Теперь и его “наружная” сторона. Как вы и ожидали, краска и эмоции. А теперь посмотрите на вчерашнюю работу. Заценили? Вчера я показывала его пустоту, а сегодня красочность.
И все же жалко, что эти эмоции у него ненастоящие..
(надеюсь, поняли мою задумку)


A lot of people requested a step by step of Ink’s outfit, mostly for cosplayers, so I complied! This was surprisingly very fun to do oh gosh. <3 I updated his bone colors a bit!

Here are also a few alternate designs I made for fun, for those who want to experiment or draw him differently! (Of course, don’t hesitate to create your own outfits for him <3)

(the last one is his formal outfit, he wore it on the Loveball event!)


Ink by @myebi / @comyet
Film by @kuzukago-undertale
Reaper by @renrink
Link by kaminomiya (deviantart)
Swap by @popcornpr1nce
Horror by @sour-apple-studios
Ganz + Mel by @golzy
Chess by @mintysammy
Nightmare by  @jokublog
Alter by @friisans
Outer by  @2mi127
Chaser and Nectos by @cyaneworks @underchaser
Dream by @jokublog
Sans by tobyfox
Paper Jam by @7goodangel
Lust by  @nsfwshamecave-pb
Palette Roller by @angexci
Trainer Sans by @friisans
Goth by @nekophy
Cross by @jakei95
Geno Error Fresh by @loverofpiggies
G!Sans by @yoralim
Dance @teandstars
Red by the UT community
Time Kid Sans by @perfectshadow06
Naj!Aster by @echoidoodles

This gave sooooooooooo much work ;w;… hahaha…hahahaha had to redo linearts… .. sketches… *hides in a hole* 

kinda wanted to redo all again ;-;… so much to improve…

Reblogs are appreciated!


sberryy33  asked:

Can you draw Underverse?

i’m sorry,I could not understand your request,but at school i had some ideas owo

Hope you like it!

underverse/xtale: @jakei95 / @xtaleunderverse

ink!sans: @comyet / @myebi

undertale!sans: toby fox

underfell!sans: undertale’s community

fresh!sans & error!sans: @loverofpiggies

nightmare!sans & dream!sans: @jokublog

Undertale Au Motivation


Starting off with a big one all the main Sans I Voice all in audio here to life your spirits up!

Featuring! (in Order of Appearance)

Ink Sans by @comyet

Blueberry by  Popcornpr1nce

Fell Sans (Au Comunity)

Gaster Sans by @borurou 

Reaper Sans by @renrink

Cross Sans by @jakei95

Error Sans by @loverofpiggies


Sans by Toby Fox

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