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Bay Area Insider on our little Inn! A nice little tour to acquaint you with our rooms, and more!

Coming Soon to SF -- Inn at the Presidio

Inn at The Presidio - the first-ever lodging in San Francisco’s  Presidio National Park and San Francisco’s only new hotel since 2009 – is now in a soft opening phase and  will officially open in April! The Presidio is one of the oldest military posts in the country and is now an urban national park and National Historic Landmark District in a major metropolitan area. The Presidio has been around since 1776 when it was occupied by Spain.  It later transferred to Mexico and then to the U.S.  in 1994. The Presidio Trust was formed by the National Park Service/Department of the Interior after the U.S. Army turned it over. The Trust has been working hard to make this Park a truly unique experience in the U.S. With the opening of the Inn, it becomes a unique type of hotel accommodation in San Francisco.  


Jay Turnbull on building the Walt Disney Family Museum in one of San Francisco’s Historic Presidio buildings.


The Walt Disney Family Museum - a quick video of some of the insides of the Museum. It’s amazing…. with content for days!  It’s great that it will be so close to the Inn at the Presidio.  Some people take 5 or 6 hours to get through it, some just want to rest on a rocking chair back at their room. =)


A time lapse of our very first day!

A list in the LA Times of our California National Parks: from Alcatraz Island to Yosemite National Park, with programs, fees and directions.  Including Fort Point, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and Alcatraz, among many others….,0,1468380.story