“The Dark Trail” mugs
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We shall speak again soon!
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The Story Behind - The Inkydreamz Shop -
(A brief history)

“What originated from a few creepy whimsical ink drawings has now evolved into the vast artistic creations that is - the inkydreamz shop.”

While the whimsical and sometimes dark drawings started the inkydreamz shop - what came before was the complete opposite.

>Like most kids I loved to draw. And around age 7 or 8 I had an obsession with birds. And I’d draw birds doing everything from flying, nesting, perching, singing and doing bird things. My grandmother (who liked to draw comics/expressive faces) admired my ‘skill’ in always getting a birds posture right when she never could. (Probably was just being a nice grandma though)

Summing this up quickly, I stopped drawing sometime in my early teens — for whatever reason, I lost interest in drawing and didn’t draw anything until I was maybe around 18-19. One day I drew a girl In a polka dot dress being carried away by an umbrella and I was hooked on drawing again. I started inventing characters and they’d reappear in different drawings and different scenes. I found a true love in ink drawings.

During this time I wished I could expand my art further somehow. I knew about etsy and dreamed about how cool it’d be to make art to sell and have other people enjoy it!!

One day in Feb. 2011 - I splurged and put a handmade greeting card up for sale and WITHIN hours it sold! I still can’t believe it. I jumped in with no confidence and no idea what to do and somehow my little creative art business is evolving and constantly moving forward and it truly makes me happy to hear customers tell me how much they enjoy my art. It never gets old. And it always feels surreal. —- love, S. – Visit my shop -

Hello world!!

Just a few snapshots from bits of my life lately.
Top photo: our two baby guinea pigs (Evony left and Hazel right) with a little editing ;)
Second photo: a new mug design I’m working on. Will be up for sale soon. Ocean scenes are my favorite!
Third & fourth photo: my ever popular dark trail mugs are back in stock at my shop however, one is already on reserve!
Sixth photo: My sweet pea Hazel in my dress pocket. Love this simple but cute denim dress on sale from walmart!! Haa!
Seventh photo: our first two furry children. Jessie the blue heeler and Isabelle the polydactyl cat.

Make it a wonderful week ya’ll!
Love, S.