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Cooperating Satellites Could Help Find Planes And Ships Lost At Sea

by Michael Keller

A virtual constellation of satellites already in orbit could help searchers find planes and ships lost at sea.

A team of space scientists and remote sensing experts tapped into the surveillance power of 54 Earth-observing satellites, which are currently tasked with recording only images of land beneath their orbits.

By expanding the mission of the spacecraft to take pictures of the world’s oceans and inland waters and then feeding the data into a single system, the group believes search-and-rescue operations could be quickly focused on areas of several hundred square miles.

“We’ve been looking at ways in which spacecraft can be operated in a coordinated way to acquire imagery over areas of water in such a way that those images may be used at a later date in the search for ships, small vessels and aircraft that go missing and which are very difficult and time-consuming to find when rescue crews are out there looking for survivors,” says Nigel Bannister, a physicist at the University of Leicester in the UK who led the research.

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So I’m working on another post when I had this thought

and instead of derail the other post I’m just putting it here.

The machine that created the Arcanist was also responsible for the ability for the Sea of a Thousand Currants to exist.

So Sorienth, the continent, is a Pangea-like super continent that covers probably about 2/3 of Sorienth, the planet. Except… its got this weird fucking huge body of salt water in the middle of it.

‘But xazz it says in the lore that the Sea is fresh and-’

you be quiet.

that is a river running from the ocean (we’re not even going to go into why a river would run fucking inland from the ocean and uphill) through the Sunbeam Ruins (meaning that that river is 100% salt water and worthless for crops or anything but mangrove forests along said river) and then cascading into a waterfall into the Sea… from a cliff.

From a fucking cliff bro.

Which begs the questions: what sort of bullshit physics lets a water go from a greater source to a smaller source? (Ocean to the Sea) And then if the Sea is at sea level, and the ocean is (obviously) at sea level… HOW DOES IT GO FUCKING UPHILL BRO? HOW????

This leads me to the conclusion that the Sea is not just like… this naturally occurring thing. It is the massive crater created when the machine that made the Arcanist just blew the fuck up to kingdom come and destroyed all life on Sorienth up to that point. Its why there are cliffs on the Border of Light/Lightning/Fire/Plague (not counting Wind cause I headcanon its a high altitude plateau so it’d always be cliffs) and Water. But… not Shadow.

Shadow shares a natural beach/shore border with the Sea that is different than every other Flight territory. Know what? Cause Shadow is sunken. The Tangled Wood and the Forum of the Obscured Crescent like… used to be part of Light and the Sunbeam Ruins. Like you go west enough in the Hewn City and you will just end up at a cliff and at the bottom of that cliff is the rest of the Hewn City that resides in the Tangled Wood.

So the Wood is sunken. And like I said it shares an actual shore line with the Sea where as everything is literally a sheer fucking cliff. So all that land just… moved. It just fucking moved down. Which happens when tectonic plates in the earth move. Meaning that that probably didn’t just happen. Something very drastic had to happen to make the earth move that much to sink the Tangled Wood and create this gigantic hole in the middle of Sorienth.

Something like… an earthquake caused by the explosion of a huge magic making machine that literally birthed a god

Another theory for how Duke Pentecost could an adult AND Stacker’s bio kid AND have not been mentioned in the original AND doesn’t make Stacker or Mako look bad...

Not everyone has to be a Jaeger pilot, or work for the PPDC.

Maybe Duke’s fulfilling another absolutely vital role somewhere else, remember, this is a global conflict.

Maybe he’s a Doctor Without Borders working in places where there’ve been civil wars because of people moving inland away from the oceans.

Maybe he’s a Marine Biologist desperately working to save the remaining ecosystems.

Maybe he’s a people smuggler working to get people off pacific islands.

And at the beginning of PR2 we get this heartrending scene with Stacker and Duke and Mako in the airport, and Mako and Stacker are going to Hong Kong, while Duke is going to Tibet or Malawi or Australia or Christmas Island or wherever. And they know they might never see each other again, and the world might end, and Duke is crying and trying not to and Stacker is struggling to hold back tears and they’re all hugging and saying goodbye.

And Duke turned to Stacker and says “I want to come with you, let me come with you.”

Stacker puts a hand on his shoulder and says “We need you out there. They need you. Go when you can do good, leave us little soldiers to our war.”

And there are SO MANY TEARS and Duke pulls Mako aside and whispers, “Look after him.” And Mako nods and 


Nevada Local Cultus
  • Poseidon of the Plains-wild horses run through the plains in northern and central Nevada
  • Amphitrite of the Wasted Sea- there was an inland ocean here a LONG time ago, and school in Vegas will take field trips into the mountains to look for shell fossils
  • Artemis Charleston- Mt. Charleston is a forest covered mountain outside Las Vegas
  • Dionysus Freemont- Freemont street in Las Vegas, bar crawls, club hopping, neon, music, and the art festival on the first friday of each month
  • Ares Nellis- Nellis airforce base
  • Hermes at the Dam- I will fight anyone who tells me that Hermes doesn’t hang out at Hoover damn in his khthonic aspect to guide lost souls
  • Hekate of the Desert- just try to tell me that the desert isn’t a place for wandering, for making decisions, for finding yourself when you’re lost. They may not be crossroads, but those sands have just as much meaning for me with Hekate as any intersection does