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Did I ever mention how much of a Riddler fan I am? Well, I am one. A HUGE one. Sorry for the random DC fandom post but these have been idling in my folders for a while now so I thought I’d post em up. X’) I’m a DC person shhhh.


“The Inner City Blues Collection”

This collection is a work in progress. I’ve wanted to do a collection like this for some time. I figured, it’s about time to stop wanting to do it and just do it. So here are the first 3 pieces of the collection.

This collection will focus on the emotion of America’s Inner Cities, her inhabitants, the people who have roots there, and the people who’ve moved on from it. We live in a volatile time where savagery is running rampant, where there are those who demonize, kill, and in every way dehumanize those who don’t look like them. It is now to the point where the law is endorsing this savagery, and the blood of the inner city is flowing from the sidewalks to the gutters.

This collection is a reminder that people are not targets. Intellect, emotion, spirituality, experience, brilliance and beauty color every aspect of these people. So, with these thoughts in my mind, I create this collection for you.

If you own a venue or gallery, or know of a venue or gallery that would like to host/exhibit this collection, contact me at and we can make arrangements. I don’t care what city or state.

Remember to support your friendly neighborhood artists.


Potency Threading Company in Detroit - June 2nd, 2015. Follow our twitter and Instagram @ptcstreetwear to stay updated with the brand! We are currently putting together an A/W collection, which is planned to be released by late September/early October. 


one gifset per appearance → north american tour: day 11, los angeles [2/4] (10/07/2011)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Inner-City Arts charity in Los Angeles, a charity that promotes visual art and performances for children, most of which live below the line of poverty. The royal couple painted, chatted to the children, played with some clay and made imprints of their hands for posterity. Kate painted a snail, while William made an abstract painting.