy and suffocating next to you. All you wanted to do was reach across the center console and make contact with any open skin you could get your fingers on. You needed to feel him, and if you didn’t soon you were sure you would combust. But, with the way you acted at dinner you knew better than to touch him. You were “in trouble” as he put it. You scoffed at the thought.

“What is so funny over there?” Jaebum asked, turning his head for you for a second before returning his eyes to the road.

“Oh, nothing is funny over here,” You replied.

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circustalia  asked:

For your Swan Princess AU, I was wondering: would the princesses on parade be the girls that Lance has flirted with in the series (Lyma, Plaxum, etc.)?


AHH yes and Lance this cute bean would be confused:

Lance: “But Keith said he would come here too!”
Lance some minutes later: “I see beautiful girls, but where is the handsome mullet?!”

Sea cucumbers are undoubtedly one of the stranger animals on our planet, and Pokémon seems to have outdone themselves with Pyukumuku. There’s about 1,720 different species of sea cucumber on Earth, living in a variety environments from shallow shores like Pyukumuku to the depths of the ocean.

To properly appreciate these creatures, we need to examine their anatomy. Sea cucumbers are echinoderms, sharing their phylum with starfish, sea urchins, and sand dollars. Sea cucumbers have no brain, but they still have a rudimentary nervous system. They have a sense of touch through their skin, so they can feel around and sense the presence of light (through warmth), but otherwise have no sensory organs: no eyes, no noses, no ears, and so on.

So, the spots on Pyukumuku aren’t eyes at all, they’re simply markings. Many animals including fish, reptiles, birds, and insects sometimes have eye-like patterns on their skin, which are meant to confuse predators into thinking their face isn’t really their face. More on that in a moment. First, let’s check out the inner anatomy of sea cucumbers:

Sea cucumbers move around using little tube feet, which use hydraulic pressure to push the sea cucumber along like a slug. They don’t have lungs or gills like a fish, but rather have respiratory trees which work similar to gills: They pump water through the tree, which takes out the oxygen for breathing. Strangely enough, the respiratory tree is not connected to a sea cucumber’s mouth but rather their anus, which pushes the water through the tree. A sea cucumber breathes through their anus. 

On the opposite sides of their body is the mouth, surrounded by a bouquet of tentacles which are used to gather up food (typically plankton or algae) and push it into their mouth, similar to what lips or our tongues do for us. Looking at Pyukumuku, this tuft of tentacles is at its far end: that’s not a tail. So its mouth is on the opposite side of its eyespots. As I said, eyespots are meant to distract predators away from a creature’s true face, which means that we are looking at Pyukumuku’s anus.

It is certainly an effective method of defense. Would you want to attack something that shoots its own intestines out of its butt? If you want further proof that we are looking at Pyukumuku’s anus, you just have to examine it’s ability Innards Out. When Pyukumuku faints – when it is threatened like a sea cucumber, it will do damage to it’s foe by expelling its inner organs. Of course, the lovely Pyukumuku does this to damage its opponents even before it faints in battle.

Originally posted by maskedkitsune

The inside of a creature is usually very vulnerable, which is why in most creatures the insdies are kept on the inside. Luckily, sea cucumbers have incredible regeneration abilities, able to quickly regrow entire organ systems inside their bodies if something happened when they spit them out.

Of course, its not their only method of protection. Many species of sea cucumbers are also covered in spines (like Pyukumuku) which offers them further protection against predators. 

And if you’re concerned about feeding Pyukumuku those pokébeans from the wrong end, rest assured: although sea cucumbers eat primarily with their tentacles through their mouths, they can also absorb nutrition through their anuses. Some sea cucumber species will filter out algae when they breathe with the anuses, absorbing the food in the process. It’s efficient, if nothing else.

Pyukumuku is a sea cucumber, which expels its inner organs through its anus to fight off predators. 


Keep Your Enemies Closer (7k) by jackstylinson

Someone walking into the bathroom interrupts Louis’ inner monologue. Of fucking course. Harry notices Louis and smiles. He fucking smiles all dimply and bright and for a split second Louis is taken back in time to when they were best friends and how he used to be such a sucker for that smile. Louis’ eyes harden at the thought.

“Hey Lou,” Harry chirps. His voice is soft and gentle, just like it was five years ago, no trace of animosity.

“Hey,” Louis says not looking at him, but at his own reflection straightening his Black Sabbath T-shirt.

“How’ve you been?” Harry asks, running a hand through his hair.

Louis can’t help but snort. “Seriously? You actually care about how I’ve been?”

Harry looks taken aback by Louis’ reaction but recovers easily, “Of course I do,” he says sounding genuinely surprised that Louis would think otherwise.

Or:  Harry and Louis have hated each other for almost five years, until they don’t.


An Inner Circle (Winner fan) called ToppKlass bitter on twitter because we didn’t want Sanggyun to cover a Mino song on Produce 101, because of the diss that happened two years ago on Show Me The Money.

Apparently, we’re the ones who can’t let it go, even though we never mention this diss but inner circles are the ones that keep talking about it in every single ToppDogg related article.

Whenever ToppDogg does anything, all you can do is talk about the diss. And we’re the ones who can’t let it go??

This is exactly why we don’t want Sanggyun to cover Mino’s song. Because We know that ya’ll won’t stop talking about the diss. ToppKlass won’t talk about it, Inner Circles will, because that’s apparently your only reason to hate on ToppDogg.

Don’t call us bitter when you’re the ones that can’t stop talking about it. The diss happened two years ago, get over it.

ReTHG - Marvel’s death and the Career Pack

I got to the part when Rue is killed and I just knew if I focused elsewhere I’d notice something. I was right. She looms so large in the scene that it’s hard to focus on anything else, but the thing I noticed helped me when thinking about another plot point.

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So basically you can’t talk to @mittensmorgul about anything, or it just goes all

And in this case it’s trying to explain, like, the ENTIRE tangled web behind the whole “crypt scenes” thing and why we even call it that when it starts with a thread beginning in 1x22 with John throwing off Azazel to save Dean, and ends up with me yelling at my screen when a tan-coat-wearing brainwashed dude answering to a heaven-like organisation is waving a gun at some random hunter whose only crime is being adorable and loosely romantically connected to Sam, and declaring it Prime Destiel Subtext.

This is the wire tangle in my brain that explains it :P 

Details under the cut with the image above just so you can visualise all the bits of string, I guess, unless you can read my handwriting (on a browser, anyway, you can click the image to get it in a pop out, then right click, view in a new window, and view it in life size, and I used a LARGE sketchbook for it so life size is big ass spaghetti ramblings), in which case you get a prize. 

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Most Anticipated YA May Books!

There are a ton of new YA books coming out soon that I can wait to get my hands on!

1. A Court of Wings and Ruin // Sarah J. Maas // May 2
This is book 3 in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. Like a lot of people, this is one of the top books I’ve been waiting for this year! I’m so ready to see Feyre spy on Tamlin and of course, the Inner Circle!

2. Always and Forever, Lara Jean // Jenny Han // May 2
This is the third and final book of the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series! One of my favorite contemporary series, I can’t wait to see how Lara Jean grows and how her relationship with Peter and her family develop.

3. The Love Interest // Cale Dietrich // May 16
I believe this is a standalone novel that I think has a really cool concept. It’s about two boys who are spies acting as love interests, competing for a girl. But, they soon start to have feelings that they never expected… This book sounds like an awesome twist on a controversial YA trope, the love triangle.

4. Flame in the Mist // Renee Ahdieh // May 16
Flame in the Mist is the first book in Ahdieh’s new duology. Her other duology, The Wrath and the Dawn, was extremely praised as well, which makes me excited for this one! 

5. Lord of Shadows // Cassandra Clare // May 23
When is there not a time when I’m eager to get my hands on a new Cassandra Clare book?? Lady Midnight was fantastic, so I’m hoping book 2 in The Dark Artifices trilogy will be even more amazing. I can’t wait to read more about how Emma and Julian’s relationship evolves (and also about my fave, Mark Blackthorn :) ).

6. One of Us is Lying //  Karen M. McManus // May 30
This is a standalone mystery/thriller. I don’t read mystery all that often, but the premise of this one is intriguing: One of Us Is Lying is the story of what happens when five strangers walk into detention and only four walk out alive. Everyone is a suspect, and everyone has something to hide. I think mysteries are getting more popular in TV and books, so I hope this one will be great!

151220 Jikook/Kookmin

I coincidentally stumbled upon this today (I also screen captured the time frame so that you can check and watch along)

Just a tiny little thing, but still sweet and cute as usual ♥

Basically Taehyung corrected him, Jimin said sorry and everyone cracked up.

Jimin starts singing again.

Jungkook (in late 2016, to the world): “I can tease Jimin-hyung until the end”

also Jungkook (way back in late 2015, in his inner thoughts ): Of course I can tease Jimin-hyung until the end but when the others tease him I’ll support and protect him at all cost!

*in Jackson’s voice* cute!


yes I know he also ad libbed “잡고” after Taehyung sang, but fyi, it’s his part, see the live version to verify it here

I’m not downgrading anyone’s moment, I just wanna clarify in advance in case anyone feels unpleasant.

Thank you~~~, please love and support our babies a lot ♥ 🌺🌸

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percy jackson platonic headcanons?

On your way!

-He’s one of the best bros. Always got your back kinda thing. He’s willing to fight with you if you ask him, but preferably, he’d rather be at the beach chilling.

-He’ll be your best friend if you can cook.

-No seriously, he’ll eat all the food you make and compliment you on it. 

-Barbaques. Tons and tons of barbaques, especially at the beach. He has to channel his inner water geek, of course.

-You guys would have so many inside jokes that people would get annoyed because you two would be laughing too much.

-Secret hand shake and your own secret language.

-I hope you like salt because as the son of Poseidon, he has a lot of it.

GOT7 Masterlist


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Bullet Lists

↠ Making Out 


Park Jinyoung

↠ “One More Chapter”


Mark Tuan

↠ Snow Kisses

Snow covers the ground, and it immediately wakes up your inner child; so, of course, you can’t resist dragging Mark along for some fun.

Choi Youngjae 

↠ Stupid Haunted Mazes 

You absolutely dread all things scary, so how you ended up in a haunted maze was quite the mystery. Luckily, you meet a sweet brunette along the way, who makes it almost bareable. Almost.

View the main masterlist for other groups/artists.


Pairing: Platonic Sirius Black x Reader

A/N: Hey hey, I know I haven’t posted for a really long time and I’m sorry for that. Like, really sorry. I have a lot of stories on my mind but sadly I haven’t found the time to write it all down. Ahem, anywaaay, this story has been at storage in my brain for the past months and I’ve rewritten it for at least a gazillion times already. I kid, maybe like five-six times more likely? 

I apologize for any mistakes, I will get back to them once a spot one. Um so like I don’t even know if I should continue this or not, the story was so much more interesting in my mind pfft. I honestly have no idea on what to name this so I settled for that(title) instead, it may be changed if I ever think of something better. Anyway hit me up on what you guys think and if you want a continuation. So until next time loves! :)


Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from the Potterverse!


In a blink of an eye, Sirius Black was back in your life.

Your chin rested at the palm of your hand as you watched the man who sat right across you from the table devour your leftovers from dinner. For once in your life, you were glad you made more than you could actually consume.
A thunderstorm was going on outside hence why the male was soaked when he first came in. But instead of having him take a shower first, you relented when he practically begged to have something to eat instead, saying that he was starving to death and promising to take a shower afterwards. So you cast a drying spell on him and gave him what food you had, and now here you were half an hour later staring at him munch away while your mind reeled with a list of questions you were dying to ask him. But instead of inquiring, all you could muster out at that moment was: “Sirius, if you don’t slow down you’re bound to choke on your food.”
He stopped momentarily and considered your words. He gave you a sheepish smile. “Yeah sorry. It’s just that I forgot how good of a cook you are. Moony is lucky.” He murmured in reply and continued eating, slowly this time; of course he didn’t know.

You busied yourself with preparing the spare bedroom as Sirius took his well-needed shower.  You fluffed the pillows and changed the sheets. You laid out some old clothes on the freshly-made bed and you smoothed everything out for what seemed to be the fifth time already.

You were exhausted. It was nearly three in the morning and all you wanted to do was climb to bed and sleep with the rest of the world, but the fear of Sirius leaving you without much of a word haunted you. It sounded stupid but for the first time in forever you’ve actually been happy and you were scared that this happiness was meant for only a single night. Your thoughts were cut short though as you heard footsteps coming over.

“Y/N, I think I used up all your conditioner.” Sirius called out as he arrived at the doorway soon after, his long, black hair dripping wet and only a towel wrapped around his waist. You frowned as you noticed for the first time that night how thin he had become, you mentally noted to cook his favorite dish tomorrow.

“Don’t be mad sweet cheeks, I’ll get you a new one tomorrow. Well… maybe you get it but I’ll pay somehow! I can’t go wandering off the streets in broad daylight now can I?”

You shook your head, “I’m not mad dummy. I have spares in my closet, but aren’t you going to lose the beard?“It was a silly thing to say, but it bothered you so much, and the fact that he had elbow-length hair.

He chuckled, "It makes me look more mature don’t you think? Harry’ll be happy to have such a responsible-looking godparent.” You rolled your eyes as he sounded so bloody proud of himself. 

He already has a responsible-looking godparent, and between the both of you, it surely isn’t him. You thought. "Who knows? We might even get custody.” He mumbled as an afterthought and strode inside the room and took the clothes in the bed. 

Your heart clenched at the words, you wouldn’t want anything else than for Harry to finally live with you, and with Sirius here, maybe the boy could finally have a shot at having a real family and parents. Did Sirius even know that Dumbledore denied you the chance to raise Harry even when you begged him to? You ran a hand through your hair, he most likely didn’t. If Dumbledore refused you once, who’s to say he wouldn’t do it again? Especially now that Sirius was an escaped convict.

Sirius was oblivious to your inner struggles of course and he held the sweater out and smirked. “You couldn’t find me your dad’s old clothes instead? Moony is a giant!” He pulled it on and jabbed out the sweatpants. “Oh how lovely.” He murmured. But before wearing it, he turned to you and raised a brow. “Y/N? Are you all right sweet cheeks? You’ve been awfully quiet since I got here.“ Your eyes suddenly watered much to Sirius’ surprise and he unceremoniously dropped the pants back on the bed  and took two long strides towards you, "Y/N, hey, it’s all right, everything’s going to be okay.” His long arms reached out to you and pulled you against his chest.

Once the first tear escaped, the rest followed like an unbroken torrent, the broken sobs were disguised with the rumble of thunder as the storm continued to pick up. You clung onto Sirius like a life line as your body shook fervently, twelve years of suppressed stress, anger and loneliness finally breaking loose. As he rubbed your back continuosly in an attempt of comfort it felt like each gasp, each breath tore down your throat.

“Y/N, Y/N, look at me, breathe.” Sirius commanded as he shifted and held your face with his two bony hands and forced you to look at him. Worry graced his features as he took in deep breaths with you. “Come on sweet, breathe. That’s it, inhale, exhale.”

You took several shaky breaths before finally calming down.  He motioned you towards the bed and made you sit down, a curse escaping his breath as the towel nearly slipped away to expose his lower body. “Sit, I’ll be back.” He grabbed the sweatpants and exited the room in heavy steps. You buried your face in your hands. 

One thing was crystal clear to you at that very  moment: Everything was not going to be okay.

Day 13 + 14: Elation and Telling the Truth

Ladybug sprawled out on her back as Chat did the same next to her. They took in the cool summer night breeze as the sun retreated behind the horizon. Ladybug and Chat could hear a couple giggling while walking down the sidewalk. It brought a smile to both of their faces.

Ladybug thought about Adrien and how she’d love to be like that with him. “Sounds like they’re having fun,” Ladybug said.

Chat glanced over to her with piqued interest. “Oh? Anyone you have in mind, my lady?”

It had been over a year since the two had started fighting akuma together. Ladybug thought that it would be fine to just let a little bit of her personal life slip. “There’s this boy in my class, but he’s out of my league.”

“Out of your league. I’m sure that they are out of your league, my lady. Not the other way around,” Chat said with a smirk to hide his inner dread. Of course she liked someone.

Ladybug chuckled. “Oh Chaton, you have no idea. He’s so kind and smart and talented.”

“Sounds like a dream boat,” Chat said past his teeth. He was glad that Ladybug was looking up to the emerging stars rather than his expressions.

“Pretty much. He can speak Mandarin better than I ever could and is coordinated enough to fence and play basketball,” Ladybug said as Chat’s eyes opened wide. This is a strangely specific and familiar set of skills. “And not to mention that he models.”

A lightbulb went off in Chat’s head. He doubted that there were many other guys in Paris who fit this criteria. “You should tell,” he blurted out.

“What?” Ladybug squeaked as she sat straight up and looked at her smiling partner. She swore that his face was going to rip in two.

Chat stood and walked over to the edge of the building and surveyed the city lights. “Trust me,” he said with  a glance over his shoulder, “It’ll work it out.”

Chat Noir gave a dumbfounded Ladybug a thumbs up before leaping into the city. His heart raced as he jumped through the streets. His mind juggled with thoughts of the various girls in his class and which one was his lady.


Jet Wolf Summarizes Act 36

  The manga and I kind of hate each other. This is unfortunate, but still, I’m determined to come out of this with something. Rather than spend energy on a liveblog that’s increasingly negative, I’m reading each manga act (mostly) silently, and then writing up summaries at the end. I won’t pull my punches. There’s going to be criticism and snark about the manga, either wholesale or in details. If that isn’t a thing you feel like reading, please skip this post!

I’m losing the ability to tell at this point if it’s me or the manga or time slowly grinding to a halt, but I swear I’ve been reading this arc for the past six hundred years. This was probably my favourite season of the anime, and the fact that they’re in any way the same story is making my brain melt.


This whole arc is atrociously dull and refuses to move at any decent pace, like someone spilled a strawberry Fanta on it and now it’s all sticky and gummed up. AND YET THE MANGA STILL SOMEHOW MOVES TOO FAST. I think we need to send the damned thing to NASA, maybe they can unravel the secrets of space/time and we can develop warp technology or something.

Usagi and the Outers are still floating, which they can do sometimes For Reasons, and spying on Mistress Nine. NO WAIT IT’S HOTARU GASP SHOCK HORROR. Also the sky looks like– Okay, is anyone out there old like me and remembers those stickers way back when that were like SUPER PREMIUM BASSASS SHIT that had oil or something in them, and when you pressed them, they turned colours? The sky’s like that. By the way, describing those stickers brought me more pleasure than literally anything else in this arc. I WAS REALLY INTO STICKERS OKAY

Oh, and then Mugen collapses or something. Everyone’s dead, nobody cares. It’s nothing but rubble and ruins, except for this one fountain, floating out in the middle of nothing, as is of course typical fountain behaviour. Clustered around the fountain? The Inners! Unconscious, of course. OF COURSE. Usagi can’t get near them. She also can’t remember their names. No one is surprised.

“The sea remains uninvolved in this story and so retreats to create new fertile ground elsewhere,” Michiru doesn’t say, but should. Still, the sea’s up to some weird shit, and so’s the ground, and maybe it’s earthquakes or tidal waves, but it takes the government all of two seconds to declare martial law, which sounds about right. With everything about to go to shit (TOO LATE), the Outers stop floating and start doing, by which I mean they unite their powers to create a force field.

Two thoughts on this: First, that it’s unclear what the force field is meant to contain and/or repel, but I’m just going to assume they’re attempting to shield us from the story, and thank their brave if futile efforts. My second thought is that they sure do know a lot of what they can all combine their powers to do together considering Pluto was resurrected like ten minutes ago and they keep telling us they weren’t allowed to see or hear or talk to anyone in the Silver Millennium for reasons that I’m positive weren’t just arbitrary abuses of power and control.



“Man, my body SUCKS,” Mistress Nine complains, to which Hotaru says “Then fuck off, bitch, damn.” Somehow the fact that she’s 89% Pentium doesn’t seem to factor into anything, which shouldn’t disappoint me and yet still somehow does. Wanting more power to expel Hotaru completely, Mistress Nine goes to her local Circle K for a four-pack of Senshi. WHEN YOU’VE GOT PHARAOH 90-SIZED HUNGER GRAB THE ONLY SNACK THAT SATISFIES.


Maybe I can have one next. I’m so tired.

We learn through monologue that all of Hotaru’s actions are being dictated by a progressively less dormant Saturn, which I have to say fucking SUCKS for Hotaru. At least she was finally getting to do some shit, but nope, that gets yanked away from her and given to a Senshi who isn’t even fully awake yet. Nobody is getting served today, folks.


Anyway, the Inners wake up, and Usagi pretends to care, and then Hotaru dies I think. Maybe if they just turn her off and turn her back on again, she’ll be fine.

Somehow, for some reason, Mamoru senses this and wakes up with a gasp. I DUNNO PEOPLE DON’T FUCKING ASK ME. Oh no, wait, Hotaru’s not dead, she’s just delivering Chibs’ ginzuishou. Which it seemed she did last issue, but fuck it. Chibs wakes up, and she and Hotaru have a chat. THEN Hotaru dies. I KNEW THERE WAS DEATH IN THERE SOMEWHERE. I think she and Chibs get married first or something though.

Which normally I’d just be “ARE EITHER ONE OF YOU ACTUALLY IN YOUR TEEN YEARS YET”, but look, we all know there’s a horse around the corner, so fuck it, I’m clinging to this. HOTARU AND CHIBS, THE ONLY DESTINED MIRACLE ROMANCE I WILL ACCEPT

Chibs is sad that Hotaru died and stuff, but Mamoru doesn’t have time for that. “Can you fight?” he asks the grief-stricken ten-year old who just awakened from a deep coma brought on by intense physical trauma four minutes ago, and let’s all please take a moment to really think about that sentence. Chibs says that she’ll fight with all she has.

No snark here, complete sincerity, Chibi-Usa is the only character I hold any measurable degree of affection for, and I never thought those words would come out of my mouth but this is what the manga has done to me.

She says she’ll go fight, and Mamoru gets all maudlin




With Mamoru there, Usagi summons the Grail, and everyone pours their power into it like the two-legged batteries they are. And then CHIBS levels up just because Sailor Moon looks so awesome, I guess, SERIOUSLY FOLKS NOTHING IS MAKING SENSE ANY MORE THIS XP SYSTEM IS FUCKED AND WE NEED TO HAVE A TALK WITH THE DM. Chibs becoming Super Sailor Chibi-Moon triggers the twofer coupon Usagi’s had tucked in her bra, and a SECOND Grail appears! Because we need that I guess! Despite that Chibs has already just powered up! And still this arc isn’t over yet holy shit I’m dying inside!

The Trip. Mystic Messenger Fanfic.

(V X MC  Smut/Nsfw Warning.)

(Also, if your wondering why V can see, it is because he got the eye surgery he needed to prevent his blindness.)

The day was bright and sunny, the temperature was perfect for going out, especially to have a picnic, or to even just hang out with friends.  Earlier that day, Mc and V were planning to go to the park with one another. 

The problem was that the park was a couple of miles away and there was no way they were going to get there anytime soon. There was a traffic jam after all, and the car started to get heated. 

Beads of sweat began to drip down Jihyun’s face as his breathing was a bit heavy. Mc rolled down the windows since the air conditioner decided not to work at the time. 

The both of them were pretty hot at the time, why did it have to be a heat wave all of the sudden? Or was it just the car? Either way, it was really hot and the both of them were wearing long sleeves.

Mc sighed lightly, the cars seemed not to move at all, the traffic seemed to be worse that she had thought. Why today did there have to be a traffic jam? Why did we choose to wear long sleeve’s? 

Before it was a nice and cool, now it was just an unbearable heat that made you sweat. Jihyun seemed to unbutton a couple of his shift buttons. Some of his chest showing. 

A nice pink blush on his cheek and beads of sweat continued to drip down his face and down his chest. Showing off his rippling and toned body. His breathing seemed to be pretty heavy. 

The urge to strip was strong, especially for Mc. She looked over at Jihyun, her pink blush seemed to turn into a red flush. Becoming a bit flustered at seeing some of his bare chest. 

Let alone, the way he looked was so.. Sexy.. Especially since his hair was a bit disheveled. Slowly after, he caught your stare. His blush seemed to darken as he began to apologize.

“I-I’m sorry for you seeing me this way Mc.. It’s just.. So hot.. I couldn’t take it anymore to be honest..” 

All you did was shake your head gently at his comment, your hands waving around drastically. “N-No. It’s fine, I totally understand why. Besides.. It’s not like your bothering me, you look very attractive in my opinion.” 

The last part of your sentence seemed to make him flustered, as well as yourself. Did you seriously just say that? Especially to him? He couldn’t believe his ears. Nor, could you believe that you actually said this.

  “I-I’m sorry, I said that without thinking and-”

        “No, it’s fine. I completely understand. The heat makes us do things we’ve never thought we would.”

All you could do was nod, you couldn’t handle the heat anymore and absentmindedly began to take off your shirt. Taking your hands at the rim and pulling it up, removing it.

“M-Mc- w-what are you-?”

“I-I’m sorry, I can’t bare this heat anymore.” You interrupted him gently, panting ever so lightly. He caught himself starring at you ever so gently. Taking in ever detail of your upper body. 

The sweat that seemed to form on you seemed to help show your appealing details. Rolling down and between your breasts, rolling down your slightly fit abs. Your curves as perfect as ever.

If he had his camera at the time, he would defiantly take pictures of you. Not only were you looking very innocent, but also very sexy. It was either this heat making him feel this way or something else. Whatever it was..

The urge to touch your body was strong. And you felt the same at the time. He adverted his gaze  once he caught himself starring. It was just.. You were so perfect.

Slowly, you sat you gently, the sweat from your body seemed to smell like sweet flowers. It was very pleasant instead of it smelling like dirty socks. He liked it and he wanted to have the incredible smell around him even more.

You began to stretch a bit lightly, he took glances at you, though didn’t dare to look at you fully, he was a gentleman after all. After wards, once done with stretching, you looked over at him and gave him a reassuring smile.

You saw that more of his buttons from his shirt were unbuttoned. Revealing his nice toned chest, his sweat seemed to continue to run down it. You bit your lip at this, damn he was so sexy.

He noticed you taking every detail of his body, he seemed to stare at your face. Your hair seeming a bit disheveled as well. He seemed to lean in close to you. Sure, he was still in love with Rika but.. He felt.. Much more with you.

Sure, Rika was his sun. But.. You were his whole world, you were his galaxy and his stars. Though.. He never admitted it. The both of you were still friends after all but.. You seemed to like one another more than just friends.

You were zoning out at the time, not noticing his face coming close to yours until you felt soft lips on yours. This caused you to blink a few and find yourself kissing V.

Well more like, he was kissing you. His head was filled with so many thoughts, what would become of the two of you after this? He didn’t care what other’s thought, he just wanted you for himself as he seemed to kiss you with so much passion and love.

Your face seemed to heat up with a dark scarlet blush, though slowly after you began to melt into the delightful kiss. It was the truth, this was indeed your first kiss. Heck, your still a virgin, though was too embarrassed to say anything about it.

Your hands seemed to make there way up his neck and behind his head, messing with his hair ever so gently as the two of you kissed. Lips colliding and shifting to add more and more pleasure.

The both of you knew that you were longing for one another’s touches. His hands going down to your waist and holding you close.

After a couple of hours of the sweet kisses, things started to take another turn. At the time, the both of you were in the back seat. His hands gripping your butt roughly, your thighs around his waist lightly. His mouth seemed to be attached to your neck.

Attacking your sensitive neck with love bites and an army of kisses. His tongue swirling and whirling around some area’s which seemed to drive you crazy. You seemed to moan his name oh so loudly. Repeating it over and over.

This seemed to give him more courage, as well as drive him off the edge. Your moans seemed to make him get more flirtatious, as well as suggestive. This was new to him but, he enjoyed it.

The both of you seemed to be turned on at the time, your hips grinding, your bodies touching, the rubbing, the licking, the kissing. It was so pleasurable. Soon.. The both of your clothes seemed to be discarded to the floor of the car. 

The both of you seemed to moan as the intense grinding of your hips against one another seemed to grow. Of course the two of you were in your undergarments at the time. Though it was obvious you were turned on.

Especially Jihyun, his boner seemed to throb for more. It being very stiff and long, you could feel the tent within his boxers seemed to grow. The boner poking your inner thigh.

You of course were all hot and bothered, your panties soaked with your own juices and fluids. You need him inside of you, feeling yourself be so ready for him.

He didn’t have a condom though he hoped you were on the pill, because he wanted to be inside of you very badly. Eventually, the two of you were naked. Not only that but you were giving him the blow-job of his life.

“Ngh.. Your so good at this.. Agh.. I’m so close.. Mc..~”

You seemed to give a soft amused chuckle, licking and swirling your tongue all around his hardened member. You were surprised at how big he was, let alone, how hard he was.

Eventually, he came. The cold though slightly salty liquid seemed to drizzle down your chin as you swallowed it. This drove his urge to be inside of you to increase. 

Next thing you knew, he had you pinned down to the car seat. Since your breasts were already bare he sucked and licked you breasts, giving soft kisses and licks all over one of them while massaging the other.

His hips began to grind against yours, you felt his member rub lightly against your womanhood which made you moan more. You needed him badly, just like how much he needed you.

He looked down at you, giving a look of wonder. Asking for your approval, which of course you said yes. So with one whole thrust, his member penetrated you and went deep within you, hitting your g-spot.

Your body jumped at this, tears brimmed your eyes as you groaned lightly in pain. He gave you a reassuring look, “You’ll get use to it.. I promise you.” he kissed away your tears and stopped himself from thrusting any further. 

Allowing you to adjust, once you have adjusted he began to thrust once anew. Going at an inhuman pace, his member opening up your walls more with each thrust. Going in and out of you in a swift and rough manor.

Moans from the both of you seemed to fill the car as this continued for an hour and a half. Eventually, the two of you reached your climax. Panting heavily once finished. Laying beside one another and cuddling.

“.. I love you Mc.. I really do mean it.”

He stated lightly, giving you a rare smile as you gave him a mutual look. Him holding you close. This was the best day of your life, you wished this could last for forever. He made you so happy, he was your world.

“I love you too Jihyun, more than the world itself.”

This seemed to make him give a soft chuckle, his smile growing as he gave soft kisses all over your face. Which made you giggle.

After all those hours in the hot car within traffic, the both of you got dressed. Sitting back in your seats and not minding how much time this took. As long as you were together. It made you the most happy, the both of you.