Inktobers 21-25

i - A Knight’s Focus

ii - Judgement

iii - Warrior of the East

iv - Moon and Blade

v - Death’s Hand

Part 1 of 2 of my Knights of the Round series. For this batch of inktobers I decided to stick with something I’m a little more familiar with and build upon that. I’ve always loved fantasy and the like and so it was lots of fun designing these characters. Enjoy! More on the way!

Inktober day 31, Fall

I made it! Even though a bit late I still managed to finish all of this years Inktobers. This piece is going to be the cover for my witchy art book Mahō, but more about that later. The last batch of originals will go up on my shop tomorrow on Saturday at 10pm Finnish time. (UTC +2:00)


Inktobers 26-30

vi - Divine Justice

vii - Unbending Fortress

viii - Scourge

ix - Strike Quickly

x - Iron Winged Angel

Here’s the second half of my Knights of the Round series. These were way fun to design and I’m glad many of you enjoyed the other knights I posted yesterday. I still have one more inktober to do, so I’ll get to work on that and have that one ready for tomorrow. Until then, have yourselves a Happy Halloween!!