boiling over with excitement, i couldn’t wait for my shipment of tiny books to make their way across the pacific ocean (although, tracking says they should be here tomorrow..wooo) so instead, i waited patiently outside barnes & noble this morning. the doors opened at 9am and at 9:07am i was the proud mama of my very own “tiny book of tiny stories” :D yippie!

i spent that last couple of hours admiring/sniffing/holding/hugging/reading/staring at/petting/and loving this pretty little piece of awesome.. and i can’t begin to adequately express my gratitude. thank you so much to every single hitRECorder. thank you to joe. to marke and jared. and most definitely tons of thanks to my friend, wirrow! then to those beautiful hitRECorders who allowed me to share in the creation of tiny stories with them; mirtle, unusual suspect, matt conley, dolphin170 and featherpetal.

mostly, i thank you. you, my friends for the countless seeds of inspiration. for the incredible amount of kindess and support. for the hearts you’ve shared. and for the wonderfulness that is hitRECord. thank you. thank you so very very much.

with mountains of love,


i love papaya.. and since i was an itsy me i’ve always been fascinated with the papaya seeds. the squishy jelly like arils, the slightly pokey seed once you popped it out of it’s gooey protection. i was convinced these seeds were surely secret sci-fi creature eggs and if i planted them in my dad’s yard we’d cultivate our own army of winged beasts. alas, those beauties only fruited more papayas.. but i think it’s cos earth’s soil doesn’t contain the proper nutrients those wildlings required for harvesting :( oh well, for the time being, i’ll just go about enjoying the sweet taste of it’s fruit.