inku art


in journal 3 when ford is talking about his time in the portal he says ‘these tatoos’ are among his greatest regrets

note the plural

i humbly submit he has more than just the one he drew

and i further submit that literally all of them are smash mouth lyrics


                                     PHOENIX EMPRESS Inku

My first photoshop picture ever! I thought it could be a good chance to try something new with another “skin” for Inku. I still have many things to polish but since it’s my first attempt, I’m not going to complain.~ I’ll be making a new promo soon too!


What if his eyes just always did that tho…

Fiddauthor Fest Day One: College. I’d promise they’re not all going to be this stupid but honestly that’s not a promise I can keep.


protip: the fastest way to get me to like an adult male character is to put a small child near them and have them immediately get afflicted with a bad case of THE DADS

hi dark tower fandom i’m halfway through The Gunslinger and i have opinions about Roland Dadschain

My half of an art trade with pseudocon which has been an incredibly long time coming. Pseudo did the lines, I inked and colored. I like to imagine that while the rebel quartet mostly stayed in deserts and rainforests, at least once for twice they were forced into much colder climates. Psii is not having it at all.