My hand at an Inktober prompt list. Feel free to participate! You can even use this for writing because afterall, writing in ink and making a story in it self is art ;). Just tell me if you’re using this because I wanna see your works too UwU. Inspired by @dailysandersidesaudoodles doing an Inktober prompt list too.

Drawing Backwards

Wait, huh? What is drawing backwards?

So drawing backwards is a little trick that I don’t know if many use it too much. What this phrase means is planning your drawings from the LAST day to the first.

I’ve already said that pencilling in your work before Inktober starts is a good way to make sure you have enough time during your challenge to get a finished art in, but that’s doesn’t always mean you’ll get to the end on Inktober all the time. After all, if you pencil in the first week and later focus on inking, you might not have time to do that much more later and things become… just a bit harder.

That initial “I’M GONNA DO EVERYDAY THIS YEAR!!!” drive can dwindle down pretty quickly for a lot of us and after a few days… well… something happens and we just don’t pick up the pen anymore. Oh, the want is there, of course! But for some reason or another that Picking Up The Pen And Drawing part just seems like the hardest thing.

This is where pencilling in backwards can come in helpful. Now that it’s still a few days before Inktober, you can plan your drawings from either the middle of the month or the last of the month and go backwards from there! This way even if your initial drive is slipping away, once you get to the days you had planned, you’ll be assured that you can still participate during the middle or end of the month!

Or the whole month, which is just the best case scenario!

Happy drawing everyone!

Inktober 2018
  1. An original character (that you can use again throughout the month)
  2. Some flowers or plants in colour schemes different from their natural colours
  3. A universal monster movie style poster based on a song (halloween related or not)
  4. A drawing related to something new you learned this year 
  5. A background (it can have characters/objects in it but make the setting the focus)
  6. A drawing of somewhere you’d like to travel, real or fictional 
  7. A drawing that incorporates a real photo somewhere (I.e. as a background)
  8. Your character from earlier celebrating thanksgiving (if they don’t celebrate thanksgiving just draw them eating a nice meal)
  9. A combo of two fictional creatures (think like a pegicorn)
  10. A scene from a play you like, but one of the characters is a vampire now 
  11. Design a logo for a song, show, person, etc.
  12. A drawing of yourself in an unlikely scenario 
  13. Your character in a fight with someone
  14. If several or all of your friends morphed into one person
  15. A poster for a story or book you would like to see made into a movie (or that was made into a movie you didn’t like that much)
  16. A Halloween party where everyone is a shapeshifter 
  17. A pattern you would want as a wallpaper or wrapping paper 
  18. Your ideal pet 
  19. A drawing based on a line from a song 
  20. Some ideas for how to carve your jack o lantern
  21. A character from your favourite Halloween movie 
  22. Your character wearing a Halloween costume 
  23. A shirt or sweater perfect for the spooky season 
  24. A haunted house with a twist 
  25. A redraw of a famous piece of art in your own style 
  26. A series of drawings made into an animated gif
  27. A full meal of food in red or purple 
  28. A drawing based on a myth you like 
  29. A side by side of two different portrayals of vampires 
  30. A character from a horror game 
  31. You and your character celebrating Halloween 

I saw a few people had made their own Inktober prompts list, so I decided to make my own for the heck of it lmao. (I tried to make this very general instead of super Gravity Falls-specific, but they’re all related to Gravity Falls lol) 

I won’t completely follow this list, but if anyone wants to use it, go for it!! If you use any of the prompts, definitely tag me or use the hashtag ‘cause I’d love to see how it turned out! 


Decided to make this a graphic now that I’ve got my list finalized, and in case anyone wants to do it to. Write stuff, screenshot stuff, draw stuff, swap out days for your favorites, I don’t care.

Repost if you’d like but please don’t remove my tumblr url and tag #destinytober so I can see what you do! :D

Based off the space traveler inktobter list from @dropthedrawing

anonymous asked:

Hi, I love your art!!! Are you planning on doing Inktober this year?

considering how largely absent i’ve been from tumblr this year i’m incredibly flattered that someone actually took the time to ask me about this! - i am planning to participate in inktober again! 

This will be the 4th year in a row i attempt to do the full month, and the 6th year in a row participating (i did inktober-lite the first couple of years) - I already have thumbnail sketches for most of the 31 days because as a veteran I can attest that planning ahead is HUGE for Inktober success. I sometimes decide to draw something different than what i’ve planned the day-of, but for those days where you have zero motivation or inspiration, having a plan will save your inktober momentum. 

Looking forward to sharing what i’ve got in the pipeline!