I try to do Inktober like every year and I fail every time. I may try again and I will most certainly fail around the 13 or 14th day, but I’m still going to try and I think that’s what’s important. I was trying to find some good prompts but nothing was sticking out so I started looking for a D&D one but didn’t find anything I wanted. The thing is there’s just SO MUCH content so I made this prompt myself and kept it very flexible. You can stick to one column or go week to week, choose one side or the other, or whatever you wanna do. Oh, by the way, for Week 1 of Humanoids, by ‘spellcaster class’ I mean wizard, sorcerer or warlock but that wouldn’t fit.

Hey guys, I’ve decided I’m going to attempt a month’s worth of art prompts again for the fall season. This time, I want to be a little more themed, so I made myself a witch prompt list. I’m going to be traveling for half of October, so I’m going to maybe start a bit early and simply get this completed when I can. It’ll help take the pressure off to go at my own pace. 

I invite anyone else who wants to use this list to please do. You can interpret them however you want, traditional or digital media, any gender witch you like, and please tag me if you end up using the prompts. I’d love to see!

ochibrochi’s 31 WITCH PROMPTS

Inktober is soon upon us, and this year will be my first time really trying my best to participate! I’ve made a little prompt list for myself following the theme of witches!!

Feel free to use this list too, for Inktober, or just for inspiration! 

If you use this prompt list, I’d love to see it! You can tag your post with @ochibrochi, or tag it with #31 Witches

Good luck, everyone!

It’s nearly Inktober time… and I’m proud to show you all the Arcana themed prompts list @oreyuki and I created ^^ (not sure it’s the only one, but still ^w^) because this game is amazing and so is the fandom <3  hope you like it! 

(all credits belong to @thearcanagame)

Welcome to OC-tober!

A nice idea I had a little while ago, but it’s a very easy premise. You (the artists) draw yourself with your OCs! I feel like it’s something that doesn’t happen too often, but it’s interesting to see, and something I used to do a lot.

Really it’s just something fun, and I hope at least a few people try it! It doesn’t even have to be traditional art

Be sure to tag me in your drawings if you’d like!!

Made my own #inktober prompt list inspired by nature, feel free to use! Reblogging/sharing it would be great too (not a must tho). The tag #reltober is so i can see your work and maybe feature it later, reblogging here and doing daily features in my instagram stories too! (Using the tag is up to you too!) This went really well last year, i loved seeing everyones work and hopefully since im not as busy as last year i’ll be able to do more as well.

Hey everyone who loves Voltron and our special girl Pidge! I created a prompt list for #inktober but it’s PIDGETOBER! Get it? Eh?

(If you repost please give credit)

Thinking about participating in Inktober but don’t have a one-word prompt list specific enough to cater to your Homestuck Loving Ass? This might be the thing for you!

There’s probably a whole bunch of homestuck prompt lists floating about rn but I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring anyway! I left all of it pretty vague and general so you can do it with canon characters and ocs!

InkTober Prompt: October-nite

1. Falling
2. Wings
3. Magic
4. Drugs
5. Red
6. Purple
7. Blue
8. Fight
9. Weapon
10. Sweets
11. Island
12. Death
13. Water
14. Prank
15. Fire
16. Flowers
17. Flight
18. Blood
19. Pain
20. Void
21. Insanity
22. Sickness
23. Tainted
24. Love
25. Treasure
26. Meal
27. Monster
28. Family
29. Tree
30. Home
31. Shadows

Feel free to use this if youd like!! If you do, tag it as “Octobernite” (not the best name I know :^(() Im not sure if im going to be doing this prompt this year, but hopefully this isnt too last minute!! Also sorry that it has to be in this format! if you want, I can whip up a nicer looking prompt tomorrow :,D
btw go follow @october-nite if you want to see all the drawings from other people! and if you want me to see it, tag this blog or that blog

Bwomp, made my own Inktober prompts because I couldn’t find a list I liked 100%. It’s just a bunch of stuff I’m into. I’m actually going to try and do it this year.

I haven’t numbered them ‘cause I like to hop from prompt to prompt. The Halloween is supposed to be the last one though.

And fittingly enough, I drew this in ink. It’s also acts as a little Intro page in my sketchbook

if anyone actually wants to follow these ones, tag me! I wanna seeeeee