Niall The Golf Instructor NSFW

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“Right darlin’ now put your hand a lil lower on it-yess right there,“Niall spoke from behind me.His arms wrapped around my waist guiding my hands on how to properly hold the golf putter.

It was a cool balmy Saturday morning.The birds were chirping merrily in the trees overhead and the soft lush greens of the golf course crunched under our shoes.

Niall had taken me out golfing with him since I said I could use some exercise but really it was because the thought of him in those nice golf shorts was a turn on.He seemed so giddy to know I was taking an interest in something he liked to do and he was eager to teach.

I showered and got dressed around 7 ,changing into a white long sleeve polo,a grey skirt and green nike golf shoes.I got a green visor and my shades to keep the sun away.Niall had showered after me so when I was fully dressed and ready to go,he walked out of the bathroom a white towel hanging loosely around his waist,water dripping down his toned chest,down his abs and dissapearing down his treasure trail to hide under his towel.

I clenched my thighs together at the sight and tried to distract myself from the growing arousal between my legs but it just wasn’t happening.I thought in a few minutes it would have worn off but it’s 9am now and the feeling is still there but I chose to ignore it,even thinking about it made me feel hot.

Niall was busy chattering off about form and I wasn’t listening,I was thinking about his hands and how they felt on my waist,how his hips were angled to just brush against my ass and how good it would feel to have him between my legs.

“(y/n),are you listening?”,he asked,curiosity in his voice but a smug smirk on his face.

“I was,Ni,” I mumbled lowly,my eyes not quite meeting his.I didn’t feel guilty for lying.

He went over the steps again,slower this time and I actually learned something and when I attempted my first shot,I scored.I felt so proud of myself.Niall gathered me in his arms and twirled me around,while I was laughing and feeling ecstatic.

I went to retrieve my ball with a spring in my step,before the pent up sexual frustration oozed into my step and gave me an incredibly naughty feeling and I acted on these feelings.I bent over,grasping the ball in my hands,giving Niall a view of my underwear-a white g-string.

When I returned to him,his pearly whites were biting down on his pink luscious lips and he had a lustful look in his blue eyes.His strong jaw was clenched and I saw his muscles tense up under his shirt. He was exerting this sexy power this dominance with the way his eyes followed me and I couldn’t help but continue because I loved this attention.

Over the next couple of holes,he tried to teach but I wasn’t listening.I was trying to distract him from teaching,whether it be by inncently brushing myself against him,or holding the shaft of the club and pumping it between my knuckles or undoing the first two buttons on my shirt so he could better see my cleavage.Ever so often I’d ask him to help me perfect my swing so I could grind against him.He still taught me even though I wasn’t focused on learning this, but he still stuttered out responses the blood flow to his brain being directed to his cock.

“(y/n) you’re not listening are you?”,he asked.He was standing with the mid-morning sun to his back,the glow giving him an angelic look.

“Oh Niall,” I said ,from my spot on the hood of the golf cart, spreading my legs so he could get a better view,“I tried but I’ve gotten all hot and bothered,come help me daddy,”.

My blood was pumping through my veins,I could feel the rush.Calling Niall ‘daddy’ was a sure fire way to get me what I want and it worked.The next moment,I was down on my knees in front of the golf cart.He looked down at me,smirking lewdly before looking around the secluded space.

“Y'wanna tease me all day don’t cha princess so daddy can fuck your tight pussy right ‘ere,huh?“he said pushing my shirt up above my breasts.

I nodded softly,a smile tugging at my lips.I undid the buttons and zipper on his pants before I started sucking on his cock head.Dragging my tongue up the underside and fondling his balls before coming back to circle my tongue around his slit.I sunk my mouth down on his length,deep throating him.

Niall was a moaning precum dripping mess above me.His hands were in my hair,eyes screwed shut and his mouth forming an ‘o’ shape.He pulled me up and pushed me on the hood of the cart and pushed my skirt up,letting it bunch up at my hips before pushing into my slick wetness.

His hands roamed my body,leaving tingles everywhere,while his cock delved deeper into me.My face contorted into a look of pure ecstasy because the way Niall was fucking me out in the open was such a turn on.He smacked my ass roughly and moaned out in pleasure.

“Mmm princess y'feel so fucking good,“he said in a husky voice.I was drawing near to my climax when Niall’s greedy fingers masaged my nipples with one hand snd the other rubbing my clit.I felt an overwhelming sense to cum take over and submitted;clenching down on Niall’s cock and spasming around it.Niall followed soon after,hot milky streaks coating my insides.

I readjusted my self and a few minutes later and gave Niall a sweet kiss,“You’re a very good teacher,”


Hey Taylor!!

I’ve felt pretty bad lately but last night I listened to my all time FAVORITE song, Inncent, and cried for a bit, so that was fun 😂❤️ Without going into detail, I just want to thank you for always being here for me. Because of you I watched Friends for the first time three years ago and ever since it’s been my comfort show and reminds me of you. Your music and quotes have helped a lot aswell.

I love you to infinity and beyond. Thank you for being the older sister I never got. 😘

@taylorswift 💖💖💖