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  • Friend: are you okay?
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: [ Kaz slowly becomes more comfortable with physical contact with Inej. They share a bed on her ship and he always slips his gloves under his pillow. Inej won't allow him under the covers if he doesn't. Without gloves or not at all. Sometimes the dark harbor and dead bodies creeps back through his dreams and he bolts from the bed in a cold sweat, thinking the body he holds is Jordie and the lapping of the water is the harbor. Kaz escapes onto deck looking over the inky black water,his fingers flexing over the lifeless wood. Sometimes Inej will slip from the sheets to go stand silently beside his side until his hand seeks out her warm fingers, reminding himself who she was. That she was alive and breathing. That he wasn't that eight year old boy anymore. Sometimes she stays in bed and he doesn't return till the morning. ]
  • Me: I'm fine

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can you talk about the liveshow and what you think? im feeling really anxious cause it seems phil isn't staying at their place and like dan seemed really angry and short tempered? like he kinda insinuated he hated the presents phil got him, he barely mentioned phil, he threw his phone down and said 'apparently im phils PR agent', he very clearly wasn't a fan of the tinder video. idk maybe im over-reacting and you can reassure me but the entire thing seemed so strange and it has me on high alert

hi love!!! i’m going to be honest, i definitely didn’t interpret any of these things the way that you did so i will do my best to try and go through each of the issues you brought up and explain why i didn’t see them in this live show–hopefully that will help you, and i think it will give me the space to also talk about some of the things that stood out to me a bit!! so your first concern is that it seems like phil isn’t staying in their place, by which i think you mean that phil isn’t living with dan? i can’t even articulate how wholeheartedly i disagree but i’ll try hahah. what we know is that phil left for two days literally two weeks ago in order to go to what they described as a family thing, and that now he’s gone for “a few days” again, for another “family thing.” i don’t see why there’s any reason at all to disbelieve these explanations or take them for anything more than what they are on face? we know phil has quite a large family with many random cousins and aunties and since dnp have been traveling so much in the last couple of months and are set to travel again in a few weeks for vidcon, and moreover phil is someone who values his family quite highly, it makes sense that he would maybe use of this downtime to catch up with them. and it fits that he’s not taking dan to these things bc dan has almost never gone to extended family events w phil that we know of (family weddings and the like) and he’s been expressing for the past few weeks how badly he just wants to be alone and not see any more ppl in order to decompress and recharge and get his creative juices flowing. 

but let’s jst say for argument’s sake that the “family thing” is an excuse to cover up something else that’s happening–i still do not see why phil not staying with dan is a reasonable conclusion.  like, w most things to do w dnp there is sometimes room for discussion and it could be better to consider both sides. for this though, there’s truly ZERO evidence to support this and plenty of evidence to refute it including but not limited to phil’s tv box sets behind dan when he does his live shows, the numerous pics phil has posted of them moving and then of him in rooms w the same furniture, decor, and hardwood floors that appear in dan’s pics, and the fact that like, it just wouldnt make any fucking sense for them to go through all this effort to lie about them not staying in the same place? what would they achieve out of not telling the truth about moving apart? and also why would dan then even mention phil going to “see his family?” isn’t that just drawing attention to something he is hypothetically trying to keep secret? i honestly can’t even believe this is something i have to take the time to address but it’s getting frustrating to see it keep cropping up (and i’m not blaming you anon bc ik how compelling conspiracy theories can be, but in this case there is truly no reason not to jst go w the evidence of your own eyes and trust in the fact that dnp are just as disgustingly happy in their domestic bliss as they appear to be.) if there IS some reason that the “family thing” is an excuse or a cover i think there are any number of more reasonable things that they could be covering–e.g. it’s v possible phil has something negative happening in his family right now like a sick relative; maybe phil is working on a solo project that requires him to be out of the house a bit to film or work at diff locations; maybe they’re BOTH working on a joint project but phil is taking care of parts of it and giving dan the time and space to rest and recharge. so many alternatives that make more sense than them living apart. 

to your point about dan’s mood, i definitely did not read him as being angry or short-tempered, and let me emphasize that i am remarkably sensitive to him getting into those more negative moods. in my opinion from watching dan so closely for so many months now, when dan is upset about something he tends to turn most of that ire inwards and it leads to a live show ripe with self-deprecating comments, repeated mentions of wanting death or his life being a joke with zero accompanying smiles or laughs, a lot of notices of negative comments in the chat, long rambles about his feelings or the general lack of direction in his life, etc. i think this live show was a good example of him being tired and nothing more, and that seems understandable given the general activity and socializing of the last week. he seemed lower energy with a lot less yelling and flailing about than he is normally prone to, but i didn’t get any of those really strong negative themes that he normally gets lost in when he’s not in a good mood. on the flip side he pretty confidently defended his decision to change his yt banner and icon, even tho he read out negative comments he laughed them off and assured everyone the changes are temporary, he seemed eager to spend a few days thinking about his next main channel vid and excited to have the time to put more creative effort into it, he was passionate and didn’t even qualify his opinions very much when he talked about wonder woman and the importance of representation and uk politics and the vital role of young people in the electorate, he was full of energy when he was discussing nintendo and steven universe and his other random interests. there were plenty of moments where he could have gone down a darker route but i actually thought that on the whole he kept the content of this show quite positive and light.

regarding his presents, i don’t think anything he said made it seem like he “hated” them? i mean he wasn’t super enthusiastic but that,, makes sense? given what he showed us and what he explained to us about them? w the fidget spinner it was a literal gag gift that he was underwhelmed by bc theyre litro not fun to use at all. makes sense. w the glass bulb tht predicts the weather i thought his tone was gently teasing and fond about how phil so would be the guy to find a nerdy gift like that and think it was awesome but dan the cold-hearted cynic obvi has to point out the lack of scientific merit lmao. but he was quick to defend it as well and state that he still thinks it’s a cool-looking object that he can look at, which honestly reminded me of the xmas present phil got dan with the inky dots suspended in water, and how dan said phil rly understood his need for calming, aesthetic looking things in order to soothe his mind. re: the plastic bonsai and the dog shirt from his family, both of those also seem like gag gifts and he was reacting accordingly bc they’re funny so he’s playing the necessary role of spurned gift-receiver in order for the joke to carry. and then w the sunflowers, i mean i found that whole bit v entertaining? it’s just a fun quirky fact about dan. he appreciates the thought and he’s still going to display the flowers, but it’s  funny as fuck to think about this giant ass man being afraid of literal sunflowers. and tbh i dont think this is the full haul of gifts he got. he’s sharing the ones he feels comfy sharing, the ones that are more joke-y and less personal and that make more entertaining stories for him to share, and that makes sense. i don’t think it needs to be interpreted more deeply in order to speculate on his general emotional state or his relationship w phil. 

you next stated he barely mentioned phil, and i think that makes sense given that he had a lot of non-phil-related things to get through in this ls. it’s clear there was a list of topics he wanted to discuss in his mind or maybe even written down that included his new graphic design, his birthday/the gift haul, uk politics, wonder woman, the gaming channel, new dinof vid. he tends to talk more about phil when there are fewer general topics he needs to touch on–this gives him space to just share a few domestic anecdotes. but this time around there were jst a lot of other issues to discuss and i think that’s fine? he’s his own person, he has perspectives he wants to share, he had a busy week and imo it’s not weird at all if sometimes he doesn’t have that much to say about his partner lmao 

he definitely did not throw his phone down after reading out the text from phil. and the “apparently i’m just phil’s PR agent” comment seemed soooo joke-y and fond to me, i actually thought it was incredibly cute. i get how tone is subjective and i suppose it’s open to interpretation and if you were reading that w this larger context of feeling as though dan was in a very negative mood, i understand why the comment may have struck you the wrong way, but to me i really found it to be a playful bants-y lil remark that fits very much w the way that dnp tease each other when they’re happy and flirty and whatnot 

finally, with respect to phil’s tinder video, i actually was struck by how far out of his way he seemed to go to defend phil for his behaviors? he said like multiple times “it’s not that weird” and tried to make everyone feel like we’ve all “been there,” which like,,, no. we haven’t all been there. wtf. if anything it felt like a classic sidelong defensive comment that dan makes where he is responding to criticism without really explicitly mentioning the criticism. since there were a few ppl who found the video a bit uncomfortable both bc of phil admitting to catfishing a random person online and bc of phil recommending tinder to an audience w a significant percentage of underage ppl, it’s v possible to me that dan saw some of that criticism and was sort of heading it off without fully getting into it. he did kind of laugh when he said “what a partnership” referring to tinder and phil, but i thought that was completely valid and in good spirit–i mean it really IS the unlikeliest and most random of partnerships and i think dan being somewhat openly aware of that is kind of funny and cool. moreover, his tone seemed fond (again) when he was talking about how he was cringing while actually watching the video. i mean a bunch of ppl had full on intense secondhand embarrassment while watching so i dont find that odd at all, and i honestly thought dan’s explanation of his own feelings seemed mild in comparison. im also interested in the fact that he’s going to be making his own tinder video though not one like phil’s, which, if it is the same one that he is going to putting creative energy into in the coming few days, opens up a whole realm of possibilities about how dan is possibly going to connect tinder to any of his own experiences. i’m curious and a lil nervous lmao. 

all in all i thought this live show was actually pretty decent. i mean it wasnt the most interesting as far as dan’s live shows go but it also certainly wasn’t off-puttingly negative for me either. i thought dan was quite honest about his emotions w many of the things he discussed and although he seemed exhausted he also seemed a little bit grateful and excited to get the chance to actually be alone in the coming days and think about his new video. im excited for him to get that chance and looking forward to see what it will be!!! and who knows,, maybe the time alone will finally convince him his new graphic design is trash and he’ll be inspired to change his banner/icons to things that aren’t Ugly ;)))

u guys are sleeping so hard on maine gothic 

  • thousands of island dot the coast line, unfound and unknown. so many that people are unsure which are real and which aren’t. Aunt Sarah’s Ledge, Deadman Point, Pound of Tea and Poverty Nub. and the 26 all named Bar. boats blow past them in the night and there’s no sound on the radio. just static.
  • old men, hands as rough as rope, toil endlessly on piers. night after night, their boats docked in the inky water, they hum an ancient tune and grin at the sea as if they’ve seen it’s worst and they know that while nature is cruel men will always be crueler.
  • people say the devil burns hot. up north they say other wise. they say the devil is the open woods, freezing and laughing as you load your rifle with another round. but you can’t shoot darkness, kid. there’s nothing there. 
  • the paper mill is closed. the paper mill is starting up every morning in the same way, the sound of machines whirring to life and the march of footsteps. you throw a rock at a window and pretend you don’t hear shouts when it shatters the glass. the water wheel turns and the paper mill is closed.
  • witches don’t die. they take classes at the university, 13 members of the occult, class of ‘79. they stain grave stones, with feet and hearts, the only parts of the girls that didn’t burn. witches don’t die, not here anyway. they roam the graveyard at night and run surprisingly seamless websites. 
  • there are no billboards in maine. no “hell is real”, no “jesus saves”. so people make do. they paint it on barn sides and picket signs. they scream it from the mountain tops and sear it into your heart. they feel it in their gut, late at night and later still, when the church two towns over burns down and you swear you can still smell the smoke. 
  • there’s a one stoplight town with a grocery store and a gas station that kisses the canadian border. people stare at you as you drive by. you’re from around here. they know that, they can tell by your skin and teeth and smile. from around here, but not from here. not here, not here, for the love of god, not here
  • there’s a car stalled on the I-95. a neon diner sign, never turned off. an old bean factory, a rusted bridge and schoolhouse that hasn’t seen a child’s face in ages. there’s a feeling of belonging, of shells between your fingers and of fear. there’s a signal on channel 6, but no pictures. just static. 
Little Dandelion

Sam can’t shake the it – the nagging, tugging, threatening feeling like he’s about to be pulled under, like the water level is rising and the waves ripple and tickle at his chin, so very close to drowning. He can still breathe, so he tries to ignore it, but the water is heavy, too, crushing, and it weighs down on his chest, makes him feel as though he needs to try harder just to move his limbs through the thickness of it. It puts him on edge, excepting at any minute that what he’s doing won’t be enough, that the waves will spill into his lungs and choke him. It makes it hard to get through the day but even harder to get through the night, where the darkness feels much too much like the inky waters he’s constantly treading. He’s tired and spaced out and jumpy, easily startled because so much of his attention is elsewhere, on this feeling he just can’t fucking shake.

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In a Name: Ch 13

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Loki led you down corridor after corridor, down passageways you had never seen or heard of before. At long last, you came down a set of old wooden stairs that led to a solitary door. You felt hesitant, but Loki continued pressing on, clearly confident in his chosen route. With a wave of his hand, and a faint shimmering glow, the door swung outward and you found yourselves in a dark forest, what felt like miles from the main castle.

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Watch Artist Garip Ay Recreate Iconic Van Gogh Paintings On Water

Garip Ays masterpieces sometimes last only seconds. But thanks to the internet, they can now be remembered forever. The Turkish artist recreates Van Goh’s The Starry Night by swirling layers of paint floating on inky water. This mesmerizing process begins with the scattering of splotches of color on the pitch black water.

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Unfinished sketches

Newt x artist reader

Newt has a perfect saturday planed In the forbidden forest, until he stumbles across you.

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Newt awoke to the early morning sun, shining through the crack in the curtains of his four poster bed. Stretching, and flinging the patchwork quilt back, he almost leapt out of bed, grabbing a change of clothes and his wash bag, he quickly got ready for the perfect Saturday he had planned.

Pulling his rain boots on before hurrying to the nearly empty great hall, where he had a quick slurp of tea and a slice of toast, before he stood to leave he grabbed a handful of toast for the giant squid.

Newt walked briskly through the corridors, desperate to get outside and take his first breath of fresh, spring air.

Newt slowed to stroll once he pushed open the heavy ornately carved door to the grounds. Morning due still clung to the emerald grass, the sun making the drops sparkle like diamonds.

Newt tossed a slice of toast into the lake, a large Tentacle emerged from the seemingly black water, scooping up the snack and dragging it down to the waters inky depths.

A fond smile on his face, newt carried on down the worn dirt path, and to the edge of the thick forest, where countless magical creatures called home.

Stepping carefully so as not to disturb anybody. Coming to a clearing, newt spotted a girl perched on a large rock, sketch book in hand, pencil flying furiously across the page, a slight furrow of concentration on her brow. She was rather pretty, newt thought, looking utterly at home among the trees, rays of sun shining through the leaves, and onto her, giving her an almost other worldly glow.

A fairy was posing opposite her, looking over its shoulder, so the girl could get every detail of the creatures delicate insect Like wings.   

Newt crept into the clearing, unfortunately he wasn’t as stealthy or graceful as he was in his head. His rain boot rustling the leaf littered forest floor, startling the fairy, disappointment clear on the girls pretty face, as the creature fluttered away.

Newt leant sideways, in front of the saddened girl, ‘excuse me, hello, I  can show where the fairies habitat, if you like?’ newt offered, finding his courage. The girl looked up at him with nothing short of wonder, ‘your, your Newton Scamander?’ she asked, slightly taken off guard, newt only nodded. “professor grubblyplank suggested I speak to you, I think she was getting tired of my questions.’ Newt chuckled ‘but I would love to see the fairy habitat, if it’s not too much trouble.’ She added, getting to her feet and bundling up her things.

A broad grin creeping onto newts cheeks, as the pair of you walked through the forest, chatting about classes, creatures and y/n art, which she had promised to show him. Ducking under branches, and stepping over logs, offering each other assistance when required.

Newt pushed up a thin leafy branch, for y/n to duck under,  before he guided her to a tree, where he knew a group of fairies called home.

Y/n peeked into the hollow of the tree, observing the creatures, the brightest of smiles gracing her beautiful face, her eyes full of excitement as she looked back to newt.

“oh this is wonderful.’


Have a great day and be safe

there are some who say that Destroya’s spirit wanders the zones, that you can feel His presence upon your soul, like inky oil across water and the clacking of binary inside your mind. He is searching for something, or someone - what it is, or who it is, people do not know. but it is always best to close your eyes, count back from ten, and blow a wish to whichever star is watching over you.

Violet Sky

I paint cityscapes
Over the trees
For a little change of pace.
The way the sun
Sinks slowly, it always
Seems so final and
Binding. I don’t think
I want it to end this time.
But I love the way
It washes over me
Like liquid, pouring into me
A cold hope,
A shaky understanding
For one split second.
And then the sun dies
In the sky’s inky water.
I hold onto that knowing,
That hope,
The afterthought of some
Benevolent spirit,
Imparting into me
An inkling of purpose.
I hold it close
Under the stars,
Because reason is
So hard to come by
And so easily lost.

Summary: In which Emma and Killian are both a little impatient.

Notes:  I don’t even know, you guys.  Emma, Killian, and Belle basically have a sleepover on the Jolly Roger for reasons.  Post 6x03.

When evening falls, and the sheer bliss begins to ebb into something much quieter, pleasant like the crystalline sight of the moonlit bay stretched like warbled glass before him, Killian wonders aloud –

“How much longer are we fated to wait?”

The sea, of course, answers only in echoes, water that leaps up and smacks the hull.  It’s a rhythm to which he’s grown quite accustomed.  For weeks, now, he’s been consigned to the cabins of the Jolly Roger.  She was the lady love of his life for centuries, of course, but as the trees erupt with the colors of fall, and the winds grows higher and harder along the waves, Killian can’t help but recall the sparing nights he’s spent in his Emma’s bed, wrapped as much in her quilt as in her arms.  She bears the scent of the forest – the sweet decay of red and yellow leaves underfoot – and of sweet waters.  And though the enchanted oak of his ship is sharp and familiar, the paints along the gunwale yet bearing the cloying smell of the plants from which they were wrought, it can hardly compare.

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Photograph by @thomaspeschak A lantern fishermen paddles across the shallows of the Danajon Bank. Once he reaches the coral reef he will free dive into the inky water with the light from his kerosine lamps as his only reference. With a small hand spear he seeks out small reef fish and marine invertebrates. The shallow Danajon Bank used to be one of the most productive marine realms in the Philippines, but decades of overfishing have taken its toll. Shot on assignment for @projectseahorse and @ilcp_photographers. To see more images from our planet’s tropical oceans you can follow @thomaspeschak by natgeo

Closure for Chaol and Aelin

Sorry about this! I never, ever write fan fiction but I had to write this out for myself. I want some real closure between Aelin and Chaol. I’m rereading Throne of Glass and I just… I just think Chaol and Celaena have such a great dynamic. Just because they don’t end up as a couple doesn’t mean they should completely lose that. Ask, sorry about the format. I wrote it on my phone. This is set sometime after EOS and Tower of Dawn.

Chaol stared out across the ocean. Night had fallen, dyeing the water an inky black. The moon bleached it’s reflection across the surface and lit the rest of the world a deep, midnight blue. Salt clung to the chill of the breeze and caught in his hair. It had grown longer and shaggier in the months he’d been gone from Rifthold, his skin darkened from the sun and his face no longer shaved smooth. He wondered if his city would even recognize its old Captain of the Guard.
He sometimes wondered if he even recognized himself when he caught a glimpse in the washbasins mirror. He wondered if he wanted to.
He shifted and winced, pain lancing up his spine. The reminder that while Yrene had healed the worst of the damage, the pain would remain as a reminder of what the absence of it meant. Pain was good. It meant he could walk. That he could be useful to Dorian, to his King.
Sometimes he still woke in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat with the sound of his spine snapping still ringing in his ears.
“Did you miss it?”
The voice jostled him out of his reverie. Soft and instantly familiar, though a lifetime separated him from his dearest memories of it. Separated and eased the pain, so much more distinct than any physical injury, that came with it.
Aelin stood a few yards away, the moonlight staining her hair silver. A small smile played on her lips. Neither the wicked grin she patented nor the world-brightening smile she’d once bestowed on him. It was a sad smile, distant and filled with half forgotten promises.
She approached slowly and stopped at his side where he sat on a stack of boards. She gestured with her chin to shove over and make room. His lips twisted. It was good to know some things hadn’t changed.
He scooted over and gave her room to sit. He couldn’t remember the last time they had sat next to each other with any amount of civility. He found the thought did not pierce him as it once had.
He turned his gaze back to the sea and to the barely visible city lights beyond it.
“I don’t know what I feel,” he told her honestly. It was easy to fall back into honesty with Aelin, despite the many lies and secrets that had once so brutally ripped them apart.
She followed his gaze, staring unblinkingly across the water.
“Do you think you will miss it?” He wasn’t sure why he asked. Or what her answer would mean to him, one way or another. Somehow he didn’t dread it.
“Rifthold played its part in molding me,” she replied. “Mostly the worst parts of me, but… Without those parts, I wouldn’t be where I’m at. Or capable of what I am.”
When he didn’t respond, she continued quietly.
“It is also where I met some of the people most dear to me. Nehemiah, Lysandra–”
“Sam,” Chaol supplied for her, thinking about the young assassin who had once taken up the entire residence of Celaena Sardothian’s heart.
Her smile became somehow more sorrowful. “Yes, and my Sam.” She turned to Chaol. “You and Dorian as well, you know.”
He turned his eyes to her now, not trying to hide the questions from his gaze. She shrugged, pushing her hair back from her eyes where it had escaped it’s plait.
“I miss having you as my friend, Chaol,” she said with aching bluntness. “Before all of this,” she waved a hand as if to encompass everything that had happened between their meeting in Endovier and them sitting together on a ship, “you were my best friend.”
Chaol drew in a shuddering breath. He remembered a time where being her friend might have wounded him, might have worsened the ache for something more. But now, the words loosened something in his chest. It was like removing a needle that had been lodged between his ribs for months now. It hurt, but more than the pain was a washing sense of relief.
“I miss having you as a friend as well,” he told her softly. Her lips wobbled into a tentative smile.
She suddenly bumped into him with her shoulder, nearly pushing him off the planks. “Honestly,” she said in her most imperious tone, “you don’t always need to pause so long before saying something pleasant, you know.”
He laughed, a sharp sound of surprise and she beamed at him. He found himself smiling back at her. Not at the assassin he’d fallen in love with nor at the queen of Terrasen that so many feared. But at the girl he’d spoken to about his fears, the woman who’d braved the glass castle to save his King. He smiled at Aelin, at all that encompassed her. Instead of longing or trepidation, for the first time, Chaol looked at her and saw hope. Because, he was learning, saying goodbye to one thing just meant saying hello to another.

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*the computer registered minor damage to the hull as klaxon's blared* *the captain winced as Oscar dug tiny claws into his scalp, but he screeched out an order to his first mate to engage the emergency floodlights* *Half a second passed and the submersible's lights blazed like a star within the inky void of the water, submitting to shadow * *Caught in the harsh glow for but an instant was a nightmarish creature of tooth and tentacle, flashing through the water like a torpedo* *it circles back*

Holy moly!!!


Hong Kong // Cheung Chau This island was so beautiful. It was calm and peaceful // gentle lapping of waves against the boats, which knocked together playfully // the sky was dun and rosy as the sun set // the waters inky and mysterious // soft shadows lay by our feet // the sun lazily stretched out across the evening scene // cool breezes were a salvation against the humidity // mountains hazy and umbral in lazy crests in the background