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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I have a tarot reading? What should I focus on when school starts? Thanks and have a nice day!

Of course, hun! Here is your reading ^^

The first card I drew was the five of pentacles. This card stands for need, poverty, and insecurity. This card means to me that you should focus a lot on helping other people who are struggling. I get the feelings that you’re a kind and fairly intelligent person who has the means to help others with their work. I feel that my deck may even be suggesting that you become a tutor, teacher, or mentor of sorts, whether now or in the future!

The second card I drew was the page of cups. This card stands for a delightful surprise, the inner child, and intuition. This card to me means that, despite things not going how you’re planning them, you’re going to enjoy yourself and really honestly get something out of this year. You should let go a bit and let everything just happen! It’s good to be organized, but you may be being too hard on yourself.

The third card I drew was the five of cups. This card stands for loss, grief, and disappointment. Despite the dreary meaning of this card, I get the feeling that it’s intentions aren’t at all negative. Maybe you won’t do so well this year in school, and maybe the things you used to want to focus on and develop aren’t what you feel passionate about anymore, but this year you will learn some valuable lessons about yourself, your talents, and your passions. You may be losing your past dreams, but you will gain something even better in their place.

Thanks for sending an ask in, love! I hope this reading was satisfactory. I wish you luck in your endeavors, and I hope you have a nice day as well!

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