—  scrosciare (vb.): the action of rain pouring down or of waves hitting rocks and cliffs.
meriggiare (vb.): to rest at noon, more likely in a shady spot outdoors.
lapidoso (adj.): full of stones, said of roads or of the bottom of a river.
innaffiare (vb.): to water something, especially a garden, a plant, a flower, etc.
cruore (n.): it literally means “flowing blood”.
nottivago (n.): of a person who wanders at night; night-roamer.
terrifico (adj.): of something or someone that terrifies, that provokes terror.
ansare (vb.): to hardly breathe, to be out of breath.
nequizia (n.): moral wickedness or evil action.
morituro (adj.): of someone who is next or destined to die.