inner border


There was the Mindelan device: a gray owl, wings outstretched, on a blue field rimmed with cream. There were two differences between this shield and those of her brothers. On Kel’s, the owl hovered over a pair of crossed glaives, cream embroidered in gold, matches for a Yamani glaive. The other difference was the shield’s border: it was formed by two thin rings, the outer blue, the inner cream. A distaff border, the heralds had named it, the coat of arms of a lady knight.

- Squire by Tamora Pierce

I thought it was high time to do some Tortall-inspired crochet, and who better to become a cuddly toy/blanket than the Protector of the Small? You can see the grey blanket taking shape behind Dragon, who is helpfully modelling the shield until Keladry gets arms and a head.

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Another recent order I finished. A book bound in light brown calf leather, two borders and a floral background between them. The inner border surrounds a small tree. The idea was the book to be a symbol of earthliness and gentleness. However I made it a bit more paganistic than I was expecting. I guess I can’t fully escape from my predispositions.

Different shoes are worn for different occasions, but it is always important for your shoes to be comfortable. A hygienic show means a straight inner border; low, broad heel; flexible shank, an adequate toe space. A shoe of this type is worn most often, if you are an active person.
—  Girl Scout Handbook for the Intermediate Program, 1940, when “hygienic” meant “healthy.”