inner arm tattoo idea
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Hi Marco, since you're the Beatle King, your opinion counts a lot. So I'm planning to get inked on both hands, kinda like how Lana has a pair along her pinky down to the 'side' of her hand. I'm debating between getting John and Paul's full names or just "Lennon" and "McCartney" on the other. Wdy think? - ♝

I think that it depends pretty much by what you think it’s the best for you, and in my opinion the best way to do a tattoo is to get it personalised, I’ll explain you how (and why). 

When I wanted to do ‘n.9 Dream’ I drew the words by myself, I looked up on the internet to get inspired, and PINTEREST helped me a lot. It takes 10 seconds to create an account and when you write like “inner arm tattoo” or “beatles tattoo” you get lots of ideas. The second step I did was to find one of the fonts that I liked it and tried to make something similar, I took a pen and drew it

It took me some days but in the end I loved it, then I printed the whole image of the same size of the tattoo and did it. They’ll ask you an image to print it and with a special gel they paste your drawing directly on your skin, then take the needle and start working. 

The thing is: if you do John and Paul nobody will understand what the tattoo is about, but it doesn’t matter, because you must know it, not others. I spent the summer explaining people the meaning of my John’s tattoo because nobody understood that ‘9′ and the word dream. But I don’t care, because I love it, and that’s how I wanted it. Don’t do it because the world must know what the tattoo is about, do it for yourself.

Personally I’d choose Lennon & McCartney.

My suggestion is also to do something ‘special’, to add something of your own, it can be the L of Lennon or the M of McCartney, you’ll love it more. When I picked random tattoo photos from the internet of the word ‘dream’ I loved them all but I wanted to do something different because I knew that somebody else in the world already had it, and I wanted something special. When this afternoon I went to book the tattoo I brought this:

I spent the last few days trying to find the best ‘Let it be’ for me, looking up on pinterest and when I started writing it myself I discovered that I liked the b as a musical note, and that’s how I’ll probably do it. 

Your tattoo will be pretty small so you can’t play much with it, but even a small symbol or a font made by you will make it great. 

I think Lennon & McCartney is by far the best choice, and my suggestion is to add something of your own, do not copy from others, a tattoo is something you’ll keep for the rest of your life, if you make it special it’ll become awesome.