inky cosplays

My human design for Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine !
This design is actually for one of my cosplays ! I may share more of my cosplay stuff on here, since, i only like posted 1 cosplay photo of me here :^0


How the tattoos turned out. Yamarashi’s ink ran badly for some reason down round his feet, which you can see in the bottom picture. The issues on both were massive air bubbles that I had a hard time getting rid of. But they were still good enough to surprise people. I’m thinking of segmenting them next time, though I’m worried about seams.

Also, the satisfaction of peeling it off. 

And so-i-did-this-thing, once again, thank you for the wonderful templates to make these tattoos! An Imperator Furiosa cosplayer recognized your designs! :D


Look all these wonderful dorks! ♥

Tracon X, 2015

Inquisitor Adaar - Uni
Sera -
Marian Hawke -
Anders -
Zevran Arainai -

Big thanks to kettuhattu (x) who took these pictures! ♥


So dear tumblr do you all remember that image I’ve reblogged a few times of the girl who did that makeup on her leg and it looked like a fucking robot? Well I recently found that it wasn’t actually makeup and was in fact photoshopped, but I decided to try to do a similar thing in my hand, so, using makeup and face paint found around my room I have constructed a pretty rad anime robot hand :’)


Shelly (of the worlds cutest merchandise, inki-drop!) decided to lose her damn mind and make Impa’s outfit from the game Hyrule Warriors, This is only her first pass at the costume, so its only gonna get better in the near future. I wanted to see if I could take any half decent photos with my 5c. Mixed results, but Im happy with the overall idea behind every picture :)

Oh and big props to that awesome Agatha cosplayer


I was going through some pictures and I don’t recall ever posting some of my other costumes. So these are the only cosplays I’ve done. Marci was my first, then Germany, Marshall Lee and then Sniper (both RED and BLU).