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Klaroline Drabble based off the Bowie/Inman set you reblogged where Klaus acts like how Bowie did

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Caroline watched from the side stage as Klaus took the center waving to the hoard of fans chanting his name in the illuminated stadium. She held Bonnie’s hand in the air as the starting cords of ‘There goes my Love’ blasted through the room. She waved and danced feeling like a normal twenty eight year old on a night out with her best friend instead of the world next big one as she was labeled.

The next song started, bleeding into the cords of the last, “He’s magic,” the blonde shouted to her friend who laughed as they danced with each other.
Caroline leaned in to her ear so she could hear her over the music, “He’s incredible! The crowd is insane,” the blonde added as she span Bonnie with her hand.

Bonnie nodded as the crowed sang along with him when he asked by pointing the microphone at them, “He’s the biggest star in the world,” she shouted back at her friend.

“I can see why,” Caroline said in a normal voice so Bonnie didn’t hear as they danced the rest of the chorus until the band and the crowd grew quiet.

Klaus walked straight across the stage tugging up the sleeves of his Henley, “This isn’t daunting, he joked as Kol moved up with his guitar, Bonnie squealed at her side.

Caroline thought she might go deaf as she saw her best friend’s boyfriend strumming the guitar as Klaus riled up the crowd, “This song, it isn’t mine but I’m going to sing it for you anyway my lovelies.”

The crowd grew loud all at once, chanting his name again, it was intoxicating to Caroline, an entirely different experience than she’d ever lived. As a model she knew something about being surrounded by people fawning over you but this was, wow. As much as she loved her job Caroline enjoyed her privacy, looking out at the cameras in the crowd it was all overwhelming.

Caroline looked over at Bonnie, “Is that what he calls them?” she asked clapping her hands together, “His fans?” when she noticed Bonnie was blowing a kiss at Kol.

“Yes,” Bonnie laughed as she answered at the annoyed look on Caroline’s face, “He’s british and good looking, he can call them anything he likes and they’ll swoon!” she cried.


She found herself across the world the next day after a long flight, she still smelt of stale food as she stood in the makings of a runway. Katerina, this news most in demand designer had requested that she be the lead model in her shoe after her cousin Elena dropped out. She looked around dropping her bag on one of the white benches near the front as she watched the workers flit back and forth.

She slid out of her sneakers and reached for the heels the designer had set aside for her to practice in, they were gorgeous, the blonde would have to talk to her stylist about getting these. Enzo would be easily talked into it she thought as she slid on the silk jewel encrusted heel doing up the ankle straps quickly as Katerina stormed the stage waving everyone away. Caroline raced to the side stairs hugging the beautiful brunette, both happy to see one another after so long.

Caroline pulled away still holding onto Katerina by the waist, “Flowers on the runway?” she asked as the brunette flipped her hair back and they walked down the runway with synchronized steps.

Katerina lifted a bare shoulder easily as her top slid down her arm, “The models are the butterflies,” she said wiggling her fingers at Caroline, “And you’ll be the grand magnolia!”

Caroline smiled as they turned sashaying their hips exaggeratedly, “I’ll be a flower? I always preferred gardenia’s,” she told the designer earning herself a smack on the butt.

“My show, my rules,” the brunette said sticking her tongue out at the blonde before Caroline chased her back down the runway.


Klaus would never admit to being talked into going to a party, not on one of his only nights off where he may have planned to spend the night alone, painting. Enzo had insisted, he said he wouldn’t hear of the world’s biggest rockstar in sweats unless he was at a gym, the rest of what he said was too graphic to be repeated even in his own mind. They had met at a shoot Klaus did when promoting his last album and had struck up an unlikely friendship.

He arrived at the dinner promptly causing Enzo to frown as he was the first guest, he told Klaus not to take it personally, Enzo usually hated the first person at a party anyway. Klaus pursed his lips at that accepting the drink Enzo handed him keeping to himself for most of the night. That was until she caught his eye, unknowingly she had coaxed him from his corner into the livening party.

Klaus was absolutely taken with her from the first moment, he’d recognized her from billboards he’d seen in Paris, Rome, Tokyo, she was a vision in real life though. He heard her speak and it was like feeling the sun on his back after a cold winter and when their eyes passed, he felt in love with her all at once.  The singer bit his lip at the corner as he watched her out of the corner of his eye listening to his friend Marcel recount an old story.

She smiled shyly at him the next time their eyes locked casing warm sparks of feeling to burst through his chest as he tipped his drink to her. He let out a shaky breath as he turned his head away, she had an extraordinary warmth about her, something Klaus hadn’t experience in a long time. His confidence grew the closer he got to the other end of the room where she stood by the appetizers.

Her smile was breathtaking, her voice a melody he was born to put to words and sing for crowds around the world, Klaus knew that now. Enzo crowded his vision, blocking Caroline from his view as they conversed about something he couldn’t hear quite yet. He rounded the corner of the drinks table finally able to listen to what they were discussing as he debated on introducing himself properly.

“Enzo, please,” he heard her say, “I can serve myself,” she told him slapping his hand as she grabbed for the crab cakes and Enzo added a few more shrimp.
Enzo waved off her words with a jut of his hip, “If you serve yourself, I’ll have left overs,” he countered with flair that had Caroline’s mouth gaping.

“I’m almost the weight I want to be before fashion week,” she reasoned knowing that most designers weren’t exactly pleased with her genetics, i.e. her quote on quote ‘birthing hips’.

Klaus gawked, his brows rising into his hairline as he found himself approaching her, “I think you’re perfect,” he compliments her ignoring Enzo’s salacious grin.

The blonde looks up, pink touching her cheeks at his words, “You are?” she asks as Enzo fixed her hair from the back before she swatted him off.

He smiled as Enzo made himself scarce nodding at Klaus from a distance, “Klaus Mikaelson,” he answered her question relinquishing his glass in favor of her hand.

His mind had three words, spark, match, fire, as her hand slid into his, Klaus felt like a completely different person with her hand in his. He caught the hitch in her breath, a whiff of her flowery scent, the way her chin lifted elongating her perfect neck.

“Caroline, Forbes,” she said with a pause as if catching her breath, “I remember you from a concert I went to once with a friend,” she said conversationally.
He tilted his head fascinated, “Might I know this friend?” he asked her as he reluctantly released her hand from his grasp letting it fall.

“Bonnie Bennett,” she said with a warm smile, clearly she was very fond of her, something that didn’t surprise him because Bonnie was loving girl, what did was that they had yet to meet.

The stunned look at her admission slid away into a pleased smirk, “My brother’s fiancé, I wonder why we haven’t crossed paths sooner.”

“I work a lot,” she blurted out, her shoulders slumping slightly as she twinned her fingers in front of her stomach wringing them out of nerves.

Klaus let out a grunt of agreement, “Something we have in common,” he replied as he rubbed his neck no longer sure what to do with his hands.

“Ha, it would never work,” Caroline remarked as she sipped on the champagne Enzo had imported, no doubt, moving to step away from the conversation.

Klaus side stepped her, “Now don’t say that,” he asked of her, his hand reaching out to stop, to keep her from leaving that much longer.

Her hand reached out brushing his as she moved it aside, “It was nice meeting you,” she told him with a soft reluctant nod that made his chest tighten.


Tap, tap, tap, tap, his pencil hit the notebook again before he shot it straight across the hotel room grumbling about the perfect way to describe her. It had been weeks, weeks and he had yet to see her again, missing her was driving him mad. Just when he came up with a new line he reached for his pencil face palming when he realized what he’d done to it.

Klaus stood up to get it just as Marcel let himself inside his room with a grin that bothered the singer’s  sullen mood as he shook the man’s hands. Marcel pulled him into a hug before pulling back to clap his hands together. The man’s face fell as he took in the state of the room, most rockstars trashed their room during a party but Klaus, Klaus did it because he worked better in clutter.

“She’s in my head,” he admitted reaching down for his pencil and tucking it behind his ear as Marcel moved over a stack of newspapers to sit on the white sofa.

“You could come with me to fashion week,” he offered the singer as he opened the one dated for that day looking at the sports section.

Klaus looked up at the idea, “What week is that?” he asked as he sat on the ottoman by the coffee table where he had been hunched over working.

Marcel laughed, “The week you’re performing back to back in Ontario,” he replied ducking as Klaus threw him the pencil he had just picked up.

“You know Marcel-“ Klaus said as he got up only to have the man jump over the sofa and use it as a shield against his friend and partner.

“I know that look don’t finish that sentence,” Marcel said to him, it was Klaus’ warning look, “I’ll work something out.” He promised.

“That’s why I keep my best mate on the payroll,” Klaus said smirking for the first time in a long time as Marcel handed him his pencil and Klaus felt his muse spread her wings to enlighten him.


The cameras flashed unexpectedly in her face but the blonde kept her face frozen as they continued with the end of her interview for fashion week. She’d sat for hair and makeup for two hours in order to have a sit down with Shadow magazine for twenty minutes. The interviewer was an intern for the recently debuted magazine and the women bonded over their love of fashion before she was asked to finish out her interview promoting tonight’s show.

“Paris, is for lovers,” Caroline said waving at the camera with her best smile the cameraman called cut and her smile became normal sized in an instant.

She said goodbye to the woman and took a step off of her chair as Bonnie appeared at her side, “And yet every time we’re here we’re working and alone,” she sighed mournfully as they hooked arms.

Caroline rolled her eyes, Bonnie was far from alone, “This press tour is exhausting, I thought models were only to be seen, not heard.” She muttered in response.

Bonnie shook her head at her throwing her a knowing glance, “Caroline, that hate speech reeks of bitterness,” she told her aware something big was bothering the blonde.

The model pouted resting her head on the brunette’s shoulder, “I’m exhausted and lonely,” she pouted looking up at her best friend sadly.

Bonnie let out a laugh, “What about Kol’s brother?” she asked Caroline squeezing her shoulder affectionately. “I had heard you were steadily dodging his calls.” Her friend prodded.

“I was not,” Caroline defended, Bonnie’s big brown eyes made her think she was going mad for not accepting Klaus’ advances, “I just, don’t have time.”

Her best friend rolled her eyes more than aware that Caroline was carrying a bit of a torch for the musician since the first night she’d taken her to a concert. Bonnie was also fairly aware that accents were like beer goggles to her, something Caroline tried to forget because it reminded her of the time when she was drunk and hit on Enzo in front of his Damon.

“He’s on stage every night,” Bonnie said breaking her thoughts into pieces with her logic, “So are you and he still found time to drop you a line.” She pointed out to her.

Caroline groaned, “Bonnie stop making sense,” she cried as they walked back to her hotel room from the reserved room downstairs they had been interviewed in, “It wouldn’t work.”


Marcel tried to reach Klaus on his cell while he was at the gym working out some stress on a machine he liked to call The Excercist, he saw the light of his phone flicker and pulled to a stop. Right when he picked up the phone it rang again, ‘Marcel’ name blinking across the touchscreen. The sweat wouldn’t let him pick up the call right away only aggravating Klaus further.

On the fourth ring he managed it, Marcel’s voice shot right out of the receiver reeking of delight, “She’ll be back in London straight after your break from tour,” he informed Klaus.

He found himself grinning at the news, the look foreign in the mirror of the gym. “She has an apartment near your old block,” he added making Klaus’ mouth twist.

“You’re certain?” he asked his friend as he gathered his gym bag grabbing for his bottle of water on the bench nearby downing it as Marcel spoke.

“I wouldn’t be coming to you with this if I hadn’t fact checked myself,” he assured Klaus, “The night guard said there was a loft available for viewing.”

Klaus didn’t think, “Buy it,” he told his friend trusting him with the details as he walked towards the back of the entrance in order to avoid the media on the front end.

“I thought you might say that,” Marcel chirps from the other end enjoying himself too much, “The papers should come in the morning, oh Klaus?”

He rolled his eyes as he slid into the back of the car, “Yes Marcel?” he asked as the car sped into city traffic dodging the few paparazzi on the sidewalk.

“It’s across the hall,” he told Klaus before the line went dead and Klaus clapped a hand over his mouth to keep from smiling at things finally going his way.


Caroline rubbed her face on the sleeves of her fuzzy pink sweater as Bonnie’s car pulled up at her building, “I’m going to miss you,” she whined as the brunette hugged her from the side.

“It’s only going to be a few days,” Bonnie promised as Caroline held her, “Then we’ll be back at it and bored of each other. I promise.” She told Caroline who moped anyway.

“Still,” she said as she reached for her purse, “Okay bye, love you,” she said knowing Bonnie was eager to get home and make up for lost time with Kol.

“Love you more,” the other model said as she hugged her again before opening the door for her to get out as the driver dropped her travel bag on the sidewalk.

Caroline waved as Bonnie’s car drove away, she didn’t turn to her building until the car turned the corner and couldn’t see the car any longer. She thanked her lucky stars that she had been careful to keep only the samples she really couldn’t live without because her bag was heavy. She smiled as she held the handle happy about the wheels at the bottom that made it easier to drag to the front lobby.

“I trust you had a pleasant trip Ms. Forbes?” the night doorman greeted her with a tip of his heat as he helped her with the door.

Caroline nodded, “I did Gerard, thank you for asking,” Caroline said happy to see a familiar face as she waited for the elevator Gerald had been kind enough to call for.

“It’s a pleasure ma’am,” he said as the metal doors slid open and Caroline waved at him in goodbye as she pressed the button for her floor.

She yawned into her shoulder as she rode the elevator up, her eyes drooping as they slid open once more “Home,” she sighed in relief as she found her door,

“Don’t hug the door Caroline, get the key,” she told herself as she reached in her bag.


Klaus paced by the door anxiously, Kol was certain they would be home tonight, he had guaranteed it which is why he had done what he had done. He shook himself of his nerves, she would be here, the second he told himself this he heard her talking to herself outside. The tension that seemed to sit on his shoulders vanished as he opened the front door of his apartment.

He was met with the sight of Caroline unlocking her door as she spoke to herself, “Good evening Caroline,” he greeted as she reached for her silver travel bag.

Though delight flooded her, Caroline was surprised to see him here in her building, “Klaus? What are you doing here?” she asked about his unexpected appearance.

Klaus pointed behind him over his shoulder, “I just bought the loft,” he replied walking towards her real slow, afraid he’d frighten her.

“Are you on your way out?” the blonde asked him as she held onto the knob of her door turning it and pushing the door open behind her as she watched him.

Klaus looks from her to her travel gear, “Did you need help with your bag?” he asked standing right in front of her, breathing her in, reveling in her light.

Caroline smiled at him like she missed him, honestly she felt like she did, “The big one would be great,” she answered him softly as she pushed her hair back.

“After you,” Klaus murmured as he lifted the bag into his arms, she knew it was heavy but Klaus didn’t seem to mind so much as she walked into her place.

He entered the apartment right behind her, Bonnie had come through earlier with her spare key helping him to woo her best friend. Her living room was charmingly decorated just as he had imagined, soft hues unlike the sparkling light that lit the cities of the world. Now however, the walls and every surface imaginable in her living room were covered in white flowers.

Klaus cracked a smile as he saw the side of her face before she looked back at him, her eyes filled with elation, “Oh, wow,” she gasped in jubilation, her words drawn out.

He observed her reaction with heart-felt glee, “I heard they were your favorite flower,” he said scratching his forehead as she turned to look at him.

Her hands reached out to him, “You did this?” Caroline asked him sincerely thrilled as she hugged him, Klaus froze, letting her embrace him.

He barely moved to hug her back when she disentangled herself from him and walked around the room sniffing, touching, admiring every flower in sight. Her grin was permanent and it hurt her cheeks, they literally ached as she crushed a bouquet to her chest looking back at him. She hid her face in the flowers as her face heated, he was utterly yummy to look at and hard to deny after this gesture.

“I had some help from Bonnie,” Klaus admitted to her making Caroline laugh, of course, that’s really why Bonnie had insisted on getting her home as quickly as possible, other than meeting up with Kol.

Caroline had no idea where to go from here, at a loss for words she offered, “Did you want a glass of wine?” as she walked towards the kitchen.

Klaus looked after her, “I would love that very much,” he called as he moved to walk after her and nearly tripped on the bag he had set down by his feet.

The model re-entered the living room with two glasses of wine, her hand shook as she lifted one to him, handing it over, she blushed under his affectionate stare. Her whole demeanor is silent, her eyes drifting to his lips as he drinks the glass feeling like a school girl. He wanted to sweep her off of her feet and he had, but now he was just standing there, why?

She looked away from him to a flower on the table closest to her it’s just bloomed and enticingly striking, “I think I love this one the most,” she said stroking it gently.

“It’s quite lovely,” he agrees, his choice of word describing it takes her back to the first time she saw him, when he called the crowd his lovelies.

She smiles again, wider this time as she looks at him, “So are you,” she compliments setting down her own glass without taking a sip.

Klaus gaffes, “No,” he shakes his head, “I’m impetuous,” he describes himself rubbing his chin, “Horribly lonely, falling for you,” he nearly whispers.

Caroline shuts her eyes, “I think it’s time to say goodnight,” she utters lightly, “I have a headache,” she tells him as she turns away from him.

He’s lost her, he felt it, the moment he said how he was falling, “If you insist,” he concedes with a harsh sigh that tires his body.

“I do, I really do,” she insists staring down at his shoes instead of his eyes, distressed over what she feels for him, too frightened to take a step forward.

He nods once, “I’ll see myself out,” he says to her swallowing audibly as he turns on his heel to give her the space she seems to require.

Seeing him walking away alarms Caroline more, her hands go up, “I’ll walk you.” she tells him walking behind him to the door only looking up when his head turns to look at her over his shoulder.

“Pleasant dreams Caroline,” he says, his tone above a whisper, disappointment quelling from his pores as he opens the front door to let himself out.

“You’ll be here in the morning?” she prompts holding onto her door as he walks across the gray carpeted hall to his door.

Klaus looks back again as he opens his door, “Every day this week,” he promises to her even when he’s unsure of whether or not it will make a difference to her or not.

“Then it’s back to America?” she asks, words spouting with impatience from her mouth before she could help it, not that she would.

Klaus waits, finding the correct words, “For the time being,” he answers her, “I have a place in New York,” he supplies with a worried look.

Caroline unexpectedly beams at him, “I’ll be there next week too,” she informs him slipping out of her apartment to better talk to him.

He nods, he nods so much his head might fall of he thinks as he answers her, “I heard,” he says shortly unsure of how this particular conversation will go.

She chews on her lip, more out of habit than to attract his lips there he notes but his eyes do go there and he does undoubtedly wonder what her lips taste like as her lips move, “Klaus?” she sighs.

“Yes, Caroline,” he murmurs out a reply entranced once more by the way she speaks his name, the way she colors his usually gloomy world with the flecks of light in her eyes.

“Could you come back here?’ she asks of him using her hand to wave him over, her nerves no longer relevant seeing how Klaus could fit into her life if he let him.

“Is there something you needed?” he pressed as he let go of the knob of his door walking towards her, his steps quiet on the carpet, his strides long and fluid.

He stops short, just so his lips nearly brush, just so their breaths mangle, so she can feel the heat of his body mix with hers when she sighs, “Yes, this.”

And she kisses him, without remorse or fear, with unadulterated bliss, exhilaration flooding her veins as their bodies fit against one another. As he lets her kiss him, lets her taste and bite until she’s coaxing his mouth apart and tasting his breath, sliding her tongue against his own. He groans as she runs her hand into his hair her nails scraping as he carries her back into her loft shutting the door behind him with his foot.

Inman Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a quiet neighborhood that feels distant from the city’s universities, a good place to linger in a café or browse through bookstores and antique shops. Last week, though, the square got a loud newcomer: an art project masquerading as a small business, decked out in safety yellow and advertising “Cash For Your Warhol.” [x]

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One of the two beautiful signed copies of Charles Frazier books I got for christmas. I am absolutely in love, he’s one of my favorite authors and I’ve read all of his books. His writing is so breathtaking. I can’t wait for his next novel. (btw the white part on the dust jacket is paper that the original owner put on to protect it, and it’s shiny bc they also put a plastic sleeve for the same reason)

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Picnic time for Teddy Bears/ The little Teddy Bears are having/ A lovely time today/ Watch them, catch them unawares/ And see them picnic on their holiday/ See them gaily gad about/ They love to play and shout/ They never have any care



DSC04657e-sw by Hotlanta Voyeur
Via Flickr:
2015.04.26 Inman Park Festival


Proof Bakeshop

This is my new favorite Atlanta coffee shop. 

It’s right at the edge of Inman Park, right off the MARTA line. Bakery first, coffee shop second, it was practically impossible to pick a pastry.

The corner shop is adorable. Big wooden tables and comfy chairs give plenty of spots to work, huge windows let in lots of natural light and if that’s not enough to convince you, the constant stream of people coming in to pick up their Sunday morning coffee or weekly loaf of bread proves it’s a neighborhood gem.

I’m obsessed. I’m never leaving.

And you wouldn’t either if you could taste this raspberry danish. I mean, look at it.

YUM. I’ve found my new weekend home.