inlove quote

Have you ever had that love where you can feel every emotion they have?
Have you ever loved somebody so much that when their lips press on your neck your heart could explode.
Wanting to tell them how much you love them but can’t find enough words to describe the feeling you get in your chest when they say your name, when they sip their coffee, when they tell you about their day.
Have you ever loved somebody to the point where you’re only existing for them?
—  I do
Σήμερα στο λεωφορείο κάποιος φορούσε την κολώνια σου.
Αποφάσισα ξαφνικά πως ήταν ωραία μέρα για περπάτημα και κατέβηκα πέντε στάσεις πριν.
I hate how badly I want you. With all the steps I’ve taken to move on, all the tears I’ve cried to come to terms with no longer having you here… I hate how it’s still all about you. I hate how much I still love you, and here I am, wanting you anyway. Here I am, loving you through all the pain. I love you so much it hurts.
—  I’ll never let go of you, (coloringtheworldwithwords)