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finishing up the final inline images for my article illustration work…! here’s a cleaner wrasse cleaning the teeth of another fish, a paper wasp inspecting a nest and two purple martins watching over eggs together

Tumblr Inline Image Width Limits:
Inserting an inline image into the caption of your post? If your image is fewer than 300 pixels wide, Tumblr shows your image at its exact width on the Dashboard. But if it’s 300 pixels or more wide, Tumblr resizes the image to span the full 540-pixel width on the Dashboard. That means a 300-pixel-wide image would bloat to 540 pixels wide, degrading image quality on the Dashboard. (Some blog themes, such as Optica, will also expand inline images.) For best results, either embrace the 540-pixel width or keep inline image widths at 299 pixels or fewer.

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here we go: the pattern for the Gaster Blaster socks! I’m gonna leave it as a google doc for the moment so it’ll be easier to fix things as necessary; if you’d like it as a pdf, you can go to file->download as (or print). c:

if you find the inline chart images too small, a link to the full-size images –1121x1442 for the legs, 1111x600 for the foot – is included. (the numbers are a little wonky-looking because I sized the chart template up, sorry! they should still be legible enough :x)

this is my first attempt at writing out a full pattern for other people, so if you find any errors or have any other problems, please let me know!

(and of course, if you make these socks, I would love to see a picture :D)

PATTERN: [ link ]

thank you!! 💙

We open today’s episode with Juri dispatching a passel of jabronis, as is her wont.

Miki (whose power is at a low ebb following his recent deswordening) is dealt with particularly ruthlessly.  His epee is wanged right onto the balcony, which gives Juri the perfect chance to look up and slightly to the left, where Shiori is waiting.  Juri blanks her.  Shiori is distressed.

Luckily, Utena and Anthy are there to absorb the leftover exposition.

Shiori explains that she’s back at the Academy after a bit of a hiatus and then falls silent for a full three seconds while contemplating her terrible sins.

Everything in her tiny, lonely room is covered in dropcloths – she doesn’t have a roommate, and she’s not getting one, either.  Juri was it for her, as far as friends go.  (We get a shot of two gals being pals outside her window as she explains this to underscore her current pallessness.)  If this show has taught me anything, it’s to beware of serial monogamists, friendwise – and if you (like me) were a one-bestie-at-a-time kind of a kid, to beware of men bearing rings.

We get a nice shot of Anthy, who knows from loneliness, and then we’re back to campy horror villain central.

Boy-Anthy pricks his finger. Shadow the Hedgehog erotically suckles the blood and then says that it is when the bloom is the most beautiful that the thorns are the most dangerous, which reads well but makes no sense. Rose thorns are the worst to deal with when the rose is dead, which would have been a better metaphor for the enterprise they’re engaged in here anyway.  Another missed opportunity.    They say that the only way to weaken the particularly beautiful and thorny rose that is Arisugawa Juri is to afflict it with parasites, likening Shiori to a two-spotted mite, or possibly a root-knot nematode.  Why they want to make her rose sick before they use it is anyone’s guess, as functional thorns would presumably be an important feature for the rose-as-weapon metaphor.  How about gloves.  Have they tried gloves?


Jesus Christ, Nanami.

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anonymous asked:

So I used to play swtor on an old laptop and now I got a new one which means I can have in it ultra graphics and omg I never realised how pretty the game is wow?????¿¿¿¿?? Also I never knew that Theron has freckles on his cheeks if you zoom in really closely and a scar in between his eyebrows I’m just wow such HD much amaze

Oh my god, it’s so gorgeous in ultra isn’t it? Like, I never really realized until I put in my new graphics card last year. If you haven’t gone to Nar Shaddaa yet in ultra mode, you totally should! The neon lights and the way everything just reflects off of it is just really pretty!

Like I don’t think it really shows up in a Tumblr inline image exactly how pretty those neon lights are. It somehow cuts through that orange haze that permeates the planet. Especially on the taxi rides in the lower levels!

As for Theron…

Aren’t those little freckles just the most adorable thing? Like, I may have gotten a little obnoxious in guild chat last year exclaiming about all the little details after I first put in my new graphics card. And I love the fact that the scar is so faded you can really almost miss it, like it’s something old that he tried to heal/cover up (so he wouldn’t have as many identifying marks beyond his jacket), rather than give him one of the obvious scars like on the character creation screen. Some elements show up in lower graphics settings, like the veins around his implants are a little visible, but ultra definitely brings out all the pretty.

watching anastasia while i do housework and gosh how formative was this to like. everything in my heart. HOW. notes (disjointed and incomplete):

  • dimitri is actually kind of ugly, lets be real. but in the hottest way (fig 1)
  • so many real, actual actors were in this. so many real, actual actors said things that are patently ridiculous for this movie. ‘enough already with the glowing and the smoke people!’
  • when i was a kid it was literally my one goal in life to have boobs as big as sophie’s. (it says something TERRIBLE about what we’re teaching 8 year old girls in our culture but that’s another post) my plan was to put on a bunch of weight, get big everywhere, then lose all the weight, and somehow i would control the boobs so they would stay big. idk
  • we must discuss how rasputin lives in like some fluid hell dimension past four or five different sphincters of unpleasant viscera like what the fuck is this (fig 2). god damn classic don bluth nonsense
  • i would poke fun at the in the dark of the night for being a big-lipped alligator moment, but i’m not going to mess around, that song rocked my fucking face off when i was eight and it rocks my fucking face off now
  • ‘do you think you’re gonna miss it?’ ‘miss what - your talking?’ classic his girl friday style banter
  • the???? demons????? this movie is seriously SO WEIRD
  • when dimitri is trying to uncouple the train cars (that were fused together by DEMONS, let’s remember) and says ‘there’s gotta be something in there better than this’ and anya hands him a LIT STICK OF DYNAMITE and he says ‘that’ll work’ and mugs at it for like three full seconds before doing anything. first of all anya, why, what, why. second of all dimitri, this is MERCUTIO levels of disregard for your immediate fatal danger. there is a better time to be a sassy late 90s love interest and that time is later
  • dimitri actually spends a lot of his time telling other people to remind him to do things. dimitri, get a day planner or smt
  • i have to look away every time rasputin is on screen. when i was a kid i was somehow unfazed by how distressing his #body horror is but like. he goes to catch the reliquary and his arms are too short so he detaches his hand and stretches his sinews forty feet to catch it. i am not strong enough to watch this, cartoonish as it is (today on alqualonding i disparagingly call a cartoon ‘cartoonish’)
  • ‘nobody ever said i had to PROVE i was the grand duchess!!!!’ what exactly did you think the plan was anya. what, exactly
  • ‘if i can learn to do it’ aka the song where i break my own vocal cords trying to sing three counterpoints at once
  • ‘i bought you a dress’ ‘it’s enormous!’ *it fits perfectly*
  • ‘it was nice on the hanger but it looks even better on you. you should wear it’ NO I AM STRONG I HAVE HAD DECADES TO GET OVER THIS, I SHOULD NOT BE THIS CHARMED BY A CON MAN GETTING BEFUDDLED BY A PRETTY WOMAN

(fig 1: busted nose, dark circles, big chin, inexplicable hair, the cheeks of a much older man. and yet, a stone cold russian fox)

(fig 2: where rasputin apparently lives. this is seriously dragonball z levels of weirdness. where is king kai, is bartok going to train at 10x earth gravity)

i turned off the movie when they got to paris bc my husband came home and he is too old and british to understand my ways. more to come possibly

Full-width images everywhere

The situation was this: Images at the top of a photo post were shown at full-width, whereas images down in the caption of a post got a little bit of margin on their sides. It was a difference of 40 measly pixels. Oughtn’t they all just be the same width?

Yes. They ought. We’re making that happen right now. 

What this means for you: Inline images will be shown at full width in the web dashboard, in the mobile apps, and on the default Optica theme (and on any other theme that uses the InlineMediaWidth variable, for that matter). We’ll always show it at whatever size is best for the context—taking into consideration all the different screen sizes and pixel densities your post appears at—and we’ll always respect the original dimensions as much as possible. 

An EtoEto Preview

We’re getting really close to inviting people to help alpha test EtoEto (the next version and replacement for TextFugu… don’t worry, if you’re a Forever member you’ll be getting a free upgrade when it’s ready). So, I wanted to share with you a couple of quick previews, mostly so you believe that it actually exists. It’s been a while since we’ve checked in! :p

These first three videos are of Kuma, which is part 3 of EtoEto. It covers “fluency” (parts 1 and 2 cover beginner and intermediate) by providing content for language shadowing, which is pretty much the best way to get fluent and also have a really good accent in your target language.

As you can see, there are various features that will help you to study. Although you can’t see it, there are keyboard shortcuts as well. If you’re like me, this will make your fingers happier.

The plan is to launch the alpha with ~40 pages of content like the ones above, and add about 20 pages per month after that. There certainly will be no shortage for most people.

Here’s a short snippet of Fugu, part 1 of EtoEto. A few things you’re able to see are inline audio, images, text, etc. All pretty basic.

But, as you scroll down you’ll also see that there’s a question and answer section. If you don’t understand something, you can ask a question. Either another member or the Tofugu staff will respond, and the best answers will be voted upwards while the bad ones will sink to the bottom / disappear.

There’s plenty more that you haven’t seen, but let’s save that for another day. I’m hoping to start sending out invites in the next 1-2 weeks, though it will be slowly at first. We’ll open up the fire hose as soon as we feel like we can keep up.

Tumblr’s Lesser-known Features and Where to Find Them:
Tumblr has a new help page that catalogs Tumblr features and tips you might not have known about.

Shortcuts & Tips:
Post by email • Post by phone • Post by bookmarklet • Post by Mac share extension • User mentions • Add inline images from the web • Change default text editor • Keyboard shortcuts • Dog ears on posts • Mass post editor • URL tricks • See other users’ likes, and share your own • Two factor authentication

Lesser-known iOS features:
Touch and hold a photo • Fast reblog • Smash cache • Interactive notifications • Share extension • Today widget

Lesser-known Android features:
Bump phones to share blogs • Fast reblog • Notification widget • Daydream mode • Tumblr in Google results


Favorite Tumblr Changes in 2015

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Question to y’all: I know that the comic posts get very long and can clutter up your dash. If I took the first ten pics (the ones that could fit in a photoset) and compressed them, would that be better? Basically, more like the image on the left than the one on the right (what I’m doing currently). I couldn’t do it past the first ten images, since inline imagery can’t be stacked side-by-side, but it could help a little. 

My concerns:

  • Seeing the thumbnails could spoil things that happen later in the story.
  • Some readers new to RP wouldn’t think to read through the images in the photoset before going to the inline images, and wouldn’t be able to follow the story. (which sounds like it wouldn’t be a problem, but you’d be surprised).