Peridot, Lapis and The Land Where Nothing Grows

So yeah. Stevenbomb 8 was about breaking up and grieving. I think Peridot’s feelings regarding her relationship with Lapis, her grieving and her way of dealing with both of those things were explained to us in one of the most beautiful metaphors  she show has used yet: Back to the kindergarden. 

I think that last piece of dialogue at the end of the episode actually reflect Lapis and Peridot’s relationship, as well as the posibility for both of them to move on. Here’s what I mean:

I. RELATIONSHIP: “I was a fool to think we could reinstitute life there”

“Guess the country side here is really beautiful…but who cares?! I wanted to have this for the kindergarden!”

Lapis, as we know, is a deeply damaged individual. She has never actually confronted her traumas, never dealt with her feelings and so we have her circling back to defense mechanisms whenever something slightly threatening shows. Her first instint is to fly the fuck away and never be seen or heard of again because if they can’t find you, they can’t hurt you, throw you to war or trap you in a fusion or a mirror. She has “safe” tattooed on her brain, and while none of these things make her a bad person™, they do make her someone who should seek out help before making harsh decissions. 

Peridot, on the other hand, is shown to have gone above and beyond- not neccessarily a good thing- to make Lapis happy, to make her feel safe, to provide that bubble-like environment that would give her security and would make sure that nothig bad or threatening ever, ever, EVER, touched her again. She found more artistic outlets as substitutes for her creative, curious mind. She stayed away from CG business (mostly), and instead gardened and grew a wall of crops. She made everything domestic, soft and quiet. In her never ending fear (bc Peridot is shown to be fucking frightened of inconveniencing Lapis) of disturbing Lapis in anyway, Peridot behaved like and enabler, lost herself in the bubble that did nothing to prevent Lapis from losing herself as well. 

Lapis and Peridot’s relationship is the land where nothing grows. Is the product of hiding from yourself, running from your issues, numbing your emotions, being afraid of the other. Nothing good can grow there, nothing will bloom in a foundation that lacks equality, communication and trust. 

The moment Peridot gets emotional, Lapis invalidates her. The moment she starts being anything other than the goofy, soft and slightly quirky gem and shows herself as a complex individual with worry, fears and irrational attatchments, Lapis can’t deal, so she snaps. And Peridot doesn’t know how not to be  an enabler either. This was doomed to fail but still they tried. Peridot tried, Lapis too, in her own way, and damn, it still ended.  

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II. GRIEF: “once you messed something up, it’s ruined for good and nothing will be able to grow again!”

This one’s pretty self explanatory: Is the classical post- breakup hopelessness. If you failed so bad at something you loved so much, then obviously nothing’s going to work out for you ever gain. Ever. You’re a ruiner so stick it, sucks to be you. 

III. ACCEPTANCE: Even if there was nothing we could do for that one patch of land, there’s still a whole earth blooming all around us!” 

The stages of grieving are well known, and Peridot is just inmerse in her process to actually see a light out, so is Steven the one in charge of exposition this time. 

The key here is “nothing we could have done for that specific patch of land”. So yeah, relationships don’t always work out. Sometimes, regardless of how much love you put in there, how much work and sweat, nothing grows. And that’s ok .

Some people are adequate for you, some aren’t. The same goes for you: It may be not work out due to compatibility issues, or maybe even you weren’t what they needed at a given time, like Peridot and Lapis. I’m sure they loved eachother, but they just weren’t adequate for each other at the moment. Doesn’t mean that any of them are doomed to solitude or damaged beyond repair, it just mean you couldn’t grow something with that specific person, in that particular patch of land. 

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IV. She’ll survive: “why don’t we try gardening in literally any other place? it’ll be easier than trying in the kindergarden…that dirt doesn’t care how green your thumb is.” 

The clousure of the metaphor is a message of hope: You just invested in one of the lands you could have never helped. That friend or partner that no matter how hard we tried, we could never get them out that hole. Peridot could have never heal Lapis single-handedly, Lapis had to actually want help first. Enabling her tendency to bury emotions was not going to help her. Without communication, without Lapis input and drive to get better, to deal with herself, Peridot could have folded herself in a million ways, and still would not have been able to safe her. 

I’m not saying Lapis is bad, I’m saying her relationship with Peridot wasn’t healthy for either of them. The narrative is saying break ups suck, but are sometimes inevitable. They are not foretelling your whole affective life, they’re not dooming you to loneliness, they’re just a painful but neccessary part of life, and maybe your green thumb did not work for that soil, but hey, it doesn’t mean is useless or broken, we should just garden somewhere else. 

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Day6; call me, beep me (if you wanna reach me)


wonking: YALL

wonking: YALL THIS IS AN S.O.S

aka the obligatory chatfic I wrote in a fit of sleep deprivation featuring a pining Wonpil, a very desperate Jae, lots of Brian exposure and one very confused Dowoon who still thinks xD is for the cool kids.

read it on ao3 (where the formatting it’s better)

sweg squad


wonking: YALL

wonking: YALL THIS IS AN S.O.S

wonking: where you hoes at
wonking: i see yall lurking in the chat square up im in need

godwoon: what happened hyung
godwoon: are u ok??

wonking: no my sweet child i am not
wonking: i dont think ill ever be ok again

godwoon: hyung did u eat one of jackson hyungs brownies again??
godwoon: do you need me to come get u?

wonking: that happened once ok
wonking: ONCE
wonking: also im not high dowoon
wonking: im in love

bribri: not this again
bribri: you ‘fall in love’ every week

wonking: this times for real tho

bribri: that’s what you said last time

wonking: i swear im not lying

bribri: that’s what you said last time too
bribri: and then you forgot all about it and went chasing after that lifeguard instead

wonking: don’t judge me u hypocrite i saw u ogling him too

bribri: lies

godwoon: brian hyung you asked me to choke you so he would come and try to save you

bribri: that’s youngk hyung to you you little snitch

jaethebae: wtf happened wat did i miss

bribri: you can literally scroll up and read you know
bribri: you have eyes
bribri: and glasses

jaethebae: too much work
jaethebae: im a busy man make me a recount

bribri: all you do is lay in your couch and binge watch the office you slob

jaethebae: like i said
jaethebae: a very busy man

godwoon: wonpil hyung got a new crush

jaethebae: so nothing new then

wonking: guitar guys my soulmate i can feel it in my tummy

godwoon: are u sure thats not the brownies hyung


bribri: guitar guy???
bribri: do you even know his name?

wonking: … no
wonking: *not yet
wonking: im working on it

jaethebae: so ur stalking the poor guy

wonking: im gathering information
wonking: sneakily

godwoon: *cough* stalking *cough*

jaethebae: u are hiding in your sweater n staring at him all creepy like arent u

wonking: do u wanna go hyung
wonking: do i have to remind u of all that time u spend going over brian hyungs insta feed
wonking: do i hyung

godwoon: hahahaHAHAHAHAaha
godwoon: i smell roasted chicken

jaethebae: so guitar guy
jaethebae: you were saying

wonking: thats right
wonking: so there i was
wonking: making my peaceful way through hongdae

bribri: no wait hold up
bribri: can we go back to the instagram thing please :)

wonking: too late we’re back to me now

bribri: we’re always talking about your love life tho
bribri: cmon spill the tea on jae

jaethebae: u bring that out wonpil and and i show them all my receipts on you

wonking: AS I WAS SAYING
wonking: i was walking down hongdae to that little cafe where the cute barista works at when i turned a corner and there he was
wonking: the most beautiful human being i have ever seen
wonking: slowly strumming a guitar as he crooned his low voice to the sweet, sweet sounds of maroon 5

godwoon: that use of the comma tho lol

wonking: hush im speaking
wonking: and i felt it instantly
wonking: the connection
wonking: the energy
wonking: the love

jaethebae: fuck off i have class in an hour
jaethebae: i cant deal with this shit again

jaethebae left the group chat
wonking added jaethebae to the group chat


wonking: no running away u asshole

wonking: i dealt with your pinning now you deal with mine

jaethebae changed wonking’s name to ‘wonpining


wonpining: u know wat idc

wonpining: i accept my fate

wonpining: yall would pine too if you had seen those arms

wonpining: bOI THEM ARMS

godwoon: hyung please

bribri: yes wonpil please keep it in your pants
bribri: we have an innocent child here

wonpining: innocent my ass
wonpining: you havent seen his laptop

godwoon: hyuNG PLEASE

wonpining: anyways
wonpining: back to my adonis

bribri: stop for a second
bribri: you say he’s cute but I want proof

wonpining: back off bitch i called dibs
wonpining: i saw him first hes mine
wonpining: ur stuck with chicken face over there

jaethebae: should i feel offended

bribri: for the last time me and jaehyung are not dating

wonpining: tell that to jaehyung hyung

godwoon: savage

wonpining: thks i try
wonpining: ANYWAYS
wonpining: so im like trying to see if i can approach him
wonpining: maybe saunter up all smooth and suave like

jaethebae: do u even know what suave means

wonpining: yes
wonpining: no thks to you tho
wonpining: but hes all focused on his music completely inmersed

jaethebae: wow inmersed such a big word
jaethebae: didnt know you could use them

bribri: its *immersed you both idiots

godwoon: bawhahahahahaha jae hyung you roasted ursefl this time
godwoon: lame xD

jaethebae: remember who u room with brat
jaethebae: whos gonna tuck u in at night huh
jaethebae: who

godwoon: im not a child hyung cmon

jaethebae: stop using xd and we’ll talk then

godwoon: its ironic tho
godwoon: xD

jaethebae changed godwoon’s name to ‘bbyxD


bbyxD: low hyung
bbyxD: very low ):

jaethebae: shut up brat
jaethebae: the adults r talking

wonpining: can i continue

bribri: please
bribri: im kinda invested in this now

wonpining: and he looks soooo cute all focused on the music
wonpining: his lil nose all scrunched up and tongue between his teeth
wonpining: (lowkey wishing those were MY teeth tbh lol)

jaethebae: omg how thirsty can u get

bribri: if thats your definition of lowkey
bribri: then I dont wanna know what highkey is

wonpining: like u have any right to kinkshame me u hypocrite

bribri: what are you talking about

jaethebae: yes wonpil what exactly are you talking about

bbyxD: jae hyung ur desperate is showing xD

jaethebae: shut up dowoon let wonpil talk

wonpining: wait no i actually wanna live
wonpining: i still havent gotten my date with guitar guy yet

bribri: go ahead wonpil
bribri: I dont have anything to hide

wonpining: HA what bullshit
wonpining: im talking just because of that blatant lie
wonpining: like
wonpining: we share a dorm
wonpining: theres barely a wall between our rooms
wonpining: i can hear everything
wonpining: EVERYTHING
wonpining: sometimes i wonder how i can ever be the same

jaethebae: stop being a drama queen and spill already

wonpining: ok so like
wonpining: one night i was trying to study
wonpining: keyword being trying cause hyung here had invited over some company if you know what i mean

jaethebae: we get it
jaethebae: just get to the point

wonpining: have patience im getting there
wonpining: so like i go over to his room to tell them to keep it down cause its like 1 in the morning and i had an exam tomorrow morning
wonpining: and i hear it
wonpining: clear as day


wonpining: ok ok but like
wonpining: dowoonie close ur eyes for a sec will u

bbyxD: what why

wonpining: bc ik how much you love brian hyung and you wont be able to see him the same way again after this
wonpining: trust me ik i couldnt

bribri: wait
bribri: I remember now
bribri: wonpil please dont
bribri: please ill do anything

wonpining: oh youll do anything?
wonpining: really
wonpining: really … daddy

jaethebae: omg
jaethebae: no way
jaethebae: NO FUCKING WAY

wonpining: yes fuckign way
wonpining: i heard it with my own two ears
wonpining: screamed to the heavens by whoever brian had over that night
wonpining: who i still suspect was the lifeguard btw

bribri left the group chat
wonpining added bribri to the group chat
wonpining changed bribri’s name to ‘daddykang


daddykang: I hate you all so much

wonpining: sure you do daddy
wonpining: sure you do

bbyxD: guys i dont get it
bbyxD: jae hyung just came running through the living room
bbyxD: he keeps screaming
bbyxD: whats so funny

wonpining: lol i think i broke him
wonpining: but seriously tho
wonpining: guitar guy
wonpining: cutest thing ever istg

daddykang: so we’re back to you now?

wonpining: well if you wanna keep talking about your kinky ass then please by all means
wonpining: go ahead

daddykang: guitar guy is good thanks

wonpining: good?
wonpining: guitar guys fucking FINE
wonpining: 11/10 would bang

jaethebae: dont act like u actually have a chance
jaethebae: u dont even know his name

wonpining: baby steps
wonpining: also
wonpining: youve known brian hyung for how long again

jaethebae: that has nothing to do with this

wonpining: sure it doesnt
wonpining: just sit there and listen hyung
wonpining: be a good boy for daddy

daddykang: wonpil i swear to god

bbyxD: i still dont understand tho

wonpining: wait omg i think guitar guy is leaving
wonpining: fuck
wonpining: give me a sec imma snap a pic real quick

daddykang: this is gonna end bad


daddykang: called it

jaethebae: what did u do now u idiot

wonpining: HE SAW ME
wonpining: OH GOD

godwoon: lol hahahAHAHAHA

wonpining: WHAT DO I DO???!!!!
wonpining: WHAT DO I DO

bbyxD: hyung whatever you do
bbyxD: just don’t run away

wonpining: TOO LATE

this mess goes out to both @noa-noa-noa for enabling me and to @6ungjin for opening up my eyes to the glory that is sungpil. The next part should come out soon I think, cause this was fun to write (hopefully half as fun to read as well). 

Late night care - Niall Horan

A/N: Dear anon, here you have the Niall imagine you asked for.
It’d be great if you let me know what you thought about it :)


Laying on bed as he winced in pain, Niall realised having eaten that large amount of food at the Slow Hands’ release party wasn’t, by far, the best decision he had ever made.

He could feel the consequences of not having taken the advice you insistently repeated during the whole course of the night, the words you said back a few hours ago floating in his mind “You should stop snacking or else you’ll regret it later”

He tried not to writhe very much but it was getting pretty impossible, as the cramps, apart from not ceasing, increased even more.


He curled up and buried into the sheets, the previous mild currents of air suddenly dropping a few degrees to him. Noticing the new position didn’t ease the pain even at its slightest, he rubbed his tummy in back and forth motions, hoping that would be more useful.
Despite his initial intention of not waking you up, the desperation to put an end to his pain, mixed with his weak condition to try so, made him release his whimpers and groans in a better audible tone, trying to make these reach your ears, but still feeling bad for making you wake up in the middle of the night just because of his stubbornness.

You groaned at the foreign sound in the pleasant silence you were absorbed in. Being the light sleeper you were, his actions cut your rest. Sitting up and turning on the lamp at your nightstand, you rubbed your eyes as you asked “Ni, is everything okay?”

Before you could focus your vision, he was fast to prop up and try to look better than he actually felt, quite embarrassed about the situation “Uhm yeah baby, I’m just feeling a bit under the weather”

You looked at him, tilting your head. Regretting having woken you up, he glanced at your grinning countenance, not understanding what was going on.

“So you’re feeling sick”


“Could you be any specific“

“Not really, it’s a general thing”

Picking him by the chin so that his blue orbs met yours, you suggested “Well, I’ll shed a light on you. You’re lying to me, it’s very specific, you’re having a stomachache, aren’t you?”
A silence was followed right after, in which Niall tried to choose between confessing or making up an excuse and leaving you alone. He decided to go for the first one and, as a pout took control of his lower lip, he said “Ugh yeah… It hurts so bad” A wave of relief came as soon as the words rushed out of his mouth. Now that you were aware of the situation he didn’t hesitated moving towards you to be captured by your warm embrace, your arms wrapped around him and his face landing on the crook of your neck.

“My stubborn leprechaun… I’m not gonna say I warned you, but I warned you” you chuckled, feeling the vibrations of the groan he let out. You both inmersed in a silence, in which you carefully ran your hands through his messy hair, intensifying it’s disheveled look. The pleasing feeling eased the pain coming from his stomach. He nuzzled the skin of your neck, enjoying your delicious scent.

“Are you feeling any better, honey?” Before pulling away from what had been his shelter for the past minutes, he left a peck on the smooth surface “Yeah baby, you’re always the best medicine for me” With a cheeky wink he left the warmth of the sheets “I’ll be right back”

You watched as he walked to the bathroom, when he halted before making it into the room. Turning to give you an uneasy look, he retched, covering his mouth before finally rushing to the toilet. You immediately jumped off of bed and followed him, finding a knelt down Niall leaning towards the toilet, throwing up all the food he had enjoyed without measurement previously.

You stood behind him, facing the side to avoid such view you had in front. Once he was over you stroked soothingly at his back, trying to calm his panting. “Geez, I didn’t see that one coming” “It’s okay baby. Brush your teeth while I go downstairs to make you a tea” He grabbed your hand before you left the room “I love you”

You stood by the kettle waiting for the water to boil. Niall came up from behind, wrapping his arms around your waist, bringing you close to his figure “Hi handsome” you said, he placed a kiss on your temple as an answer back. “I feel bad” He whispered into your ear a few seconds of silence later. You turned to him and threw your arms around his neck. He tried to hide his face in shyness by tilting it to the side where your arm met his neck, but you managed to make him lock eyes with you.

“Hey… look at me. Why?”

“Because sure I’m bothering you with all this stomachache thing”

“Absolutely not! what makes you think so?”

“C’mon baby! I made you stay up the whole night; you had to put up with the not nice view of me throwing up; and now you’re here preparing me a tea to recover, dealing with my situation when I was the one who looked for it. I’m so-”

“Okay you should stop right there. Niall, you’re not bothering me nor you should apologise. This things happen and of course I’m gonna help you if I can. Don’t be silly” With a wink you closed the gap separating you both and left a chaste kiss on his thin lips.

He chuckled, which quite confused you. “I also feel bad because stomachaches are annoying as fuck. I don’t want to be sick!” He groaned “Don’t you say!” you giggled.

He placed a kiss on the tip of your nose

“But you always manage to make it bearable. Thank you my love.”


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Do intj's have feelings? Y'all seem pretty evil to me

Well anon hatred, disgust and anger are all feelings related to making a person evil so by saying that you just answered your own question.

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On a more serious note, and even though it has been said a thousand times before, INTJs do have feelings. In fact, INTJs have a lot of feelings. The thing is that we have no idea how to manage then and when a minor incovenience comes around, the whole system shuts down. There are only two modes then: 

  • Ignore the feeling by working towards a solution to the problem that caused it.
  • Completely inmersing in it and forgetting about any other option apart from feeling that way until something bigger happens that distracts you from it.

I’ve seen INFPs, who are supposed to be the overemotional, crybabies of the MBTI, manage their feelings in a more logical, self-critical way than most INTJs. So in short, INTJs do have feelings like every human, but they are more likely to repress them until they become an urgent matter to deal with. In addition, and even though I don’t like the whole “INTJs are rational and logical” stereotype, I have to admit INTJs tend to have different priorities when dealing with things, so perhaps what would offend one type won’t affect the INTJ as they are focused on a different thing, and viceversa. This results in the INTJ sometimes ignoring feelings of discomfort, excitement or fear because they are not up on their “priorities right now” list, and in the wrong assumption that INTJs simply do not have feelings.


I want you to love me

Phillipa Soo x Reader

Summary: Pippa dumps her boyfriend for being mean to reader

Word count: 1053

Warnings: None  (?)


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You turned to look at your friend. She was kissing him. You felt the already familiar pain in your heart. You couldn’t understand how someone so gentle, caring and pure could be with a scump like him. He was the opposite of her. Yeah, he may be part of a famous TV show, but he was rude with everyone he talked to. You looked away to the street from the window of the restaurant so you wouldn’t be more jealous that you were already. You would give everything for some of her love, some of her affection.

“I’m going to bathroom for a moment.” You looked at Pippa and nodded. She smiled at you and couldn’t help smiling back. You watched her go, completely inmerse in her movements. She smiled at some guy, before asking for directions. She was so sweet, so beautiful. You felt your heart light up a bit.

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Year 6 Sirius and Remus sitting in front of the fireplace in the Gryffindor Common Room, talking about how much it sucks that James and Peter got detention that evening.

Remus getting his favorite book out of his backpack and getting himself totally inmersed in it.

Sirius not being able to keep his eyes out of Remus’ face and Remus suddenly realizing Sirius is watching him.

“What” Remus asks, “see something you fancy over here” he asks grinning, teasing Sirius. But Sirius isn’t grinning. He’s too concentrated on Remus’ eyes.

He leans over to him ever so slowly, their fingertips touch. Now the book is closed and the only thing audible is the crackling fireplace.

“I see everything in you” says Sirius as he leans even closer.
Just as their about to kiss James and Peter come running through the portrait hole, Remus and Sirius break apart, flushed and slightly breathless as James sits between the two of them and starts talking about his detention.

“Why are you both so quite” he asks suspisciously, but they both stay silent and wishing no one had ever come through that portrait hole.


Dreamcast Hotel by Neonsaltwater

Video dreamscape - inmersive spaces

Lanzarote, Canaries islands. by hadribaravel
Flabellina affinis during a
night dive in Playa chica dive spot.
Autorized share

Lanzarote, île Canaries.
Flabellina affinis durant une
plongée de nuit, site de playa chica.
Partage autorisé.

Lanzarote, islas Canarias.
Flabellina affinis durante una
inmersion nocturna en playa chica.
Difusion permitida

Canon 5DMKII - 100mm Macro
Housing subal - Strobe YSD2

Kael made his way to the music room as soon a she finished tidying up his room, he had always found music to be relaxing and the only moment he was at complete peace so he decided to go there and calm himself down. With all his years alive he should be used to changes but going to new places always made him a bit…anxious (if a vampire could get anxious at all) . He entered the room and made a bee line for the piano and as soon as he sat down he started playing, he was inmersed in the music but not enough not to notice that someone had been there with him pretty much from the moment he started playing “Do you know is kinda rude to spy on people, don’t you darling?”


Fun skills from @rigobertouran @rideargyle 😜 📢🆙🤣🚴💨⛏ 🎥👉 @laura_meseguer 🆒🆒🆒🆒
Language inmersion by Rigoberto Uran at the #ShanghaiCriterium 😁😁😁
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Can I request a gif reaction of how BTS would fuck GOT7? Love ur blog <3

Omg, i don’t think that’s even posible to make it only with gifs (believe me, i tried) so i’m going to write too. Also how you guys come up with this requests? LMAO

Warning: Sexual content. 

A/N: I have paired them throught the age order on their groups, this is not influenced by my own ships or anything like that.

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Every time I saw you drew haise, I always think that he look like a model to me, it gives me idea he actually a part time modelling and touka is a photographer who happen to work at one of his photo shoot and haise was blown away by her beauty that he wanted to switch their role for a day :)

Ohmygod– I couldn’t help it, I wrote another AU (the headcanon), I hope you don’t mind bc this is a little long ;o; –your idea inspired me a lot ! ! –

Sasaki tries to flirt with her overusing puns but Touka ignores him bc – typical model trying to obtain attention ugh, go away!–

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Some priest tricks

|| There is no way I consider myself a mlg priest but here are some friendly advise that i’ve learned over almost 1 year of playing priest ^^ 

  1. There are 3 cooldowns you always need to have in mind and use whenever out of cd and possible - Energy Stars, triple nemesis debuff and mana charge. Lots of priests I’ve been with these days almost never use mana charge and even tho I use mana potions, still, mana charge is a bless ^^ 
  2. Use backstep to iframe and firey scape to positionate yourself. Backstep is your only iframe and it is in a fairly high cd so the purpose of this tip is don’t waste it.
  3. Kaia is your “oh shit I messed up” skill or “We are bound to eat a lot of dmg >.< better try mitigating some of it” be careful with it’s cd. 
  4. Don’t depend on healing inmerse to heal your dps, it’s better use Restorative burst and Focus heal.
  5. 13/14 m is the perfect position for you, closer is situational, farther you are missplaced. 
  6. Your cleanse has 17 m range, positionate yourself to cleanse all the party at once. Save yourself trouble and save the panic moment to your dps
  7. Cleanse first - heal after, unless someone is instantly going to die for that debuff, then kaia him, cleanse, heal. 
  8. Your habilities have a certain casting time, it’s not much but it is something so, take that into account and always be safe while doing it. 
  9. Prioritice alive dps over dead ones, only ress when you know your party is fine and noone is gonna die. 
  10. Rebuff when you can and you are save , example, shield phases, stand by boss phases, etc … make sure you are not gonna die while rebuffing.
  11. Always keep an eye on your tank, he is face tanking a boss so be aware of his health and mana. 
  12. Be aware of the agro, a dps can steal it and then the boss would turn and fuk everyone up, in this cases, put yourself at a save spot with firey scape and then heal your dps. 
  13. Divine Respite is like the best thing ever, it’s on a long cd but it will save your ass so many times, so use it wisely.
  14. Gurdian sanctuary (even tho it’s mostly a pvp skill) will reduce range dmg and protect you from certain stuns. 
  15. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AUTORES ON ! ! (Grace of ressurection)

I hope it helps people starting with priest feel free to add your own tips to the list :3

about the first 5 minutes

They went prety quick and nothing very important really happened. They were kind of like the first 5 minutes of Saikai, I guess. It was nice to see the Children interact with all the baby Digimon, my favorite interaction? Must be between Nyaromon and Hikari, I just found it trmendously adorable and Nyaromon was like “hey, I know you” all the time.

Which is pretty interesting if you consider all the paralels between Meikoomon and Tailmon that have been shown through out tri and how Meikoomon appeared to be the only one to remember a thing about Meiko among all the Digimon. But now we see that she’s not! And Nyaromon remembers a bit about Hikari, at least her smell. I’m pretty sure this is no coincidence.

Speaking about Meikoomon, what on Earth was that very first scene? Was that a flashback? Was that a scene from the FUTURE? What was it? Meiko’s Digivice’s still rotten, all black and with an x, DIS CAN’T BE GOOD GUUUURLLLL. I’m sure Meiko knows way more than she’s told. I think Maki will be the one to allow Meiko get into the Digital World, we’ll see.

Takeru uses the D-Terminal and I’m like whattt? This just makes me so MAD because why didn’t he try to contact Ken and company with the D-Terminal? All this mistery surrounding the 02 kiddos is getting wayy too myserious. Can they let us know where the heck are they in this OVA, please? 

I loved the interaction between Takeru and Tokomon it was like “I don’t know you” “I know but we’re best friends I promise” “… OKAY :D” Lmaooo, so on point! And the fact that Motimon got interested in Koushiro because he was all inmerse in his damn laptop was perfect. Jou has always been the most mature, so I don’t think it’s weird he wonders how can they get back home, I mean, he just wants to know if they can go back home.

Another thing I found really interested is how Sora wasn’t the only one who had trouble bonding with her partner, but Mimi did as well!!! Who would’ve thought, honestly! I think it’s bad timing that Sora had to step on Yokomon. She must’ve felt awful, I’m sure she’s gonna pretend everything’s going great until she can’t keep pretending. I wonder how’s everyone (I’m looking at you, Yamato) gonna react or if they can react at all, considering the Dark Masters will appear anytime soon.

ANYWAY, we’re so close to the release of Soshitsu and I cannot wait to see what else we’ll know after this entry. I’m excited, are you?

  • INT: Down at the entrance there is a bookcase where the last three books are about occult philosophy, have you actually read them?
  • DAMON: Yes, I have. When I compromised to make my opera, Dr Dee, two years ago, I read them. Otherwise I would have not known what the protagonist was talking about. John Dee was a medical and scientific advisor to Elizabeth I. He had the occult attached. But it also interests me.
  • INT: What exactly?
  • DAMON: I always felt that I am more spiritual rather than religious and I love Nordic mythology. I travel to Africa very often, and you can’t avoid to inmerse yourself in this spiritual world. It is there, in the DNA of music, there is music for life, music for love, and music for death. I like that. I’m not a Satanist! (Laughs) But I also have no problem with the idea of Satan. The dark side is there.
  • INT: Do you feel you are in the dark side?
  • DAMON: No, I’m not a Goth. (Laughs) More than anything, I’m a Viking.
  • - The Gap - May 2014
A new home

Everything was happening a bit too fast. One day, he was in America, enjoying the sun from time to time, when the wind decided to give him a rest and now… England. He hadn’t ever been fo far away from home. Home… he didn’t have one anymore, did he? Although months had passed, he hadn’t let that sink in yet. Now he was in a car, driving though the rain, watching trees pass by as they drove in silence. He had no ideda where he was really going. He knew that, for some reason, he couldn’t use his real name, so he chose one for himself. Matt. Sounded normal enough.

While he was inmersed in his thoughts, the car stop and the driver informed him that they had arrived. It was all so wierd. He had never been treated like that and, to be honest, he was a bit scared. However, he had nowhere to run, did he? 

He nodded, getting out of the car and slowly walking towards a huge building as some man explained that it was some kind of orphanage for ‘gifted’ children. The gamer found it kind of funny. Since when was he a ‘gifed’ child? He looked over at his coat, trying to make sure his DS wasn’t getting soaked in that rain. He didnt really have many belongings at all, so he wasn’t sure how it was all going to work.

After a while, they had finished with the tour. Something a bit dumb, since he knew he’d get lost as soon as he set foot outside his room. That was the thing, however. He loved being alone, closed away in his room. At that point in time, he didn’t want to talk to anyone really. But now… he had to share a room too? It wsn’t going to be fun, was it? What if they didn’t get along? What if they hated each other? What if-?

The room was empty, for now. Matt smiled slightly, happy that he would enjoy at least umpacking the few things he had in silence. The older man left after Matt thanked him. Great. The room wasn’t small nor big. It was big enough for two children, that much was clear. Just like that, he plugged in his DS to a charger and begun unpacking his things. Maybe he was being too pessimistic. After all, the other guy might be pretty cool too.