inn0thingwetrust  asked:


Opening Credits: Iron Maiden - The Fugitive
Waking Up: Venom - Living Like an Angel
First Day At School: Testament - Burnt Offerings
Falling In Love: Judas Priest - Thunder Road
Fight Song: Rush - 2112
Breaking Up: T.Rex - Chariot Choogle
Life’s OK: Duff McKagan - Believe in Me
Getting Back Together: Finntroll - Den Frusna Munnen
Wedding: The Cure - Strange Attraction
Birth of Child: The Beatles - Hey Bulldog
Final Battle: AC/DC - Kissin’ Dynamite
Death Scene: Finntroll - Dråp (woah what a coincidence, dråp means murder in swedish)
Funeral Song: AC/DC - Smash N’ Grab
End Credits: Judas Priest - Metal Gods

Thank you! :D