In Love with a Hero - Chapter 20

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The next day, I woke up to the smell of something good in the kitchen. I sat up and turn towards the kitchen and see Sebastian cooking breakfast. Ugh, great. Another guy can cook.. I scratch my head and a bubble ringtone went off from my phone. I reach in and got the phone from my purse and check who it is. 19 missed calls and 3 text messages from Clark. 

Clark: Stacy, I am so sorry! Please forgive me..

Clark: Answer your phone, please! We need to talk.

Clark: I’m begging you, please! Lois and I aren’t together. It was a misunderstanding! My heart only belongs to you. Stacy, I love you…!

My eyes began to water as I press reply on the screen. I really miss him as much as he misses me, but I can’t forgive him that easily. What he did really broke my heart and that will take time for me to heal. So, all I can do is ignore him, for now and I’ll…maybe give him a chance to talk, later. Right now, I really don’t want to talk to him. I press the home button on my phone and put it back in my purse.

“Hey, you’re awake! Good afternoon.”

I turn to the kitchen and see Sebastian looking at me “Oh, hey. Good afternoon.” I reply, wiping a tear away from my eye with my hand, letting out a sniffle. Sebastian furrows his brows, looking at me with worry “Are you okay?” 

“Uh-yeah.. I’m fine..” I stutter, trying not to cry in front of him. I got up and walk towards the small kitchen table and sat down.

“Do you want some breakfast?” He asks, grabbing plates in the cabinet. I check my watch and it’s 12:00pm. Who the heck cooks breakfast in the afternoon? Oh, right.. I do “Sure thing.” He walks towards me with a plate of food and places it in front of me. I look at the food and got impressed; 2 french toast, scramble eggs, and bacon. You got to be kidding me..? He grabs his plate of food and sits next to me “Bon Appetite!” He exclaims with a smirk on his face.

I start eating the food, and it turns out to be good! Then Sebastian turns to look at me. I look back at him, raising an eyebrow “Yes?”

“Before you say no…”

“No.” I cut him off while drinking an orange juice. He smiles and lets out a chuckle, “Okay, I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that and just tell you, anyway.” I roll my eyes and sigh “What is it?”

“Well, I got invited to a private party and it’s my friend’s birthday. Every year, she does different themes where everybody dresses up like it’s Halloween.. So, this year she’s having Rockabilly theme..” He pauses. Rockabilly? Hmmm, this is getting interesting, ‘cause I love that style! What is he trying to get at? I really wonder..

“Mm-hm, go on.." I say waving my hand in a carry on like gesture while I raise a cup to my lips, taking another sip of orange juice.

"I was wondering if you could be my date to this event?” He asks politely, putting his arm around his head like a little boy. My eyes widen as I start to choke on the orange juice that was on it’s way down to my throat. What the hell did he just asked? I cough uncontrollably, trying to regain my breathing as Sebastian starts patting my back with his hand. As I regain the breathing, I calm down and clear my throat. My eyes turn to him with an annoyed glare “What?”

He pulls away “I was wondering if you would be my date to this party. I don’t have anyone else to go with. So, I’m asking you.”

“Don’t you have girlfriends?" 

"No, they have boyfriends.” He replies, quickly.

“Well, so do I.”

“No, you broke up with him because he cheated on you with Lois. So, that makes you, single.” He folds his arms together and leans his back against the chair. I hate to admit that he’s right. Just wish he didn’t say that, though ‘cause my heart can’t take the fact that I’m not with Clark, anymore. I squint my eyes at him “Gee, thanks for reminding me. The answer is still no!” I exclaim.

“Oh, come on! That’s not fair.”

“Not fair? You reminding me about my break up with Clark isn’t fair!” I shout.

“All right, all right. Fine..” He gets up and walk towards me and grabs my hand, then kneels before me. What the hell is he doing? For a second, this reminds me, so much of what Clark did to me. Why is he doing the things Clark did? This is pretty weird.. “I am so sorry for what I said. It was very rude of me. Please accept my apology and go to the event with me?” He looks at me with puppy eyes, moving his bottom lips forward. Someone please, kill me! He used the puppy face on me… and he looks adorable… Eggghhhh!

“All right, okay! I’ll go with you…” I reply to make that puppy face of his go away. “But on one condition. You don’t tell anyone-not even the birthday girl-I’m your girlfriend, deal?” I add.

He grins as he gets up from the floor. Then extends his hand “Cool, deal!” I look at his hand and back him. I take his hand as we shake them together “And if you tell anyone I’m your girlfriend, I will burn you like turkey!” I gave him an evil glare.

He laughs “Oh, that won’t be necessary because I have the same ability as you. It won’t effect me.” He winks at me as his mouth quirks up to one side. I let go of his hand and got frustrated. I roll my eyes and got up and walk away from him. 

“Aren’t you going to finish your breakfast?” He asks, picking up my plate.

“No. Somehow, I lost my appetite..” I sat down on the couch, rolling my eyes. Ugh, I’m really starting not like this guy. He’s a dork and cute and all, but really annoying!!

“Okay. Well, the event starts today at 7. Just for your information.” He washes the dishes.

“Thanks..” I reply as I look through my clothes to wear for tonight. Good thing I brought my Rockabilly clothes. I pull out a black dress with a white collar on top and polka dots all over the dress. I place the dress on the side of the couch, including a red sweater with black Japanese fans on the sides. I dug more into the luggage and took out my saddle oxford shoes and put them on the floor.

5 hrs later. It was 5:00pm. I jump into the shower and did my thing. Afterwards, I blow dry my hair and began pin curling. It took almost an hour to get it done due to my hair being so long, but nailed it! I put a black cover on top of the pin curls to cool down. Then I began putting liquid powder on my face. Not too much, just a damp of it. Next I put eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick for the final look as always.  

I got out of the bathroom and grab my dress to put on. I zip the dress from my side and fix the collar. Now, I reach in for white socks and put them on, including the shoes. I walk back to the bathroom to remove the pin curls and fix my hair. As a final look, I roll my bangs up and clip them with a bobby pin, forming a faux bang — adding a rose clip to the side of my hair. Finally, I’m done!! All the hard work for only one event…

I got out of the bathroom, again and walk back to the living room. I look up and see Sebastian, right in front of me, looking at me with his jaw drop “Whoa! You look.. uhhh-wow!”

“Thanks, so do you.” I reply with a half smile on my face. Sebastian’s wearing a red plaid-pattern shirt tucked inside his jeans with black burton braces attach to his belt. His bottom jeans were folded, wearing Harley boots. As for his hair, sleek back with a short pompadour at the front. I got to admit, he. is. smokin’!

“Do I look like James Dean?” He asks, raising his eyebrow, posing like a male model. I giggle and nod “You look cute, I’ll give you that!” Am I flirting with him? What am I doing? No, Stacy! He is not your boyfriend, Clark is! … Or was he.. My smile turn into a slight frown, trying not to be obvious in front of Sebastian. 

“So, are you ready to go?” Sebastian asks. I snap out of my sad moment and change my facial expression into a fake grin “Uh-yeah. Let’s go.” I grab my purse and we left out the door, downstairs, and into the parking lot. We got inside and Sebastian turns on the car. We drove off to the location to the party.

We arrive at the party and got off the car. The whole party was inside in a really big white tent. Reminds me of the freaking circus. Almost sounds like one, too due to the loud music. We walk inside the tent and the DJ is playing Hound Dog by Elvis Presley. People were swing dancing and I felt like I’m in the 1950’s. A dream come true for me! Sebastian and I watch them in admiration until a woman comes walking towards us. She hugs him and I’m guessing that’s the birthday girl.

“I’m so glad you’d came!!” She exclaims as she pulls back. “Oh, and who is she?” She adds, looking at me.

“My date.” Sebastian replies.

“Is she your girlfriend?” She asks curiously.

Sebastian puts his hands in his pockets and turns to me. Then back at her “No, she’s a friend of mine.” Good boy, Sebastian! I’m glad that he listen to me.

“Okay! Well, enjoy the party!” She leaves with other group of friends. Okay, that wasn’t awkward at all. Sebastian looks back at me with his brows raised “Let’s go find a table!” We walk and found a table at the back. I sat down on a chair as Sebastian stay standing up “Do you want anything drink?”

I turn to him “Uh-Dr. Pepper, please?”

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” He leaves to a nearby bar. I wander my eyes around the tent. There were presents at a table, including a huge fancy cake. Balloons everywhere. White champagne cups stacked up, one by one like a tower. A huge ice-statue-like Swan was right between the glass cups. Everything else is just pure fancy stuff. No wonder this party is private..

Sebastian comes back with drinks on his hand and sits next to me. I take a sip of my soda as I kept wandering my eyes around the tent.

“You like the place?” He caught me looking around. I look back at him and wave my hand sideways as a kind of like gesture.

“Too fancy, huh?” He squints his left eye.

I nod in agreement as he chuckles. We look back at the dance floor and watch the people dance. The DJ starts changing the song and plays  Put Your Head on My Shoulder by Paul Anka. People grab their partner and dance to the slow song. As always, Sebastian and I watched. Then he turns to me “Wanna dance?” He asks in a shy manner. 

My eyes widen and I turn to him “Huh? Me? Why? I don’t know how to dance this!” I’m trying to say no to him, but I ended up stuttering. Why am I stuttering?? He gets up and extends his hand and looks at me “Dance with me?” He asks, again. This time in a soft voice. I stroke my hair behind my ear and took his hand and got up. We walk towards the dance floor and Sebastian puts my hand over his shoulder. Both his hands hold a grip onto my waist as I put my other hand against his elbow. We begin dancing to the slow song, joining the crowd of people. 

How does he know how to dance to this type of music? “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” I ask.

“Not really, but I have seen my parents danced to this kind of music. You can say I copied them, I guess?” He replies as he turns me around, making me do a twirl with his arm raised. I giggle as I return to the dance position. He smiles at me, knowing that I’m enjoying dancing with him.

We got closer and our chests touch. I’m starting to get a little more comfortable with Sebastian as I place my head on to his chest. The same thing that happened to me before, happens, again. Listening to his heart beat. Smelling his cologne from his neck lingers my blood. Feeling his arm holding onto my waist. I felt like I’m with Clark, again, back in his arms! I start reminiscing the time when we’re in the elevator on our way to the restaurant back in the hotel.. We were so shy with each other when we were exactly in this position… I really miss that day.. but things happen and I’m not in his arms, anymore.. I’m in Sebastian’s arms, now.. I glance up at Sebastian as he looks back down at me. He slowly brushes off a smirk, quirking his mouth up to one side. Why am I getting so attach to this man? No, I cannot fall in love, again!!

Sebastian grabs my hand, again and turns me, slowly, making me twirl, again. As soon as I return to the dance position, he reaches and holds onto my back, bending me down, slowly — forming a dip. I lock my eyes with his as the song ends. My heart is beating rapidly. Oh, my God. It’s happening, again. I am falling in love, again!! As soon as he pulls me back up straight, I immediately walk out of the tent and reach for my phone from my purse. I start to cry as I scroll down through my contact list and sent a text message to someone who I once loved..

Me: We need to talk!

I wait for a text back until my bubble ringtone went off. I check:

Clark: All right, I’m on my way..

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In Love with a Hero - Chapter 12 [Smut Shot]

I’m posting links into this chapter. Listen to the songs while reading. Just a suggestion to get a feel of the romance.

We’re back at my house. Clark sets me down on my feet and I start fixing both my hair and dress. I walk towards my house and grab the keys from my purse. I turn around to Clark “Hey. Thanks for the night.” Without a word, he nods and waves. I turn to unlock the door and got inside the house. I lean against the door, hearing Clark take off. I sigh and thought of what happened at the beach. My body wants his.These hormones are still going crazy. I hunger for that desire. My curiosity to know what is like to make love with someone who shares the same feelings with me.. But what feelings? I’m not his girlfriend… Maybe he wants me to be? No, I really doubt that.. I’m not exactly similar to his ex love. She seems perfect for him; I shouldn’t get my hopes up, anyway. Maybe I am just a one night stand… This really sucks for my part because I’m falling for him..

I walk to to the bathroom and wash my make up away. Then walk to the bedroom, unzipping my dress. I change into my sleep wear and jump into bed. I close my eyes to sleep.

The next day, I woke up at 10am got out of bed. Jump into the shower and bathed. Afterwards, I got out and my phone starting making vibration noises. I check and saw a text from a number that I didn’t recognize. Who is this and how did they get my number? 

Unknown: Stacy. I want to start over and forget about what happened, last night. I didn’t mean to rush you into that sexual content. I guess I wasn’t thinking straight… Please forgive me..

Clark? How did he get my number? I thought about and figured it out. “Ruby, you punk!” I shout while putting on some pair of clothes. A black long sleeve shirt and gray sweats. “And Clark needs to stop blaming himself. It was my fault that happened!” I add, talking to myself. I put on my regular shoes and grab the keys, then went to the car in the garage. It’s my day off from the office, today. Ruby doesn’t  have a day off, so I’m gonna get over there and tell her off. She gave Clark my number without my consent! I’m so mad that I wanna Hulk smash her! She definitely don’t like when Stacy angry!!

I turn on the engine and drove off to the campus. Thank God, there wasn’t no traffic, so I speed throughout the freeway. I got out of it and went my way to the campus. I parked and went inside. I got to my office quietly and found Ruby at hers.

“Ruby, what the fuck! Why did you give Clark, my cell number without my permission!” I whisper loudly.

“What are you doing here? You’re suppose to be at home! It’s your day off!” She shouts.

“Shhhhhh! Don’t make a scene! All I wanted to know is why did give him the number?” I look around to see if anyone is watching. “Well?” I add.

“Okay. He wanted to keep in touch with you before he flies back to Kansas. He feels that he won’t see you, again. So, I felt bad and gave him your number.." 

He’s leaving? Why would he leave? 

Ruby looks at me raising an eyebrow “Does Clark have feelings for you?” She asks curiously.

"I don’t know…” I reply, looking down with a sad expression on my face.

She looks at me and starts smiling with a surprise look “Oh, my God! You’re so obvious!” I look up at her, furrowing my brows. “What?”

“YOU’RE FALLING IN LOVE WITH HIM!!!!” She shouts. Oh, my God, cant’ this woman shut up! “No, I’m not and shush! You’re too fucking loud!” I reply, trying not to raise my voice. “Where is he?” I add, asking.

“Girl, you’re in denial! I can tell you’re lying! You’re a bad actress!”

“Shut up, Ruby!! Now, tell me where is he!?” I growl.

“He told me he’s at the Bonaventure Hotel.”

“Thanks!” I ran out the door and went to the parking lot to turn on the car engine. I got out through the parking lot and make my way to Downtown LA, through the streets because getting there isn’t that far. After getting through the streets, I arrive at the hotel, got out of the car, and walk to the hotel entrance. I went in and ask the hotel desk clerk for Clark Kent on the list. He nods and told me that he signed in at the 5th floor, room 38. “Thank you!” I say to the desk clerk and walk straight to the elevator.

I press the up button and the door slides open. Nervously, I step in on my own. The doors slides close behind me. Then I press 5th Floor and the elevator began to go up. I hold onto the bars, again. Closing my eyes, trying not freak out like I did, last night. I began breathing in and out, calming myself down without Clark’s hand stroking my back. Just by the thought of that, it calms me more. Gosh, I really hate elevators! 

The elevator on the 5th floor the doors slides open and I got out I make my way through the hallway, looking for room 38. I really hope he’s still there and haven’t left to the airport, yet or else, I’m screwed! I start walking faster and found room 38. A nervous sigh came out of my breath and I knock on the door “Clark? Clark are you there? It’s Stacy. We need to talk.” There was no response, so I knock, again. Yet no response. Damn, he probably left all ready!! I grab onto the door knob and switch it open. The door immediately opens. My eyes widen in shock. I look around the hallway and step inside the room. How can that door be open the whole time? Does Clark know that I’m coming to look for him? I really hope Ruby didn’t tell him. I’m going to kill her if she did! 

The room is empty, but nice. Peach curtains. Everything was white: The walls and ceilings. The couches look soft and comfy with the color of light gray. The carpet  was white as well. A flat TV screen. The fancy stereo is playing Faraway by Dara Schindler in the background. What’s with the music? I furrowed my brows. Then I hear water turn off from the showers . I turn to the bathroom door and froze. Oh, crap! Shit, shit, shit! Someone was taking a shower. I look around, trying to hide. The mystery person came out of the bathroom, naked and to my surprise it was Clark!!!

“Oh, my God!!!” I shout.

He sees me right in front of him in shock, “Ohhhhh!!!” He shouts back, trying to get a white towel to cover his goods. “I didn’t know you were coming!!” He adds.

I look away, covering my eyes with my hands “I’m here to see you, but I didn’t think you were going to be naked!!!” My cheeks turn pink.

“I’m so sorry!!! Let me get dressed!!”

I uncover my eyes as he goes to the room. I can’t believe I saw everything! Skin from top to bottom… including his… penis.. My cheeks turn red than pink. I felt kind of embarrassed, but secretly liked what I saw. I giggle a bit until Clark came back with clothes walking towards me “Didn’t mean to scare you.” I shake my head “You didn’t. You surprised me. There’s a difference!” He laughs as a smile washes from his face. Then he looks at the stereo.

“What’s with the music?” He asks, raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t know? I thought you turn it on?”

He shakes his head “No, I didn’t. I was in the shower the whole time… Hm… Must of been the maid.. House keeping?” That figures. He turns the volume down a bit as I sit at the couch. He sat next to me “So, you’re here to see me. Is there something you want to tell me?” More like I want to kiss you..

I stare at his lips “Clark, I don’t want you to leave back to Kansas.” He looks at me with a confuse look on his face “What do you mean?” Okay, here it comes. I take a nervous sigh and lean in for a kiss on his lips. Without a word, he kisses me back gently on the mouth, one hand around my neck, pulling me closer to him. My hand touches his face to his jaw line, caressing it. Our tongues touch and our breaths becomes heavy as the kiss deepens. I start laying on my back with my head against the couch while pulling Clark on top of me. Our lips touching still. I wanted this moment, since last night at the beach. I wasn’t ready. Now, my body is ready.. I wrap my arms around his neck, playing with his curly hair as our kiss becomes passionate while Wicked Games by Chris Isaak starts playing in the background. My fingers began traveling down to his shirt, lifting it up. I remove his shirt with my hands. Clark pulls back to gaze at me. I run my hands down onto his fit chest to his abs as I look up at him. He sends a sly smirk at me with his eyes turning from light to a dark blue. I can see he wants to. He bents back continues to kiss me passionately with those soft lips of his. Both of his hands start tracing down from my chest to my thighs. Wraps my legs around his waist and lifts me up from the couch, gripping my thighs. I hold onto him as he carries me into the room.

He lays me down gently on the bed as he takes his sweats off, leaving his boxer briefs on. He climbs on top of me and starts kissing my neck. My hormones begin to take over. How does he know that’s my weak spot? I let out a soft moan. Then he start kissing my chest, lifting up my shirt with his hands. He removes it, revealing my pink bra. He continues to kiss my chest, touching and squeezing my breasts with his hands. He goes down to my breasts and starts removing my bra. Using his tongue, he flickers it and kisses both my nipples soft and slow, giving me a tease. I start to moan softly. Then he traces my body down with his tongue as I breathe heavily. Oh, God. That feels good… Using his hands, he removes my grey sweats, leaving me with my pink panties on.

He touches my legs, stroking them up and down. He looks at me and grins. Oh, God.. He’s so sexy.. I can’t believe this is happening. I hope I’m not dreaming. He reaches for my panties and starts removing them slowly. Okay, this is not a dream. This is actually happening! Continues touching my legs, he spreads them and touches my pussy. He begins to rub it in circular motion, then insert his index finger inside the opening of my pussy and starts fingering me. I close my eyes as I feel the fingers shoving in and out, hitting my g-spot. Then he inserts two fingers instead of one and continues. I breathe heavier, enjoying him teasing me.

He spreads my legs and bents down to my pussy and starts to lick my clit in circular motion with his tongue. I flinch at first, but let him continue. I moan in pleasure as he suck on the clit. I was so turned on as he works my sweet spot, so well that I knew I’d come in a second. I grind my hips in rhythm motion, slowly for more pleasure, as my moaning grows louder. My body began to tremble as I feel the pleasure rising, going for an orgasm. I came on his face and he licks the juices with a smile as he climbs back on top of me. I start panting heavily from the post-orgasmic bliss.

He kisses my lips, tasting my own orgasm. Then he removes his briefs. I, now see him completely naked for the second time. He shoves his penis inside my pussy, slowly. I moan as he starts to slowly thrust. I wrap my arms around the back of his neck and began to moan louder. The sound of my voice, moaning excites Clark as he thrusts faster, lifting my left leg up. Hormones are intensifying. I start scratching his abs with my nails. He lets out a groan as he thrusts harder, panting and sweating. I can feel the whole bed shake with Clark’s super strength. I scream for his name repeatedly, begging for more pleasure. Moaning and groaning together.

“Stacy… I’m about to… come!!!” He growls, softly.

I start panting heavier as he start thrusting intensely, holding onto my hips, pressing his penis all the way inside. OH MY GOD!! I shutter my eyes tight, groaning. Suddenly, he pulls out and came. He runs towards the bathroom to clean off. I lay on the bed, catching my breath. Afterwards, Clark comes back lays down on the bed, right next to me. He kisses me as we lay in spooning position. Oh, my God… I made love to Clark!!! What the hell does this mean, now!?!?

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In Love with a Hero - Chapter 22

I cannot believe what I just heard. Pregnant? I’m pregnant?! With a look of shock written on my face, so many thoughts going through my head; I cannot think straight! Clark looks normal in his situation, he seems happy than surprised, does he know that it’s his? I sat next to him with my arms wrap around my stomach. “How did you know I’m pregnant?”

“I heard a heart beat and I immediately used my x-ray vision — It was the most beautiful thing, I ever seen.” He grew a warm smile with a delightful look on his face. I can see he all ready fell in love with the baby, most certainly knows it’s his. A nervous breath escapes through my mouth, realizing the big step of my life, I begin to tremble. “I’m going to be a mother.” Clark strokes my forehead back as I look at him, slowly forming a smile, imagining what our little family would be like, wondering what our child would look like. “You’re going to be a father.” I said. He chuckles softly, acknowledging that not only Clark Kent is going to be a father, but so is Superman.

“I know you’re afraid. I can feel it by the way you tremble, it’s okay to be scared. Know that I’ll always be here for you. Soon, you’re going to be the mother of my child and I’ll never abandon you.” He strokes the side of my cheek smoothly, leaning in for a soft kiss on my lips. 

“Shall we tell the big news to your mother?” I ask nervously.

“I’ll tell her. Wait here, okay?” He gets up and leaves out the door to the kitchen where Martha is cooking dinner. I wait for Clark’s return, nervous about Martha’s reaction to the big news. Will she not approve? Will she be upset? I shouldn’t think negative, she wouldn’t think like that, I should stop thinking negative, it’ll harm the baby. I snap out of the negative thoughts going on in my head and wait, patiently for Clark’s return. 

I hear foot steps roaming through the hallway, it must be Clark and Martha. I get myself ready for the moment, whether it’s good or bad. Clark opens the door, Martha comes in with tears in her eyes. Oh no, she’s crying!! I look at Clark with worry, wondering what he said to her to make her cry until she comes towards me, giving me a huge hug.

“A baby! Oh my goodness, a baby!” She exclaims with glee in her voice. I’m guessing she’s very happy about the big news? She separates from me, goes to Clark, giving him a hug, as well. “My Clark, you’re going to be a father. My sweet boy, I’m so happy for you!! I’m going to be a Grandma.” She said with a cheerful smile on her face. "Stacy, does your mother know you’re having a baby?“ She adds.

Crap.. I shake my head. “I’ll let her know when I get back in LA.” Just by the thought of my mother, I wonder what she’ll say? I’m scared to know what she’ll say when I tell her, “I’m pregnant?” 

Clark and I went to the airport, bought tickets back to Los Angeles, and got on the airplane with our luggage. 2 hours later, we arrived at the LAX airport, took a rent car, and drove to my mother’s house. Getting out of the car, we walk to the front door of the house. My mother opens the front door and we got inside, sitting down on the couches to discuss the big news to her. 

"Pregnant? Are you sure?” She asks, trying to believe and understand what I told her.

“Yes, Ma. I am sure.” I reply with a nervous tone on my voice. The look of shock on her face makes me worry, her feelings mean a lot to me, it breaks my heart to see her in such a sad state. 

“Well, that’s wonderful! I am so happy for the both of you!!”

What?! She’s happy? I am more surprised than she was. Now, I’m the one that is trying to believe and understand what she told us. She hugs me with tears coming down her eyes, couldn’t believe her only daughter is having a baby. 

“Have you found the gender, yet?" 

"Not yet. I’m hoping for a girl, maybe.” I said, rubbing my tummy.

“Or a boy.” Clark joins the conversation after being silent for quite a while. 

“It’s both. Twins maybe?” My mother laughs.

My eyes widen, frighten of what my mother said. I stroke my hair behind my ear in embarrassment. Clark saw me and chuckles softly. “To make sure of that, I used my x-ray vision; revealing only one heart beat.” 

“That’s great to hear. Like I said, I’m happy for both of you and wish you nothing, but the best. I am sure you both are going to be great parents.”

“Thank you, Ma." 

The three of us stood up and gave each other hugs. Later that day, Clark and I were at my house laying down on a big couch, watching Matrix Reloaded, enjoying the action sequence of the movie.

"Are we here? Having a baby and everybody is okay with it?” I glance up at Clark as I hold his hand with mine. 

“Believe it, darling.” He kisses my forehead.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Months go by, my tummy gets bigger and bigger. Pregnancy hormones are kicking my butt than normal. There are times where I want to punch Clark through a freaking wall or throw him across the streets due to the abilities, I absorb from the day Clark and I got back together. Then I get these unusual baby kicks that are not normal small baby kicks, they are big baby kicks and it hurts too much to the point where my rib cage hurts like hell! Other times, I complain to Clark that I look overweight and he tries his best to make me feel better. 

9 months, later and I’m due. My water broke and I immediately was took to a private hospital into the delivery room. Hours upon hours, I was in pain during labor till the doctor gave me an injection of epidural to ease the pain. Hours later, it was time to push. Clark was in the room with me, witnessing the breath-taking moment. Push after push, after push till a small cry of the baby sounded.

“It’s a boy! Happy birthday!!!” The doctor exclaims as she gives the baby to the nurse, covering the baby with a white blanket.

I shed a tear; hearing the cry of my baby boy was the most beautiful thing and it melts my heart. The nurse returns with the baby, giving the baby to Clark. He wraps his arms around the baby, carrying him, gently. ”Hey, baby. Why don’t we go to mommy?” He walks towards my direction, giving the baby to me. I slowly wrap my arms around the baby, starring at him while his eyes were still closed.

“Hey baby, it’s your mommy. So, you were the one that was giving me those massive kicks to the ribs…You’re so beautiful.” I kiss his small forehead as the baby’s eyes begin to slowly open, whimpering. His eyes were beautiful, they were as blue as Clark’s eyes, like father-like son.

“You did good, sweetheart.” Clark kisses my forehead.

“What are you going to name him?” The nurse asks.

The name came to me from the heart as I reply, “Nathan.. Nathan Jor El Kent.” 


4 yrs later, many things have changed since Nathan was born. He is 4, now and he looks exactly like his father. Black-curly hair, blue eyes, and that little butt chin of his. Clark calls him “Mini-me.” And Nathan gets upset for that, but he does want to be like his dad and that’s SuperMan! Nathan has combined super abilities of both Clark and I. We taught him how to hone his senses and focus on what he wants to see, that way, he wont lose control of his abilities. 

Nathan runs around in the field with a red cape on his back, pretending to be like his father.

“Look, mommy! I’m just like daddy!!” He makes a swoosh sound effect with his lips and flies around the field until he sees his dad in front of him. “Look, dad! I’m Superboy!” He exclaims.

“Be careful, now. Don’t hurt yourself, son.” Clark replies warmly, kneeling down on one knee, giving him a piggy back ride. I watch them have their fun with a grin on my face until Clark halts himself. 

“Whas’a matter, dad?”

“Go with your mommy, Nathan.”

“Okay.” Nathan jumps off his back and runs towards me.

“What’s wrong, Clark?” I ask.

He turns to me with a smirk on his face “Trouble. I’ll be right back.” He removes his clothes in an instant, revealing the S on his chest as the red cape flags out in the wind. He takes off to the skies and disappears into the clouds.

“Where’s daddy going, mommy?” Nathan glances up at me.

“Helping the city in need.”

“Did daddy help you in need?" 

"Yes, he did, Nathan… Yes, he did..” A band of memories of Clark and I start flashing through my head; back to the day where he saved me in that dark alley. Boy, many things have happened since that day.. So many moments that will last forever….

I’m happily in love with a hero….

The end

In Love with a Hero - Chapter 16 [Intense Smut Shot]

The next morning, I got up and stretch. I turn around and Clark wasn’t there. Where did he go? There was a note with roses on his side of the bed. I smile as I reach in and smell the roses. Then I grab the note that Clark left me and it reads:

You look peaceful.. I didn’t want to interrupt your sleep. I brought you some roses from the garden to start your day. I love you and I’ll see you, later. - Clark

A wider smile brushes off my face. He’s so sweet to me! Now, I want to repay him, but where is he? I walk to the kitchen and see Mrs. Kent preparing breakfast; eggs, ham, and cinnamon toasts with orange juice. She turns and looks at me. “Oh! You’re awake. How was your sleep?” 

“It was good. Thanks for asking! Mmmmm, it sure smells delicious, Mrs. Kent! I can see how Clark gets his culinary skills from.” I chuckle.

“Would you like some? I can serve you some, if you like.” She asks warmly. “Sure, thing. Thank you!” I reply as I pull a chair to sit on. She puts the plate with food and orange juice in front of me. I began eating. I forgot that Clark isn’t here, so I ask Ms. Kent “Do you know where is Clark?” She turns to me and answers “Oh! He’s at the Daily Planet. He has work, today.”

“Oh, okay.” I reply. Maybe I should surprise him. That way I can repay for what he did, this morning. I do have something in mind that will probably wow him, for a bit. 

I ate the food and grab my plate, then got up. I walk to the kitchen sink to wash it, including the cup. I turn off the water and wipe my hands with a white towel. “Thanks for breakfast, Mrs. Kent. It was delicious!” She smiles with glee “You’re welcome, Stacy. Glad you enjoyed it!” I smile back at her. She is so nice and sweet. She has raise such a wonderful and kind man. Though, it’s not hers, but she treats him like if he is one of her own. She loves Clark and is willing to do anything to make him happy. Without her husband, Martha is such a strong woman and I respect her for that. 

I walk to the bathroom and jump into the shower. Afterwards, I return to Clark’s room and close the door. I thought of going to visit Clark and see what he’s doing. If that’s allowed. I look into the drawer and I pull out a long navy blue sleeveless dress with a zipper in the back and it’s pretty tight to show my curves. Then I look in the drawer, again and pull out a sexy red lingerie with bottom straps. Ruby gave it to me as a gift in case of an emergency. I told her I’d never wear it because it looks too slutty… until now. I immediately put them on, including a black see-through stockings. I use the bottom straps to attach against the stockings for a real sexy look. Next, I put on the dress and zip it from the back. I curly iron my hair and put on some makeup; eyeliner, mascara, and a dash of red lipstick. Lastly, I got my black heels from the luggage and put them on as a final look. I grab my purse and open the door and start heading out to catch a taxi cab to Daily Planet. I told Mrs. Kent that I’ll be visiting Clark while she goes grocery shopping.

I arrive at the Daily Planet and got out of the cab. I paid the driver as he drives away, then I reach in for my glasses from my purse to put them on. Before I start walking into the building, I bump into a random guy and I fell onto the ground. He turn to me with the look of shock “Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you there.” He exclaims.

“It’s fine. Must be the heels that I’m wearing. Still not use to them.” I reply, trying to get myself up.

He sees that I’m trying to get up and feels bad “Come on, I’ll help you.” He extends his hand as I look up at him. This man is wearing a light blue dressing shirt with black slakes and dressing shoes like a business man. He’s lean fit and has blue eyes. His hair is dirty blonde, spiked from the top and the sides were cut short. Nice jaw-line with a butt chin, also. What is up with me meeting every guy with butt-chins? A small smile brushes off, tugging at the corner of his lips. I take his hand and got up from the ground while brushing off the dirt from the back of my dress — using my hand. 

“There you go. All better, now?” He asks as he puts his hands in his pockets. 

“Yeah. Thanks.” I reply while I put on my coat. 

“No problem…” He checks his watch and lets out a sigh, then looks back at me “….Oh! Gotta go! Take it easy, see you around!” He leaves.

See you around? What does he mean by that? ….. Creep. I continue going on my way inside the building. I enter and went to the front desk where there’s an elderly woman sitting. 

“Hello. Welcome to the Daily Planet. How can I help you?” She asks, warmly.

“Hi, I’m looking for Mr. Clark Kent.” I kindly reply.

“Ohh, Clark! Who would you might be?”

“His girlfriend. His mother told me he works here, so, I came here to visit." 

She smiles at me “That’s very nice of you. You’re very beautiful! Clark is so lucky to have you!”

I giggle “Thank you, ma’am.”

She grabs the telephone and turns to me “What’s your name, sweetie?” “Stacy.” I reply. “What a pretty name! Excuse me, while I dial his office. Just sit tight.” She adds while pressing speed-dial to his office. I wander around the building and sat down on a bench while I wait for him. 

"He’s on his way.” The elderly woman notifies me. I nod to her as I keep wandering my eyes around the building. I check my watch and it was 11:30am. Close to afternoon. I hope is not too crowded around his office. This place reminds me of the office I have back in LA. I feel like I’m here for a job interview and Clark is interviewing me for hire. Suddenly, I heard a voice from a far distance “Hello.”

I turn around and it was Clark in front of me, happy to see me. I got up and walk towards him as I wrap my arms around him, giving him a hug “Hey! How are you doing?”

“Just here at work. Besides that, I’m doing great!” He replies as he pulls away. “What are you doing here?” He adds.

“Well, I came here to visit you. Is it a bad timing?" 

He shakes his head “Not really. Surprisingly, there’s a small amount of people at work today. So, it’s not too busy.” Perfect timing for the surprise I have in store for him. I caught him in a surprise manner, cocking his head to the side. I know he’s checking me out “You look… uhhh… ravishing.” He lets out a deep sigh, then licks his lips. This is obviously working! 

"Thank you. You look handsome with your suit and tie as always. Especially, those glasses.” I reply flirting back.

He laughs softly as he extends his hand in a direction-gesture “So, shall we go into my office?”

“Sure, Mr. Journalist!" 

We start walking and went to the elevator spot. Clark presses the up button as the doors slide open and we walk inside. The doors close and the elevator starts going up. The heat is intensifying between us. I look down to Clark’s pants and see that he’s getting a boner. I bite my bottom lip and look up at him. He caught my sneaky peek and smirks. How does he do that? Somehow, he always knows when or where I’m staring at him. He’s SO good! 

The elevator stops and the doors slide open as we walk out. We walk towards his office as I look around the place. It was pretty empty. Papers everywhere in a stack. Copy machines in every section. Computers, desks, newspapers, posters, pens, folders, charts. The list goes on. Wow, it must of been busy here! We went inside in his office and it look better than mine. Fancier, too. Big city view, he has. Yep, better than mine. In my office, all I have is pure walls.. Mehhh! 

I look around the room “Wow, you’re a very hard working man for a Journalist!” I exclaim with my eyebrows raised in a surprise manner.

"Yeah. We tend to be very busy…” He replies as he organizes his papers from his desk.

I turn to look at him and he glares at me “What? Is there something on me?” I smile.

He shakes his head and chuckles “No, nothing at all…” He walks towards me and leans against the desk “…. I cannot get over how amazing you look.” 

I laugh “Oh, really?” He walks behind me and takes off my coat, slowly. He whispers into my ear “Really..” I bite my bottom lip and turn to him.

“Would you like to see something amazing?” I ask.

“Of course.” He reply, leaning against on another desk behind him.

I unzip my navy blue dress from the back and remove it, slowly as the dress slides down, quickly — revealing my red lingerie. Clark stood there, with his eyes looking down at the lingerie. His mouth is slightly open “Ohhhhh….”

I took off my glasses and with my index finger, I signal him to come to me in a sexy way. His sexy grin came out as he removes his suit coat and undid his tie and comes to me. He lifts me up and sat me down on top of the desk as he begins kissing me. I rip his white dressing shirt with my super strength and remove it. Our tongues touch as our breathing became heavier. We passionately kiss our lips away. My hands rush down to his slacks and I start unbuckling his belt. In an instant, I remove it. Clark wraps his arms around my back and snips off my bra and throws it onto the side. His hands start rubbing my breasts, playing with my nipples with his fingers. I whimper as I bite his neck. He bends down and starts licking one side of my nipple while his finger rubs the other. I start to moan.

Hormones starts to rise up and I want more. I began to lay down on the desk. Clark grabs both of my legs and gently removes the red panties. He bends his knees and removes his glasses. I look down at him as he looks back up and glares at me. He spreads my legs and starts to lick my clit in circular motion with his tongue. I start breathing heavily as I arch my back. Using his fingers, he starts fingering me, sucking the wet juices from my pussy. I moan in pleasure as I run my fingers onto his hair, pressing his head closer to the lips of my pussy. He opens his jaw wider and eats my whole pussy into his mouth.

“Oh, fuuuuuuuu…” I pull away, but Clark held onto my hips as he pulls them closer to him. Letting me know that he means “You’re not going, anywhere!” Oh, my God Clark, you’re going to make me come!!

After a minute of eating me out, he stops and got up. I lean in and kiss him, intensely as he wraps my legs around his waist. He lifts me up and gently puts my butt on top of a copy machine. I start unbuttoning his pants and pull them down along with his boxer briefs. Clark grabs my legs and pulls them against him as he grabs his penis. He slowly shoves it inside my pussy. I wrap my legs around his waist and held onto him. He begins to thrust, slowly. I begin to moan as the palm of my hand presses the buttons on the copy machine. It turns on as it starts scanning my butt. Oh shit! I look at the machine as I see a scanned picture of my ass. I start laughing as Clark begin to thrust faster. Then my laughing turn into moaning. Clark, you’re such a bad boy!!! I start digging my nails onto Clark’s back. I heard him groan as shoves his penis all the way inside of me, gripping onto my hips. I scream and Clark covers my mouth with his hand, so no one could hear my screams.

I remove his hand and beg “Let me ride you, Clark. I want to ride that cock of yours inside of me!” I look at him with pleasure in my eyes as he looks back at me and smile, knowing that I want it bad. He stops and lifts me up. He lays down on the floor with me on top of him. I grab his penis and shove it inside my pussy. I begin to ride cowgirl style, moving my hips in rhythm motion. Clark holds onto my hips and moves them back and forth. I ran my hands down to his chest and his abs. I moan in so much pleasure while I start thrusting faster. My hormones begin to rise up and I start to moan loud and crazy. 

“I’m going to come!! Oh, God!!!” The intense sensation rushes inside my lower body as I let out an orgasm. I stop and lay down on top of him, breathing excessively. 

“We’re not done, yet baby!” We’re not? Clark uses his super speed and my stomach is against the desk. He slowly bends my back down with one hand while the other wrap around my waist. He inserts his penis inside my pussy and begins thrusting me in doggy style position. OH GOD!!!! I just came and this is worse!! I moan for his name repeatedly, begging for more. Hearing me moan his name and beg for more, Clark did as I say. He hold a grip onto both of my hips and start thrusting faster. 

“I’m about to come!” He exclaims as he pulls out and came.

I press my body, against the table, trying to catch my breath. Holy fuck.. That was intense!!! I couldn’t feel my body after everything that happened. Did I just die and gone to heaven? 

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In Love with a Hero - Chapter 14

After having fun at the pool, we got out and dry ourselves with towels. I went to the women’s restroom to shower and change back into my regular clothes. As always, I untangle my hair with a brush. Then I head outside to meet up with Clark. I find him, still shirtless with brown shorts on. Damn, how I enjoy looking at his abs! On purpose, he began flexing both his chest and abs. I look at him with my mouth wide open as he grins at me. That wasn’t helping at all! It’s actually worse because I was getting a little turn on. I fucking hate him teasing me like that. I shake my head and giggle. Ugh! You bastard!

“So, are you ready to go pack your belongings at your house?” He asks.

“What about yours? And some of mine are still at the hotel room.” I reply.

“All taken care of. I had the hotel bellboys help us with that.” He puts his arm around me.

“Oh, okay then. Let’s head to my house.” I reply as we start walking.

We walk back to the first building of the hotel and got outside of the entrance. There was a grey Chevy Tahoe parked on the side walk of the hotel, ready to go. Clark rent it to go to the airport, but since our flight is at 6, we’re going straight to my house to pack. I check my watch and it’s 4:00. So, we got to hurry! Clark opens the car door for me and I got inside and he closes it. He goes to the back of the car and opens the trunk to grab a black shirt and puts it on. He closes it and enters the other side of the car. It’s nice that he’s driving. I haven’t seen him drive till now. Well,duh who doesn’t drive? He turns on the engine and drives away from the hotel, making our way to my house. We took the streets of LA. The freeway was packed with traffic, so the streets might be the better way to go.

We arrive at my house and I got off the car and walk to my house to get my things ready for packing. Clark follows to help me. As I unlock the door and enter the house, I find my mother sitting on the couch “Ma, what are you doing here? How did you get in?” My eyes widen in surprise as Clark walks in next to me.

“I know where your other key is at, so I got in.. I’m here to see you and it’s your day off, duh!” She laughs. Of course, she knows where the extra spare keys were at. 

“I’m guessing that’s your mother?” Clark asks while he smiles at her.

My mom looks at Clark and immediately gets up from the couch. She walks towards him and checks him out from top to bottom “Oh, my. Stacy, you weren’t wrong about him! So, handsome and muscular!”

Clark chuckles, “Hello, Ms. Perez. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Clark Kent. It’s a pleasure meeting you.” He lets out a hand. My mom giggles and shakes his hand as Clark bents down and kisses hers.

“Nice to finally meet you, Clark. Wow, you have a strong arm, there… And such a fit butt!” She flirts towards him.

“Mom!” I shout, putting my hand on my face in embarrassment.

“Okay, I’m kidding! Always a cock blocker!” She lets go of his hand and sits back down on the couch. I look at Clark, “Sorry…” He shakes his head, “It’s fine. Your mom seems very nice.”

“Yeah. More like she wants to rape you because of your good looks. I don’t blame her, you know?” I reply with a low voice, biting my bottom lip. He smirks “You are so naughty..”

“Only for you, baby cakes.” I bump my hip next to his.

“So, are you guys, together or am I going to have to take Clark away from my daughter?” My mom curiously asks. No, she did not just say that! I look at her, shaking my head.

“Actually, Ms. Perez, we were going to be an official couple. You see, I thought I would ask your daughter, but I would rather ask you for your permission since you are her mother.” He replies warmly with kind as he holds onto my hand. What? I’m his girlfriend? Did he say we’re official? Hearing that come out of his mouth made me have butterflies flapping around in my stomach.

“Oh, is that right? Well, then my daughter is lucky to have you. My daughter is a diamond, she is my treasure. Please don’t break her shine. Take a good care of her and respect her for who she is.” Okay, my mom says these things like we’re married or something… seriously.

“I promise to never let that happen. She maybe stubborn, but I love everything about her.” Clark looks at me and smiles. Oh my God! It’s happening! My doubts are over! I’m Superman’s girlfriend!

“Okay. That’s fine with me! You have my permission, Clark.” She smiles with excitement. Yeah, I don’t know why he would ask my mother’s permission instead of mine? What the hell Clark?

“Mom, there’s something you should know..”

“You’re pregnant?!” She shouts, interrupting my mid-speech.

“Oh my…. Mom, no….” I reply with a stutter. I really hope that didn’t scare Clark when she said that . Then I continue “…. I’m going to Kansas with Clark to meet with his parents. I’m going to be there for two weeks.”

“Ohhhh. Well, just be careful okay? Clark will get you to safety, right?” She looks at him. “Her safety means everything to me. There will be no problem.” He replies.

My mom gets up and walks towards me to hug me “Stacy, I like him even more!” “I know you do, Ma. Trust me.” I kiss her forehead.

“Okay. Well, see you in two weeks. I’m leaving to go get your brother from school. I love you and be careful. Clark, get my baby into safety, okay?”

He nods as she leaves out the door. Clark closes the door for me and I watch my mom leave in her car from the window. Afterwards, we began packing my clothes, toothbrushes, towels, lotion, makeup, and other supplies and accessories inside the luggage. Clark uses his super speed to put every luggage in the trunk of the car. I grab the keys and lock the front door, then I walk towards the car as Clark closes the trunk. I check my watch and it 5:00pm. SHIT!!!

“Ready to go?” He asks. I nod as we got inside the car and drove off to LAX Airport. Good thing there wasn’t any traffic, so we got to the airport faster.

We arrive at the front entrance of the airport. We took out every single luggage out of the trunk of the car. I had three while he had two. I felt very embarrassed having more stuff than him. I mean, I’m only going to be there for two weeks. A girl isn’t satisfied if she has everything she needs! We walk inside the airport and went to the ticket agent to check our boarding passes. Then we walk into the medal detectors and our luggage were scanned for any suspicious materials. Then we make our way through our terminal to wait for boarding. Clark turns to me with a exciting smile on his face.

“Are you excited?” He asks.

“Excited? No. Scared? Yes.” I reply, nervously. I never been to an airplane before and this might be the first time.

“It’s not that bad. It’s like flying, but without a cape. Just sitting down on your bottom.” He chuckles. “Well, to you. For me, I still need to get used to that.” I fold my arms together.

“Don’t worry, you’ll have me!” He hugs me, kissing my forehead. “How long is the flight?” I ask.

“Two hours.” He answer. What two hours? My butt is going to be numb! I didn’t say a word except nod in agreement. 

A woman’s voice sounds off in a speaker “Kansas City, Missouri is now ready for boarding.” We got our luggage ready and a flight attendant at the entrance checks our boarding pass. Then we got on the plane, and find our seat. Clark wanted me to sit on the seat next to the window, so I can see the view before take off as he puts our luggage in the overhead bins. Then he settles in and sits next to me.

A red-wavy haired female flight attendant spoke in a small microphone ”Everyone have a seat and buckle up your seat belt. If you have any questions, please ask a flight attendant. Restrooms are at the front and back of the plane. Thank you and enjoy the flight to your destination.” 

I got nervous and start trembling as I hear the engines of the aircraft turn on. I try not to be too noticeable for Clark to see me in this state, but I can’t help it. Clark grabs my hand and strokes it. I look at him as he mouths the words “Relax.” I nod as I remember what Clark said to my mother, earlier before we left. He told her that he’ll keep me safe. So, I did what he told me and relax. Yes, I admit it. Things like this are the same reactions I’ve had back in the elevators. I just don’t like how these things move! The plane starts to take off and we’re in the air on our way back to Kansas. Now, that Clark has met my mom, now it’s my turn to meet his parents and I hope they like me..

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In Love with a Hero - Chapter 8

It’s 5:00pm and all I can think about is tonight’s dinner with Clark and what I’m going to wear. I was getting ready to go home. Ruby and I stepped outside the building. She lights a cigarette and blows off smoke. I hate the smell of cigarettes. They make me sick to my stomach!

“I thought you quit smoking?” I cough repeatedly.

“Just for tonight, since I’m covering your hours. So you can have a dinner with that cute guy.” She winks, flicking off the ashes of the cigarette.

“Second step, relapsing and thank you.” I fan myself away from the smoke.

“Yeah, but you owe me!”

“Don’t worry..” I sigh, feeling annoyed.

We walk to the parking lot and I turn on my car. Ruby stands right beside my door.

“Tell me EVERYTHING that happens tonight!!” She shouts. I drove off without saying a word. I head into the LA freeway. The good thing about the freeway around this time is there’s less traffic. So, I was happy about that. Speeding to get home, quickly, I try not to crash. After getting out of the freeway, I make my way home to get ready for tonight’s dinner with the oh, so handsome Clark Kent. 

I park my car inside the garage and got out of the car. I exit the garage and went to the house. I walk into my bedroom and open my closet full of dresses.Okay, what to wear? What to wear? I reach in and pulled out a red one-shoulder dress with rosette detail on the waistband. I guess this ain’t bad. Bending my knees down I look for heels to match with the dress I picked out. Looking for the perfect heels are a bitch with all the heels I have in my closet. In a constant struggle, I finally got the perfect heels, I’ve been looking for. The heels are formal red suede pumps. I lay the dress and the heels down on my bed, then I walk towards the bathroom. I took a shower in the morning. Why not smell extra good for this handsome man? I grab my phone and check the time. it was 6:30. Crap! I immediately jump in the shower.

Afterwards — as usual, I curly iron my hair. Then I grab the red dress from the bed and unzipped the dress from top to bottom. I put on the dress, reaching for the zip from the back and zip it up. I turned around and took a look of myself in the mirror. God, I hope Clark likes this… Next, I put on the red heels and try not to stumble onto the floor. I’m not good at wearing heels. Whether they’re high or low heels, I’m still not good wearing them. So, I carefully walk back to the bathroom to put on some make up of liquid powder, black liquid eye-liner and did a short-winged liner on top of my eyelids. Then I put on mascara and flipped my eyelashes up for definition. As for the finishing touches, some red matte lips won’t hurt. Of course, I’m going all out in red, but I have light skin. Red looks dazzling on me! There we go, all done! 

As soon as I got out of the bathroom, I heard a knock on my front door. I grab my white robe from the bathroom, put it on, and walk towards the front door. I took a little peek on the window from the living room and it was Clark! What is he doing here!? He was wearing a black tux with a black bow-tie and black dressing shoes. No glasses, this time. I close the curtain and walk to the door and unlocked it. I took a nervous air of breath and open the door. Clark stands in front of me.


“Hey! You’re early.” I check my watch and it was 7:00. Very early!

He raises his eyebrows and let out a cheerful smile “Well, I couldn’t wait for another hour. So, I decide to see your beautiful face…” He pause, then looks at my robe with question on his face “…You’re wearing a robe?” He chuckles.

I look at my robe and forgot I was wearing it “Sorry.” I say, embarrassingly while looking away.

He shakes his head “No need, it’s okay. Can I see what is under there?” He asks. I look at him and let out a sigh, then unwrap and remove the robe. I smile a little in embarrassment, putting hands in my back.

“Is this too much?”

He sends his sexy smirk at me, liking what he is seeing. Then shakes his head, again “Of course, not! You look astonishing and breath-taking!” I blush while he lifts my arm up “Do you mind?” He asks. I’m guessing he wants a little preview? I shake my head and twirl around in a circle as the bottom of my dress lifts a bit from the wind. He grins, putting my arm down after the twirl “Wow! Very stunningly beautiful!”

“Thanks.” I giggle. 

Clark lets out his bend left arm in a gentleman-like gesture “Shall we?” Suave, ain’t he? I threw my robe inside the house and locked the door. I turn around and wrap my arm with his. We walk towards a black limousine that was parked outside my house. Wow, a limo! Maybe my mom is right. Maybe he is rich!? Pfffft! Nah! Clark opens the door and extends his hand. I took his hand and went inside the limo. I scoot over a seat and Clark came in and sat next to me. I’m amaze on how beautiful the inside of the limousine looks: Fancy glass cups, red and white wine bottles, including champagne. The seats are white leather. It even had a stereo on top of the car ceiling for music. It had 2 flat screen TV’s against the walls of the car. I felt like an actress all ready; living the life of the luxury! 

“So, what do you think? You like the limo?” Clark asks.

“It’s amazing!”

“Glad you like it.” He smiles cheerfully.

The limo driver pulls down the window from the front “Où voulez-vous aller, Monsieur Kent?” (Where would you want to go, Mr. Kent?)  ”Eh, nous emmener au centre-ville LA, s’il vous plaît?” (Take us to Downtown LA, please?

He speaks French?

“Très bon, monsieur!" (Very good, sir!) The limo driver said as he pulls up the main window. “Merci beaucoup!”(Thank you, very much!) Clark replies as the limo driver turned on the car.

He turns to me and caught me looking at him. "I didn’t know you spoke French?!” I ask in disbelief. “A little. I studied it back in college. As for you my lady, I didn’t know you understood French.” He puts his arm around me. “A little. I studied it back in high school.” “Impressive.” He grabs two cups, then turns to me “Wine? Red or White? Champagne?” “Red wine, please.” I reply as he gives me a cup “Ah! Classy woman, aren’t you?” I chuckle as he pops a bottle of red wine with a bottle opener. He pours wine on my cup, then in his. He sat back down next to me “Cheers to a beautiful night with a beautiful lady.” I knew he was talking about me “Cheers.” We clink our cups together and drank our wine. I was concern and curious about where we’re going, so I ask “Where are we going?” “Well, we are going to one of LA’s famous hotel’s called ‘The Westin Bonaventure’ and they have a fine restaurant at the top building. Wait til you see it!” “You’ve been there?” “Of course. When I flew here from Kansas, I did some sight seeing and came upon to this beautiful hotel with a nice fancy restaurant. Then I thought I would take you here. So, I said ‘Why not?’.” I smile while pink stain covers my cheeks “That’s…very nice of you.” “Anything to impress a beautiful lady.” He winks, rubbing my chin with his thumb. Off we go to Downtown LA… next chapter previous
In Love with a Hero - Chapter 2
The next day, I woke up on a bed in a house that is not mine. What happened? I sat up, but the wound is as painful as ever! I shut my eyes tight and let out a painful moan. I look down to my hip and see that it’s covered in white bandages with blood staining it. I uncover the blankets that were covering me and slowly got up. I saw a mirror right in front of me, noticing that I’m not wearing the same clothes from last night. Where the hell are my clothes? I’m wearing a huge white t-shirt that are men’s size and small shorts. Suddenly, I heard footsteps coming from the kitchen. I freeze and look towards the hallway.Crap! Who’s there? The sound of the footsteps were getting closer. Without hesitation, I limp back to bed and lay back down, pretending I didn’t wake up from the blackout. I open my eyes a tiny bit through my eyelashes and try to see who’s coming.

It was a man coming into the bedroom. He was wearing a gray v-neck t-shirt with jeans and regular shoes. I couldn’t see his face due to the lashes, but I do see that he is walking towards me. I immediately close my eyes, afraid of what he’s going to do to me. He remove the blankets slowly and start removing my shorts. What is he doing?

I open my eyes.

“Wh…what are you doing!?” I ask while sitting up.

No response. I want to get off the bed, but he stops me, putting his hand on my tummy. Kind of halting me. “Get your damn hand off of me!!” I shout. I swung my fist to give him a punch, but he caught my wrist in an instant. He slowly put my hand down, raising an eyebrow. I took a good look at his face and got distracted. What I mean about distracted, I mean distracted by his good looks! Short-curled black hair with small side-burns. Has beautiful hypnotizing blue eyes that are hard to look away. Fine jaw-line with a cute butt-chin. I look down to his lips. His lips are so nice and firm. He just describes the word perfect!! Is this the man with the red cape who saved me, last night? But gosh! He’s very muscular!!

“Are you okay?” He asks, tilting his head to the side. I snap out from the distraction of his good looks and return to reality “Huh? Uh, yeah.. I’m fine.” I reply. He raises his eyebrows smiling at me and laughs softly “Almost lost you there. Now, let me finish removing your shorts. I’m not going to hurt you, trust me.” I felt a little uncomfortable as I hold onto my shorts “Not without my permission.”

He chuckles, looking down with a smile. This man has a remarkable smile that can make a girl fall for him, easily. Well, not today! I put my guard up. 

He looks back up “For your permission, may I please remove your shorts?” He asks, striking his blue eyes at me. Damn he’s good! I roll my eyes and let out a deep sigh “Okay, fine. You have my permission..”

I remove my hand away from my shorts. He pulls them down halfway to my hips where the wound was located. “Can you lift up your shirt for me? I’m going to try and see what I can do about your wound.” I nod and grab my shirt, lifting it up a bit as he examines the wound. Gee, I wonder what he’s going to do..

I lay back down and wait for his decision, impatiently. Suddenly, I felt a cold sensation going through my body. My skin was turning pale and I felt like passing out. Slowly closing my eyes, the man look back up and saw me beginning to pass out. He held onto my cheeks, slapping them lightly. I saw his lips moving; talking to me. I can barely hear what he’s saying ”Hey, hey!!! No, look at me, look at me!!!” I look into his beautiful blue eyes, trying to keep awake.

Then he grabs my hand tight “This will hurt! I am not going to lose you!!”

His eyes went from blue to a fiery red. What the fuck? My eyes widen as he beams his fiery red eyes to the wound like lava. I scream loudly and painfully. Is he trying to kill me!? I squeeze his hand so hard, to the point, I’m realizing that he’s touching me! Oh, no!! The man shut his eyes and drops to the floor. His whole body start shaking into seizure!

Oh, my God. What did I just do!!?? I start panicking and got off from the bed and ran outside the house, limping. Then I notice that I was in a middle of a garden. I stop running and look around the area. Corn field, crops everywhere, gardens, vegetable plants, and a red barn at the back of the house. Where am I? I continue to run, trying to get away from this place.

Unexpectedly, I flew high way up like a huge wind blowing my body up to the sky like a ragged doll. ’The hell is going on!! Without knowing how I did that, I had no control with these new super abilities I absorbed. Holy fuck, I’m flying!!!????

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Previously on In Love with a Hero...

So far, we left off on Chapter 17. Here’s a bit of a review on what happened if you missed it!

Clark’s like this 

I’m like this

Then Lois comes back into Clark’s life like this 

While Clark and I are like this

Then Sebastian comes bumping into me like this

And I’m like this..

And then I absorbed fiery powers and reacted like this

Besides all that. Everything’s peachy.. Let’s see what happens next on Chapter 18!! Hahaha xD

In Love with a Hero - Chapter 15

Two hours later, it was 9:00pm. The plane settles in for a landing at Kansas City International Airport. As I predicted, my ass went numb. It feels like I’m not sure if I have one or not. Those were the longest hours I ever had on the plane, especially when it’s my first time. I’m hoping that never happens, again. The plane finally stops and Clark unbuckles his seat belt and got up to remove the luggage from the overhead bins. I unbuckle mine and got up and stretch my arms and back due to sitting for a long time. How does Clark get use to sitting for two long hours? Oh, right. His fit butt of his, maybe it’s that. As Clark remove every luggage, we make our way outside of the aircraft. We got off, and head our way to the front entrance of the airport. Clark whistles for a Taxi cab until one immediately arrives. He opens the door for me as he goes to the back of the car and opens the trunk to put our luggage in. I scoot over a seat for Clark and he comes in and sits next to me. He tells the Taxi driver his home address as the driver begins to drive away from the airport. Clark turns to me.

“So, did you enjoy the flight?” He asks.

“I did, but I think my bottom didn’t.” I try to get my ass comfortable on the leather seat ‘cause they are not helping!

He puts his arm around me and grins “Don’t worry, I don’t live far. Your butt is going to be fine.” I didn’t say a word, except sending a smile towards him while I giggle.

We arrive at his house and got out of the car. I help Clark remove the luggage from trunk of the car as he pays the Taxi driver. The driver left and we began walking towards the barn. Here I am, again. At the barn. I mean, Clark’s home. Last time, I remember being here was when I almost died and met Clark for the first time… I really wish we could of met at a proper state. I guess that’s why they say, “Everything happens for a reason”. I’m still surprised after everything that happened, I ended up being his girlfriend.. Clark opens the front door to his house and went inside. I follow and walk in with him. We were at the living room as we settle our luggage down.

“Mom. I’m home! I’m back from California.” Clark warmly shouts for his mom.

His mother came from the kitchen and walk towards Clark and hugs him as he hugs her back, ending lifting her off her feet. Clark is sure a momma’s boy. I can tell he misses her while he was away.

“Oh, Clark! I’m so happy you’re home! How was California for you?” She asks, excitingly.

“It was great, mom! I brought some pictures to share how nice it is over there!” He exclaims with a bright boyish look on his face. It’s so cute and precious how Clark is with his mother. He reaches in for his pockets and takes out photos and shows it to his mother. She smiles with joy “Wow! You did a lot of exploring out there!” She turns to him “My boy. I’m glad you’re putting yourself out there into getting to know the world a lot better. Your father would be so proud!” He smiles and hugs her, again. This is such a touching moment. It made me miss my own mother. As they pull away from each other, his mother notice I’m here. Here we go…

“Oh! and who’s this wonderful lady?” She asks, curiously.

Clark turns to me and puts his arm around my waist “Mother, this wonderful lady next to me is Stacy. The one I saved six days, ago…” He turns to her “…. My girlfriend.” At first, she didn’t say a word, except ”She’s beautiful, Clark. I’m happy for you!” 

I let out my hand “It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Kent.” She looks back at me and shakes my hand with a grin on her face “Please, call me Martha.” I nod with a shy smile on my face. Our hands separate as I turn to Clark. I can tell he’s very happy with that huge grin on his face. 

“You two look tired. Why don’t you guys make yourselves at home?” She insists.

We grab our luggage and walk to Clark’s room. I take a look of his room and start reminiscing how I was here laying on his bed. I’m not going to lie, his bed was pretty comfy! Clark removes his jacket and hangs it up while I take out my clothes and place them on his drawer. After doing all that, I immediately slam my body on Clark’s comfy bed with my arms apart and let out a sigh ”Gosh, what a long day!” 

“Tired?” Clark asks as he changes into his comfy clothes; a white v-neck shirt and gray sweat pants. 

“Yes, very.” I reply as I sat up on the bed with my knees bent close to my chest. “Oh, you poor thing.” Clark sits right next to me and starts stroking my hair back from my forehead.  

“Do you think your mom likes me?” I ask.

“Of course, she does! Why wouldn’t she?” He replies. “It’s just.. Well, you had someone before me and I thought she would like her more than me..”

Clark shakes his head “Stacy, this is not a competition. I know my mother likes you. She wouldn’t think wrong about you. Now, about “her”, don’t worry about anything of her. What she and I had was in the past. She moved on. So, did I. Now, I have you and I promise to never hurt you, ok?” I look into his eyes and can tell he meant what he say. Without a word, I nod.

He leans in for a soft kiss to my lips. Unf, I love kissing his lips! I separate my lips from his and got up from the bed to get my pajamas from the drawer. As I was about to walk into the bathroom next to Clark’s room, he asks.

“Where are you going?”

I turn around to him “To change?” He smirks slightly “Well, you don’t have to change in the bathroom. Why, don’t you change in front of me? I mean, I am your boyfriend, right?” He licks his lips while he raises his left eyebrow. Ohhhhhh, he’s so tempting! He is so right about that.. No, Stacy! Snap out of it! Come up with a nice comeback to reduce that temptation.

“Ah-ah! No, no, no. Not here. I know where this is going.. You might end up getting a boner and things are going to get heavy. Not to mention this is your mother’s house and I respect her. I’m sorry, but I’m sure you don’t want to have blue balls for the rest of the night, do you?” Good one, Stacy. I should pat myself in the back. He laughs softly, looking down with a big smile on his face. Then he looks back up at me “Gosh, I love you!”

WHAT!!!!???? Did I just hear him say, “I love you.”?! My heart stops and I felt the chills rushing down through my spine. I’m speechless. I keep calm and pull myself together.

“I love you, too.” I try not to stutter as I smile back at him. Then I turn around and left to the bathroom to change into my pajamas; white tank tank top with baby blue shorts. While changing inside the bathroom, I thought about Clark telling me that he loves me.. Was it too soon or did he really meant it? I felt very good about it, though. I mean he loves me! The world’s greatest superhero loves me!!!?? I should feel very honored and happy about that. Should I?

I go out of the bathroom and walk back into Clark’s room. I found Clark fast asleep on his bed. Awe, poor guy had a long day coming home. He’s sleeping like a baby! I giggle silently, closing the door behind me, gently. I tip-toe towards the bed and turn off the lamp on his side of the bed. I got on the bed and lay next to him. He turns to me and starts spooning me. I love how he likes to cuddle. I turn my body the other way as he wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me closer to him. This is the first time we sleep together in the same room. His room. I close my eyes and went to sleep.

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In Love with a Hero - Chapter 13

I woke up, forgetting I was in a hotel room. I also forgot that I’m naked. What the hell happened? My eyes wander around the room. As soon as I turn to my left, Clark is right next to me, asleep naked with white blankets covering his lower body. His bare chest was the only thing that wasn’t covered. Did we? Yes, we did! I look at his bare chest closely. He has quite the sexy hairy chest. Didn’t see that one, clearly. Guess I was too horny at the time we were making love. I got up and tip-toe to the living room. I grab my phone from my purse to check the time. It was 2:30pm. Whoa! We’ve been out for quite a while.. Guess we had it rough! I laugh silently, trying not to wake up Clark. I put the phone back into my purse and make my way to the bathroom to shower.

I turn on the water to warm and jump in the shower and did my thing. Then I heard the door open. A shadowy figure appear through the curtains. The door closes. “Who’s there?” I asks suspiciously. The shadowy figure reminds me of the bald-perverted guy when he stabbed me back at the bar. I tremble in fear, thinking the man found out where I am and came back to finish the job. The curtain opens and it was Clark. I sigh with relieve.

“You scared me, Clark.” I put my hand on my chest, catching my breath in a surprised manner.

“Don’t I always?” He chuckles as he steps inside the shower with me. I didn’t say a word. “Just a joke, Stace.” He adds, closing the shower curtain behind him.

“What are you doing?” I ask, curiously. 

“What? I can’t shower with you? Besides, I all ready know what you look like naked.” He grins. A slight smile came out of my face.

“Shall we shower together?” He asks, warmly with his eyebrows raised. I nod as I pass the soap to him.

After showering together, we put our clothes back on. Black-long sleeve shirt with grey pants for me. As for Clark, a white v-neck t-shirt with light orange jeans shorts. I untangle my wet hair with a brush and dry it with a towel. I look at Clark. Does this mean we’re official? If this was a one night stand, I’ll be very upset and it’ll look bad on my part. I’ll get turn down by a handsome man like him and be labeled as “Whore” written on top of my forehead. Should I just ask him?


He turns to me “Yes?” I’m nervous and scared to even find out his answer to my question. Come on Stacy, swallow your pride and ask him!

“When are you leaving to Kansas?” Damn it, Stacy! You suck! Why didn’t I ask him? I have too much doubts in my mind. Clark checks his watch, “Well, the plane leaves at 6 at the LAX airport. I all ready purchased a ticket. So, I still have time to get things ready and…” He turns back at me “… Maybe spend time with you.”

That’s it! No more blushing! Time to suck it up and flirt back at him!

“What do you have in mind?” I raise an eyebrow. Being flirty.

“Well, there’s a pool. Why don’t we have some fun?” A sexy smirk washes from his face. I look at myself, “I don’t have a bathing suit.”

“Don’t worry. This hotel has a shopping mall. We can shop for a bathing suit for you.” He stands up and puts his sunglasses on. He walks towards the door and turns to me, tilting his head to the side as a come on gesture, “Are you coming?” I got up and grab my purse. We walk out of the room and head to the elevator. The doors slide open and we enter. Clark presses the button down to the 1st Floor. The elevator starts moving down. I look at Clark and he all ready has his arms open for me. I grin and got close to him as he closes his arms around my back. He starts breathing onto my neck. Trying to tease me. It kind of tickles when he’s doing that, but also makes me tingle inside.

The elevator stops at the 1st Floor. The doors slide open as we step out. We walk to a shopping mall and look for a store that sells bathing suits and bikinis. Luckily, we found one near the entrance of the shopping mall. We enter the store. Clark removes his sunglasses and turns to me, putting his arms around his back.

“All right. Why don’t you pick out the one you like the most and model it for me?” I look at him and laugh, giving him the “You got to be kidding me look”. He sits on a near by chair. He’s not kidding.. Crap! Okay, let’s find the perfect bikini, bathing suits… Whatever! I wander around the store and found “the perfect bikini”. The style of the bikini look like it was from the 50’s. Navy blue with white polka dots. The top was normal as the bottom is high waist. I love it! I grab the bikini and went into the fitting room, and try it on. Afterwards, I was nervous to come out. Come on, it’s Clark we’re talking, here! That man is too handsome for me, I feel like he only goes for girls that are model-type body and good looking as him. I’m curvy. I really hope he likes curvy girls! I mean, he has seen me naked before. Okay, here I go. I open the door and walk towards where Clark is sitting. He turns to me and smiles, liking what he’s seeing.

“You look dashing!” He looks at me with a surprised look on his face.

“Thanks.” I reply, trying not to turn red in embarrassment.

He gets up and checks me out from head to toe, “Now, that you’ve picked out the best bikini and modeled it for me, you can go back and change back into your regular clothes. Then I’ll pay it. Sounds good?”

Why would he always pay for my things? I have money, too you know. I nod and went back into the fitting room to change back. Clark has been spoiling me, a lot, lately. I’m trying to get used to that. I got out of the dressing room and Clark’s at the register, talking to the cashier. I walk towards them and hand the bikini to the cashier. They stop talking. That was weird. Clark gives the pretty blonde-haired woman (cashier) his credit card.

“Find everything okay?” She asks as she swipes the card and gives it back to Clark.

“No, everything’s fine, here.” I reply.

“Angela. That’s a pretty name.” Clark compliments the woman. Really? There goes my theory about him complimenting and flirting with other women.

“Thank you!” She replies with a giddy voice. Angela puts the bikini and receipt into the plastic bag and gives it to me. “Thanks for shopping! Have a nice day!” She adds.

“You too, Angela.” Clark replies back warmly.

We got out of the store and head to the second building of the hotel where the pool  was located. I look at Clark “You sure know how to make your ways with women.” Clark look back at me “Not really. I’m just being nice.” Maybe he’s right, but sometimes women mistake men for being nice as flirting with them, and then they go too far and jump into conclusions… I feel like I’m that kind of woman for mistaking that… Ugh. He looks directly at me, “Are you jealous?” He asks curiously.

“Me? Jealous? No!” I answer his question in denial. That was a lie. I am jealous, even though I obviously deny it. Clark doesn’t say a word except

“Don’t worry, I’m all yours.” He rubs my chin with his thumb. Okay, this obviously mean I’m his girlfriend, right?! I mean who says I’m all yours to someone they’re not in love with or in a relationship with? I turn to him and smile as we continue on walking.

We arrive at the second building, near the pool area and I went to change into bikini at the woman’s bathroom. Gosh, I hope the water isn’t cold.. I got out of the bathroom and look for Clark. Then I see him from a far taking off his shirt. I wish there was a rewind button, so I can see that, again. He dives into the water. A perfect 10 for the Man of Steel, bravo! I can’t dive, I’m the belly flopper. I walk towards the steps of the pool and sat on it, soaking my feet a bit. Clark rises up from the water and swims towards me.

“Come on, the waters great!” He exclaims in excitement.

I shake my head “No, too cold!” 

“Oh, come on! It’s not that bad!” He replies as he keeps swimming towards me. “If you don’t come in, I’ll make you!” He adds.

“I don’t know about that! You’re not the only one with super strength!” I shout. He stops swimming and got up. Oh, no. He’s coming! I got up from the steps and back away, “Clark if you take one step, I’ll punch you!” I add.

“You won’t!” He jokes. “Don’t tempt me!” I shout, again. He comes closer to me as I swing my fist at him. He dodges my punch and picks me off my feet, putting me over his shoulder in one fell swoop. 

“Clark Kent, you put me down! You put me down, now!” I squirm around, trying to get out, but he’s so strong! He ignores me and walks to the deep side of the pool and looks at me "Ready? Hold your breath!“ 

"CLARK!!! I scream as he jumps into the water with me in his arms. We separate as I rise up from the water. I exhale my breath and look around the pool. Clark comes up from underwater.

"Clark, you punk!!” I splash the water against him. He starts laughing out loud as he swims towards me “Is the water cold, now?” He asks.

I smile “Not anymore. You used your heat vision, didn’t you?” I joke. He smiles back at me as he leans in and kisses me. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back passionately. Our lips separate. 

“So, I was thinking.” Clark touches my lips with his fingers.

“What are you thinking?” I ask as I place my forehead onto his.

He smiles “Well, I was thinking if you can come with me to Kansas and meet my parents?” I pull away in shock. He wants me to meet his parents? I clear my throat, without saying a word.

“So, what do you say?” He waits for my answer, tilting his head down, raising his brows up.

“I.. I would love to meet your parents, but what about the flight booking?” I ask. “Don’t worry. I got it, honey.” He winks. Our bodies touch, forming a hug. “I can’t wait for you to meet them!” He adds.

“Neither can I.” I reply with a giddy voice.

Is this guy for real? Just like that, I’m going back to Kansas to meet Clark’s parents. I’m not sure if I should feel nervous or happy? Does this mean, I’m officially his girlfriend?

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In Love with a Hero - Chapter 11

We were done with our food. I wasn’t done with mine. I got full too quickly. Max came back from taking other people’s order “Everything all right?” Clark nods “Yes. We’re fine, thank you.” He replies softly. “Can we interest you with dessert?” Max asks as he, once again take his pad from his pocket. Clark turns to me raising his eyebrows with question on his face. I look back at him and shake my head patting my tummy. 

“No, thank you. We’re done for the night.” He replies warmly with a grin. He asks for the bill and Max gave him the receipt. Clark takes out his wallet and pay the waiter as I gather my things. Then Clark turns to me “Ready to go?” He asks. I nod as we got up and left the restaurant. 

We take the elevator to the 1st Floor. This time I wasn’t afraid. The doors slide open and we walk out of the elevator to the hotel entrance. We went outside of the hotel and our limo arrive just in time. Clark opens door for me and lets out a hand for me to go in. I took his hand and went inside scooting over for Clark. He went in and sat next to me putting his arm around my shoulder. The limo driver closes the door behind him and went to the front of the car. He gets in and turns on the engine and pulls down the front window. “Où voulez-vous aller, Monsieur Kent?” (Where would you want to go, Mr. Kent?)  The driver asks. “Nous emmener au Santa Monica Pier, s’il vous plaît?” (Take us to Santa Pier please?) Clark replies. “Oui, Monsieur!” (Yes, sir!) The driver demanded as he pulls up the front limo. I forgot that he speaks French and I oddly understand it. We drove off from the hotel and took the freeway to Santa Monica.

It was a long drive to Santa Monica. So, we’re going to be in the limo for a while. I got close to Clark and place my head onto his shoulder. Clark glance down at me “Tired?” He asks. I shake my head “No, not at all. I just….really like being close to you…” I look up at him and his eyes change from light to a dark blue, hypnotizing me with those eyes. He turns his body towards me “I like being close to you, too…” He replies in a soft and sexy voice. We stood there locking our eyes at each other.

“Clark, I think I’m in lo…” He leans in and stops me at mid-speech for a soft and slow passionate kiss. My eyes shut as I feel his warm and tender lips touching, moving around with mine. I open my eyes for a moment, making sure this is actually happening. My hormones are starting to go crazy, getting a little turn on. Oh, God. He is kissing me. Ugh! His lips…His lips feel… so good… My heart pounds as I feel his tongue touching mine, I slowly close my eyes. I cannot believe I’m kissing this handsome man! 

Our lips separate. I pull away to look at Clark. He reaches for a napkin from a cup and rubs red lipstick off his mouth. I touch my lips with my hand. Did he just kiss me? Clark turns to me with a worry look on his face “I’m sorry…” “No, it’s fine. It’s just…I didn’t expect it….Came out of nowhere.” I reply stuttering, trying not to blush.

“I should of asked for your permission!” He exclaim looking distraught with himself.

“Clark, it’s fine.” Should of told him how I really enjoyed that kiss. I look away, but he immediately reaches for my chin to turn to him. Crap! He looks at me as his mouth quirks up to the side. “You look cute when you blush.” “Ok, Clark. You’re making me blush even more and that’s not helping!” I cover my face with my hands and giggle. He slowly removes them away from my face.

“Why hide such a beautiful face, hm?” He asks warmly, raising his eyebrows. “I don’t know, Clark…..I just…” I turn face forward and grab my cheeks, feeling them burn.

“You enjoyed it, didn’t you?” He asks, flirtingly. I put my hands on my lap, starring at the floor trying find the right words to reply to his question. Well, I can’t lie about that one. So, I turn my head to look at him and nodded slowly. Without any word, Clark sends a sexy smirk to me. 

The limo stops, and we’re at the parking lot of the beach entrance. I got out of the car from the other side of the door without Clark’s extended hand. I wander my eyes around the place. It’s just what I remembered. The beach is wonderful as it is at night. The pier is lighting up the night sky and hasn’t changed at all. Roller coaster, mini games, bumper cars, and the Ferris wheel, small food courts, including. Brings back so many memories! Clark steps out of the car and pays the driver. The driver leaves and Clark walks towards me. The cold starts to hit me with a breeze, I shiver. Clark removes his suit jacket and wraps it around my shoulders. “Better?” He asks. “Thank you.” I reply with a smile. Gosh, he’s such a gentleman. He grabs my hand with his and we start walking to the pier.

I stare down to our hands holding one another. Am I high or is this really happening? Clark is holding my hand and they’re pretty soft, yet strong. I felt nervous. I don’t know what this actually means. Could it be? No… It couldn’t. I mean he hasn’t ask me to be, but… will I be? A lot of thoughts were going through my head, I forgot we’re at the pier. I’m surprised my powers haven’t take over while holding his hand. I really need to look into that.. I snap out of the conversation I had with my mind and concentrate on what’s going on, right now.

We got to the pier and explore the attraction. Color lights were blinking everywhere, kind of giving me a headache.. Children with their families having a blast riding the rides of the park. My feet were hurting me from the heels. I let out a whimper. Clark heard my cry and turns to me.

“What’s wrong?” He worries.

I moan softly, looking at him “It’s just my heels… They’re killing me!” As I took another step, I limp a bit.

“Ooh. Why don’t we take them off?” We sat on a bench near a food court. Clark reaches down and raises both of my legs and places them onto his lap. I move my body to his direction for a better angle and watch him take off my heels. He undo the straps and takes the heels off. Oh, thank God! My feet felt free and I let out a sigh of relieve. He starts massaging my feet with his hands. I close my eyes and enjoy the rubs of his fingers rubbing my feet. Then I flinch from a tickle spot. Clark looks at me and smiles. Crap! He found one of my tickling spots! I’m hoping he doesn’t find out the other tickling spots! He puts both of my legs down and looks at me.

“So, you’re ticklish?” He asks.

“Yes, I am.” I admit.

He grins as he looks the other way and sees a small cotton candy shop. He looks back at me and asks “Cotton candy?” “Sure.” I nod. We got up and went into the shop. Clark pays for a strawberry cotton candy and gives it to me. I take off a piece of cotton candy and ate it. We walk out of the shop and decide to go for a walk in the beach. I take off another piece and reach in for Clark’s mouth and he eats it. He licks his lips and smiles at me. 

We walk on the soft sand holding hands, enjoying the wonderful view of the moon and the waving sounds of the ocean. I threw the cotton candy away, didn’t finish it, but Clark was okay with it. I turn back and went back on holding onto his hand and continue walking. Man, does he look sexy with that white dressing shirt. His muscle were obviously standing out, very noticeable. Arms, back, and chest. I love how his butt looks so firm on those black sleeks. I giggle.

“Having a good night?” He looks at me.

“Yes, very much. Thanks for taking me out, Clark.” I smile at him.

“It was my pleasure, Stacy.” He replies, then stops walking. I stop, as well and look at him, wondering what’s on his mind “Something wrong?”

“Hmmm…” He pauses for a bit while looking down, putting his hands on his pockets. He looks back up at me “….. I’m wondering if I can kiss you, again?”

What? He wants to kiss me, again!? ”You do?” I ask.

“I know you enjoyed that last kiss I gave you and that kiss lingures…" 

I lean in for a kiss. He made a move last time, why not me? My eyes were flutter shut. My heart pounds. I can’t believe this is happening again. Our tongues touch and I open my eyes, feeling that tingle, again. My hormones are taking over. I try to move away, but I slip and fall onto the sand, dragging Clark on top off me. We laugh and smile at each other as we continue kissing our lips away. Our breathing becomes heavy. Clark reaches down, touching onto my hip on one hand. The other caressing my cheek. Our kiss became passionate. I wrap my arms around the back of his neck. The lingual pace of our kiss drives me crazy!

Suddenly I open my eyes and push him off of me as I sat up. I got up and look at him “I can’t do this, Clark. I’m sorry. I just can’t…” I didn’t want this to be a one night stand at the beach. He licks his lips and gets up “No, I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have talked about the kissing.”

"No, it’s mine! I’m the one that made the move. I kissed you and I slip, pulling you on top of me. I forgot that I was still holding your hand..” I start freaking out from the intensity of the hormones going in body.

Clark holds onto my shoulders and strokes them. I calm down and let out a sigh. “I’m sorry, Clark.. I just think we’re moving on too fast.”

“It’s okay. I understand..”

We stood quiet for a bit and Clark checks his watch and it was 1:30am.

“Ready to go home?” He asks.

“How are we going to go home? We don’t have a car?”

“We fly.”

“I’m wearing a dress. I don’t want my goods to get cold.”

He chuckles as he bends down, picks me up, and puts me over his shoulder in one fell swoop. “Hold on, tight!”

We take off to the skies and head straight to my house.

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In Love with a Hero - Chapter 1

I don’t know how this could happen. I mean I was born with it. It’s not like I’m going to be using them any time, soon.. I haven’t touched anyone who has other super abilities like me. I look down, starring both of my hands. Oh, forget it! They’re useless, anyway…

A bubble ringtone went off from my phone and I check who’s it from. I enter my password to unlock the screen and saw a text message from my BFF, Ruby. It reads:

Ruby: Hey, what are you doing tonight?

Me: Nothing, except dying here alone at home… What’s up?

Gee, I wonder what she wants to do, tonight? Bet she wants to go out and drink.. In an instant, I received a text back from her. I check:

Ruby: Let’s have a girls night at the bar near your house!? How ‘bout it?


“Of course, she would!” I say talking to myself, knowing she would say that. I text back: 

Me: Sure.. What time?

Ruby: At 8 o’clock, tonight!

I check the time from my watch and it was all ready 7:30. Meh! I only have a little bit of time to get ready. I look back at my phone and replied:

Me: All right.. I’ll go.

Ruby: Meet us over there!!! See ya!!!

Me: Later..

I rock my head back and let out a deep sigh. “Welp! I gotta get ready.” I got up from the couch and jump in the shower. Afterwards, I got out and went to my room to put on some clothes for tonight. A green tank-top with jeans and some black flats. Then I curled my hair and put on some makeup. A little of eyeliner and mascara. Lastly, I put on clear lip gloss. I check myself out in the mirror to see any mess ups like every girl would do before they leave. Ok! No mess ups, I’m good. I grab my phone from the couch and sent a message to Ruby, telling her I’m on my way. I put on my brown jacket, took my purse, and head out, locking the front door.

I went walking to the bar because the place isn’t far from where I live. It was 4 streets away from my house. So, I took a shortcut through the alley for a faster way to get there. I check my watch, again and it’s 8:00. Crap. I walk faster to get there, almost wanting to run it.

I arrive at the bar of Don Chente. I went inside and look for her table. The bar was pretty crowded. My ears got a little irritated by the loud music. How does she even like this place? Then I heard a familiar voice, shouting my name. A voice that I recognize far too well. “Stace, over here!!” I turn the other way and saw Ruby waving her hand at me. I walk to her table and sat next to our other friend, Jessica.

“What took you, so long!?” She asks with a disappointed look on her face.

“I had an important call from my mother. I had to take the call..” Nice save, Stacy. That shall do it for making up an excuse.

Then her face change from being mad to being worried. “Is she okay?”

“Yeah. She’s fine. She just wanted to know how I was doing..” I said, putting my purse on the right side of my seat.

A buff spiked-hair bartender came to our table and interrupt our conversation “Excuse me. What will each of you fine ladies would like to drink?” Ruby wanted a Piña Colada Margarita and two of our other friends, Jessica and Robin wanted a Lemon Martini. As for me, all I wanted was a glass of water and Advil because the loud music is giving me a freaking headache!! The bartender left to get our drinks prepared. I look at both of my hands, again and Ruby shouted “Would you stop looking at your hands?!” “No! They’re my fucking hands! I can look at them whenever I want to!! Sheesh!” I shout back folding my arms together, looking the other way. Ruby knows my secret.. I mean BFF’s tell each other everything, right?

She rolls her eyes and look the other way. Then she randomly start giggling out of nowhere. I look back at her, raising an eyebrow. “What’s with the giggle?” She began to smile and literally points at some guy from across the room “That guy over there. I think he’s into you.” “What? Who?” I laugh, pressing my eyebrows together in disbelief. I look across the room and saw a bearded-bald guy winking at me and whistling at me. He was alone. Looked like a gangster. Ew…!  This man looks about late 30’s to his early 40’s. Not attractive. A pervert this guy is. I wasn’t interested. I turn back to look at Ruby “Very funny…” She starts to laugh while the bartender returns with our drinks.

Later it was 9:30 and we were outside the bar leaving home. I told Ruby I would walk home and she left with Jessica and Robin. I start walking and took the shortcut home. It was dark and cold, I walk faster thinking all I want to do is get home and drink hot cocoa under the blankets while watching romance movies. I got all excited and for that, I walked faster.

Suddenly, I heard a laugh from a distance. I stopped for a second and look around the area. No one is around. I began walking. Then I heard the laugh, again. “Who’s there?” This isn’t funny!” I shouted. A shadowy figure appeared in front of me with a hoodie covering it’s face. I got nervous, taking a two step back. As it came closer to me, it reveals his face. In shock, it was the bald guy from the bar! Feeling very disturbed, I questioned the man “What do you want from me?”

“Your body is mine!” He angrily replied with an evil grin on his face. I was right! He is a pervert! “Well, you’re not getting it!” I punch the man on the face with my fist. Then kick him in the balls and ran. I saw another man in front of me and I stopped running. He caught me with his arms around mine. He turn me around and held my arms around my back. I was squirming around, trying to break free. My powers won’t work against them! I’m fucked!


The bald man came back and punched my face “Shut up!! No one is going to hear your whiny little screams!! Not after what I’m going to do to you!!” Frightened, I couldn’t help, but ask “What are you going to do to me?” “Well, I did say I wanted your body…” He reaches for his pocket and pulls out a small knife “…But now, I want it dead!!!” I cried and tried to break free, again, screaming. The man stabbed me near my hip, right in between my hip bone. The pain… the agony of the pain… I have no words in describing the horrors of being stabbed by a total stranger…..

The man behind me releases my arms as I drop to the ground. As soon as they began leaving me for dead, a strange wind blew really hard. The men look around and suddenly, a man with a red cape flew down from the sky. The men start a fight with him. I try to see what was going on, but the wound was so painful, I try to move away. After the fight, the man with the red cape slowly turns to my direction. Why is he looking at me? He began walking towards me. My eyes widen as I push myself away from him. He comes closer. I breathe nervously and excessively, the wound is very excruciating. I slowly fade into a blackout…

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In Love with a Hero - Chapter 18

I walk through the alley way, trying to get a Taxi cab back to Clark’s house, but the heat going through my body gets worse! I couldn’t control the new ability I absorb from Sebastian. What is this??? My head starts to burn up. I’m getting dizzy. I’m not sure if I can be able to cope with this capacity. My heart’s racing rapidly. I whimper for agony as my whole body begins to tremble. I drop to my knees, getting breathless. This is too much I can handle, so much heat. I lay down on the ground and look up at the sky..

“Clark… Help me..” I whisper out as I begin to fade away into another blackout.

I woke up back in Clark’s room on his bed. I quickly sat up and look around the room. How did I get here, so fast?! Clark walks into the room with a bucket of water and towels, seeing that I’m awake “Hey! I’m so happy you’re okay! How do you feel?” He sits next to me, giving me a hug.

“I’m fine.” Surprisingly, I am! How did I get better, so quickly? Did I cope with the heat ability, all ready? Then I pull away from him and ask “How did I get here?” I ask curiously. Clark looks at me “I heard you whisper my name and your cry for help.” He replies as he strokes my hair back. For the fourth time, he saves my ass from danger. I really need to stay away from that. I wonder how many times he saves Lois from danger? Probably more than once. Must be tough being a hero. 

“What about your job?” I insist to ask with worry.

“Forget my job. Your safety matters to me, remember?" 

"I do..” He’s right about that. He did say my safety meant everything to him, but so is his job. I don’t want him to be cutting off work and saving me all the time. I really need to stay out of trouble if that ever happens, again. He reaches for a towel and soaks it into the bucket of water. He puts the wet towel on my forehead and rubbing against it. Then he looks at me with concern. “What were you doing in an alley way?”

Awe, he was so worried about me! I didn’t want to tell him that I absorb somebody else’s abilities by a man that turned out to be a mutant name Sebastian. I didn’t want to tell him anything about that man at all. So, I lied for our safety.

“I was about to catch a cab, but I had an intense fever out of nowhere. I just couldn’t bare to keep going and it was horrible..” I know it’s bad for me to lie to Clark, but I don’t want him to go kick Sebastian’s ass for what he did. It may seems like I’m defending Sebastian, but what I’m really doing is saving them both from kicking each other’s ass and I really, really don’t want that to happen.

“That’s strange..” Clark furrows his brows, together. “… Do you want to go to the doctor’s?” He asks.

“No.. I’m fine, really.” I insist. He looks at me and smiles “All right. Well, drink your cup of water.” He demands. I reach for the cup of water on the counter and drank. Clark gets up and grabs the bucket and towel. Before he leaves back into the kitchen, he turns to me “Oh, are you hungry? I forgot to tell you, I’m making spaghetti and I know it’s your favorite!”

“God, I love you!” A wide smile spreads through my cheeks with excitement. 

He chuckles with a grin on his face “I love you, too!”

He leaves to the kitchen. I cross my legs together as I look at my hands. I move my hand forward as a burst of flame came out of my hand. “Oh shit..” I close my hand, shutting the flame off. I don’t know how I did that, in an instant. I’m surprised the flame didn’t burn me. Does that mean I still have invulnerability? I doubt it.. I snap my fingers and a flame came out of my finger like a lighter. I smile with excitement “Cool!” Then I heard Clark’s footsteps as I shake my hand to put out the fire. Clark comes in with a plate of spaghetti along with a small table for me to eat on. He’s wearing an apron. I love it when a man cooks..

“Well, don’t you look handsome for a Chef?” I raise an eyebrow, while I check him out. 

He smiles as he place the plate of spaghetti on top of a small table. I took a fork and ate the spaghetti. I look up at Clark as he looks back at me “So, what do you think?” He asks.

“You got to marry me!” I exclaim. His spaghetti is so good! I was right, his culinary skills did came from his mother.

He laughs “I’m guessing you loved it?” I nod as I clean my mouth with a napkin “It’s splendid!” He sits next to me as his face became from happy to sad. I look at him with worry “What’s wrong, darling?” He turns to me “I apologize for not telling you about Lois and I. I thought it wouldn’t matter and it would be a bother to you if I did.”

That’s it! The reminder I was suppose to ask! I shake my head “It hasn’t been a bother to me, until now. If you don’t mind, please tell me what happened between you and Lois?” He looks away and let out a sigh “Lois and I have been together for a long time. She’s been there for me whenever I have trouble in the world. Whenever there’s a new enemy out there, she’s there to face them with me. She doesn’t judge on where I came from, though she was very curious and interested about it. She still treats me like I’m one of this world; a human being and make me feel I’m not alone…” His face lights up with happiness as his voice starts to chipper “….. She was the reason for who I am and the reason why I save people from danger. She believed in me.”

His face turns to sadness. “Then what happened?” I ask. I can feel his emotion starting to break away.

“She had a job position at New York and she agreed with it. I was happy for her. Excited, actually. I would visit her everyday and see her work at her new job. Then things got a little difficult. She got into too much of her job and wanted to be normal without me around. She said she was tired of being involve with everything that I do… I don’t blame her. It’s tough being a hero when there’s so much going on… I just didn’t think she would feel something like that..” He stood quiet and continues “I guess things happen for a reason…”

Poor Clark. I know how that feels like.. Then I can see that he’s about to tear up, so I reach for his hand and hold it against mine. He turns to me and smirks “Now, I have you.” I smile back at him as he bends down to place his head against my lap face up.. I stroke his hair back with my hand repeatedly. 

“I’m the luckiest man in the world.” He grins as he closes his eyes. “I love you..” He adds.

“I love you, too..” I reply.

Now, that he has told me everything about their past relationship and Lois is back in his life. Does this mean she wants Clark back, now that she had return from New York? She regrets it and knew she took Clark for granted. He is with me, now and there is no way, I’m going to let that happen..

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In Love with a Hero - Chapter 9

We arrive outside in Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. I heard laughing, screaming, and hollering from outside. What the hell is going on? I take a peek from the window and there’s a crowd of people at the front of a small purple dancing club right next to the entrance of the hotel. They were drinking, dancing, and having fun while the night is young. The limo driver opens the door and Clark steps out, first. He turns to me and extends his hand. I reach and carefully got out of the limo, trying not to slip.

As soon as I got out of the limo, I look up at the tall-rounded building including the two other small buildings next to it. “Merci beaucoup!" (Thank you, very much!) Clark shake hands with the limo driver. I couldn’t stop starring at the tall building. A bunch of lights everywhere with fancy glass windows, a bridge on the side of the building to walk through to the other side of another hotel. The building was also surrounded with palm trees with white Christmas lights. It was beautiful!

"Enjoying yourself?” Clark asks as he stands next to me.

I turn my head to him “Yes. The hotel is very magnificent!”

“I thought you would say that. But wait till you see the inside.” He smiles, extending his left arm as a direction-gesture to the hotel entrance. “So, shall we go in?” He asks. “Yes.” I smile as he bends his right arm, again, straightening his back, faces forward. I giggle and wrap my arm with his and we began walking into the entrance of the hotel. We enter the hotel and there were many people inside the building. Some were out of town, others were tourists from a different states. I wander my eyes around the hotel and I couldn’t believe my eyes! The inside is amazing! The decorations remind me Great Gatsby, but more of a 21st Century look. Two huge fountains that look like a pool to swim in. Tress and plants were use as decoration. Grey chairs with coffee tables, including leather couches with light blue pillows beside them. Right in between the fountains, there’s a bar across from where we’re standing. TV screens, with more comfy couches and coffee tables. Long oval-shaped lights, hanging above the ceiling. Each section of the building had fancy halls for parties, proms, weddings, etc. It’s amazing! “So, what do you think?” Clark asks. It’s breath taking!”  “Good! Glad to see you’re enjoying it!” He smiles. We walk towards the elevator entrance as Clark presses the up button. Oh no, not elevators! We wait for the elevator until the doors slide open. We step into the elevator with a few other people coming inside. The doors slide close and the elevator began going up. I hold onto the bar behind me and got nervous. As we go up, we were immediately outside the building as we see through the glass of the elevator. Like an idiot, I look down. High way up from the ground, I saw a pool from one of the two small buildings of the hotel. I began to get more nervous, I felt like freaking out. Clark got close to me, pressing his chest against mine. I glance up at him and I see him looking back at me, mouthing the words “Are you okay?” I nod as I look away, nervously. He suddenly puts his hand around my waist, rubbing my back slightly. I immediately calm down. His soft and warm hand touching my back gave me the chills. He’s touching me! His fingers brushing my back, repeatedly. I couldn’t help, but to get closer to him, placing my head onto his chest. Listening to his heart beat from his chest. Smelling his cologne from his neck lingers my blood. Feeling his strong arm holding onto my waist makes me tingle an orgasm. Gosh, I’m really enjoying being this close to the Man of Steel. As we’re almost at the top of the hotel, I took another glance on Clark. He seems to be looking at the rest of the city buildings from the window of the elevator. Enjoying the view. Then I see something on his cheeks. Faint pink blush staining his cheeks. Aww, he’s blushing! I never thought he could be so shy! I look away and giggle silently. I wonder what’s on his mind? Curious, again, I peek up at him through my lashes. He catches my sneaky peek and grins down at me. “Hey. Having fun down there?” He raise his eyebrows up and down in a flirty way while biting his bottom lip. I look away, quickly with a smile and blush on my cheeks. Crap, he caught me! I hear him chuckle and I wanted to laugh, too, but I was holding it in while my cheeks turn pink. Why would someone as good looking as him finds me attractive? I must get to the bottom of this and I seriously want to know. Does he do this to other girls?? next chapter previous
In Love with a Hero - Chapter 7

The next morning, it was 7:00am and I got up to stretch. I head to the bathroom and jump into the shower. Afterwards, I walk back into my bedroom to put on some clothes. Trying to decide what to wear, I pick out a white long sleeved dressing shirt with a black buttoned vest and long stretched brown pants. Then I put on my black flats. Next, I went back to the bathroom and curled my hair. Put on some makeup of eyeliner, mascara, and pink lip-gloss. Lastly, I put on my glasses as the finishing touch to the look. I grab my purse and keys and lock the front door and head out. I walk towards my Mercedes Benz and turn the car on and drove off to the East LA College Campus.

Trying to get there on time, there was so much traffic on the LA freeway. I want to fly to cheat the traffic, but I’ll make a scene and scare the crap out of people. They might think I’m an alien or a mutant. Wait! Maybe I am a mutant! Yeah, that’s it.. So, I took it like a normal human being that I am and took the traffic. Fuck my life!

After getting out of the horrors of the traffic freeway, I finally arrive at the campus. I park the car and got off. Then I make my way to the main office. I push the doors open and went inside. I work for office hours, helping the workers with filing the papers in order and make copies. It’s a job preparation thing they do in college. I walk back to my office and found Ruby in front of me with her hands crossed.

“Where were you, last night? I called your house phone and you weren’t there! I left you text messages and you won’t reply! Then I called your mother’s house and your mom said you weren’t there, either!” She shouts. Ugh, not this right now! I made up a lie “I was at my house. I just wasn’t feeling well. Didn’t want to talk to anybody.”

“Oh! That makes sense. Okay! Well, I’m glad you’re feeling well. We’ve missed you, girl! Today, we’re doing copies!”

Ugh, Copies! “Yay, copies!” I shout, sarcastically.

She moves out of the way and I see a whole punch of stacked papers near my desk. Great! Fuck! A whole lot of copies! I let out a whimper. I sat down on my desk and slam my head on the table. Ruby looks at me, raising an eyebrow “Ow! Are you okay?” She asks, putting her hand on my head. “I’m fine. It’s just so muuuuuuuch!” I mumble on the table. “I’m sure, you’ll get them all done. You’re fast at this!” She rubs my head. ”You’re not helping!” I raise my head up to look at her.

“Excuse me? Anyone here?” A man’s voice was heard from the front office. Ruby look to see who it is “Oh my! He’s cute!” “Whoopee! Go help him.” I wave my arms in the air.

“Why don’t you?” She asks.

“I’m busy!” I put my arms down, grabbing one of the stacked papers to begin the copies. “Okay. Your lost, Stacy.” She leaves to the front. “Bye Ruby!”

I turn on the copy machine, but it keeps jamming. I got pissed, so I punch the shit of it and it turns back on. Fucking machine! Then Ruby walk back into my office “Oh, my God!” I turn around and look at her “What?” “The cute guy at the front office is asking for you!” Huh? I furrow my brows, together, confused. Then I laugh “What? What do you mean, asking for me?”

“I’m not kidding! He’s asking for you! He said it’s somebody you may know!”

"Hmm. Tell that cute guy, I’ll be there in a second.”

She nods and leaves to the front office, again. Somebody I may know? Hm. I grab a clipboard from my desk and walk out of my office to the front. I grab a pen on the front desk “Hello, may I help with anything?” I ask without looking at the man.

“Yes, I was wondering if I can take you out for dinner?”

I laugh and look up at him and it was Clark! My eyes widen in shock. Oh, God. He’s here…! He’s wearing a black suit with a red tie and black dressing shoes. As a final look, glasses covering his beautiful blue eyes and hair slight back with a curl in the front of his forehead.

“Hey.” He smiles.

“Hi.” I smile back slightly.

He raises an eyebrow “Surprised to see me?” He chuckles. “Yes.” I reply. He touches the lens of my glasses “I didn’t know you wear glasses.”

“I can’t see.”

“Well, you look beautiful.” He smirks.

“Thank you. So, do you… Well, handsome.” I blush

He laughs softly “Well, thank you.”

There was an awkward silence until I ask “So, what are you doing here?” “Well, I did say I would find you, first.” He replies. Well, he isn’t wrong about that one. I giggle “How did you know I was here?”

“I asked around the campus. They told me you would be here.”

I put my hand on the back of my head in embarrassment. He reaches it and strokes my hand with his thumb “You didn’t answer my question. I was wondering if I can take you out to dinner?” I look down at his hand stroking mine, then look back up “Tonight?” I ask. He nods without a word.

“If I’m not too busy.” I look at Ruby.

“I’ll cover your hours.” She said. I smile at her “Thank you, Ruby.” She nods. Then I look back at Clark.

“So, what do you say?” He says, waiting for my answer. I bit my bottom lip and let out a smile “Sure.”

Clark smiles, excitingly while he lets go of my hand “Okay, good. I’ll pick you up, tonight at 8pm.” “Okay.” He gazes at me as if he’s mentally taking my clothes off with his eyes “I cannot wait to see how beautiful you’ll look.” I blush as he walks away to the door and left.

Ruby looks at me with her jaw open “Oh, my God. He’s so cute! I can’t believe he’s asking my girl, Stacy out to dinner!” She came towards me and hugs me. She pulls away and asks “What are you going to wear tonight?” “Well, I’ll see what is there to wear and let’s see how it’ll turn out.”

Yeah… What the fuck am I going to wear?

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