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Octopus escaped New Zealand aquarium, is probably coming for you next

In April Inky the octopus tentacled his way down a drainpipe and into the ocean, also to freedom. Aquarium staff aren’t exactly sure how Inky escaped his watery prison, but it assuredly involved him sneaking through an impossibly small space. Because they have neither endo- nor exoskeletons, octopi can do this — it also doesn’t hurt that they’re essentially geniuses.

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What lies beneath… v2.0

Returning to one of my favourite subjects, a Lovecraftian, eldritch, tentacled island.

This is for sale if anyone’s interested.

Drawn with Blackwing pencil, Copic Multiliners, and Rotring Tikky, on smooth, heavy cartridge paper.

I need a lovecraftian BillDip AU that isn’t all creepy and fucked up but actually dorky and really domestic so:

Imagine Dipper is an ordinary university student that notices the cute blonde guy in the corner of the classroom always just taking notes and not drawing all that much attention to himself and he asks him out, they start dating and hey, turns out that the rumors about the blonde boy weren’t all made up and that his new boyfriend Bill is actually pretty fucked up and has weird hobbies but if you overlook the fact that he has a jar of eyes on his bookshelf in his tiny apartment and that was definitely a dissected crow in the freezer, he is a pretty nice and fun guy to be around.

However Bill is secretly a lovecraftian monster of black inky tentacles that for some reason just love to pop up at the weirdest moments like when he’s trying to take a picture with Dipper there is suddenly just one of the little guys poking out to see what’s up and he has to improvise and hide it under his clean shirt in order to hide his true identity cause really, pretending you are a normal human and trying to have a somewhat normal relationship with the cutest twink you ever had the pleasure to deal with is actually pretty difficult when your tentacles poke out of under your clothes and function as the ultimate cockblock goddamnit!

Funniest part is when Dipper finds out about Bill being actually a tentacle monster. Bill is going through one of his ‘episodes‘ where no matter how hard he tries he just cannot contain his true form in so he locks himself up in the bathroom for several hours and Dipper is growing frustrated already and breaks into the room only to find only Bill’s head poking out from pitch black water in the bathtub.
‘Bill what is that.‘
‘Uhh…. Bathbomb?‘
‘Bill there’s a tentacle crawling out of the tub and on the floor what the fuck.‘


A day in the life of Inky Tentacle finalist Oliver Jeffers.


Congratulations to this year’s winners - 

The Red Tentacle (Novel) - A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki (Canongate)

The Golden Tentacle (Debut) - Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie (Orbit)

The Inky Tentacle (Cover Art) - The Age Atomic by Adam Christopher, cover by Will Staehle (Angry Robot)

The Black Tentacle - the discretionary prize - was given to Malorie Blackman.

“Gauld’s work here develops ideas and themes, literature and those who consume it never that far from the surface, all wrapped up in a pervading sense of surreal whimsy, often masking something a little darker just beneath the surface. This is a book of funnies all about words, and those who make them, and those who read them.” - Forbidden Planet International