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you both would like that, huh?

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make a video and talk about me

lol you’re funny

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Force yourself to fap to whoever the 600th person is.

what if it’s a guy..

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Jesus. I was going to say something but then I read all the other replies…


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can you give me a list of wwe blogs to follow?

Some of my favourite people :) Also if you root around their links/tags some of them have separate WWE Blogs.
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Kane is a god on the mic. Thoroughly enjoying this Kane story. It was the freaky weird shit that got me into wrestling in the first place, and I can’t stand Cena or Ryder so I’m loving this story so much.

oh yeah dude, i’m totally into kane’s character right now. it’s really cool and a HUGE change from the GIGANTIC PUSSY he had become (especially during his feud with edge. fuck.).

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Maybe you should bide your time, be there for her during her problems and then once they pass maybe try then?

Yeah I guess, Im there for her now. Just sick of being there for everyone.

I’ve a question (one that will get me in trouble); why do girls date assholes, and then cry on the shoulders of the nice guys who are there for them, who they dont want to date?

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Why? x

Long story.

Yesterday some shit went down at school between people. One of the groups concerned are, y'know, the type who are all high and mighty etc. but no one actually likes them because they’re so arrogant. I’m fairly certain they all bitch about each other too. And we used to kinda get along.

So when this shit went down, I found it hilarious they were offended at being called “snakes” because, well, it’s the truth, right?

So today one of the girls confronted me about it. I don’t know what the point in that was because I made it clear to hear that that is exactly what she is and it’s my opinion and after everything that happened between our groups, I have every right to comment on it. So then everyone heard about this little confrontation and I got named “The One” for the day. And everyone essentially begged me to tweet and bitch about them more. Whilst they’re not full-on bullies, people don’t tend to stand up to that lot.

So later, other people were pissing me off. Not like, people I know (well, one of them is but that’s a whole new chapter, hahaha) so in general, bitches were pissing me off because they’re just fucking morons (not referring specifically to the group I just told you about).

So I updated my Facebook status about girls who are supposed to be intelligent being dumb bitches instead and this group are obviously so full of themselves they thought I was talking about them when it wasn’t. So if you look at my most recent status, two of them have liked it and there are comments too in what I would say is an awful attempt at trolling.

And I just know everyone is probably enjoying this too much and I’ll get interrogated by my lot tomorrow. :’)