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Propelled by relentless ocean waves and strong onshore winds, small grains of sand accumulated to form the impressive dunes of Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes National Wildlife Refuge in California. Stretching inland from the Pacific Ocean, the migrating dunes are home to a unique ecosystem of plants and animals, like the northern elephant seal, the western snowy plover and the California red-legged frog. Two remote hiking areas offer visitors a chance to explore this dynamic landscape in peace and solitude. Photo by Ian Shive, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

BL Summer Bingo 2017: “Sharks”

Rhys knew that his parents would be mad if they knew he was taking things from the fridge, but that didn’t stop him from stuffing a little plastic bag full of lunch meat from one of the plastic drawers. He grabbed a little carton of cheese crackers and a box of juice as well, because it was hot out and it was a little bit of a walk to get where he was going.

Rhys was getting to the age where his parents were more willing to leave him alone, especially since both of them worked even when the boy was home for the summer. So no one was there to stop Rhys as the boy grabbed the spare key, clumsily locking the door behind him before trundling down through the crude path in the greenery surrounding his house. Much of the homes in the area were surrounded by lush coastal forest, thankfully preserved despite the development of the area.

Rhys carefully continued walking even the the ground started to get loose and muddy, his little tongue stuck out in concentration as he did his best not to slip. Slowly, he could hear the sounds of his destination—a little stream that cut through inland from the nearby ocean, full of swirling, brackish water and fish that often traveled from the saltwater up inland for spawning and hunting.

Rhys crouched down by the edge of the pool, eyes scanning the water as he opened the cartoon of cheese crackers and carefully setting a couple afloat in the gently turning water. He watched the crackers for a few moments, and just as disappointment started to set in, something broke the surface and snatched the crackers in a whir of clawed hands and teeth.

“There you are!” Rhys proclaimed happily, grin reaching from ear to ear as the small, sleek head popped above the surface of the water, stuffing its face with the orange crackers as it blinked wide, green and blue eyes up at Rhys.

The boy had discovered his new friend only a few days ago, while he was trying to catch toads at the muddy banks of the stream. The creature in the water was sort of like him, looking like a young boy maybe a couple years older than Rhys from the waist up, if you ignored the gill slits and unnatural eyes and really really sharp white teeth. But where his legs should be was only a smooth, sleek gray tail that looked like the sharks in Rhys’ picture books.

Rhys hadn’t told anyone about what he had found, too worried that his new friend—who he’d named “Jack” after his old fish—would be taken away. So for the past couple of days he had been sneaking food out to him, watching as his friend slowly regained his strength. Rhys had asked him questions about how he got there or where his mommy and daddy were, but Jack wasn’t really a conversationalist….or didn’t know how to speak English.

“Yeah? You like the goldfish crackers, huh? Almost as good as real ones.” Rhys stated as he upended more in his hand, before setting them down into the water. He was careful to keep his chubby little fingers away from his friend’s snapping jaws, giggling happily as Jack greedily gulped down the food before swimming closer, looking up at Rhys with slitted, expectant eyes.

Rhys barely had the cold cuts out of his bag before Jack was snatching for them, shoving the meat into his ravenous mouth with tiny, claws little fists. His tail splashed with delight at the food, quickly emptying the bag before going in to nuzzle affectionately up against Rhys. The other boy giggled, ruffling his fingers through his friends damp hair as he relaxed in his lap.

Rhys was sad the next day when he went back to find that Jack was no longer there, no matter how many goldfish crackers he sent adrift in the water. Though loneliness tugged at his chest, he tried convincing himself that Jack had merely been reunited with his parents out in the open ocean. A balm to his sadness was the little, ivory shark tooth he found half buried into the mud at the bank of the river, which sat in the drawer by his bed for months before he had his mother fashion it into a cute little necklace, a constant reminder of the strange friend he’d met on those sunny summer days.

Rhys had been so sure that he was about to die.

He had felt his consciousness, his fight to live, struggling underneath the inky pull of the ocean as the cold, suffocating waves had pulled him under. He remembered seeing silvery bubbles burst from his lungs, remembered the fear that had seized his heart at realizing this was the end, that there was nothing he could do and that nobody could save him now. He’d clawed at dark nothingness, screaming out the last of his air as he’d started to black out, and then—

And then out of the dark he’d felt something firm and surprisingly warm grab his hand and yank him up towards the surface. His head had broken the water as whatever had grabbed him had pushed him up, supporting his bulk with its own to keep him afloat above the surface. He’d taken several painful, hoarse breaths, colors popping in his eyes as he’d felt whatever was holding onto him slowly moving him in the direction of the surf. Waves had crashed over the top of his head as he’d slowly been urged to shore, his knees finally hitting the rough sand as he fell on all fours, still gasping and choking up burning saltwater as he tried to get back to breathing evenly.

He’d eventually collapsed onto his side in exhaustion, inhaling heavily as his vision slowly swam back to him. It was a couple more moments before he became aware of something heavy shuffling and moving behind him, still a mere dark fuzzy shape to his recovering senses. He’d jolted when he felt something trace over his heaving chest, his hand snapping up dumbly to grasp a smooth, warm wrist.

Rhys had nearly lost his breath again when his vision had finally swum into place, letting him see the creature that was hunched over him. Rhys saw the teeth first, exposed and brilliant in the moonlight behind a downturned lip, followed by the wild, wet hair slicked down in places while stuck up in others. Slits in the creature’s neck pulsed. Something wet and smooth flopped against Rhys’ side, drawing his sight to see a glistening tail twitching up against him.

A scream started to build in Rhys’ chafed throat, his hands digging into the sand and ready to fight, when suddenly he noticed the creatures eyes.

An inhuman blue and green, almost glowing in the moonlight—but wholly familiar.

“I…” Rhys began, his own eyes widening, but anything that he wanted to say was cut off as a clawed, strong hand slid under the shark-tooth necklace still hung around Rhys’ neck, lifting it off of the young man’s heaving chest.

“J….Jack…?” Rhys croaks, staring up at the powerful merman who had just saved his life. Jack closes his hand around Rhys’ necklace, expression so oddly contemplative as his eyes flick up to the young man’s face. When the merman’s lips move, his voice is as deep and rolling as a deep sea current, sending shivers up his spine.


thanks to the bingo discord for helping me with this prompt! i think it turned out well enough, and i love shark mermaid jack a bunch…..

Essays in Existentialism: Stud V

omg stud lexa is great. i’m in love. she said it. ah ah ah. hope there’s gonna be a part v!

Previously on Stud

The long and winding driveway that led to the Woods’ estate crept along the creek that slithered its way along the property, connecting inland with the ocean in the distance. The trees fought the good fight against the impending autumn, still lingering in verdant greens while their tops and farthest leaves began to catch fire, flickering with the flames of reds and yellows and deep, deep auburn. In the distance, atop the small hill, the peaks of the roof could be seen every so often, nearly glowing with their lights in the dusk.

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thetriphibianmonster  asked:

How varied will the environments of each map tile be compared to one another. Will there be mountainous areas or is the map limited to the floodplain. There seems to be bodies of water in all the tiles shown so far, but will this be the case in the full game?

The map is directly based on a location in Hell Creek called Bone Butte, specifically the middle portion of the map where two rivers join, which also exhibits an oxbow lake. This area in Hell Creek as well as the surrounding area was pretty much just floodplain, there won’t be any mountains or drastically different environments. There is also lots of water present. The biomes you will see in the initial Early Access are: cypress swamp, redwood forest, broadleaf forest, upland forest, fern prairie, and the beach that touches the inland ocean.

So I’m working on another post when I had this thought

and instead of derail the other post I’m just putting it here.

The machine that created the Arcanist was also responsible for the ability for the Sea of a Thousand Currants to exist.

So Sorienth, the continent, is a Pangea-like super continent that covers probably about 2/3 of Sorienth, the planet. Except… its got this weird fucking huge body of salt water in the middle of it.

‘But xazz it says in the lore that the Sea is fresh and-’

you be quiet.

that is a river running from the ocean (we’re not even going to go into why a river would run fucking inland from the ocean and uphill) through the Sunbeam Ruins (meaning that that river is 100% salt water and worthless for crops or anything but mangrove forests along said river) and then cascading into a waterfall into the Sea… from a cliff.

From a fucking cliff bro.

Which begs the questions: what sort of bullshit physics lets a water go from a greater source to a smaller source? (Ocean to the Sea) And then if the Sea is at sea level, and the ocean is (obviously) at sea level… HOW DOES IT GO FUCKING UPHILL BRO? HOW????

This leads me to the conclusion that the Sea is not just like… this naturally occurring thing. It is the massive crater created when the machine that made the Arcanist just blew the fuck up to kingdom come and destroyed all life on Sorienth up to that point. Its why there are cliffs on the Border of Light/Lightning/Fire/Plague (not counting Wind cause I headcanon its a high altitude plateau so it’d always be cliffs) and Water. But… not Shadow.

Shadow shares a natural beach/shore border with the Sea that is different than every other Flight territory. Know what? Cause Shadow is sunken. The Tangled Wood and the Forum of the Obscured Crescent like… used to be part of Light and the Sunbeam Ruins. Like you go west enough in the Hewn City and you will just end up at a cliff and at the bottom of that cliff is the rest of the Hewn City that resides in the Tangled Wood.

So the Wood is sunken. And like I said it shares an actual shore line with the Sea where as everything is literally a sheer fucking cliff. So all that land just… moved. It just fucking moved down. Which happens when tectonic plates in the earth move. Meaning that that probably didn’t just happen. Something very drastic had to happen to make the earth move that much to sink the Tangled Wood and create this gigantic hole in the middle of Sorienth.

Something like… an earthquake caused by the explosion of a huge magic making machine that literally birthed a god

Nevada Local Cultus
  • Poseidon of the Plains-wild horses run through the plains in northern and central Nevada
  • Amphitrite of the Wasted Sea- there was an inland ocean here a LONG time ago, and school in Vegas will take field trips into the mountains to look for shell fossils
  • Artemis Charleston- Mt. Charleston is a forest covered mountain outside Las Vegas
  • Dionysus Freemont- Freemont street in Las Vegas, bar crawls, club hopping, neon, music, and the art festival on the first friday of each month
  • Ares Nellis- Nellis airforce base
  • Hermes at the Dam- I will fight anyone who tells me that Hermes doesn’t hang out at Hoover damn in his khthonic aspect to guide lost souls
  • Hekate of the Desert- just try to tell me that the desert isn’t a place for wandering, for making decisions, for finding yourself when you’re lost. They may not be crossroads, but those sands have just as much meaning for me with Hekate as any intersection does

So Paul said he put something in the dreams as a little clue to the viewers, a little something special. And clearly, it is the color scheme. If you notice, in every single one of them Stefan is wearing a shade of Blue. and on the other hand, Elena is always wearing a shade of red. There is also red all over the kitchen and their environment.

Of course, this is very analytical of me, and it could not mean anything but i don’t think it doesn’t mean anything either. And may i remind you of that one episode in season 4 when Elena was offered both the blue and the red scarf, these colors are brought up a lot in TVD. And if Paul really did all of this on purpose, i sincerely applaud him for the way he did it.

Let’s take a look at the symbolism behind these two colors, in relation to the Stelena relationship. (All of these definitions come from

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Alright, so here’s my analysis of the locations of the various dots representing Gem installations on Earth from “It Could’ve Been Great.” Only two of them really hold any major significance.

A. Somewhere in the American southwest. There are two places I think this could be: either Meteor Crater in Arizona, or Area 51 in Nevada. Note that this is where the Cluster was injected into the earth.

B. This roughly corresponds to the site where the HMS Titantic sank. Not sure if this means anything.

C. This is a not-quite-accurate drawing of the borders of the Bermuda Triangle, which is known for strange events which are sometimes blamed on extraterrestrials. Florida seems to have been separated from the mainland, here.

D. and E. are both sites in the Atlantic Ocean, neither of which seem to correspond to any real-world events or locations.

F. This is roughly the site of the city of Brasília, capital of Brazil. I couldn’t find any other things this could correspond to.

G. Right in the middle of the Iberian peninsula. Roughly centered over Madrid.

H. Three sites in Scandinavia. Two in Sweden, one roughly on the Finnish-Russian border. Again, not sure what these correspond to, if anything important in the real world.

I. Southern Libya. This isn’t the most high-resolution map, but this seems to correspond to a large basalt lava flow.

J. Placed roughly in the Tibetan plateau.

K. The other big one. Besides the fact that this is placed in the middle of a huge, circular inland ocean in the middle of Russia, this is approximately the site of the 1910 Tunguska event. To me, this inland ocean looks like a huge impact crater. The fact that the dot is centered on Tunguska adds another layer of mystery - did this happen long before the beginning of colonization of Earth by gems, or did it happen as a result of it? It seems unlikely that whatever caused this occurred in their 1910, as (besides being a hugely destructive event that the Earth probably wouldn’t have recovered from) the map would have either not updated to show the topographical change, or would have updated to show the destruction of the facility. Not update the topography but not the installation status.

Overall this is a hugely interesting piece of worldbuilding, here. I can’t wait to see how much of it gets explained.

a soft place to land

vague future canon fic: they find land, and maybe hope, too || ~1k, ao3

title from Sara Bareilles

When they find the land, she smiles.

It’s soft and sure, pouring a summer’s worth of light into her eyes. He’s getting to see it more and more these days.

The clearing is small, but there are pines and oaks and the type of maples that turn fluorescent in the fall around its edges, stretching as far as he can see. They could build. They could fish and hunt and plant a garden where the soil feeds patches of wildflowers.

He can picture the firepit, the smokehouse in the back corner, the cabins with porches and maybe even yards for children to play in someday.

They could have enough.

Bellamy can hear the river to his back, far enough away that they would be safe from the spring floods but close enough that Raven could build pipes and irrigation to provide water to their people with ease.

This could work, he thinks, and breathes.

He watches Clarke as she walks the length of the space with her feet directly in front of each other, marking the location carefully on the map she’s drawn on a scroll of the paper they’ve learned to make from willow branches and cornhusks, sturdied against a smooth expanse of tree bark.

Her hair is shorter now, and he likes it–likes that she looks lighter with it, that the sun bounces off her shoulders every time she moves.

Other things are different now, too.

Octavia never stays for very long. She’s happier as an emissary to Luna’s people, travelling between them and the other clans every few weeks, moving and negotiating and returning to camp as regularly as she can. She says it makes her feel closer to Lincoln, to what he would have wanted. Bellamy understands, but just knowing that this river flows to the ocean makes his sister feel a little closer.

He thinks, maybe, eventually, she could be okay in a place like this, too.

It still isn’t fully healed, isn’t good–he’s not certain if it ever will be–but it’s getting better. A little easier. A few less shouts in the night.

Clarke returns to his side, wheels in her mind already turning, and he lets himself throw an arm across her shoulder, tuck her face into his neck. Lets himself breathe in the peace that she brings him.

That’s getting easier, too.

Bellamy has trouble believing sometimes that he deserves to touch something good, but, every day, when he wakes up, she’s still there.

“Things could be good here, right?” she says, words pressed low into his skin.

“Yeah.” He looks over her head to where the sunlight falls on the earliest of spring’s blooms. The smallest are the same shade of blue as her eyes. “They could be good.”

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So the Sea of a Thousand Currants is constantly getting more salty

You’ve seen the map right? The waterfall leads directly from the ocean into the Sea from a river that runs through the Sunbeam Ruins. Which is an entirely different series of problematic bullshit (like rivers don’t run away from the ocean/inland or that how does water run UPHILL from the ocean to fall into the Sea over a cliff in the Ruins) BUT I’m going to ignore all that and stick to the facts. That the Ocean empties into the Sea of a Thousand Currants and


there is no water outlet for that shit. None. Unless you wanted to headcanon that the Reedcliff Ascent hides some straits we can’t see (which is coo) but that isn’t canon.

Meaning that the Sea is progressively, through the entire Age, getting saltier and saltier because the weather cycle is still a thing and water leaves the sea… but the salt does not.

So this leads to mmmm, three conclusions/headcanons.

1. There are Water dragons warlocks who study for years and years and decades and dedicate huge portions of their life to learn to basically… take the salt out of the Sea. Like they are literally salt warlock who’s only job is to move tons and tons of waste salt out of the Sea every year so that that the Sea doesn’t eventually become unlivable. They give the salt to Earth dragons who bury it underground or they sell it. profitably salt warlocks.

2. The oceans of Sorienth are a lot less salty than those on Earth. The Earth’s oceans are average 33.5 parts per thousand (ppt) salt. And salt water is caused by rain runoff and shit like that cause the earth is salty, but water is not naturally salty. This is mainly because the land mass on earth is… well huge. Like it is fucking huge all things considered fam. It might only take up like ¼ of the actual surface of the Earth but THAT IS STILL A LOT OF FUCKING LAND.

Sorienth, the planet, is  smaller than Earth, and Sorienth, the continent, only appears to take up about half the planet give or take and its got this HUGE fucking salt water sink in the middle of it. So the land part of the continent isn’t as big and also several of the Flight territories are literally just islands which wouldn’t generate as much salt runoff as continents.

So that leads to the fact that there is just less salt being generated and run off into the ocean which then runs off into the Sea. So things would adapt to living in that sort of environment and be cool with less salty water. The Sea would still be getting saltier every year but it’d be at a muuuuuch slower rate than say… Earth’s Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is ~300 ppt. So the Sea, if the oceans were less than 33 ppt on Sorienth- lets just say it’s 10 ppt, would still be significantly higher than what is in the ocean.

2.5. That means that shit we see in the Sea would be VASTLY different than what we see in Sorienth oceans. Like ocean creatures that live in (basically) fresh water and lake creatures that live in salt water.

3. Both the ocean and the sea are both salty. But the Sea is exponentially more salty than the ocean but the ocean is ~ as salty as Earth’s oceans. So the Sea would be very  salty.

‘but the tsunami flats? The reef in the Sea?!’ you say.

Well… I am honestly just gonna pull this card here: magic. The Tidelord used fucking magic to allow things like the Fishsprine Reef to exist. Otherwise coral hasn’t a showball’s chance in hell of survive in hypersaline water. They get upset when its a few degrees warmer than they like it. 

But the point I was trying to make is that the Sea is pretty fucking salty. Like to the point that outside of the Reef most things can’t survive because of the salt. And the edges of the Sea along the cliffs of the other Flights is just like… crusted in salt from the waves and there are huge cathedrals of salt crystals and things all over and the shore of the Tangled Wood is just coated in salt. You walk down to the shore and can eat the sand. Don’t drink the water though. Its way too salty.

4. me, to myself: who cares this isn’t fucking real why are you so hung up on this shit?

me, also to myself: because if I don’t question fantasy systems who will!?

Which of course leads to whole bunch of other fun headcanons but I think I’ve talked enough about this stupid fucking hole in the middle of Sorienth?

Cooperating Satellites Could Help Find Planes And Ships Lost At Sea

by Michael Keller

A virtual constellation of satellites already in orbit could help searchers find planes and ships lost at sea.

A team of space scientists and remote sensing experts tapped into the surveillance power of 54 Earth-observing satellites, which are currently tasked with recording only images of land beneath their orbits.

By expanding the mission of the spacecraft to take pictures of the world’s oceans and inland waters and then feeding the data into a single system, the group believes search-and-rescue operations could be quickly focused on areas of several hundred square miles.

“We’ve been looking at ways in which spacecraft can be operated in a coordinated way to acquire imagery over areas of water in such a way that those images may be used at a later date in the search for ships, small vessels and aircraft that go missing and which are very difficult and time-consuming to find when rescue crews are out there looking for survivors,” says Nigel Bannister, a physicist at the University of Leicester in the UK who led the research.

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  • Pick one of your muses.
  • Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your muse in a new post.
  • Tag five people to do this meme~

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1. What is your name?
“Haruno Sakura.”

2. What is your real name?
“Um… Haruno Sakura?”

3. Do you know why you were called that?
“Well my last name means spring field, and you obviously know what Sakura means; I was told I was named after the beautiful trees that used to grow inland from the ocean my grandparents had lived near.”

4. Are you single or taken?
“Happily taken.”

5. Have any abilities or powers?
“Well, you know ninja abilities and a bit of super strength.”

6. Stop being a Mary Sue. 
“Well, that’s a bit rude.”

7. What’s your eye color?
“Sea green.”

8. How about your hair color?
“Oh it's definitely yellow, it’s pink you dimwit.”

9. Have you any family members?
“Two parents.”

10. Oh? What about pets?
“Not at the moment, no.”

11. That’s cool I guess, now tell me about something you don’t like.
“How simple minded your questions are.”

12. Do you have any hobbies/activities you like doing?
“I help Ino work the flower shop sometimes.”

13. Ever hurt anyone before?
“Both physically and emotionally? Probably both.”

14. Ever….killed anyone before?
“I’m a Kunoichi, it’s my job to protect the village even if it means killing.”

15. What kind of animal are you?
"Probably a rabbit.”

16. Name your worst habits.
“Fretting over little things.”

17. Do you look up to anyone at all?

18. Gay, straight, or bisexual?

19. Do you go to school?
“Not anymore.”

20. Do you ever want to marry and have kids one day?
“I think that was once every little girls dream.”

21. Do you have any fanboys/fangirls? 
“I guess I have a few.”

22. What are you most afraid of?
"The people I consider family being harmed.”

23. What do you usually wear?
“Red qipao with shorts.”

24. Do you love someone?

25. When was the last time you wet yourself?
“Not anytime recently.”

26. Well, it’s not over yet!

27. What class are you?(High class, middle class, low class)
“I’m probably upper middle class”

28. How many friends do you have?
“Enough to keep me sane.”

29. What are your thoughts on pie?
“Never had it.”

30. Favorite drink?

31. What’s your favourite place?
“My home.”

32. Are you interested in someone~

33. What’s your bra cup size and/or how big is your willy?
“You should be asking how big my fist is because it’s about to slam through your face.”

34. Would you rather swim in the lake or the ocean?
“The ocean.”

35. What’s your type? 
“I can love anyone, looks don’t matter; just as long as we’re happy together.”

36. Any fetishes?
“ None of your concern. ”

37. Seme or uke? Top or Bottom? Dominant or Submissive?
Cracks knuckles.

38. Camping or indoors?

39. Are you wanting the quiz to end?

40. Now it’s over! Tag five people: rxdwhirlpool || bloomingempress || naivetyandsmiles || fierykage || vindictas