inland empire area


So these babies need help. The local feral colony here has THREE litters of kittens right now. One litter is about 2 days old, one litter is about 3 weeks, and one is about 4 weeks. The animal shelter whose district we’re in informed us they would immediately euthanize the kittens if brought in because “kittens from feral mothers cannot be socialized.” These kittens are all young and well within their critical socialization windows (which closes at about 7-8 weeks), so there is in fact PLENTY of time to socialize them. We can TNR the moms once the kittens are weaned.

The four week old kittens are just about old enough to leave mom and go into a foster home. The other two would have to be trapped with feral mama, or we would have to wait until they’re also 4 weeks (which would waste precious socializing time.) We’ve been reaching out to every shelter and rescue group we can think of, but if anyone has any leads on foster homes or resources in the LA/Inland Empire area, I’m all ears. If we didn’t already have foster kittens we would take them on ourselves. We just don’t have space to safely quarantine these kitties from our resident cats and our foster kittens.

Please share if you can! I’ll take all the help we can get.


To anyone living in California in the Inland Empire/Riverside Area

My home got burglarized today via the basement. The thieves broke my basement lock and stole a full set of Multicam Gear, a L85 AFG by G&G Armaments which is a prototype, so it’s one of a kind!!! and a Krytac Full Metal Trident MKII fully modded LMG has a PEQ BOX, shorty stock, and fake ammunition from the charging handle and various airsoft gear and parts in MULTICAM AND ACU. (NOTE THESE ARE AIRSOFT GUNS)

If you live in the Riverside/Inland Empire area, and have any information or have seen these items, please contact me ASAP!!!!!!! Police have been notified but I want my shit back